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Where To Donate Pet Food

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Where Can I Donate Bedding In Toronto

Coast-to-Coast Pet Food Donations: National Mill Dog Rescue in Colorado

If youre located in Toronto and want to donate clothing, keep an eye out for an Oasis Clothing Bank donation bin near you. In addition to clothing for men, women and children, the organization accepts shoes, bedding, purses, dishes, cutlery, toys, stuffed animals, electronics, artwork, housewares and more.

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Stocking Orange County Food Pantries With Pet Supplies

OC Animal Allies No Empty Bowls program helps people in our community who need time to get back on their feet while preventing their pet from going hungry or being relinquished to a shelter due to lack of resources. We acquire, store, and donate pet food and pet care items to local organizations feeding our low-income community.

Many people in our community simply need a helping paw with feeding their animals for a few weeks as they get back on their feet after losing a job, the death of a family member or recovering from an illness. With help from the community, we aim to prevent pets from going hungry or ending up at a shelter because their owner has fallen on hard times.

Our distribution partners pick up donated food and other available supplies from our warehouse to distribute it at their food pantries. Since homeless pet owners typically cannot carry large supplies of food, the agencies volunteers will bag one weeks worth of food to distribute to them.

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How To Properly Store Pet Food For Donation

Assuming you have already decided to donate your extra pet food to a local shelter or rescue organization, there are a few things you should know in order to ensure the food is properly stored and remains safe for consumption.

Most commercially prepared pet foods have a shelf life of 1-2 years, so as long as the food has not been opened and is within that time frame, it is probably safe to donate. If you are unsure of the expiration date or if the food has been opened, it is best to err on the side of caution and not donate it.

When storing dry pet food, be sure to keep it in a cool, dry place in its original packaging. If you need to transfer it to another container, make sure it is airtight so that the food does not spoil. Canned pet food can be stored in its original can or transferred to a different container again, just be sure it is airtight.

Once you have collected all of the pet food you wish to donate, call your local shelter or rescue organization to inquire about drop-off hours and procedures. Some organizations may even be able to come pick up the donation from your house.

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How Charlies Helps Pets And People

The human-animal bond is powerful. Studies show that having a pet helps peoples mental and physical health. Pets give us constant, unconditional love. Many people tell us that their pets have saved their lives.

As part of the Downtown Eastside, we have become a resource for many pet guardians and community support workers by providing supplies and preventative care. To help pet guardians we take a harm reduction approach by showing respect for the person and building relationships. Charlies is a volunteer-operated program and all pet food and supplies are donated. A group of dedicated BC SPCA volunteers allows us to help more animals and maintain a presence in the community.

We strive to provide a supportive, respectful and friendly environment. We want Charlies to be a safe place for visitors, members, volunteers and animals.

In Kind Donations Of Supplies

Help Me Support A Local Pet Food Bank During Coronavirus

Lucky Dog ALWAYS needs donations of supplies! Below is a list of the types of items we need to keep turning shelter dogs into Lucky Dogs!

  • Crates All Sizes, Wire and Plastic
  • Leashes, Harnesses and Collars
  • Paper Towels, Bleach, Used Towels

We cannot accept:

  • That arent collapsible or broken down
  • That arent cleaned out
  • That are rusty or in poor condition
  • Any non dog or cat items
  • Prong collars, choke chains, shock collars
  • Gross or well used plush toys (can take gently used if theyve been cleaned before donation
  • Lucky Dog Animal Rescue has a 501 non-profit organization as recognized by the IRS. All in-kind donations are tax deductible. Please contact us at to find out where you can drop-off a donation!

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    Donate A Training Session For A Foster Or Adopted Lucky Dog

    Training is an essential part of a successful adoption. By donating a training session for a foster or adopted dog, you help set them up for success in their new forever home, particularly for dogs that need a bit more help getting them ready for adoption!

    After adoption, training sessions can be pivotal in keeping a dog with their adopter, especially in those first few months when the dog and human are settling into a new routine!

    Please consider making a donation to set a Lucky Dog up for success today. to donate a training session.

    Capital One Shopping is also a useful tool to help compare prices on certain items so you can save money! Shop at your favorite stores and see how much money you can save with coupon codes or track prices on items with a watchlist.

    Shop our Chewy wish list and send essential food and supplies to help homeless and at-risk Lucky Dogs and Cats in need. to donate today.

    Organization And Cleaning Supplies

    As you can imagine, there are plenty of potty accidents to clean up around the shelter, as well as everyday messes that happen when you have a lot of animals together in one place.

    Paper towels, garbage bags, rubber gloves, spray bottles, storage bins, and Ziplock bags are among the items that help animal shelters stay clean and organized.

    Some shelters will also take rolls of newspaper, so long as any glossy ads are removed for safety.

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    Pet Food Donation Drop

    You can make pet food donations to the Wake County Animal Center at one of the following locations. Pet food donations received are shared with our Transfer Partners and families in need throughout the community.

    If you would like to be added to the list of pet food donation locations for the Wake County Animal Center, please contact us at or .

    • 2460 Wycliff Road, Raleigh, NC 27607
  • 7414 Creedmoor Road, Raleigh, NC 27613
  • 10 W. Franklin St. Suite 100, Raleigh, NC 27604
  • Charlies Fund Free Or Low

    Coast-to-Coast Pet Food Donations: Food Bank of the Rockies

    We provide support for veterinary treatment and life-saving surgeries, for people who qualify, thanks to our donors. Through Charlies Fund we cover all or, on occasion, most of the cost for veterinary services for people who:

    • Live in supporting housing or a single room occupancy residence
    • Are homeless and living in B.C.
    • Require follow-up treatment recommended by our volunteer veterinarians at Charlies free vet clinic
    • Have been recognized by one of our animal protection officers as someone who is experiencing hardship and requires financial assistance to provide medical care for your pet

    At this time, we are only accepting the following items:

    • Food: Unopened wet & dry food for cats and dogs
    • Please note that we are unable to accept prescription diets at this time.
  • Linens: Towels & blankets in good condition
  • Dog Toys: Any size and type in good condition
  • X-pens: In good condition
  • Crates: Wire & airline styles, in working condition with no pieces missing
  • Puppy pads: In all sizes
  • Bowls: Stainless steel or ceramic animal food or water bowls
  • These items can be dropped off to the bin outside of our Intake Lobby between 9 a.m. 6 p.m. daily

    Do you have old pet items looking for a new home? Donate items to HSSV to help us care for animals in need. In addition to our wish list, we are accepting unopened wet and dry food for kittens, cats, puppies and dogs, as well as towels and blankets in good condition.

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    Can You Recycle Newspaper

    When youre done reading your newspapers for the week, dont just recycle them. Instead, consider giving them to your local animal shelter. Although it may seem like a small contribution, shelters regularly use newspaper for the bottom of animal cages. They can certainly come in handy and make cleanup a bit easier.

    How Your Pet Food Donation Can Help Others In Need

    When you have an abundance of something, its only natural to want to share it with others who may not be as fortunate. The same goes for pet food. If you have extra pet food that your furry friend doesnt want or need, consider donating it to a local shelter or rescue organization. Your donation can make a big difference in the lives of homeless and abandoned animals.

    Most shelters and rescues rely heavily on donations to care for the animals in their care. They often do not have the budget to purchase large quantities of pet food, so donations are always welcomed and appreciated. When you donate pet food, you can be sure that it will be put to good use.

    There are many reasons why an animal may end up in a shelter or rescue. Some have been abused or neglected, while others have been abandoned by their owners. Many of these animals come from tough backgrounds and have had little to no exposure to human kindness. When you donate pet food, you are helping these animals get the nourishment they need to survive and thrive.

    In addition to physical nourishment, your donation can also provide emotional support for shelter and rescue animals. These animals often arrive at their new homes feeling scared and alone. A kind word and a bowl of delicious food can go a long way in making them feel safe and loved. When you donate pet food, you are helping to make a difference in the lives of these deserving creatures.

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    Animeals Relief Amid Covid

    The mission of AniMeals is to keep pets in their home regardless of the logistical or financial challenges faced by our clients which include homebound and low-income elderly, disabled veterans and the homeless. AniMeals coordinates individual pet food packaging and delivery to those in need, and in these times, that includes pet owners who are struggling with the loss of employment due to the COVID-19 outbreak. At this time, Helen Woodard Animal Centers AniMeals program is graciously offering a two-week supply of dog and/or cat food for individuals who have been laid off due to the COVID-19 outbreak. To learn more about AniMeals Relief,

    What To Do With Expired Dog Food General Tips

    Dry Dog Food Donation  4Paws Animal Shelter

    Check the food for a best before or use-by date. This can be one of the essential steps to keeping your dog healthier and happier. Make sure you know what your pets food should smell, look and feel like.

    Add water and put it back in the refrigerator if it looks dry. If it smells bad, has mold, or is infested with bugs, then its time to toss it.

    When it comes to expired dog food, always remember the basics: keep it sealed and in a place where animals cant get to it. And if youre ever in doubt, throw it away. That way, youll never have to wonder what to do with expired dog food.

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    Best Friends Pet Food Pantry

    We are in need of dry cat food. Please click here to order from our Amazon Wish List. To make a monetary donation, click here.

    One critical step in helping to make Utah a no-kill state is providing residents with resources so they can avoid relinquishing their pets to shelters. To help, we opened a pet food pantry at the Best Friends Lifesaving Center in Salt Lake City.

    The pet food pantry provides pet food to the pets of low-income residents and community cat caregivers. Please note that we rely on donations to fill orders, which means our food levels vary. If available, we do attempt to accommodate one-time emergency requests. We also offer a Pet Food Meals on Wheels program. To make an official delivery request, use the form below.

    Pet food pantry information: Phone: 801-574-2445How you can help

    The Best Friends pet food pantry not only fills bellies, it helps to save lives by providing families with what they need to keep their pets at home and out of shelters. The pet food pantry relies completely on donations. You can help keep the pantry stocked by donating cat and dog food!

    . Or, drop your donation by our Lifesaving Center in the donation bins by our front door. We also accept open bags of pet food that are taped or sealed securely.

    Please drop off or mail your pet food donations to:Best Friends Lifesaving CenterSalt Lake City, UT 84106Please use the bins near our front door if dropping off donations

    Pet Food For Families In Need

    Furry Friends Pet Food Pantry

    The Wisconsin Humane Society believes that tight financial times should not break the bonds of love and companionship between people and their companion animals. WHS provides pet food, treats, and kitty litter for individuals who are struggling to provide food for their animals. This program has helped many people keep their animals in homes where they are loved.

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    How Many Animals Are In Shelters Each Year

    Almost 8 million animals enter shelters each year, according to the ASPCA. This gives shelter employees and volunteers an enormous amount of work to handle, but you can do your part by making donations to your local facility. Whether you love animals or you simply want to make a positive impact on your community, here are some items you can donate.

    We Are Seeking Donations:

    Animal shelters in need of pet food, litter donations

    OC Animal Allies graciously accepts monetary donations to purchase food, as well as in-kind donations such as unopened canned and dry pet food, new blankets, toys, leashes and other essentials. We do not have the storage or distribution capabilities to accept frozen or refrigerated product.

    If you do consider donating pet food, OC Animal Allies ask that you donate unopened cans or bags of dog and cat food. Due to concerns of contamination, we are not able to accept open or compromised bags.

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    Things You Can Donate To Animal Shelters That You Probably Already Have

    There are lots of reasons you might have extra supplies and items around the house that animal shelters might need. Right now is as good a time as any to do some cleaning and do a good deed at the same time.

    It takes a lot to provide for all the animals in a shelters care, and as you can imagine, shelters go through supplies very quickly. They could use all the help they can get.

    Take some time to do inventory around your house and see if you have anything youre ready to get rid of that a shelter might use. It wont cost you anything to donate the items that youre getting rid of anyway, youll have a cleaner and more organized living space, and youll be helping dogs as they wait for their forever homes.

    You should, however, always call ahead to find out what your local animal shelter needs before you arrive with your items for donation, as shelters vary in what they can and cannot accept.

    Here are eight items you probably already have around your house that you can donate to an animal shelter in need.

    How To Help: Food Donations

    Urgently needed food: Boxed cereal, canned fruit, canned tomatoes, canned beans, dried beans in a bag, tinned stew, canned meat and fish, canned vegetables, peanut butter, jam, instant coffee, tea, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, toilet paper.

    When making a donation to the Richmond Hill Community Food Bank, please ensure items are within the best before period, have not expired and have not been opened.

    Drop off at our locationduring regular business hours.

    Drop off all year at:

    • Freshco 1430 Major Mackenize Drive East
    • Jim’s No Frills at Bernard, 10909 Yonge Street
    • Loblaws 301 High Tech Road
    • Food Basics 1070-B Major Mackenize Drive East
    • FreshCo, 9200 Bathurst Street
    • Sobeys 11700 Yonge Street
    • Enzo’s No Frills 9325 Yonge Street
    • Longo’s 10860 Yonge Street
    • All Firehalls in Richmond Hill

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    Unopened Food Or Treats

    If you bought food or treats in bulk that your pup didnt like, or if you are switching your dogs food and have unopened bags left over, then you can donate them to an animal shelter.

    Theyre usually willing to make use of anything that hasnt been opened yet, though please make sure the food items havent reached their expiration date.

    Some shelters can also use bowls, but call and ask what kinds they will take, as some shelters will only accept metal bowls.

    Household Items And Pet Supplies

    Food Donation Bins  Animals In Need  Northamptonshire
    • Cat and/or dog beds
    • Bowls, litterboxes, brushes, PET toys
    • Blankets, sheets, towels, washcloths
    • Gates, ramps, stairs, scratching posts
    • Kids toys and/or stuffed animals many are made with pieces not safe for animals
    • Fresh grown catnip not all cat tummies can handle it
    • Tennis balls they get stuck in kennel drains
    • Bed pillows, cushions, mattress covers, toppers, foam padding
    • Old t-shirts and/or fabric scraps
    • Any materials with beads and/or tassels

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