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Where To Donate Food In Spokane

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History Of The Campus Pantry

Second Harvest to collect donations at Spokane Spring Market

The Campus Pantry expanded and became a campus resource thanks to the leadership of Brajee Green and Kristina Comstock. Prior to its expansion, Campus Pantry was a Registered Student Organization only serving WSU students. It was chartered as an RSO in 2016 by two Nutrition and Exercise Physiology students, Jacob Mullins and Annie Mach. However, the pantry idea started because two Nutrition and Exercise Physiology students saw the need on campus. Charlee Hansen and other members of the NEP Club started the pantry with the name Peers Helping Peers. The name was eventually changed to the Campus Pantry.

Help Us With Summer Cookouts Donate Canned Food Items

We are currently asking for canned food items and non-perishables for our Safe Shelter. Please donate canned food to ensure those staying in our Shelter always have a meal. We invite the community to drop-off their tax-deductible donations of seed packets to YWCA Spokanes office at 930 N. Monroe St, Spokane, WA 99201. Thank you for your support!

Food Clothing & Diapers

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

When people face hunger, they often struggle to meet other basic needs as well, such as housing, employment, and healthcare. Thats why Spokane Valley Partners is committed to more than providing food for people in need. Over the course of the year we distributed around 2 million pounds of food, 100,000 diapers and 85,000 pounds of clothing through our clothing bank. If you have items you wish to donate please consider Spokane Valley Partners.

Food, diapers and hygiene items may be dropped off at the food bank with a staff member or volunteer.

Spokane Valley Partners Donation Hours

Food Donations: Monday – Friday: 8 am – 4 pm Diapers and Clothing: Monday – Friday: 8 am – 4 pm

We often get questions about what food and hygiene items are okay to donate.

Here are a few simple guidelines to follow for your donation:

  • Non-perishable, unopened cans and packages of food

  • Fresh produce from your patch or garden

  • Opened packages of cat & dog food are okay same goes for hygiene items like shampoo & lotion

  • No open containers of food

  • No homemade items

  • Nothing that requires the item to be distributed under the care of a physician

We are always in need of following items:

  • Applesauce cups and cans

  • Dried fruit, raisins

  • Low sugar fruit jams and jellies

  • Fruit cups and cans in their own juices

  • Oats or oatmeal

  • Shelf Stable Milk & Alternative Milks

  • Canned Tuna or Salmon in water

  • Canned Bean Products

  • Peanut butter & other nut butters

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Meal Locations & food Pantries

Free hot and cold meals are served at 30+ meal sites across Spokane County every day. Men, women, children, low-income, homeless, senior, or homebound. No matter the circumstance, there are places to welcome and feed anyone in need across Spokane County, thanks to Feed Spokane.

Our friends at Spokane Cares have a list of locations that they keep updated.

Volunteers Keep Food Pantry Humming

Spokane Second Harvest Food Drive
Sandy Harvey shows well stocked shelves of food bank.

Because it is difficult for people in the outlying areas and in the county to access programs for low-income people in downtown Spokane, it makes sense to address concerns of people in North Spokane County in their own locations before they reach a crisis.

The North County Food Pantry at 40015A N. Collins Road in Elk is doing that in one of the poorest areas of the county with high unemployment and many seniors, said volunteer Bon Wakabayashi.

For information, call 238-6464 or visit

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Safe Food Handling Practices


Although training is not a requirement for preparing food donations, food safety classes explain the food safety precautions required with feeding large groups. Many local health agencies, WSU Cooperative Extension offices, and food industry associations give short classes on food safety.


A knowledgeable group leader with food safety training and a Washington State Food Worker Card, if possible, should be selected to organize the food preparation efforts. Children under 10 years old should only handle wrapped foods, raw produce, and raw dry food staples to limit the potential for food safety errors. Food workers who are ill should not handle or prepare food.


Proper handwashing facilities and supplies must be convenient for all food handlers.

All food handlers should wash their hands before beginning work, and after:

  • Going to the restroom.
  • Coughing or sneezing into their hands.
  • Handling raw meat.
  • Hands become dirty.
Preventing Bare Hand Contact

To prevent the spread of germs, it is important to keep bare hands from touching foods that will not be cooked or washed before being eaten. Utensils or gloves can be used to prevent bare hand contact. Utensils need to be cleaned and sanitized between uses.

Food Storage
Food Transportation
Potentially Hazardous Foods

Certain foods, called potentially hazardous foods, let bacteria grow quickly. It is important to keep these foods at safe temperatures to prevent bacteria from growing.

Cooking Temperatures

Several Factors Lead To Lowered Money And Food Donations

Spokanes 2nd Harvest Food Bank will hold its annual turkey drive on Tuesday.

The organization will hand out 11,000 Thanksgiving dinner boxes during a day-long, drive-through event at the Spokane County Fairgrounds. After that, for the rest of the holiday season, the food bank worries it wont be able to satisfy the growing demand for food.

Donations of both money and food are down. There are several reasons. One major food supplier, California, battled a drought this year and exported less. To complicate things, fertilizer suppliers such as China and Ukraine also exported less. On the consumer donor side, Its higher demand, higher prices. Everybody knows that foods up, what, 10, 11, 12% this year. Higher demand, higher prices and then less availability of food. The farmers are very generous, but when their crops are down, they have less to donate,” Williams said.

That leaves 2nd Harvest with a need for donations as the holiday season begins.

Were often asked which is a better donation: money or food, and today, the answer is yes. We need money and we need food,” said Eric Williams, 2nd Harvests community partnerships director.

He walks me through one of the organizations warehouses. It looks relatively empty. The day before, volunteers removed the massive amount of food that was packed into the Thanksgiving boxes.

On a typical day, this is full. Thats full. We need to figure out ways to replenish all of this,” he said.

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Make A Financial Donation

Whether you are an individual or a business, looking to make a one-time gift or to form a long-term philanthropic relationship, we appreciate your support and take great pride in being responsible stewards of your gift. On behalf of the hungry people in Spokane we serve, thank you. Help Us Help Them Donate Today!

Good Samaritan Food Donation Act

Fun “Five Pounder Pizza Challenge” for Charity Donation at Pizza Rita in Spokane | FreakEating

The Good Samaritan Food Donation Act offers food donors protection from criminal and civil liability that could stem from illness or injury caused from food or other grocery products that have been donated to those in need if the foods and products donated are apparently wholesome. This means the donor follows food safety standards and handles the food correctly. The act does not release donors or hunger relief agencies from the duty of acting responsibly. Use good judgement and diligence to make sure food is safe and wholesome.

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Three Meals A Day Every Day

Three meals a day every day. When you dont know where your next meal is coming from, thats a lot of uncertainty. When you become a monthly giver, youll create a reliable source of funding year-round to help provide healthy, fresh meals for seniors, children and families facing hunger in our community. Your monthly gift is easy to set up and manage and will make a huge difference in the lives of people facing hunger in the Inland Northwest.

All month long, our friends at Numerica Credit Union will match the first months gift for each new and increasing monthly donor, up to $5,000. As a monthly Feed365 donor, youll create a reliable source of funding year-round to help provde healthy, fresh meals for seniors, children and families facing hunger in our community.

Feeding people has always been my passion in life. Feed365 is an opportunity for my husband and I to continually give back and support our community. Eileen May of Momma May Signature Shortbread

Feed365 Member Benefits:

  • Your generous monthly donation will continue automatically throughout the year.
  • Quarterly newsletter delivered digitally.

Help Us Spring Into A Freshly Supplied Kitchen: Donate Canned Food

We are currently asking for canned food donations to our Domestic Violence Safe Shelter. Canned food items often last longer and can serve more women and families than fresh produce, allowing a longer-lasting impact. We invite the community to drop-off their tax-deductible donations of nutritious canned food items to YWCA Spokanes office at 930 N. Monroe St, Spokane, WA 99201. Thank you for your support!

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Its The Dog Days Of Summer Donate Pet Supplies To The Shelter

We are currently asking for pet supplies for our Shelter. These can include donations of lcat carriers, canned pet foods, small bags of cat litter, small bags of dry cat or dry dog food, dog and cat collars and leashes, and non tipping food and water bowls anything to help our families fleeing domestic violence with pets adjust to a new home. We invite the community to drop-off their tax-deductible donations of seed packets to YWCA Spokanes office at 930 N. Monroe St, Spokane, WA 99201. Thank you for your support!

Make An Impact This Week By Donating To Ywca Spokane

Christ Kitchen Reviews and Ratings

Our Domestic Violence Safe Shelter is in need of pet supplies! Providing cat carriers, canned pet foods, small bags of cat litter, small bags of dry cat or dry dog food, dog and cat collars and leashes, and non tipping food and water bowls to our agency makes a huge impact on the families we serve. Please consider donating as part of our SundayImpact campaign this week!

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What Types Of Food Does Northwest Harvest Need

Please select shelf-stable foods that are low in sodium, sugar, and saturated fats. Here are some suggestions:

General food items

  • Boxed or canned meals with low salt, sugar, and saturated fats
  • Shelf-stable milk or dairy alternatives

Infant and baby foods

  • Baby formula or canned milk

What Is Feed Spokane

Feed Spokane is a non-profit organization that brings local restaurants, grocery providers, and community members in the greater Spokane area together to safely preserve prepared foods from restaurants and grocery stores, which then go to non-profit organizations who serve free meals to those in need.

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Home For The Holidays

Surrounded by all the things your love and cherish, the holidays are a special time to give thanks. GSC Meals on Wheels helps delivery hot, nutritious meals to seniors all across Spokane County, but we also help seniors remain independent and living in the home they cherish. Without a daily wellness check, delivery of personal items and shelf stable foods along with socialization, many of our seniors would be required to leave their home, and pets, to move into a facility. You can make sure an elder person in your neighborhood can stay Home for the Holidays with a donation to GSC Meals on Wheels.

Agricultural And Food Processor Partnerships

Food Trucks Give Back | Feeding the homeless in Spokane, WA

Northwest Harvest makes it easy for food growers and processors to join in statewide efforts to provide food to those in need across Washington.

Our capacity to accept, repackage, and quickly redistribute bulk product through our statewide Hunger Response Network of 375 food program partners helps free up storage, avoid disposal costs, and contribute to the overall health and strength of our community

For more information, contact our Procurement Team:


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Donate Your Used Ink Cartridges And Electronics

For sometime The City Gate has collected ink cartridges for recycling as a fund raising action. The company that we use, Planet Green, has now expanded the items that they recycle and has set up a web site just for us so that anyone can donate particular items. The process is very easy. When you have collected at least 20 items print out a shipping label from the website. Package the items and drop it off at a UPS store and they do the rest. Planet Green will inspect the items and send us a check. If you have less than 20 items you may drop them off at The City Gate during our normal business hours and let us send them in. Click on the link below to learn more about how the program works and how they help our cause.

Your Food Donations Supplement The Staple Items And Produce Northwest Harvest Distributes To Our Partner Programs

Truckloads from manufacturing and retail partners, fresh produce from local farms, and nonperishable items collected at food drives all help our statewide network of partners provide resources to those in need.

Host a Food Drive for Northwest Harvest!

Northwest Harvest has a number of ways to host a food drive learn more and get started planning.

Host a FUNDraiser

Host a virtual food drive to support Northwest Harvest in purchasing more nutritious and diverse foods to distribute to our partner programs! Set up your own fundraiser using these links:

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Foods Suitable For Donation

Home-Prepared Foods

DONATED FOOD DISTRIBUTING ORGANIZATIONS are not allowed to accept or serve most types of homeprepared foods. However, homemade baked goods that do not need refrigeration to remain safe may be received from DONORS.

Commercially Packaged Foods Not Needing Refrigeration

The donation of commercially canned, boxed, and otherwise packaged foods is encouraged.

Fresh Produce Donations

Food donations may include fresh produce, including home-grown fruits and vegetables. Fresh produce should be protected from contamination and receive final preparation, such as washing and cutting, in a DONOR KITCHEN or licensed kitchen.

Food Prepared in a DONOR KITCHEN

Except for baked goods , DONATED FOOD DISTRIBUTING ORGANIZATIONS may not accept foods prepared in a home kitchen. Instead, foods for donation should be prepared in either a DONOR KITCHEN or a commercial food establishment, such as a restaurant.

A DONOR KITCHEN is a publicly available kitchen in a faith-based organization, community center, or other site. The DONOR KITCHEN does not need to have a health permit, but must have basic facilities such as adequate handwashing, dishwashing, refrigeration, and cooking equipment. It must have a safe water supply, be protected from weather and animals, and be cleaned before food preparation starts.

Uninspected Meat Donations
Food Donation by Licensed Food Establishments
Food Donation by Food Processors
Distressed Foods

Foods Unsuitable For Donation

Canned Food Drive  Results

Certain foods are not suitable for donation because of safety concerns. These foods include:

  • Home canned, vacuum-packed or pickled foods.
  • Foods in soiled containers.
  • Perishable foods past a use by date, unless frozen.
  • Foods in sharply dented or rusty cans.
  • Foods in opened or torn containers exposing the food to potential contamination.
  • Unpasteurized milk.
  • Foods with an off odor.
  • Foods prepared, cooked, cooled, or reheated at home .

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