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Who Will Pick Up Food Donations

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Schedule Food Donations & Pick

ARC will pick up food drive donations at your home

You can post both one-time food donations and regular, weekly scheduled food donations. For regular donations, you only need to list your regular food runs once and update or cancel the run when something changes.

  • to the ChowMatch app TIP: For quick access, bookmark the ChowMatch login page and check Keep me signed in
  • List the date and time frame for the donation, donation amount, food categories, brief description of donation and any special instructions of where the volunteer picks up the food.Tip: Food units can be listed as: pounds, tray= approx. 5lbs, or box= approx.40 lbs.
  • Select the organization that you have an established relationship with. Start typing the name and choose from the dropdown menu .

As soon as you post a food donation, the ChowMatch will match your donation in real time with a food assistance organization in the CFR network. You will receive the first of two emails confirming a match with a recipient organization. Next, an email food run request is sent to all the volunteer food runners in your vicinity. As soon as a volunteer accepts the run, the donation is scheduled and everyone is notified with details and contact information. If you need to cancel a scheduled run, you may do so under Donor> my food runs.

Donate Your Clothes Shoes And Accessories In New York City

Finally, an easy way to donate in NYC.

Weve partnered with the United Postal Service to bring New Yorkers a free and easy way to donate their used clothing, shoes, and accessories. Donate ladies, kids, and mens clothing, shoes, purses, handbags, belts, ties, jewelry, and more. By donating you support the Vietnam Veterans of America, declutter your home, recycle your old belongings, and receive a tax-deductible receipt.

Check out this video that shows how easy it is to donate in New York City with Pickup Please:

The donation process is fast, easy, and convenient.

  • Gather your unwanted clothes, shoes, and accessories and box up the stuff you no longer wear.
  • Fill out our simple online form and get your free pre-paid shipping labels.
  • Give your box of donations to UPS. Drop it off at any UPS store, give it to a UPS driver or any other place that UPS picks up such as your office mailroom or with the doorman at your building.
  • We will even send you a tax deductions receipt for your donations. Get started now and donate in New York City today!

    We are currently only offering this UPS donation program in the Manhattan area, however as we continue to grow we hope to expand our services throughout New York. Fill out our donation form now to see if we service your zip code! If not, you can partner up with a friend in a zip code where we do service so that you can donate together and reap all the benefits.

    A Free and Convenient Pickup Service

    Tax Deductible Donations

    Host A Food Drive To End Hunger

    Food drives are a great way to unite your company or friends and family to support our community.

    Start a Virtual Food Drive

    A virtual food drive makes an immediate difference to end hunger in our community. Its an easy and fun way to provide food where its needed most. Learn more and get started now.

    Traditional Food Drives

    If you would like to hold a traditional food drive for the Food Depository, please collect our most needed items. When your food drive is over, please plan to drop off your food donations at one of the sites below.


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    Which Foods Can Be Donated

    • Pre-packaged foods that are non-perishable and fresh, whole fruits and vegetables that have not been cut may be collected for donation and distribution without a permit.
    • Certain foods that require time/temperature control for safety may be donated if both the donor and recipient are food permitted facilities and the food has been properly handled at an appropriate temperature. See Food Donation Guidelines for more details and information on which foods are not suitable for donation.

    Find Food Recipient Organizations

    Letter carriers will pick up food donations May 12

    The following sites contain tools that allow users to search for food banks, pantries, soup kitchens and shelters that may be interested in accepting wholesome, excess food:

    • Feeding Americas Find Your Local Foodbank has a map of Feeding America member food banks. Some of these food banks might have a minimum donation size requirement. Feeding America also operates the Meal Connect app , which connects donors to local food banks.
    • Sustainable Americas Food Rescue Locator is a directory of organizations that rescue, glean, transport, prepare, and distribute food to the needy in their communities.
    • allows you to search food pantries by zip code and shows the search results on an interactive map.
    • Hunger Free America operates the USDAs National Hunger Clearinghouse, where people can seek food assistance.

    The following organizations are examples of food donation organizations that provide a mechanism for entities to donate wholesome, excess food to those in need:

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    Downsizing And Donating: Where To Give Used Items

    Spring is the season for cleaning, so how about doing some downsizing? There are many benefits to cleaning out your closet, such as facilitating future moves, revisiting old memories, and making space for new articles to meet current and evolving needs.

    There is another great benefit to downsizing: the opportunity to give items that you no longer want to those in need. It can be hard to know where to start when you have lots of stuff to pass on, especially if you have not only used clothing but also furniture and other household items to give. We have some suggestions for you! Large outlets like the Salvation Army are widely known and receive lots of donations, but there are many worthwhile local charities that we have highlighted here for you as well. For your convenience, weve also noted the charities that pick up items for you, and suggested ones that benefit all members of your greater community, from fellow seniors to furry friends, struggling youth, and women in crisis.

    Charities Picking Up Furniture, Fashion and Small Household Items

    3) Helping Families in Need Society Helping Families in Need Society is a non-profit organization of volunteers who pick up and distribute donations of furniture, clothing, shoes and small household items for families on income assistance, refugees, new immigrants, and needy families in Vancouver. For more information:

    Food Donations From Individuals

    While we appreciate the support we received from food drives over the years, weve had issues with the varying levels of food quality through third-party food drives. On average, up to 30% of the food we receive ends up being SPOILED, DAMAGED, or UNSAFE to eat.

    After much consideration, we have decided to move away from food drives as of January 2022.

    For more information on this decision, please visit our page here

    If you already hosted your food drive and need to drop off your food, you may drop it off at one of our Community Agency Partners.

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    Where To Donate Food In Nyc

    The month of November often conjures images of falling leaves, jackets and scarves, turkey, stuffing and all of the other fixings that come with Thanksgiving dinner.

    But for many in the city, Thanksgiving is another reminder of what they dont have.

    There are an estimated 1.4 million people in the city who rely on emergency food programs, like soup kitchens, to get by each year, according to the Food Bank of New York. Of those, about 339,000 are children.

    There is no shortage of options when it comes to giving back to your community this holiday season. Food banks, soup kitchens and nonprofits in all five boroughs are accepting donations to feed the hungry.

    Heres a list of places to get you started.

    The Bowery Mission

    Located at 227 Bowery, the mission accepts food donations between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., Monday through Saturday. The Bowery Mission serves more than 1,000 meals each day to low-income and homeless New Yorkers. In 2016, the organization also handed out 44,700 bags of groceries to those in need. The mission suggests donations that are nonperishable, but it can accept fresh prepared foods so long as the packaging hasnt been tampered with.

    What To Do After Donating

    Boy Scouts to pick up food donation bags on Saturday
    • Click on the pencil icon. Update the amount of food that was actually donated if it differs from the amount you posted. This information is used to accurately report the total amount of food that is being donated.Tip: If you schedule a regular weekly food run, you only need to sign and rate your first run. You only need to update the amount of food donated if it differs from the estimated amount you initially entered.

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    Make Sure The Organization Accepts The Items Youre Donating

    Each nonprofit that takes used furniture donations may have different requirements for what they do and dont accept. A torn, soiled, stained, or otherwise damaged item will not be accepted in most cases. GoGreenDrop has made a donation guideline that is general enough to be used for other companies, but we recommend contacting the organization that is taking your furniture for free so that they may confirm your items qualifications.

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    Who Will Take Food Donations

    • Food pantries: Use to find a food pantry near you that accepts donations. Call ahead to make sure that the pantry can accept your donation and coordinate how and when it should be delivered or picked up.
    • Food rescue programs like Keep Austin Fed may be able to help with donation logistics.

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    North Country Food Bank

    Despite being headquartered in Minnesota, the North Country Food Bank doesnt serve just one state. It benefits a whole region, including Minnesota and part of North Dakota. This region includes 21 counties. This foodbank partners with more than 230 agencies and other food relief programs to distribute more than 7.4 million pounds of food a year. It doesnt only accept food donations from individuals but also utilizes surplus food coming from farms, grocery stores, and manufacturers.

    How to donate food to the North Country Food Bank:

    You can donate food to the North Country Food Bank by visiting its home base in East Grand Forks, Minnesota. Contact them at 399-7356 for more information. Address:

    1011 11th Ave NE

    East Grand Forks, MN 56721

    Are Canned Food Donations Tax Deductible

    Food Banks

    The short answer is yes. However, there are some rules you must follow to write off the value of your canned food donation on your tax return. The first thing youll want to confirm is that the place youre donating to is a tax-exempt organization. The IRS has a list of organizations on its website, which you can access using the Exempt Organization Search Tool.

    You should be aware that not all tax-exempt non-profits will appear on the list. For example, any non-profit that is already tax-exempt will have an application on file. This includes churches, mosques, synagogues, and government agencies.

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    United Jewish Council Of The East Side

    The Vintage Thrift shop is run by the United Jewish Council of the East Side, which provides a variety of services for youth, seniors and immigrants. They will take furniture in good condition for sale in the thrift shop and can arrange for pickup service in Manhattan. They will not take donations of bed frames and mattresses, futons, and Ikea-type furniture made with laminate particle board.

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    Let Us Get It Into Hungry Hands Who Need It

    Our warehouse receiving hours are 9 AM 3 PM Monday through Saturday. If you are going to drop off a donation, please be mindful of a few guidelines:

    For individual/personal donations: We accept canned food items no more than 4 years expired. Shelf stable dairy items must be no more than 1 year expired. We cannot accept anything already open . All items must be in clean, unopened condition.

    If you are a business looking to donate food, or have unserved leftovers from an event, please see below for more guidelines. We schedule pickups for over 100 LBS of food to coordinate a pickup please email or call 226-8061, leave a voicemail and we will get back to you. Sunday donations are by appointment only. Thank you for your support!

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    Items Furniture Bank Accepts

    Theres more to moving than getting your belongings from A to B. If setting up insurance, internet, utilities, or home security services while planning your move makes you hyperventilate, weve got an answer for you! offers a free, all-in-one solution that provides you with a personal concierge who will assist you in setting up all those services . From finding the best mover in your area, to forwarding your mail to your new address, our moving concierge removes the hassle of self setup and helps you save money.

    Limited Liability Protection For Donors

    Dare to Care hosts drive-thru food pick up

    The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act of 1996 encourages the donation of food and grocery products to nonprofit organizations for distribution to needy individuals. The Act exempts persons and gleaners who make good faith donations of food to nonprofit organizations that feed the hungry from liability for injuries arising from the consumption of the donated food.

    Under the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act, the following food donation standards apply:

    Persons and gleaners : Persons and gleaners, including qualified direct donors, shall not be subject to civil or criminal liability arising from the nature, age, packaging, or condition of apparently wholesome food that the person or gleaner donates in good faith to a nonprofit organization for ultimate distribution to needy individuals.

    Nonprofit organizations: Nonprofit organizations shall not be subject to civil or criminal liability arising from the nature, age, packaging, or condition of apparently wholesome food that the nonprofit organization received as a donation in good faith from a person or gleaner, including a qualified direct donor, for ultimate distribution to needy individuals.

    Donations of apparently wholesome food by qualified direct donors must be made in compliance with applicable state and local health, food safety, and food handling laws .

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    Create A Virtual Fund Drive

    Get your friends and colleagues involved with your effort to help feed Rhode Islanders facing hunger. You can create your own personalized fundraising campaign with many fun options, such as creating a team to engage others in raising funds towards a common goal. You can even connect your movement tracker or your game play streaming account to make a unique and engaging experience for your donors.

    Check out our fundraising tool and get started.

    Reasons To Donate Unwanted Items

    Moving to a new home is a great time to take stock of household items you no longer need. Here are some other great reasons to donate items instead of throwing them away:

    • Helps you de-clutter before your move.
    • Many charities offer free donation pickup.
    • Furthers the life-cycle of your gently used belongings, which reduces your carbon footprint.
    • Charitable donations are tax deductible.
    • Helps provide affordable furniture and clothing to families in need.

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    Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive

    Feeding Americaâs hungry learn how you can help

    Every second Saturday in May, letter carriers in more than 10,000 cities and towns across America collect the goodness and compassion of their postal customers, who participate in the NALC Stamp Out Hunger National Food Drive the largest one-day food drive in the nation.

    Led by letter carriers represented by the National Association of Letter Carriers , with help from rural letter carriers, other postal employees and other volunteers, the drive has delivered more than one billion pounds of food the past 25 years.

    Carriers collect non-perishable food donations left by mailboxes and in post offices and deliver them to local community food banks, pantries and shelters. Nearly 1,500 NALC branches in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands are involved.

    The United States Postal Service, National Association of Letter Carriers, National Rural Letter Carriers Association, AFL-CIO, United Way, Valassis, Valpak Direct Marketing Systems, CVS Health, Kelloggs, and United Food and Commercial Workers International Union are all supporting this years Stamp Out Hunger food drive.

    To donate, just place a box or can of non-perishable food next to your mailbox before your letter carrier delivers mail on the second Saturday in May. The carrier will do the rest. The food is sorted, and delivered to an area food bank or pantry, where it is available for needy families.

    Why Should You Donate To Local Food Banks

    City Harvest Fights Food Waste with Flowfinity No

    “Millions of vulnerable children are losing the healthy meals they depend on as the closes schools nationwide,” Davis said at the beginning of the pandemic. “As of , 39 states had closed schools entirely. When you add in the districts closed in other states it means 41.6 million kids, or 4 out of 5 kids, are out of school.” Even in areas where the schools were still open, many businesses were closed, which meant hourly workers who may have already been struggling to make ends meet were hit hard.

    Fortunately, as of July 2022, the health risks posed by the pandemic have lessened over time. However, Davis notes that the need and the financial impact has not abated. âFamilies still face ongoing challenges due to the strained supply chain, rising food and gas prices, and skyrocketing inflation,â she says. âToday, one in six kids face hunger in the U.S.â

    According to a recent Feeding America food bank survey, 80 percent of food banks across the country reported an increase or steady demand for food. Food insecurity exists everywhere, says Zuani Villarreal, the senior director of communication for Feeding America. âIt could be your classmate it could be a co-worker it could be your neighbor a fellow church goer that needs help and I think the awareness of that issue should drive people to help,â she says. For this reason, donating to food banks is more important than ever.

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