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Where To Donate Food In Philadelphia

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How Can I Get Free Food

Philadelphia Farm Grows Food To Donate To Communities In Need

So to help keep your bellies and wallets full, we rounded up a few free food apps to help you score complimentary grub!7-Eleven. Once you download the 7-Eleven app and sign up for their rewards program, you instantly secure a free coffee. … Panera Bread. … Wendy’s. … Krispy Kreme. … Baja Fresh. … Quiznos. … Dairy Queen. … Baskin-Robbins.More items…Jul 17, 2018

Museum Of The American Revolution

Open daily in the museum’s rotunda, the toy drive at the Museum of the American Revolution supports homeless families or those at risk of homelessness. All donations will go to HomeFront, a Jersey-based organization that offers transitional apartments, emergency aid and children’s programs to families experiencing housing insecurity. The drive will run through Saturday, Dec. 31.

How Do Food Banks Work

Food banks normally work with support from the public, who donate non-perishable food at a range of places such as schools , churches and local businesses, as well as supermarket collection points . Then volunteers sort the produce into emergency food parcels to give to people in need. A large majority of food banks also provide extra services …

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Food Pantries In The Philadelphia Region

We’re working closely with the City of Philadelphia and other agencies to share the most recent information about food pantries. For the most up-to-date information on where to find City Food Sites, Student Meal Sites, and additional food resources open during the COVID-19 crisis, click here.

Please call before visiting a pantry shown below to make sure that the pantry is operating on regular hours.

Learn More About Food Insecurity In Philadelphia

Donate Now

Donating and volunteering are clear and immediate ways to help the hungry in Philadelphia, but it also helps to have an understanding of the underlying causes of food insecurity in our city. Broke in Philly is a collaborative reporting project that works with 20 media outlets including The Citizen to support journalism about solutions to hunger, poverty and the citys push toward economic justice. Follow them to stay abreast of the reporting theyre doing.

Feeding America provides resources about food insecurity and also provides a resource guide on how to talk to your kids about hunger.

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Where Can I Donate Food In Burke Va

Food Pantries In Burke, VAThe Food Corner at Sydenstricker United Methodist Church. 8508 Hooes Road. … Britepaths. 3959 Pender Drive. … Food for Others. 2938 Prosperity Ave. … Capital Area Community Food Bank. … Lorton Community Action Center. … Bread Of Life Food Pantry. … Sacred Heart Catholic Church. … Arlington Food Assistance Center.More items…

What Is First Step Staffing

Own a company and need good, dependable help? Philadelphia employment agency First Step Staffing provides well-trained jobseekersmany from vulnerable populationsto local employers. The Atlanta-based First Step debuted in Philly in 2018 over the course of its first year, the program employed 2,664 people, 58 percent of whom were recently homeless, formerly incarcerated, veterans, or some combination of theseand paid out $14.5 million in wages.

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Where Can I Donate Food To Philabundance

Donations under 500lbs outside of Philadelphia-Deliver to a local agency near you by using our Find Food Map-Please call the agency beforehand to ensure they can accept your donation. Non-perishable donations can also be delivered at our warehouse: We are happy to receive donations at our North Philadelphia warehouse located at 302 W Berks St, Philadelphia, PA 19122, by

Your Monthly Donation Will Be Immediately Put To Use

Giving Thanks: Food, Clothing Donations All Across Philadelphia Region | NBC10 Philadelphia

As soon as you complete your donation, your gift will start its journey. First your money will be turned into food, and then sent to one of the over 120 countries where people are most vulnerable. Every single day, WFP has 5,600 trucks, 30 ships and nearly 100 planes ready to deliver the food you send. Because you can’t go there and hand out the food yourself, we do it for you.

Please send food to save a life today and join the fight against hunger.

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Who Can Donate Blood

Technically, as long as you are feeling healthy, are at least 16 years old , and weigh more than 110 pounds, you should be able to donate blood. However, it can get more complicated if one of the following applies to you:

You cant donate blood while pregnant, but you will be eligible again 6 weeks after giving birth.

While the average person has 1.2 to 1.5 gallons of blood in their body, it depends on your weight and height. For safety reasons, you must be at least 110 lbs. For folks planning to donate 2 units at a time, men need to be at least 51 and weigh 130 lbs., and women need to be 55 or taller and weigh at least 150 lbs.

Different medical conditions can affect your eligibility. Check for restrictions, here. Allergies, asthma, high or low blood pressure, cancer, chronic illnesses, heart disease, and diabetes do not immediately disqualify you from becoming a donor.

LGBTQ men continue to face restrictions when donating blood because eligibility depends on remaining celibate for more than 3 months. Before 2020, the waiting time was a minimum of a year.

People taking antibiotics need to wait until finishing their treatment before becoming a donor. If the last pill of your medication was taken on the day you planned to donate, you still qualify. If the antibiotics were being injected, wait 10 days after the last shot.

COVID-19: Its recommended that you know the name of your vaccine manufacturer.

Feeding Hundreds Of Philadelphians Is A Weekly Mission For Volunteers At The Reid Foundation

“They’re really a gift from God,” said Sandy Jane from Northeast Philadelphia about these volunteers tackling hunger in Philly!

PHILADELPHIA — “If you’re willing to give a helping hand, it’s always needed,” said Christopher Williams.

Williams is one of many volunteers who make the weekly food distributions by the R.E.I.D. Foundation possible. Every Wednesday morning, hundreds of families line up to receive free produce, canned goods, and more outside the building near the intersection of Welsh Road and Roosevelt Boulevard.

“They’re really a gift from God,” said Sandy Jane from Northeast Philadelphia. “With just a small amount of income, you can get free food. That’s a big help for us so we can survive with our daily lives.”

Recipients like Jane say the economy, food prices, and the burden of bills all stack up to create challenging circumstances. The R.E.I.D. Foundation aims to alleviate that stress with its food donations.

“The R.E.I.D. Foundation is a nonprofit which was actually founded in March, but we’ve been doing this for over 11 years,” said its Secretary, Maryann Grayo. “We started inside the building and we were lucky when we were getting 100 people to come. Last month, we fed over 6,100 people.”

The influx of food items comes from local Philadelphia institutions, and Caring for Friends. It is made possible through generous donations.

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A Philadelphia Business Guide To Reducing Food Waste

This post was written by Jocelyn Chin, Civic Sustainability Fellow, with help from Helena Rudoff, Waste Reduction Programs Lead for the Office of Sustainability. Jocelyn also wrote and designed the Food Waste Management for Commercial Properties Guide and Palm Card as part of her Fellowship research.

In Philadelphia, nearly 17% of trash sent to the landfill is wasted food. This adds up to around 116 million pounds of food waste coming from commercial properties such as restaurants and other food service establishments.

Wasted food too often ends up in dumpsters, and this unused food is worth around $165 billion per year, nationally. To incentivize recycling and composting and to reduce the amount of waste sent to the landfill, City Ordinance § 10-722 was amended in 2015 to state that grindable food waste is not permitted to be disposed of in refuse/waste dumpsters. However, education about the rule is difficult to find online, leaving business owners without the information and tools to properly manage food waste.

Where To Donate Food In Philadelphia


A full list of food sites is below:

  • People’s Emergency Center 3750 Lancaster Ave. …
  • Philadelphia Citadel 5830 Rising Sun Ave. …
  • West Kensington Ministry 2140 N Hancock St. …
  • Philadelphia Temple 1340 Brown St. …
  • Roxborough Church 8232 Ridge Ave. …
  • Upper Room Baptist Church 7236 Ogontz Ave. …
  • Resurgence Church 1738 West Atlantic St. …
  • Mitchell Elementary School 5500 Kingsessing Ave. …

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Blood Drives In Pennsylvania

Bucks County Association of Realtors

January 11, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m,1452 Old York Road, Warminster, ,

American Helicopter museum

January 18, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.,1220 American Boulevard, West Chester,,

St. Martin of Tours Roman Catholic Church

Folks who donate will get free lunch.

January 28, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.,1 Riverstone Cir, New Hope,

Help Stock Community Fridges

Community fridges are exactly what they sound like fridges that are both stocked and used by the community around them (and they can be used and stocked by literally anyone. Over the course of the pandemic, more and more community fridges have popped up in neighborhoods around the cityfrom South Philly to Germantown to West Philly to the Northeast to Fishtown and beyond.

Run by various individuals and groups, the fridges are usually powered by local businesses who offer up an outlet the food comes from community members who have it to donate, or who shop to stock it. Most of the fridges websites or Instagram accounts offer information on how to get involved. Many of these fridges will reimburse community members who grocery shop for the fridges, and rely on volunteers to clean and organize the fridges as well.

These fridges rely on a concept called mutual aid which centers around the principle of doing things for mutual benefit of all without strings attached. Within mutual aid, community members work to better their communities and challenge existing systems.

Thinking about starting your own fridge? Here is a guide on how to start your fridge within your neighborhood.

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Where To Donate Books In Philadelphia

Have you finally got around to Marie Kondo-ing your home and now have books to donate in Philadelphia? If youre not sure where you can take your old books, then look no further!

There are some great charities and organizations doing some great work around town that weve listed here below we have all the important information you need to be able to donate books in Philadelphia, from what each organization needs, how to donate and the locations.

Why not also check out our newly created Book Donation Map of America, showing thebest places to donate books in Philly and everywhere else!

Location: 4722 Baltimore Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19143Hours: N/AWebsite:

Donate Money To A Food Bank Or Pantry

Philadelphia Police Donate Food And Clothing At St. Francis Inn

Philabundance points out that your $20 bill will provide 40 meals for those in need. The Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission says $50 will supply one of its guests three full hot meals on Thanksgiving day .

The Food Bank of South Jersey notes that $35 a month provides 1,260 meals a year. And the which already serves some one million Philadelphians a monthis currently expanding its food distribution footprint to work with more and more community partners.

In North Philadelphia, the Northwest Mutual Aid Collective works to support smaller organizations and community fridges . There are also opportunities to donate items from Amazon and Walmart wishlists as opposed to cash or food donations.

The point is this: Your money can go a long way in terms of immediate impact on hunger.

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How To Give Back In Philly: Ways To Volunteer Donate And Support Local Groups

How to support Philadelphia’s in-need communities through monetary donations, food donations, volunteering, and more.

Ready to give back?

There are many, many local organizations that are working to provide vulnerable communities throughout Philadelphia with the necessities they need. There are groups that provide shelter to those experiencing homelessness, organizations that collect clothing for people who need it, groups that serve meals to the food insecure, groups that provide support to school-aged children, and more.

Help make this guide better

And, there are many ways you can support these groups by donating your time, your money, and new or gently used items. Organizations that give back to the community are always looking for help, whether that means donating or volunteering, or both.

Here are some groups to get you started. Find one that youre passionate about, and find ways to help them year round.

Jump to a section:

What Restaurants Donate Food

Register a Food Pantry. Register your food pantry here so growers and gardeners can find and donate food. Donate Food. Donate fresh produce and be part of the solution to increase the health of people in your neighborhood. Find Food. In need of food assistance for your family? Search our site to find a local food pantry.

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Food Banks Food Rescues And Distribution Organizations

City of Philadelphia: The city offers several ways anyone in need can access free food. All Philly residents are eligible no ID or proof of income is required. Learn more.

Food Connect: This innovative outfit uses technology to help food rescue groups collect unused food from a variety of sources and donate it to local shelters and food banks. Learn more.

Fooding Forward: This nonprofit arranges for extra food from hotels, restaurants, farms, and other companies to get to local shelters and other groups that can put it to good use. Learn more.

The Food Trust: With a commitment to connecting those in need with healthy food, the Food Trust operates farmers markets that incentivize Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits recipients to purchase fresh produce. Customers get extra dollars to spend on fruits and vegetables when they use shop at participating markets. Learn more.

Philabundance: Philabundance has been around since 1984. It distributes more than 24 million pounds of food a year, much of it donated by food drives and grocery stores. Use the website to find a location where free food is available.

Philly Food Rescue:This group has a network of volunteers who will quickly pick up extra food from stores, restaurants, caterers, and farmers markets and deliver it tononprofits, schools, and medical centers. Get involved.

Find Out What’s Happening In Philadelphiawith Free Real

âIt was amazingâ

Residents do not have to present ID or proof of income.

This effort is a partnership with the community-based sites, as well as Philabundance and Share Food Program.

The public is encouraged to verify sites by calling 311 or visiting

On Monday, March 30the first day of distribution20 food sites distributed 4,000 boxes of food.

A full list of food sites is featured below.

These sites have been set up in addition to numerous schools offering meal pick up for children. See schools offering grab-and-go meals here.

A full list of food sites is below:

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What The World Food Programme Is Doing To Respond To The Yemen Emergency

Food assistance
In 2022, WFP aims to provide nearly 13 million people with emergency food assistance as in-kind rations of flour, pulses, oil, sugar, salt, or voucher or cash to purchase the same quantity of food.
Cash assistance
WFP is expanding cash assistance in areas of Yemen where markets are stable enough to provide for communities basic food needs. To support this programme WFP is registering beneficiaries on a new biometric platform. Through this system, people receive cash equal to the value of the food basket provided to families, which will inject much-needed liquidity into the economy. Much higher food prices in the south versus the north of Yemen means the cash amount is different.
Nutrition assistance
In response to high acute, moderate and severe malnutrition rates among children and women, WFP targets to provide nutritional support to 2.5 million pregnant and nursing women and children in 2022.
School feeding
WFP aims to provide daily nutritious snacks either date bars or high energy biscuits to 2.4 million school children in 2022. The programme focuses on areas that have been hard hit by conflict, leading to low levels of school attendance and poor food security.
The WFP-managed UN Humanitarian Air Service continues to transport humanitarian aid workers between Sanaa, Djibouti and Amman. In addition, the Logistics Cluster facilitates a weekly sea transport shuttle for humanitarian workers between Aden and Djibouti.

Hunger And Food Support Organizations

Donate your time to organizations that serve food to the hungry, prepare meals for those fighting life-threatening diseases, and more.

  • Philabundances South Philly Hunger Relief Center frequently posts new opportunities, and is looking for volunteers throughout the year. 3616 S. Galloway St., 215-339-0900 , ,

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    Where To Donate Volunteer And Give Back In Philly During The Holiday Season

    Looking to give back? Here’s where to donate your money, personal items or your time to good causes during the holidays.

    With over 9,000 nonprofit organizations doing crucial work in Philly, there are plenty of ways to support the people who need it most in your community. But where should you start?

    Local nonprofits need your help, whether you donate money, time or personal belongings. In Philly, there are organizations serving women, children and people who identify as LGBTQ+ to groups that help people experiencing food insecurity or homelessness. Theres even animal rescues for those feeling up to fostering furry friends this holiday season.

    However you like to give back, weve got you covered.

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