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Where To Donate Food For Ukraine

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Cash Vouchers Help Families In Romania Buy Essential Supplies

Ukrainian Crisis: Where To Donate And How To Get Involved

24 June 2022

Saleh Saeed, Chief Executive of the DEC, visited some of families being supported by DEC charities in Bucharest, thanks to donations to the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

In Bucharest, Romania, refugees from Ukraine are receiving cash vouchers from DEC charity @PlanUK and their local partner, allowing people to purchase food and other items. Thank you for supporting the DEC #UkraineAppeal.

Sports Activities Help Displaced Families In Lviv

29 July 2022

The day conflict broke out in Ukraine, this sports hall in Lviv was one of the many public building to provide shelter to displaced families. Since then, it has been a temporary home to over a thousand people.

Today, the centre is alive with sports facilities and activities taking place for all ages. Families like Kristina’s say this is helping them to stay active, healthy, and take their minds off of their situation.

Safe Haven Donation Site Provides Basic Essentials To Ukrainian Refugees In Riverwoods

CHICAGO Millions of Ukrainians are leaving their country. Some are ending up here in the Chicago area, with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

A Northwest suburban business is stepping up to help providing hundreds of refugees with basic supplies. CBS 2s Shardaa Gray takes us inside the store thats helping to rebuild their lives.

This unoccupied space in Riverwoods is now a safe haven for Ukrainian refugees to shop.

When we have a kids come in and they see a bike here or they see a toy here and they squeal, we know were doing it.

Irina Bakman is from Ukraine and one of Andy Nieburs employees at State Farm near Milwaukee and Deerfield Parkway.

They came up with the idea to start a large clothing and basic essentials charity for all the new Ukrainian refugee families who are flooding the Chicago area.

Every day, we probably get 20 to 30 different families coming in here, packing up their cars, Niebur said.

They started this charity three weeks ago.

Yesterday we had a lady, she came in and every time she went to a little department shed come over and say thank you. Thank you so much, Bakman said.

They started a Facebook group called Support Ukrainians in Chicagoland which is where they get their donations.

Within the first day, we had droves of people coming here dropping off anything from clothes, diapers, kitchen essentials, shoes, strollers, Niebur said.

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United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees

UNHCR has stepped up our operations and capacity in Ukraine and neighbouring countries. We have been on the ground in Ukraine since 2014 and we remain firmly committed to support all affected populations in Ukraine and countries in the region. Your support can help ensure that Ukrainians forced to flee their homes are sheltered and safe.

Join A Local Campaign Group


There are a number of online community groups that have launched across the UK. Many are run by Ukranian nationals who want to educate people on the history of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. And some have additionally organised rallies in cities like London and Sheffield for people to join and protest against the invasion. Suggested groups to follow include Ukraine Solidarity Campaign and Euromaidan London .

There’s also the global group UkraineNow which you can sign up to as a member for free. They are helping with all things food, medical, evacuation and getting cash to those in need on the ground. You can also sign up to host a Ukranian who has fled the country and is seeking shelter.

Video of the Week:

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The Conflict In Ukraine Is Escalating

We know that armed conflict is the number one driver of hunger. With war comes displacement, disruptions to local supply chains and soaring food prices. Families are driven into poverty and struggle to access food.

More and more families are likely to experience food shortages and hunger in the coming weeks. In fact, its estimated that at least 12 million people in Ukraine will need humanitarian assistance in 2022.

There is no time to lose, we must help. Donate now to our appeal to help people affected by the conflict.

  • 10 million people a quarter of the population have fled their homes since the conflict began.

  • 1626

    Intense clashes have led to at least 1626 civilian deaths with the real figures feared to be much higher.

Want To Help People In Ukraine Here Are Ways To Donate

Americans eager to help the people of Ukraine as Russia’s military pounds the Eastern European country can donate to a range of organizations already offering support.

An estimated 1.5 million people have fled Ukraine for neighboring countries, while European Union officials predict that as many as 7 million could eventually be displaced. Following is a list of charities and other groups that are soliciting donations to help Ukrainians. Airbnb’s nonprofit is asking people especially those residing in European nations near Ukraine to to provide temporary housing for Ukrainian refugees or donate to their stays. The San Francisco-based company is also pledging to shelter up to 100,000 fleeing Ukraine.

CARE. The international humanitarian group is providing food, water and other items to families fleeing violence in Ukraine. Contribute here.

Convoy of Hope. The disaster relief group says it’s partnering with a local Polish organization to provide meals to refugees entering Poland, as well as to deliver food, water and other basics across the region. Donate here.

CORE. The emergency response nonprofit is on the ground in Poland, distributing hygiene kits and thermal blankets, as well as emergency cash assistance to help families resettle. Contribute here.

Mobilizing our response in Ukraine and nearby countries:

Doctors w/o Borders

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Six Months Of The Ukraine Conflict: Unimaginable Toll On Civilians

It’s been six months since the escalation of the the conflict in Ukraine, and the level of death, destruction, and suffering inflicted on civilians is beyond comprehension.

No one in Ukraine is left unscathed by the ongoing conflict. Within six destructive months, 13 million people have been forced to leave their homes. Critical infrastructure has been damaged or destroyed. An estimated 18 million people will need humanitarian aid, and the Ukrainian Ministry of Health estimate that 15 million people will require psychosocial support.

Hundreds of thousands of people lack food, water, heat, electricity, and medical care. Civilians in Ukraine urgently need respite from violence and humanitarian aid.

The Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal has reached more than 5 millionpeople with life-saving aid, within Ukraine and neighbouring countries. Our response grows daily – each hour that passes has a terrible human cost.

The rules of war are clear: civilians must be protected from the fighting. They are not targets. Housing, health facilities, water supplies are not targets.

This is not an option, but the parties obligations under the rules of war, the international humanitarian law.

International Committee Of The Red Cross

Analysing Russian media coverage of Russian food donations in Ukraine’s Kherson FRANCE 24

What it does: The Red Cross International Committee provides shelter, food, first-aid training, and humanitarian aid around the world. The group has been supporting people in Ukraine for almost a decade and as the crisis continues, it is adding to comfort kits for individuals and families in need.

How you can help: Donate to the ICRC on its website.

801 2nd Ave., New York, NY, 212-599-6021,

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Are You A Ukrainian National In The Uk The Red Cross Can Help You

If you are a Ukrainian refugee in the UK, the Red Cross has information on family visas, the Ukrainian family scheme and claiming asylum in the UK.

We have 71,000 volunteers and staff working closely with affected communities and to cover their basic needs. We are focused on being adaptable, flexible and responsive to whatever happens next.

Where To Donate To Help Ukraine Right Now

As we all watch news events unfold, you may be wondering what you can do to help. Here are some places to start.

On Feb. 23, Russia invaded Ukraine. If youre catching up to events, heres how we got here While the world watches the attack unfold, you may be wondering what you can do to help.

Here are some groups currently helping people in Ukraine.

One note: When deciding where to give, its always a good idea to check out Charity Navigator, which evaluates nonprofits and recommends credible organizations.

Well be updating this list. If you know of a nonprofit we should consider adding, .

Help make this guide better

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A Un Refugee Agency Raised Approximately $25 Million To Help In The Crisis

Women feed children inside a tent set near Lviv main railway station in Western Ukraine on February 28 as the Russian invasion continues. Donors across the world are looking for ways to make their cash and crypto contributions help.

While governments stack up financial sanctions against Russia as punishment for its invasion of Ukraine, everyday people are looking for ways to help besieged Ukrainians.

Around one million Ukrainians have fled Ukraine, population 43.7 million, for neighboring countries since Russian tanks and troops rolled in last week, Filippo Grandi, the United Nations high commissioner for refugees, said.

I have worked in refugee emergencies for almost 40 years, and rarely have I seen an exodus as rapid as this one, he said. Hour by hour, minute by minute, more people are fleeing the terrifying reality of violence. Countless have been displaced inside the country.

And unless there is an immediate end to the conflict, millions more are likely to be forced to flee Ukraine, he said. Inside Ukraine, our staff and other humanitarians are working where and when they can in frightening conditions.

News of the invasion sparked a 3,569% increase in donations to charities engaged in the Ukraine humanitarian response via the charity ratings website Charity Navigator. Many donors used the sites Giving Basket tool, which lets users donate to multiple charities at once, according to Kevin Scally, chief relationship officer at Charity Navigator.

Places To Donate Old Clothes Other Than Goodwill

Beaufort mayor secures food donations bound for Ukraine  Beaufort ...

For Americans, Goodwill is the go-to place to donate clothing. Goodwill is a non-profit that provides job training and generally affordable clothing. While it has a good mission, the organization doesnt always live up to its name.

If youre hoping to avoid Goodwill, or wondering if your donations will go further elsewhere, here are some alternative places to donate .

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What Charities Are Helping Ukraine

The British Red Cross is one of many charities helping Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees. We’re also working with multiple charities within Ukraine to ensure your donations go to the people who need help the most.

The Ukraine Red Cross is leading this humanitarian work, with support from the British Red Cross, the International Committee of the Red Cross and many others.

We’re all working together to provide fast, reliable and life-changing aid to Ukrainians within and outside of Ukraine.

If you want to donate to a charity helping Ukraine, you can donate to the Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal.

A Ukraine Red Cross Society volunteer shows a boy, whose father disappeared, a donated laptop. 2020/21

An 80-year-old woman stands in her house that has been damaged by shelling. The ICRC repaired the damage so she was warm in the brutal winters. 2020/21

What Happens If The British Red Cross Raises More Funds For Ukraine Than Needed

The Ukraine Crisis Appeal will support people in areas currently affected and those potentially affected in the future by the crisis.

In the event that we raise more money than can be reasonably and efficiently spent, any surplus funds will be used to help us prepare for and respond to other humanitarian disasters anywhere in the world.

Find out more about our Disaster Fund.

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Get Your Information From Reliable Sources

In an era of social media and fake news, a lot of misinformation is spreading online about the invasion. Ukranian titles like The Kyiv Independent and The New Voice of Ukraine are two reliable news sources that are on the ground covering the conflict. They’re also asking for donations to continue their reporting. In addition to their appeals, consider following these Ukranian-based journalists for up-to-date information:

Kyiv School Of Economics

Iowans donate military gear, food to Ukraine

The Kyiv School of Economics has created an initiative to provide equipment and services to those directly involved in the war through its charitable foundation. This equipment includes supplies for medics, basic necessities and psychological support for civilians, and purchasing and repairing off-road vehicles for the military.

Donate to the Kyiv School of Economics initiative here.

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Un Educational Scientific & Cultural Organization

UNESCO has launched emergency operations to provide personal protective equipment for journalists and media professionals, to provide books and distance learning materials to ensure continuity of learning for out-of-school Ukrainian children, to provide equipment and support to help cultural institutions protect the Ukrainian cultural heritage.

Volunteer Cyclists Deliver Food Baskets In Kharkiv

9 June 2022

In Kharkiv, Ukraines second largest city, DEC funds are supporting an innovative project that delivers regular food baskets to peoples homes, thanks to a network of volunteer cyclists.

The idea was born after fuel shortages threatened to impact aid deliveries. One volunteer, desperate to find a way to send food to her friend, put out a message on social media that spread among friends who remained in Kharkiv with their bicycles.

The cycling teams efforts are now a lifeline for 700 housebound people.

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Kyiv School Of Economics Appeal

The country’s capital and it’s population are on the frontline of invasion, having been subjected to terrible shelling and missile strikes from Russia. The Kyiv School of Economics have teamed up with Ukrainian businesses and state-owned companies to provide on-the-ground humanitarian aid during this devastating time.

“The aim is to provide food supplies, transportation, refugees help for Ukrainian citizens affected by the war and purchase necessary medicines, first aid and protective kits for the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, Ukrainian Paramedic Association, and the Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces to shield them against Russian aggression,” their website states.

How Many People In Ukraine Have You Supported


As of 21 April, we have supported 1,008 people but we remain in discussions with the UK Government and other organisations about how else we could support in the weeks and months ahead.

It’s likely that we’ll support people with community integration, understanding rights and entitlements, and helping them to access health care, education and employment, housing, and financial support.

We may also support people arriving with tracing family members they have lost contact with.

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Community Organized Relief Effort

Community Organized Relief Effort is a nonprofit organization dedicated to immediate crisis response. CORE is working in Poland and Romania to help support Ukrainian refugees. Donations provide cash assistance to displaced families and distribute hygiene kits with soap, hand sanitizer, toothbrushes, thermal blankets and other essential hygiene items.

Donate to CORE here.

I Newspaper Readers Help Give Children In Ukraine A Chance To Laugh Again

1 August 2022

Bodhana* plays with her son Kuzma* at the Centre for Development and Socialisation in Lviv, Ukraine.

A shelter in a sports hall in Lviv in western Ukraine is abuzz with the noise of laughter, chatter and cheers, as Kristina* proudly watches her 10-year-old son Danylo* play table tennis with other displaced children.

It is thanks to the amazing generosity of the UK public – including i newspaper readers who have raised more than £857,833 for the DEC appeal – that families like Kristinas are able to find safety and solace after having their lives ripped apart by the conflict.

The i newpaper has partnered with the DEC to support our appeal. Saleh Saeed, DEC chief executive said, I would personally like to thank i news readers for the extraordinary generosity they have given to the DECs Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.”

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International Organization For Migration

IOM has been in Ukraine since 1996 and is committed to staying and delivering vital assistance to those fleeing the country, the internally displaced, migrants and third-country nationals. We stand ready to respond to the emerging humanitarian needs in the country and the region. Donate today to help us provide emergency support to vulnerable people on the move.

School Pupils Release Video Of Uplifting New Order Song To Raise Funds

Global Donations Show Support For Ukraine Refugees

14 July 2022

School pupils from St Matthews RC School in Manchester are releasing an uplifting take on New Orders song Ceremony this week, in support of the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

After discussing their feelings and worries about the conflict in Ukraine, pupils in Year 7, 8 and 9 enlisted the help of their music teacher and approached New Order to ask for permission to perform and release their own version of the bands song, Ceremony, originally recorded in 1981.

Steve Millington, Head of Music at the school said, When the conflict in Ukraine began, students were obviously disturbed by the images theyd seen… They came up with the idea of performing a song to raise awareness of the refugee crisis… I’d like to really thank New Order theyve allowed us to use the track, copyright free. They’ve been amazing.

Taiwo Uthman, aged 14, said, We’ve put our heart into this and what we’d like to see is people sharing the video and raising money for the refugees.”

Shan Burhan, aged 13, said, I joined this project because I like music and I think it can change people’s lives… And giving to charity made me feel less anxious.”

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