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Future Of Key Hudaydah Grain Silo Supplies Still Not Clear

The UN World Food Program says funding crunch in Yemen sees millions go hungry

In an update from the key port city of Hudaydah, WFP also said that grain supplies held in a silo close to the former front lines of conflict, are still being fumigated, but it was still not possible to say how much of it was fit to eat.

The Red Sea Mills contained enough grain to feed 3.7 million for a month, but the total quantity of wheat that will be fit for human consumption is still not determined at this stage, said Mr. Verhoosel.

Each of the 11 silos contain an estimated 3,500-4,000 metric tonnes of grain and 40 local workers from the area have been hired to finalize cleaning, and WFP is looking to bring in additional equipment.

WFP appreciates the cooperation from all parties on the ground that has made this progress possible, added the WFP Spokesperson.

Yemen Crisis: What You Need To Know

Whats happening in Yemen?

Yemen remains one of the largest humanitarian crises in the world, with around 23.7 million people in need of assistance, including almost 13 million children.

Since the conflict escalated in March 2015, the country has become a living hell for the countrys children. Less than half of health facilities are functioning, and many that remain operational lack basic equipment. Many health workers have not received a regular salary in several years.

Read UNICEFs 2022 humanitarian appeal for Yemen here.

How is the crisis affecting children?

More than 10,200 children have been killed or maimed since the beginning of the conflict, and thousands more have been recruited into the fighting. An estimated 2 million children are internally displaced. The damage and closure of schools and hospitals has also disrupted access to education and health services. More than 2 million children are out of school, leaving them even more vulnerable.

Meanwhile, Yemens already dire hunger crisis is teetering on the edge of outright catastrophe. By March 2022, around 17.4 million people were in need of food assistance, with a growing portion of the population coping with emergency levels of hunger.

What is UNICEF doing to help children in Yemen?

Fighting Hunger Today Investing In Ending Hunger For Good

As the world faces a record number of emergencies, the rate of hunger is increasing. Now, more people than ever need lifesaving food assistance. To meet this growing need, the World Food Programme requires additional resources and funding.

In the next 5 years, we have an ambitious goal to share 800 million meals. To do this, we need to invest in growing our giving community. Heres how your donation will help:

The largest share of donations 62% will be used to directly help the World Food Programme feed people in need. We will invest 28% into fundraising and marketing to grow our community so that we can help even more people. 6% will still be used to help run our organisation from renting office space to paying salaries. The remaining 4% will continue to help cover payment fees.

As we grow, well be able to cover our costs while increasing the amount that goes directly to hungry families. In line with WFPs strategic plan, an average of 22% will be spent on fundraising from 2020-2030.

Feed a child for a day with US$ 0.80.

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What Is Happening In Yemen Right Now

Ready for Anything: The Race to Save Lives in Yemen

This protracted fighting in Yemen is turning the country to a hell on earth for children, said Rama Hansraj, Save the Childrens Country Director in Yemen.

Everyone is Yemen is utterly exhausted, and everyone is struggling to survive the day fathers skipping meals to feed their children, mothers selling the very little they have, and young boys and girls are laboring day and night to help put bread on their families tables.

There is no safe place for the children to hide. Their schools and hospitals are ravaged by repeated and senseless fighting, their playgrounds are turned into graveyards, and their homes are struggling to feed them or keep them safe.

They are starved, isolated, left behind, neglected, and forgotten by the rest of world, as if their suffering is some sort of a natural order when the suffering of children is the most unnatural order of all. It is an order that we are calling on the world not to accept to say enough is enough.

A whole generation of children in Yemen is struggling daily, with detrimental impacts not only on the childrens future, but on the future of the entire country.

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Humanitarian Crisis In Yemen

Due to a declare war over the past six years and an economic blockade that slows the arrival of emergency aid, Yemen is facing the most serious humanitarian crisis in the world.

Nearly 80% of the population is suffering, or about 24 million people. A child dies in Yemen every 10 minutes.

The World Food Programme is putting in place unprecedented humanitarian aid to feed 12 million people a month an absolutely vital figure to fight famine in the country.

The WFP is also involved in reconstructing the country, supporting local farmers and training women and young people, including through a school feeding program which encourages 900,000 students to return to school every year. 50,000 families have benefited from better living conditions.

Un Shrinks Yemen Food Rations In Desperate Measures

Families on reduced handouts will receive barely half of the WFP’s daily minimum ration. Other food assistance and child malnutrition programmes are at risk of further cuts if more funding does not come through, the WFP said in a statement.

U.N. agencies, including the WFP, earlier warned of programme cuts, after only $2.68 billion of $3.85 billion requested from donors for this year had been received as of the end of October.

“WFP food stocks in Yemen are running dangerously low,” the WFP’s regional director, Corinne Fleischer, said in a statement.

“Every time we reduce the amount of food, we know that more people who are already hungry and food insecure will join the ranks of the millions who are starving. But desperate times call for desperate measures.”

Five million people at immediate risk of slipping into famine will keep the full ration, the WFP said. The agency feeds 13 million people a month in Yemen.

Yemen, divided between the Iran-aligned Houthi group in the north and the internationally recognised government in the south, has been plunged into hunger by seven years of war, inflation and impediments to imports.

The war has killed tens of thousands of people, mostly civilians, and left millions on the brink of famine.

The average cost of a minimum food basket this year rose 140% in southern Yemen, and 38% in Houthi areas, the WFP said.

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Millions Of Yemenis To Go Hungry As Un Forced To Slash Food Aid

UNs World Food Programme says it will have to ration the food aid it sends to Yemen as a result of a lack of funding.

The World Food Programme has announced further dramatic cuts to food aid in Yemen, leaving millions of Yemenis already suffering through war unable to get enough food.

The WFP said on Sunday that it was forced into the rationing as a result of not receiving enough funding, global economic conditions and the continued knock-on effects of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The WFP provides food aid to 13 million people in Yemen, but the new cuts mean it will only be able to provide five million of them with 50 percent of their daily food requirements, with the remaining eight million only getting 25 percent.

Caught between a protracted war and economic collapse, at least 17.4 million people more than half of Yemens population are in need of food assistance.

Critical funding gaps, global inflation and the knock-on effects of the war in #Ukraine have forced @WFP in #Yemen to make some extremely tough decisions about the support we provide to our beneficiaries, the organisation said on Twitter.

The WFP, which is the food-assistance branch of the United Nations added that resilience and livelihood activities, and school feeding and nutrition programs would be cut for four million people, leaving it available for only 1.8 million people.

Unhcr And Wfp Join Forces To Fight Famine In Yemen

UN agency reduces Yemen food rations due to funding shortfall


After seven years of devastating violence and conflict, families in Yemen are at risk of a terrible famine that could be the worst seen in decades.The war in Ukraine and extreme climate events are driving food shortages and massive price hikes across the globe.

In response to this ongoing crisis, we are joining forces with the World Food Programme , the lead UN agency fighting against global hunger, to raise vital funds to reach displaced people on the brink of famine.

This joint appeal brings together UNHCRs expertise in protecting families forced to flee, along with those of WFP. Combined with your support, we can get your donations to where theyll be the most effective in helping many more displaced people access life-saving food assistance.

Yemen is one of the worlds worst humanitarian crises.

Economic instability, financial hardship, and skyrocketing food prices have left over 17 million Yemeni people struggling to feed their children let alone themselves. Millions already struggling with hunger are now only a step away from a deadly famine.

Time is running out for hungry children, women and men in Yemen. Please give now to help protect vulnerable families from hunger before its too late.

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Giving Tuesday Goal: 3000 Gifts To Save Lives Around The World

Our Giving Tuesday goal of 3,000 gifts will power the United Nations World Food Programme ‘s response to the global hunger crisis and further establish our commitment to a Zero Hunger future.

We have an over 60-year history of doing exactly what we say we will: deliver lifesaving food to children, women and men suffering from the most extreme forms of hunger.

Will you help us reach this goal and be a lifeline for a family in dire need? A gift of any amount makes a big difference $75 can send an emergency box of food to a family of five, which contains enough food for an entire month.

Make your 100% tax-deductible contribution now.

Yemen War: Funding Crisis Forces Un To Cut Food Assistance

The World Food Programme has been forced to reduce food assistance to eight million people in need in Yemen because it is running out of funds.

From January, affected families will get barely half the daily minimum ration from the UN agency.

The five million Yemenis at immediate risk of slipping into famine conditions will remain on a full ration for now.

The WFP warned that its food stocks were dangerously low and more severe reductions would soon be unavoidable.

Donors have pledged only $2.23bn of the $3.85bn requested by UN agencies for the humanitarian aid effort in the war-torn country this year.

The WFP needs $813m to continue to assist the most vulnerable until May, and $1.97bn to help those on the brink of famine throughout 2022.

BBC Middle East Editor Jeremy Bowen meets terrified children running from civil war and “ghosts” in Yemen

“Every time we reduce the amount of food, we know that more people who are already hungry and food insecure will join the ranks of the millions who are starving,” said Corinne Fleischer, the WFP’s regional director for the Middle East and North Africa.

“But desperate times call for desperate measures and we have to stretch our limited resources and prioritise, focusing on people who are in the most critical state,” she added.

Without new funding, the WFP could be forced to cut people from food assistance programmes completely. Malnutrition treatment and food supplies for children may also be reduced.

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Yemen Facing Outright Catastrophe Over Rising Hunger Warn Un Humanitarians

Yemens already dire hunger crisis is teetering on the edge of outright catastrophe, UN agency chiefs said on Monday, as new data analysis from the war-ravaged country indicated potentially record food insecurity.

Today, more than 17.4 million Yemenis are food insecure an additional 1.6 million are expected to fall into emergency levels of hunger in coming months, taking the total of those with emergency needs, to 7.3 million by the end of the year.

Why The People Of Yemen Need Your Help

Yemen Food Parcel » Crisis Aid

I am tired. Tired of sickness and treatments, the extreme cold, and my inability to meet my familys basic needs. Our life is tiring and although we do not have anything, we still say Alhamdulillah.

Yasmine is a skin cancer patient and displaced mother of six. 3 years ago, Yasmine and her family uprooted their lives and fled violence in Al-Hodeidah. They now reside in Sanaa, where her family struggles to make ends meet.

Yasmines family often goes days without enough food, water, and medicine. Their urgent needs are compounded by Yasmines cancer treatment, costing over $1,600 CAD per day of treatment. This means that Yasmine forgoes treatment most days, simply because she cannot afford it.

With little money to their name and minimal sustenance to keep them alive, Yasmines family are in urgent need of support.

Where do we go? Will anyone have mercy on us? Will anyone look at us with an eye of mercy? Who will look at us?

Will you look at them?

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Together: Saving And Changing Lives

Urgent: Four Famines

Some 20 million people face catastrophe in South Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria and Yemen with famine already declared in South Sudan. People are already dying from starvation and in South Sudan alone 1 million children are estimated to be acutely malnourished. If we dont reach people with urgent food aid soon, many of them will die. WFP is on the ground in some of the hardest hit areas, but we need your help to reach more people. Please make a donation to our emergency fund today. Help save a life.

Become a ZeroHunger Hero today

Emergencies: Your donation can save a life

Changing lives: Fatmehs story

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Yemen Emergency Health And Nutrition Project

For four years since the eruption of the conflict, Yemeni people have continued to suffer from the severe economic decline and the brunt of ongoing hostilities. In addition, changes in the frontlines and the collapsing essential public services have taken a massive toll on the Yemeni population, exacerbating chronic vulnerabilities. The health care system continues to be a victim of Yemen’s conflict where poverty, hunger and unsafe drinking water have taken their toll. The already dire humanitarian situation in Yemen has been exacerbated by successive outbreaks of diseases such as cholera and diphtheria.

The Yemen Emergency Health and Nutrition Project aims to strengthen the delivery of basic health and essential nutrition and water and sanitation services as well as support and preserve the national implementation capacity by investing in the existing, local structure in the health and water and sanitation sectors, which will help maintain the main foundations for a speedy recovery in the post-conflict phase in the future.

EHNP components

The EHNP activities are categorized in three components: Improving Access to Health, Nutrition, Public Health and Water and Sanitation Services Project Support, Management, Evaluation and Administration and Contingent Emergency Response. The components and subcomponents are described in detail below.

System Building during Conflict

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What The World Food Programme Is Doing To Respond To The Yemen Emergency

Food assistance
In 2022, WFP aims to provide nearly 13 million people with emergency food assistance as in-kind rations of flour, pulses, oil, sugar, salt, or voucher or cash to purchase the same quantity of food.
Cash assistance
WFP is expanding cash assistance in areas of Yemen where markets are stable enough to provide for communities basic food needs. To support this programme WFP is registering beneficiaries on a new biometric platform. Through this system, people receive cash equal to the value of the food basket provided to families, which will inject much-needed liquidity into the economy. Much higher food prices in the south versus the north of Yemen means the cash amount is different.
Nutrition assistance
In response to high acute, moderate and severe malnutrition rates among children and women, WFP targets to provide nutritional support to 3.7 million pregnant and nursing women and children in 2022.
School feeding
WFP aims to provide daily nutritious snacks either date bars or high energy biscuits to 2.4 million school children in 2022. The programme focuses on areas that have been hard hit by conflict, leading to low levels of school attendance and poor food security.
The WFP-managed UN Humanitarian Air Service continues to transport humanitarian aid workers between Sanaa, Djibouti and Amman. In addition, the Logistics Cluster facilitates a weekly sea transport shuttle for humanitarian workers between Aden and Djibouti.

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