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Where Can You Donate Food Items

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Your Donations Make A Difference

Salvation Army in need of food donations

You may not see the direct effects, but your donations make a huge difference to the many people who use or rely on food banks or soup kitchens.

If you donate at your local supermarket to a Trussell Trust food bank, your donations will form part of a food parcel that provides at-risk families with enough food for at least three days of healthy, balanced meals.

These parcels change peoples lives. Your act of kindness greatly impacts peoples futures. In addition, if you buy products by a brand that supports a social cause such as us at Integritty Foods who promise to give a soup to a person in need for every soup we sell you can have an even greater effect.

How Do You Find A Local Charity That Will Take Household Items

The best way to find a local charity is to do some research. Searching household donation charity in is the best way to get started. Professional organizers can also point you in the right direction with groups available in your region.

Dont be afraid to talk to friends and family. Most people have donated goods at one point or another. Talking to your loved ones about places theyve donated or volunteered is a great place to begin.

Where You Can Drop Off Household Items

The most common way to donate your household items is through a drop-off donation. This is when you visit a donation center in-person, transporting your household items yourself. There are a lot of great, well-known donation centers that allow drop-off items, but youll want to be aware of what they take before you make the trip yourself.


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What Can You Not Donate To A Food Bank Uk

Non-food itemsToiletries deodorant, toilet paper, shower gel, shaving gel, shampoo, soap, toothbrushes, tooth paste, hand wipes.Household items laundry liquid detergent, laundry powder, washing up liquid.Feminine products sanitary towels and tampons.Baby supplies nappies, baby wipes and baby food.More items

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Can Expired Foods Be Donated

Healthy Food Bank Donations: What To Give

Expired foods can be donated.We had to say it because not everyone knows it. Food items that are past their best before dates are accepted and appreciated at food donation stations and food banks across the country. Please help spread the word.

Estimates vary, but each and every year a large percentage of food produced for people to eat in the U.S. goes to waste. When we began in 2011 the estimates of food waste were around 40%, wed like to think that people are putting a dent in that number so want to believe some of the more current estimates that have come in as low as 25-30%. Even if they are now lower, its still too high.

You may be thinking: Is it OK to donate expired food?Do food banks accept expired foods? The answer to both questions is an overwhelming YES!!. That answer is even backed by the USDA.

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Best Practices For Donating Canned Foods

We all want to be good citizens and do some good with the items were donating. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Donate the items that the food bank accepts. Read their guidelines first.
  • Check expiration dates. If an item is nearing or past expiration, the food bank likely wont accept it.
  • Examine packaging for rust, dents, faded or damaged labels, or leaks.
  • Check foodbank hours to ensure that you dont make a wasted trip. Remember, Easy Donation PickUp will come to you, so you dont have to worry about that if you donate your canned food to us!
  • Avoid donating perishable items. It might seem common sense, but its easy to forget that an item requiring refrigeration will not hold up on a foodbank shelf. This includes anything that needs to be refrigerated.

Dont worry, though. Just because you cant donate fresh food doesnt mean that hungry families dont have access to these items through a food bank. Food banks often coordinate with suppliers such as farmers, restaurants, and retailers to source these items.

Is Food The Answer

Food banks hand out emergency parcels to meet an immediate need: the thousands of people across the country who would not have anything to eat that day otherwise.

But many food banks agree: food poverty cant be separated from poverty, and food handouts are not the answer to the UKs poverty problem. They want the government to strengthen the benefits system and improve low pay across the country to make sure people can afford food in the first place.

Sabine Goodwin, coordinator for IFAN, told The Big Issue: The buck cannot stop at the doors of food banks.

Some could be forced into the unthinkable position of not even being able to offer reduced parcels to people unable to afford the bare essentials, she added.

This is never going to be resolved by food, Goodwin said.

Food banks are also receiving fewer donations from the public compared to recent months, Goodwin added, and are operating with fewer and fewer volunteers. Those remaining are exhausted.

People are going back to work. That moment of Blitz spirit has passed, she said. Some food banks might be alright now but the system is so fragile, when the expected surge in demand comes they wont be prepared.

This impossible scenario cannot be imposed on charitable food aid providers when the solution is so clear, she added

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Directly To Your Local Food Bank

Find your nearest food bank by .

Once youve been shown your local food bank, you can click on the local website for that food bank, showing you the times when theyre open for donations.

Most importantly, each food bank keeps their site updated regarding which items they have enough of, and which items they are in urgent need of. If youre planning on donating and havent gone out to buy the items yet check your local food banks website first to find out what these urgently needed items are.

Can You Donate Expiring Canned Foods

Healthiest foods to donate to food banks

In addition to adhering to best practices such as abstaining from donating perishable items, leftovers, or homemade items, you should also avoid donating anything thats expired. Food banks will most likely check an expiration date before giving it to a family in need, but its better to be safe than sorry. As a general rule, if you wouldnt eat it, dont donate it.

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The Best Foods For Food Donations

  • Rowan University

There are a lot of food drives during the holidays. What food banks need most is cash, but when the Scouts come knocking at your door collecting food or youre asked to bring a non-perishable item as entrance to the schools holiday concert, food is in order.

NPR did a piece on the types of pantry staples that can help those who rely on food banks to build healthy meals. Food banks say the focus should be on on whole, unprocessed or minimally processed foods to help people create healthy meals. Instead of donating foods that are high in salt, sugar and highly processed grains, bring foods that are high in protein, healthy fats and whole grains instead.

Online Fund Drives In Place Of Traditional Food Drives

If youd rather not collect and haul around food, you can always do an online food drive. With our buying power, we are able to stretch your dollar farther and get more food than you can at the local grocery store.

Online fund drives are particularly good for groups or organizations that are not all in the same place, or for those who want to promote their fund drive online through social media. We can prepare a customized online donation page for your fund drive, complete with any graphics and wording to tie it in with your campaign.

If youre interested in doing one of these fun online food drives, please get in touch with our to set one up.

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Is Tyron A Single Dad

Joan eventually found work, but we were there to help her put food on the table during the job search and transition. Tyron is a single dad raising his 6- year-old daughter. He is working but doesnt make enough to pay the bills. He shares custody with the childs mom so she always has a roof over her head.

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Best Food Items To Donate

Donating Food

The best items to donate are non-perishables that last a long time.

These include:

  • Canned goods: soup, tomatoes, beans, canned fruits and vegetables, chickpeas, etc.
  • Long-lasting drinks: UHT milk, fruit juice, as well as tea bags and coffee.
  • Food cupboard items: pasta, rice, cereals, lentils, beans and pulses.
  • Spices: these are great to donate as they last a very long time and add flavour to any meal.

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What Items Do Food Banks Need Most

Food banks mostly need long-life products that have extended use-by dates or non-perishables such as canned vegetables and fish, biscuits, and sugar for example.

Canned foods are often the first thing people think to donate. This is because when considering ‘how long does canned food last ?’, the answer is it has a long shelf life and can even be eaten beyond its expiration date if the can isn’t damaged in any way.

However, other store cupboard essentials like stock cubes, condiments and spices, and jarred sauces are also welcome.

What Can You Not Donate To A Food Bank

What can you donate to a food bank? The main thing to bear in mind is that whatever you give may be stored for some time before it goes to those who need it. Avoid things like fresh fruit and veg, fish, meat and dairy products as it might go bad and the food bank is unlikely to accept it.Oct 8, 2020

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Where To Donate Household Items: 12 Places Near You

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Whether youre moving or cleaning a loved ones home after they pass, donating household items is a part of life. Taking the time to get rid of the things you no longer need can be therapeutic, and it also clears the way for new belongings.

Jump ahead to these sections:

However, donating household goods isnt always that straightforward. Charities and nonprofit groups have limits to what theyll accept, and it can be confusing to know where you can make donations.

When you donate things you no longer need, they have the opportunity to be used by someone who does have use for them. Not only is this eco-friendly, but its also a way to do good in your community. Even better, these donations are often tax-deductible.

With that in mind, where can you donate household items? Whether youre cleaning out a parents house after they die or spring cleaning, this guide is for you. Continue reading to learn where you can drop off items, get free donation pick up, or find the best local charities.

We also have a post-loss checklist that will help you ensure that your loved one’s family, estate, and other affairs are taken care of.

Food We Cannot Accept

Here’s what you shouldn’t be donating to your local food bank

We want to ensure all your donations make it to the tables of those in need, so to prevent waste please avoid donating the following:

  • Over the counter medications
  • Home baked-goods or food prepared in a home environment
  • Personally wrapped meats
  • Opened food items, or food not in its original container/packaging
  • Candy and snack food items in packaging that can easily be tampered with or contaminated

When donating snacks please keep in mind that a nutritious treat is always preferred.

*The above standards are put in place by Food Banks Canada, and are to be utilized by all food banks and food programs.

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Habitat For Humanity Restore

Another nonprofit is Habitat for Humanity. This is a global nonprofit that collects both monetary and physical donations to build and renovate affordable housing for those in need. Though theyre mostly known for their home build projects, they also have a ReStore that resells household belongings to fund its humanitarian efforts.

They accept some unique things at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, including building materials, home accessories, and even large pieces of furniture. However, these can be harder to find in some parts of the country.

Items Habitat for Humanity accepts: Building materials, furniture, appliances, and vehicles

Where Is My Local Food Bank

There are 2,000 food banks across the UK, with the majority of them run by The Trussell Trust and the others run by the Independent Food Aid Network.

The easiest way to find the food bank nearest you is through the Trussell Trust website, where you can search for the food banks in your area. Youll also be able to find out when theyre open and the best way to contact them there. Its best to call before turning up with a donation as the information online about opening hours might not be up-to-date.

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Let Us Get It Into Hungry Hands Who Need It

Our warehouse receiving hours are 9 AM 3 PM Monday through Saturday. If you are going to drop off a donation, please be mindful of a few guidelines:

For individual/personal donations: We accept canned food items no more than 4 years expired. Shelf stable dairy items must be no more than 1 year expired. We cannot accept anything already open . All items must be in clean, unopened condition.

If you are a business looking to donate food, or have unserved leftovers from an event, please see below for more guidelines. We schedule pickups for over 100 LBS of food to coordinate a pickup please email or call 226-8061, leave a voicemail and we will get back to you. Sunday donations are by appointment only. Thank you for your support!

Is It Better To Donate Food Or Money To Food Bank

Feed the hungry donate food here

First, monetary donations are far more effective than material ones. Your instinct during a crisis, like a wildfire or a pandemic, might be to donate goods, like blankets, canned food or toothbrushes. Another reason cash is better is because donated goods require a lot of staff and volunteers to manage.

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List Of Food Pantry Items For Donations

  • Monetary Donations for Food Pantry Items
  • If you wish to donate food to fight hunger, you should check what local food banks require to not burden food banks with the food items that take up a lot of space or are not required. You will find food pantry items that you should donate to food banks in this article.

    You need to remember that food banks clients may suffer from various health issues like diabetes, so foods with high fiber or low sugar are better than processed foods. You can also start a food drive instead of donating food to a food bank. No matter which source of donation you choose, there are certain things you should keep in mind before donating anything.

    Quick And Professional Response

    We can respond quickly, usually by the next business day. Pallet exchange can be provided. We have a fleet of dock high, refrigerated vehicles and full-time drivers. Our warehouse has a 600+ pallet capacity, with a 130+ pallet drive-in freezer and 60+ pallet drive-in cooler. A team of community volunteers inspect, clean, sort, label, and repack donations.

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    How To Volunteer For A Food Bank

    With over 30% of food bank project managers over 65 years old and therefore classed as at-risk, food banks are struggling with a lack of personnel to help deliver parcels due to Covid restrictions. Speaking to the Guardian, Emma Revie said, We are definitely in need of additional volunteers. One of our biggest threats is people becoming unwell and unable to volunteer.

    Your local council website is likely to have a page on volunteering in your area, specifying any food banks local to you and if there are roles and jobs available. You can also search using The Trussell Trust website .

    Have Excess Food Support Change

    Dumpster Diving Huge Food Donations!!! – S2E52

    The food donations made by Australians every year help alleviate food insecurity across the country.

    At Food For Change, we believe in an abundant Australia, where anybody can get the food relief they require at anytime. To help achieve this we have developed our online database of food relief organisations across Australia to allow food donors to donate excess food quickly and easily and feed those in need in their communities.

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    Do Not Donate Expired Canned Food

    Donating canned food is not the best way to help others, even if the canned food is not expired they still have to be categorized, stored, and so on before it reaches the people who need it the most. On the other hand, there are some people who will simply donate expired canned foods, and at that point, they would better be off just throwing it away. Most charities that accept food donation will check the expiration date of the canned foods, and if they are expired they will simply throw it away.

    Rather than the charity workers feeding the needy, they will have to check every canned food and throw out the expired ones, so it is not a good idea to send them expired canned food as you will actually hinder their process of helping others. In addition to not donating expired canned foods, you should also not donate canned foods that are close to expiry, as these canned foods will stay some time in storage before they end up in the hands of the people who need them.

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