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International Rescue Committee: Protecting Ukrainian Refugees Across Europe

Dine with Ukraine: Austin restaurants donate to World Central Kitchen I FOX 7 Austin

The International Rescue Committee was founded in 1933 by Albert Einstein, to provide humanitarian assistance to refugees fleeing from Nazi Germany. The organization then went on to deliver aid to refugees from around Europe, such as Italy and Spain, that were also fleeing conflicts. Today, the IRC works in Ukraine and surrounding countries to support Ukrainian refugees.

Their impact and transparency ratings: The International Rescue Committee holds an Accountability and Transparency score of 97 out of 100 from Charity Navigator. They also have a Gold Seal of Transparency from GuideStar. For example, in 2020, they spent nearly 87% of their income on their refugee programs and services.

To provide some of the more than 2 million newly arrived refugees from Ukraine with psychosocial and legal support, cultural assistance and translation services.

International Rescue Committee

What they do: The International Rescue Committee delivers essential aid to Ukrainian refugees fleeing conflict. They provide educational resources, health care, and social and legal support to the most vulnerable groups of refugees, such as women and children. They also assist refugees with assimilation into their new communities by offering language courses, and education and employment support.

Donate To World Central Kitchen

We believe that food is more than just sustenance it has the power to bring people together in times of joy and times of need.

World Central Kitchen was founded by our friend, Chef José Andrés, to deploy the talents of cooks and chefs to respond to disasters like earthquakes, floods, the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine. WCK has provided over 200 million hot meals to those in crisis. By bringing together volunteers in local communities across the world, WCK feeds those in need and promotes an atmosphere of hope.

With the generous support of our customers, we have raised over $100,000 to support World Central Kitchen since 2018. Join us in supporting this organization which helps people in times of crisis, but also teaches people how to better their communities through education and ongoing support.

In their own words: World Central Kitchen uses the expertise of its Chef Network to empower people to be part of the solution, with a focus on health, education, jobs, and social enterprise.

Health: Cleaner cooking with clean cook stoves and food safety/sanitation training.

Education: School kitchens to support feeding programs that encourage school attendance and provide a source of sustainable revenue for the school.

Jobs: Culinary training to elevate the hospitality workforce, increase earnings, enhance quality of life, and strengthen Haitis economy.

Join us as we use the power of food to empower communities and strengthen economies.

Help Us Cook A Million More Meals This Year

Song Love, Love, Love by Jennie Mathias, video by Tadas Mickievicius

Since lockdowns began early in 2020, the Food For All volunteer team have been hard at work increasing their output from 2,000 to 5,000 meals daily. By Valentines Day 2021 we had distributed 1 million meals during the pandemic. Help us make 1 million more

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Supporting Refugees And Internally Displaced Persons

Initially, WCK focused on supporting refugees fleeing Ukraine and established itself in different countries with borders with Ukraine, including Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Moldova. Almost simultaneously, the organization expanded into Ukraine itself to support the millions of internally displaced persons. With the evolving nature of this crisis, what started as a mass meal distribution outside of Ukraine has now mostly shifted to meal distribution inside Ukraine, where the greatest needs are, as the country continues to fight the war.

WCK has scaled their work within Ukraine by working with hundreds of restaurants, food trucks, and caterers, distributing meals to over 650 cities and towns. In addition to hot meals and sandwiches, WCK is providing food kits for families who can prepare meals at home. In addition to food, community is at the core of WCKs operations working closely with Ukrainians helps them navigate within the country and with information-sharing.

WCK continues to support refugees arriving in key destination countries, such as Spain and Germany. In Spain, they are cooking out of their relief kitchen and partnering with a local restaurant to serve meals to a social security office, shelters, and churches housing refugees. In Germany, the organization is serving hundreds of daily meals at SafeSpace, a refuge for Ukrainians arriving in Leipzig.

Voices Of Children: Promoting The Wellbeing Of Ukrainian Children


Voices of Children was founded in 2015 by Lena Rozvadovska and Azad Safarov to provide psychological support to Ukrainian children affected by the ongoing conflict. They began their work in Eastern Ukraine by assisting children evacuated from their homes. Today, they offer support to children in conflict hotspots in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Their impact and transparency ratings: Voices of Children works with children directly to ensure their needs are met and their voices are heard. For example, they have a Children Advisory Committee, made up of local children, to assist with the development and implementation of their work.

Our objective is that every child who has suffered from the war in Ukraine must get psychological help in time.

Voices of Children

What they do: Voices of Children provides psychological and psychosocial support to children affected by war and conflict throughout Ukraine. They achieve this by deploying mobile psychologists to assist children in hard-to-reach areas. They also carry out art therapy workshops, offer individual assistance to families, and tell the stories of affected children through compelling videos.

Ways to contribute: You can contribute to Voices of Children by donating through their website. You can also become one of their volunteers, offering much-needed support to respond to the crisis in Ukraine.

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White Eagle Club London

Britain’s Polish communities have been coming together to help Refugees crossing the border into Poland from Ukraine. The White Eagle Club on Balham High Road in London is one leading the campaign, asking for more donations to sort and ship over this April. In their latest update they’re particularly asking for food: tinned, canned and instant packets of pot noodles and powdered soup. Plus hot drink supplies and baby food and formula.

The group are continously updating their with further dates and details on donations. So be sure to check ahead before turning up. The centre’s official address is: 211 Balham High Rd, London SW17 7BQ.

Host A Ukrainian Refugee

Housing site wants people across the globe to sign up to host a refugee in any spare rooms available. When on the site click the ‘I can help’ button to fill out a form. Shelter4UA have also produced a worldwide map showing countries that are offering temporary accomodation to Ukrainians too – which is helpful if you’re trying to help a loved one affected by the conflict.

Similarly, Airbnb have pledged their support to supply free housing to 100,000 Ukrainian refugees. They’re also waiving their guest and host fees in the wake of people booking Ukrainain Airbnbs – to directly donate to those in Ukraine who are affected.

Sarah Archer, UK sales manager for Beachcomber tours, explained on Twitter: Booked a weekend in Kyiv on . Pick closest date, random apartment run by an individual not a company, book, pay and send a message of support while telling them youre a no show.

Fellow Twitter user Mario DiMaggio also shared how she had done the same – much to one Ukrainian’s delight.

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Save The Children: Providing Life

Save the Children was founded in 1919 by Eglantyne Jebb, to deliver essential services to children in need. Jebb also went on to draft the Declaration of the Rights of a Child, to advocate for global childrens rights. And since 2014, theyve implemented safeguarding projects throughout Ukraine to protect children from violence.

Their impact and transparency ratings: Save the Children has a 4-star rating and an Accountability and Transparency score of 97 out of 100, both from Charity Navigator. They also have a Platinum Seal of Transparency from GuideStar. For example, in 2020, nearly 85% of their income was spent on their programs.

Delivering essential humanitarian aid to children and their families.

Save the Children

What they do: Save the Children aims to safeguard children in Ukraine and surrounding countries through educational, health, and security programs. They assist children in humanitarian crises and those deprived of basic needs, such as food, shelter, or safety. They also advocate for public policies that protect childrens rights, and empower children to reach their potential.

What theyve achieved: Since beginning their work in Ukraine in 2014, Save the Children has reached 21 schools across the country with its Schools as Zones of Peace initiative. They also offer over 4 specialized services for Ukrainian children affected by the ongoing conflict, such as access cash grants, winter kits, and hygiene kits.

Polish Social Club Southampton

Chef With World Central Kitchen In Poland To Help Feed Ukrainian Refugees

This Southampton based organisation is collecting and sending supplies to Medyka on the Polish-Ukrainian border to help refugees who have fled their homeland. Items they are currently requesting are sleeping bags and foldable camping beds, head torches, first-aid kits, baby food and formula plus tinned food and over-the-counter painkillers.

In addition to supplies, they’re asking for volunteers who can help pack up the parcels. You can find details on how you can help via their . The social club’s official address is 507 Portswood Road, SO17 2TH .

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Action Against Hunger: Delivering Food To Displaced Ukrainians

Action Against Hunger was founded in 1979 by a French team of medical professionals, academics, and scientists, to tackle food insecurities in conflict-affected countries. Their initial projects were carried out in Africa to reduce malnutrition and assist families impacted by famines. Today, theyre responding to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine by giving food and resources to internally displaced people and refugees that have fled to neighboring countries.

Their impact and transparency ratings: Action Against Hunger holds an excellent 4-star rating, and an Accountability and Transparency score of 97 out of 100, both from Charity Navigator. They also have a Platinum Seal of Transparency from GuideStar. For example, they regularly spend approximately 91% of their income on their programs and services.

Expanding support for vulnerable people in Ukraine and neighboring countries.

Action Against Hunger

What they do: Action Against Hunger provides food and essentials to displaced Ukrainians and Ukrainian refugees in neighboring countries. They also ensure people affected by the conflict have access to hot meals, toiletries, and shower and toilet facilities.

What theyve achieved: Since beginning their work in Ukraine, Action Against Hunger has assisted in delivering 880 pounds of food to people in Odesa. Theyre also helping Ukrainian refugees across 3 neighboring countries, having set up mobile distribution centers to hand out food, hygiene kits, and baby supplies.

Doctors Without Borders: Distributing Medical Aid To Ukrainian Refugees

Doctors Without Borders was founded in 1971 by a group of doctors, nurses, and humanitarians, to provide medical aid to vulnerable communities affected by natural disasters and armed conflict. In 1975, they carried out their first mission to assist Cambodian refugees needing medical assistance. Today, they have teams operating in 6 countries bordering Ukraine to aid Ukrainians fleeing the conflict.

Their impact and transparency ratings: Doctors Without Borders has a 4-star rating and an Accountability and Transparency score of 97 out of 100 from Charity Navigator. They also have a Platinum Seal of Transparency from GuideStar. For example, in 2020, nearly 85% of their income was spent on their programs and services.

Expanding our medical and humanitarian response in Ukraine and neighboring countries to meet the evolving needs.

Doctors Without Borders

What they do: Doctors Without Borders delivers critical medical support to displaced Ukrainians and Ukrainian refugees. They also carry out groundbreaking research, mobilize resources, and report on various humanitarian issues witnessed during their projects.

What theyve achieved: Since their inception, Doctors Without Borders has delivered approximately 250 tons of medical supplies to Ukraine. Theyve imported 5 shipping containers with hygiene products, including toothpaste and soap. Theyve also evacuated 115 wounded patients for further medical treatment.

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Prytula Foundation: Supplying Essentials To Ukrainian War Efforts

The Prytula Foundation was founded in 2020 by Serhiy Prytula, a Ukrainian presenter and activist, to provide aid to Ukrainians in need. Since then, the organization has shifted their efforts to provide military supplies and support to the Ukrainian army after the Russian invasion. Today, they maintain their headquarters in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Their impact and transparency ratings: Donations received by the Prytula Foundation are placed into a larger fund with other donations that Serhiy Prytula receives through PayPal and Patreon. All donations are used to fund the militarys needs during the war.

Covering the needs of both the Armed Forces fighters and members of Territorial Defense units.

Prytula Foundation

What they do: The Prytula Foundation increases donations and support for military units defending Ukraine. They put together aid packages that are delivered to units throughout the country and include essential military and medical supplies, such as combat gear and recovery resources.

What theyve achieved: Since their inception, the Prytula Foundation has opened 2 logistics centers in Lviv and Poland for delivery efficiency of relief items to the Ukrainian military. raised funds for 5 different supplies items the army needs, including first aid kits, helmets, sleeping bags, and night vision devices. They also raise funds to deliver more than 8 different kinds of medical aid supplies, including decompression needles, thermal blankets, and anti-burn gels.

Join A Local Campaign Group

World Food Kitchen Donation

There are a number of online community groups that have launched across the UK. Many are run by Ukranian nationals who want to educate people on the history of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. And some have additionally organised rallies in cities like London and Sheffield for people to join and protest against the invasion. Suggested groups to follow include Ukraine Solidarity Campaign and Euromaidan London .

There’s also the global group UkraineNow which you can sign up to as a member for free. They are helping with all things food, medical, evacuation and getting cash to those in need on the ground. You can also sign up to host a Ukranian who has fled the country and is seeking shelter.

Video of the Week:

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Community Organized Relief Effort

Community Organized Relief Effort is a nonprofit organization dedicated to immediate crisis response. CORE is working in Poland and Romania to help support Ukrainian refugees. Donations provide cash assistance to displaced families and distribute hygiene kits with soap, hand sanitizer, toothbrushes, thermal blankets and other essential hygiene items.

Donate to CORE here.

Food For All Uk Was Honoured To Receive The Queens Award For Voluntary Service 2021

This award recognises our contribution to supporting thousands upon thousands of vulnerable people during the Covid lockdown.

Many thanks to all of the volunteers, donors and supporters of our charity who helped us to make this happen.

In recognition of our volunteers hard work, love and devotion, we have been awarded The Queens Award heres a video to celebrate! Song Love, Love, Love by Jennie Mathias

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Heart To Heart International: Offering Healthcare To Ukrainians In Need

Heart to Heart International was founded in 1992 to provide humanitarian aid to people in Russia. After the success of their initial airlift, they extended their efforts throughout the rest of Europe and Asia, ensuring communities affected by conflict received vital medical supplies and services. In 1994, they began offering their services in Ukraine. Today, they continue to send shipments of supplies to Ukraine and support Ukrainian refugees in neighboring countries.

Their impact and transparency ratings: Heart to Heart International holds an impressive 4-star rating and an Accountability and Transparency score of 100 out of 100 from Charity Navigator. They also have a Gold Seal of Transparency from GuideStar.

To get life-saving medicines and medical supplies into Ukraine to help the people impacted by this crisis.

Heart to Heart International

What they do: Heart to Heart International responds to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine by transporting essential medical supplies and medicines to hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers. They also offer medical services support to surrounding countries that host Ukrainian refugees.

Ways to contribute: You can contribute to Heart to Heart International by donating through their website. You can also show your support by volunteering with them to assemble hygiene kits that will directly benefit Ukrainians in need.

Heres What All The Best Charities For Supporting Ukraine Have In Common

World Central Kitchen is helping to feed refugees at Ukrainian border

The charities on this list were chosen based on their mission, transparency ratings, and their impactful work in Ukraine. They provide a range of essential services and support to Ukrainians affected by conflict and violence. They implement safeguards to protect vulnerable Ukrainian people, such as children and those fighting on the frontlines.

These charities are dedicated to promoting the wellbeing of Ukrainians and advocating for an end to violence in the region. They also support Ukrainian communities that have been displaced, injured, and negatively impacted by the conflict. And they all share the same goal of supporting Ukraine.

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Providing Food Relief In Recently Liberated Towns Through Meals And Food Kits

With local businesses still shuttered, WCK is distributing meals and food kits to towns in the Kyiv region and other liberated areas, giving communities the ability to prepare meals in their homes. WCK meal kits weigh 30 pounds and contain enough food for a family for four days.

Chef José and his team were among the first people to enter the towns of Bucha and Irpin following the retreat of the Russian army. A video of what they saw can be seen here.

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