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Where To Donate Opened Dog Food

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Shelter And Veterinary Hospital Supplies

850 LBS Of Open Farm Dog Food Donated To Local Rescues
  • Quart sized **URGENT NEED** and gallon-sized Ziploc bags
  • Sterile surgical/medical rubber gloves

Please mail gift cards to us at 2519 Hermitage Road, Richmond, VA 23220 or email them to . Were so grateful for your support!

If you are interested in donating items that are not listed above, please or call 804-521-1308 to learn if we can accept your generous donation.

Pet Food Donation Drop

You can make pet food donations to the Wake County Animal Center at one of the following locations. Pet food donations received are shared with our Transfer Partners and families in need throughout the community.

If you would like to be added to the list of pet food donation locations for the Wake County Animal Center, please contact us at or .

  • 2460 Wycliff Road, Raleigh, NC 27607
  • 7414 Creedmoor Road, Raleigh, NC 27613
  • 10 W. Franklin St. Suite 100, Raleigh, NC 27604
  • What Do You Do With Leftover Dog Food When Your Dog Dies

    If you plan on donating all or some of your pets belongings, look for an animal shelter or rescue organization. These places are often underfunded and badly in need of items such as food bowls, leashes, beds, toys, brushes, etc. By donating to an animal shelter you are helping a good cause and very deserving animals.

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    Who The Ontario Foods Are Intended For

    Whether your dog or cat is an international champion, or just a “street mixture or an alley cat, thanks to the Ontario food they can enjoy health and longer life without any health complications arising from inadequate and unbalanced diet.

    Based on years of experience and with the best nutritional experts we have developed a feed that is in harmony with all the nutritional requirements, does not disturb animal organism and is easy to digest.

    Do Food Banks Want Dog Food

    Food Donation Bins  Animals In Need  Northamptonshire

    For the most part, food banks are happy to receive donations of dog food. This is because pet owners who are struggling to make ends meet may not be able to afford to feed their pets, and as a result, may need to surrender them to a shelter.

    First, its important to check with the specific food bank to see what kinds of foods they accept and whether or not they have any restrictions on donated items.

    Second, since many people who rely on food banks also have allergies or other dietary restrictions, its best to donate unopened bags or cans of dog food that are free of additives and preservatives.Finally, remember that even though dogs are considered mans best friend, not everyone shares your love for them! So please be considerate when donating dog food and make sure it is something that the food bank is actually able to use.

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    What To Do With Opened Dog Food

    Although most state-run animal shelters do not take dog food that has been opened, that doesnt mean you have to toss your opened dog food in the trash! There are still some ways you can put that food to use and help animals in need.

    Keep in mind that if you are looking at offering your opened dog food to others, make sure that the dog food remains fresh.

    Store and seal as you would anything that you plan on giving your dog and make sure the food is safely away from any sort of contaminants.

    You can use food storage containers such as the Vittles Vault to keep the food safe!

    Where Can I Donate Dog Food In Orange County

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Marys Kitchen. 517 W Struck Ave, Orange, CA 92867. RSM Food Pantry. 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month from 2:00 pm 5:00 pm. SFS Community Food Bank. Fridays from 3 PM 6 PM. Calvary Chapel Westgrove Bread of Life Food Pantry. Calvary Chapel Westgrove. Christ Cathedral Community Outreach.

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    Best Friends Pet Food Pantry

    We are in need of dry cat food. Please click here to order from our Amazon Wish List. To make a monetary donation, click here.

    One critical step in helping to make Utah a no-kill state is providing residents with resources so they can avoid relinquishing their pets to shelters. To help, we opened a pet food pantry at the Best Friends Lifesaving Center in Salt Lake City.

    The pet food pantry provides pet food to the pets of low-income residents and community cat caregivers. Please note that we rely on donations to fill orders, which means our food levels vary. If available, we do attempt to accommodate one-time emergency requests. We also offer a Pet Food Meals on Wheels program. To make an official delivery request, use the form below.

    Pet food pantry information: Phone: 801-574-2445How you can help

    The Best Friends pet food pantry not only fills bellies, it helps to save lives by providing families with what they need to keep their pets at home and out of shelters. The pet food pantry relies completely on donations. You can help keep the pantry stocked by donating cat and dog food!

    . Or, drop your donation by our Lifesaving Center in the donation bins by our front door. We also accept open bags of pet food that are taped or sealed securely.

    Please drop off or mail your pet food donations to:Best Friends Lifesaving CenterSalt Lake City, UT 84106Please use the bins near our front door if dropping off donations

    Donate To An Animal Rescue Organization

    Coast-to-Coast Pet Food Donations: National Mill Dog Rescue in Colorado

    Where shelters may not take open dog food, animal rescue organizations are a different story. Animal rescues tend to be nonprofit no-kill shelters that pull animals out of shelters and give them a permanent place to stay until they find their forever homes.

    Like shelters, being a nonprofit means that animal rescue organizations are always looking for help and donations. Opened, but unused, dog food is a great item that can help feed all of those pups waiting to find their new family.

    Before driving all that way to a rescue organization, be sure to call and ask if they will accept your dog food.

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    Donate To A Family Shelter That Allows Pets

    Another donation option is a family shelter that allows pets. As would make sense, families living in these shelters tend to be in need, and if they have pets, any pet food they buy is taking food right out of their mouths.

    Some family shelters have communal pet food options that families can take advantage of to help them get back on their feet. This is an excellent place to put your late dogs food, and youll know it will be a good home.

    Like other donation programs, ensure that the shelter in question accepts any open bags of food before you haul it over to them. Otherwise, they may take the food and throw it away themselves.

    Do Shelters Take Dog Food That Has Been Opened

    Figueroa Street, Suite 600, Mail Stop #105, Los Angeles, CA 90012. The Wisconsin Humane Society believes that tight financial times should not break the bonds of love and companionship between people and their companion animals. WHS provides pet food, treats, and kitty litter for individuals who are struggling to provide food for their animals. This program has helped many people keep their animals in homes where they are loved. Others offer support to specific communities, including Indigenous communities, upon request.

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    Our Pet Food Bank Is Entirely Donor Funded By The Generosity Of The #fflarmy

    It is not only our mission but our honor to be a part of the community. Opening Houstons first free animal food bank at a shelter has kept thousands of animals in their homes. Over the years, weve distributed more than 50 tons of food. Because, lets face it, sometimes we all need a little help from our friends. We have learned that help can make all the difference in keeping a family together.

    COVID-19 UPDATE:The shelter is currently closed to the public. If you need assistance with pet food, please CALL US so we can get you scheduled for an appointment.

    Pet Food Has Also Been Distributed To The Following Community Partners:

    MaeDay Rescue is a Los Angeles Dog Rescue

    During these times of continuous change, we strongly recommend calling ahead before visiting any of the listed locations to ensure availability, hours, and qualifications.

    GREEN BAY | Dog food | Hidden Paws Network: Call 920-391-5695 or visit during their operating hours: 1-3pm Mondays, 4-6pm Thursdays, and 12-2pm on the last Saturday of the month.

    GREEN BAY | Dog food | Operation Community Cares: Call 920-615-8745 to request a food delivery appointment.

    OZAUKEE | Dog & cat food | Saukville Community Food Pantry: Ozaukee County residents can make an appointment online at

    DOOR COUNTY | Dog food | Feed and Clothe My People of Door County: Door County residents can call 920-743-9053 to secure their food.

    RACINE | Dog & cat food | Racine County residents can call 211 for directions on which pantry to visit. Income qualifications do apply.

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    Judith Caplan Phillips Pet Pantry Program

    Michigan Humanes Judith Caplan Phillips Pet Pantry program assists thousands of families in need in the metro Detroit area. Thanks to our partners at Purina, Greater Good, Rescue Bank and Forgotten Harvest, were able to provide dog and cat food at no charge to owned pets in an effort to keep animals in their current homes.

    How to Donate Pet Food

    The Judith Caplan Phillips Pet Pantry program is dependent on the generosity of the public and important sponsors. Bags and cans of dog or cat food can be donated at any of Michigan Humanes locations during regular adoption hours.

    Unopened bags are preferred opened bags will be accepted as long as the food is in its original manufacturer packaging and includes the expiration date. Corporate, school, or community-based food drives are encouraged and greatly appreciated. For large donations, please call 1-866-MHUMANE to schedule a delivery.

    How to Qualify

    If you need temporary assistance in providing food for your pets, you can reach us at 313-324-8512 or visit the Judith Caplan Phillips Pet Pantry on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9 a.m.-noon, located at:

    6175 Trumbull AveDetroit, MI 48208

    We also offer limited pet food distribution through our Rochester Hills and Westland locations. Hours vary by location. Please call for more information: 1-866-MHUMANE .

    Where To Donate Dog Food Near Me

    Similarly, What can you do with extra dog food?

    Unconsumed dog food should be thrown away. Any leftover food should be thrown away and new food should be served at the next meal. This is particularly true of foods that should never be left out at room temperature for more than a few hours, such as those that are moist, canned, or uncooked.

    Also, it is asked, Where can I donate dog supplies in Denver?

    Offering choices Spend money at the Denver Animal Shelter! W. Bayaud Avenue, 1241

    Secondly, Should you take your dogs food away?

    Refrain from following out-of-date recommendations, such as continually taking your dogs food dish away while they are eating. A food-obsessed dog is hazardous, and taking food away from them might sour your bond with them.

    Also, What can I donate to my local animal shelter?

    12 things you can give to your neighborhood animal shelter Unopened pet food Before you go to donate, make sure the kibble bags are sealed. elevated cot bed Cleaning products. Newspaper plus shreddable office paper. New dog and cat toys. Leashes and gentle leads. Office equipment. Cat Bed Mounted in a Window.

    People also ask, What can you not donate to a food bank?

    Related Questions and Answers

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    Donate The Food At A Pet Event

    This is another one where you want to call ahead and make sure theyll take the food youre looking to donate, but pet events often accept donations of food that they can feed to pets during the event.

    Many of these are adoption events, and keeping the animals happy and comfortable is the top priority for the event organizers. Happy pets are more likely to be adopted, after all! Many of these events will take open bags of dog food but check before you bring it over. While its unlikely that you have nefarious intentions, the organizers of these events have to be wary of people who might try to poison the animals.

    Charlies Fund Free Or Low

    Dog Food Donation

    We provide support for veterinary treatment and life-saving surgeries, for people who qualify, thanks to our donors. Through Charlies Fund we cover all or, on occasion, most of the cost for veterinary services for people who:

    • Live in supporting housing or a single room occupancy residence
    • Are homeless and living in B.C.
    • Require follow-up treatment recommended by our volunteer veterinarians at Charlies free vet clinic
    • Have been recognized by one of our animal protection officers as someone who is experiencing hardship and requires financial assistance to provide medical care for your pet

    At this time, we are only accepting the following items:

    • Food: Unopened wet & dry food for cats and dogs
    • Please note that we are unable to accept prescription diets at this time.
  • Linens: Towels & blankets in good condition
  • Dog Toys: Any size and type in good condition
  • X-pens: In good condition
  • Crates: Wire & airline styles, in working condition with no pieces missing
  • Puppy pads: In all sizes
  • Bowls: Stainless steel or ceramic animal food or water bowls
  • These items can be dropped off to the bin outside of our Intake Lobby between 9 a.m. 6 p.m. daily

    Do you have old pet items looking for a new home? Donate items to HSSV to help us care for animals in need. In addition to our wish list, we are accepting unopened wet and dry food for kittens, cats, puppies and dogs, as well as towels and blankets in good condition.

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    Where Do Dogs Trust Donations Go

    The money is used to cover the costs of running the Rehoming Centre, costs such as heating the kennels and washing the dogs’ bedding. The money also goes towards food for the dogs, training and medical care – all with the ultimate goal of finding each dog a loving home. Why can’t all the dogs be visited?

    Feed The Need: Donate To The Pet Food Pantry

    No pet parent should have to feel the panic and stress of prioritizing pet food purchases against a laundry list of other financial responsibilities. Especially if it means the difference between keeping their beloved pets or surrendering them to the shelter.

    But as the spread of COVID-19 continues, so do these struggles for millions of families who are feeling the pressure of unemployment or reduced wages. With curbside pet food pickup event back in May 2020, we reached over 700 families in need and we were able to give away over 15,000 pounds of food.

    Still, 30 minutes before distribution was supposed to end, we ran out of food and, unfortunately, had to turn people away. Between the overwhelming turnout at the giveaway and the continued spike in Pet Food Pantry appointments overall, it is clear to us that there is still more need.

    We are preparing for our second community pet food giveaway, but we could use your help with food donations so we dont have to turn families in need away for lack of resources.

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    Where To Donate Opened Dog Food

    We have about half of a bag of dog food that our guy somehow grew an intolerance to. Are there any shelters that will accept it? Im also looking to offload the dog food bin.

    For even more excitement, put the bag on the sidewalk. Then post on Nextdoor that you did so.

    I would hope no organization would accept that from someone they dont know, for animals sake. Just trash it or give to a homeless guy or girl with a dog

    No way. Give it to a homeless guy/gal with dogs. Lots of encampments around.

    I work at a shelter in the city. We cant use opened food and will compost it if someone does donate. I would try to give it to a friend or neighbor.

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    Where Can I Donate Animals In India

    Donate Pet Food

    Thousands of abandoned, unwanted and injured pets turn to us for help every year. We, at Blue Cross India, believe in finding each one a home that can give them all the love they deserve. You can play a very important role in changing these animals’ lives forever.

    Hi, Im Amanda. Im a mom, writer and professional dog trainer who has worked with dogs all my life and has been training them professionally for a little over 10 years. I have trained dogs ranging from standard poodles to golden retrievers to border collies and now the passion of my life is working with aggressive dogs with behavioral issues in order to help them be more confident, calm and easygoing dogs who are well-behaved in their own homes.

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    Where To Donate Open Bags Of Pet Food

    An animal shelter may have plenty of dogs that would appreciate your leash. Youll have to check with whatever shelter/rescue/food pantry you donate to. Through its food donation program and referral network, Chuck Waggin Pet Food Pantry assists families in crisis by providing pet food to those who may not be able to afford it. We have about half of a bag of dog food that our guy somehow grew an intolerance to.

    • Any open bags they receive are repackaged into smaller bags enough to last a week.
    • In a blush pink, this large onion toy is surprisingly durable.
    • Made from hemp and recycled cotton, this rope rings tough fibres work to clean your pups teeth while also being a whole lot of fun to play with.
    • During these times of continuous change, we strongly recommend calling ahead before visiting any of the listed locations to ensure availability, hours, and qualifications.

    They then distribute the food to the families as its needed. Michigan Humanes Judith Caplan Phillips Pet Pantry program assists thousands of families in need in the metro Detroit area. As such, many wildlife refuge centers and organizations will accept open dog food to feed their temporary residents. It is also worthwhile checking to see if any independent or locally volunteered food banks are available to you where you live.

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