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Where Can I Donate Unwanted Dog Food

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Give What You Can To Help

Putting a Dog’s Unwanted Behavior on Stimulus Control (to get Rid of it)-Clicker trained Jumping

To reach as many people as possible, weve partnered with over 50 human food banks, supporting thousands of pets through this service alone each year.

Our Pet Food Bank has never been more needed. We urgently need small packs or multipacks of dog and cat food. Were always in need of dog and cat treats too, as well as blankets, toys and jackets.

If you can help us by donating, you can do so by:

Dropping your donation off directly at the Home Monday to Sunday from 9am until 4pm Purchasing your donations from our Setting up a donation station at your work, community group, or school Donating food at one of our donation stations Downloading the Bank the Food App

What Else Can I Do

If youre unable to find a local pet food bank, check your social media pages, such as Facebook, to see if there are community projects set up to help people in their times of need.

Certain charities set up collection bins in supermarkets, these are sometimes manned by volunteers who would be able to help with any queries you might have about receiving food for your pet.

It is also worthwhile checking to see if your local food bank includes pet food as part of their normal parcels for owners.

What To Do With Leftover Dog Food 6 Great Ideas

Leftover dog food is a certainty that no one wants to deal with, especially if your dog has passed away. Or maybe your dog just doesnt like the type of food you bought. Most people dont buy more dog food than their dogs can typically eat, so having leftovers tends to add to the clutter in your home. However, theres no reason just to chuck that bag into the trash. Here are some excellent ideas for repurposing your late dogs food.

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Shelter Wish List Adopt Pet Shelter

Posted: Open containers of food/treats: For health and safety reasons, we can only use open containers from our volunteers, staff, and business partners. Any open food that is donated to A.D.O.P.T. is passed along to LOAVES & FISHES, a local food pantry that will distribute it to local low-income pet owners to help care for their pets.

15. Shampoo and brushes

Does Dog Food Go Bad After Opening

Open your Hearts to help the Bully Rescue

Your pets bowl should be emptied of moist or canned food not eaten by your cat or dog within 4 hours if the ambient temperature is above 50°F. Opened cans should be stored in the fridge, at temperatures between 40-45°F, for a maximum of 5-7 days. Any cat or dog food remaining after that time should be thrown out.

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Shipping Pet Food Donations

There are a variety of organizations that will take your unwanted pet food and put it to good use. If you have dry or canned pet food that is unopened and unexpired, you can donate it to your local shelter or rescue organization. Many of these groups are always in need of pet food to help care for the animals in their care.

To find a shelter or rescue group near you, visit the Humane Society website and enter your zip code. This will give you a list of organizations in your area that you can contact about making a donation.

If you have a large amount of pet food to donate, or if you live in an area where there are no local shelters or rescue groups, you can ship your donations to one of the following national organizations:-Feeding America: Feeding America is a network of food banks across the country that provides food assistance to millions of people each year. To make a donation, visit their website and click on the Donate button. Then select Food from the drop-down menu and enter your donation amount.

-Meals on Wheels: Meals on Wheels is a national organization that delivers meals to homebound seniors. They also have a pet food assistance program that provides pet food to seniors in need. To make a donation, visit their website and click on the Donate Now button. Then select Pet Food from the drop-down menu and enter your donation amount.

Help Feed Animals In Our Care

Rehoming centres

You can donate food for the rescue dogs, cats and other animals in our care at any of our rehoming centres.

Whether it’s tins, dried food or treats, all donations are very gratefully received!

Food collection boxes

We also have special food collection boxes which can be placed in shops, offices and other outlets in your local community.

Once they’re full they can either be handed into one of our centres or we’ll arrange for them to be collected.

If you wish to have a Scottish SPCA food collection box at your store or work place please contact us.

Amazon Wish Lists

Donate pet food and treats for the animals in our care! It couldnt be easier and everything is delivered directly to our centres.

Just search Scottish SPCA under find a list or visit each centres’ personalised list below.

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Where Can Dogs Donate Blood

Blood from dogs belonging to the universal donor group is compatible with any prospective recipients Blood.

Because dogs, just like humans, can suffer adverse reactions to transfused Blood from dogs with different types than their own, dogs with the universal Blood group are ideal donors.

Dog and Cat Blood Donor Requirements.

In order to donate to a pet blood bank, your Dog or cat must first meet certain requirements.

Just as with humans, dogs and cats have varying blood types, and when a pet receives a transfusion, its important that he receives the correct type.

What Has Betty White Done For Animals

Unwanted Texas dogs find love in New Jersey! TracysPawsRescue

White served on the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association’s board of trustees starting in 1974. In 2010, she became chair of the board, and she became an honorary zookeeper three years later. She also served as a trustee, board president, donor and spokesperson for the Morris Animal Foundation.Jan 19, 2022

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Where To Donate Opened Dog Food

We have about half of a bag of dog food that our guy somehow grew an intolerance to. Are there any shelters that will accept it? Im also looking to offload the dog food bin.

For even more excitement, put the bag on the sidewalk. Then post on Nextdoor that you did so.

I would hope no organization would accept that from someone they dont know, for animals sake. Just trash it or give to a homeless guy or girl with a dog

No way. Give it to a homeless guy/gal with dogs. Lots of encampments around.

I work at a shelter in the city. We cant use opened food and will compost it if someone does donate. I would try to give it to a friend or neighbor.

How You Can Help

The pet food pantry relies completely on donations, so you can help keep the pantry stocked by donating cat and dog food.

To make a food donation, you can and have your donation shipped directly to the pantry.

You can also drop off your donation at our lifesaving center in the donation bins near the front door. We also accept open bags of pet food that are taped or sealed securely.

Please drop off or mail your pet food donations to: Best Friends Lifesaving Center

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Homeward Pet Food Bank

COVID-19 NOTICE: Please see this sheet for information on which of our food bank partners are currently open. Hours and policies may change quickly, so please call food banks for the most up-to-date information.

The Homeward Pet Food Bank feeds homeless animals and helps families keep their beloved pet in their home by distributing pet food and supplies to families in need in our community through local food banks and outreach programs. Last year, the Homeward Pet Food Bank fed nearly 2000 animals in the shelter and distributed over 155,000 lbs. of pet food to area food banks, community organizations and partner rescues.

You can provide for homeless cats and dogsand help keep pets in their homesby making a donation of dog or cat food at Homeward Pet, or at any of the following locations:

Helping Gloria Feed Her Five Pets For The Month


Twin Cities resident, Gloria, loves to sit in her front yard, basking in the sun with her three little poodles and two senior cats. As a single mom who took care of her five children on her own after a devastating divorce, the long-time pet lover worked multiple jobs, struggling to make ends meet for years. Her children have since grown up, but Gloria still faces financial challenges.

“I live on $700 a month I get from social security. I have to be really careful with every penny that comes my way,” says Gloria. “But I’m not embarrassed about my situation. I am a survivor and proud that I don’t waste a thing. I know how to stretch a dollar.”

Gloria has three poodles and two cats . The five animals are the highlight of her life. “They make my life so rewarding and so much better. I don’t know what I would do without them, especially since I live alone.”

Every month Gloria visits her local food shelf. Her visits help supplement her food pantry. Occasionally the food shelf has pet food, but not always. “Animal food is so expensive. I almost think it’s more expensive then human food. When they don’t have pet food, I just try to find people food that I can feed them.”

The long-time animal lover was surprised to see her food shelf was stocked with so much cat and dog food recently. She learned it was thanks to Animal Humane Society and‘s Rescue Bank.

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What Can You Not Donate To A Food Bank

What can you donate to a food bank? The main thing to bear in mind is that whatever you give may be stored for some time before it goes to those who need it. Avoid things like fresh fruit and veg, fish, meat and dairy products as it might go bad and the food bank is unlikely to accept it.Oct 8, 2020

Pet Food For Families In Need

Furry Friends Pet Food Pantry

The Wisconsin Humane Society believes that tight financial times should not break the bonds of love and companionship between people and their companion animals. WHS provides pet food, treats, and kitty litter for individuals who are struggling to provide food for their animals. This program has helped many people keep their animals in homes where they are loved.

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What Can I Do With Unwanted Bedding

Donate to Charity As many recycling centres do not accept duvets, donating them to charity is a great way of giving them a second life. Depending on the condition of your old bedding, homeless charities will often welcome donations of unwanted duvets which can help keep homeless people warm and comfortable at night.

Where To Donate Opened Dog Food Near Me

Puppies and adult dogs that found abandoned and unwanted, now safe in our shelter.

If you have opened dog food that your pet wont eat, dont let it go to waste! There are many places that will gladly take your uneaten kibble off your hands. Here are a few options for where to donate open dog food near you:1. Local shelters and rescues often have a need for donated dog food. Call around to see if any in your area could use your donation.

2. Food banks also accept donations of unopened, non-perishable pet food. Check with your local food bank to see if they would be interested in taking your opened dog food off your hands.

3. Veterinarians offices sometimes keep a stock of donated pet food on hand to give to clients in need. Give them a call and inquire about donating your opened dog food.

4. Finally, check with any friends or family who have pets they may be happy to take the extra kibble off your hands!

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Pet Food Donation Drop

You can make pet food donations to the Wake County Animal Center at one of the following locations. Pet food donations received are shared with our Transfer Partners and families in need throughout the community.

If you would like to be added to the list of pet food donation locations for the Wake County Animal Center, please contact us at or .

  • 2460 Wycliff Road, Raleigh, NC 27607
  • 7414 Creedmoor Road, Raleigh, NC 27613
  • 10 W. Franklin St. Suite 100, Raleigh, NC 27604
  • Give The Food To Friends Or Family

    If none of the pet food banks and animal shelters in your area accept donations of available food, you can always give the food to friends and family to bulk up their pet food stores. Dog food is expensive, and even if it isnt their usual brand, many pet parents will mix donated food with their regular food so their pets can eat it.

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    What Types Of Pet Food Can Be Donated

    There are many types of pet food that can be donated to your local animal shelter. The most common type of pet food donated is unopened cans or bags of dog or cat food. Other types of pet food that can be donated include:

    -Canned or dry food for puppies, kittens, or senior dogs and cats-Canned or dry food for small mammals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, etc.-Canned or dry food for birds-Specialty pet foods such as those for pets with allergies or other medical conditions

    How To Package Pet Food For Donation

    Train Your Dog Early and Often

    When you have completed your pet food drive, its time to package the food and get it ready for donation. If you are donating to a food bank, check with them first to see if they have any specific packaging requirements.

    Here are some tips for packaging pet food for donation:

    Use heavy-duty garbage bags or other sturdy containers to package The food. Make sure The containers are tightly sealed so that The food does not spill out. Label The containers with The type and quantity of food inside. If you are donating wet food, be sure to include a can opener with your donation.

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    Does Anyone Give Away Free Dog Food

    Churches, synagogues, mosques, and other religious institutions frequently give help to low-income households, which may include distributing dog food to those who need it. Your own religious institution is the most probable source of support, however many organizations are eager to assist anybody in need, regardless of religious affiliation or background.

    Monthly Direct Debit Scheme

    We have many supporters who have signed up to our direct debit scheme, giving us a reliable monthly income which helps us to budget all year round, especially throughout the winter months when heating costs are at their highest and fundraising at its lowest!

    If you can commit to donating on a monthly basis then please fill in the Direct Debit form.

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    Where Can I Donate Bedding In Toronto

    If you’re located in Toronto and want to donate clothing, keep an eye out for an Oasis Clothing Bank donation bin near you. In addition to clothing for men, women and children, the organization accepts shoes, bedding, purses, dishes, cutlery, toys, stuffed animals, electronics, artwork, housewares and more.

    Our Pet Food Bank Is Entirely Donor Funded By The Generosity Of The #fflarmy

    Surprising My Dog With 1,000,000 Pieces of Dog Food

    It is not only our mission but our honor to be a part of the community. Opening Houstons first free animal food bank at a shelter has kept thousands of animals in their homes. Over the years, weve distributed more than 50 tons of food. Because, lets face it, sometimes we all need a little help from our friends. We have learned that help can make all the difference in keeping a family together.

    COVID-19 UPDATE:The shelter is currently closed to the public. If you need assistance with pet food, please CALL US so we can get you scheduled for an appointment.

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    Find A Ontario Charity That Will Pick Up Your Clothing Donations & Other Household Items Donations

    Donate clothes and other household items in Ontario. Charities such as Ontario Federation for Cerebral Palsy, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and more will pick up your donations for free. is currently integrating all of the Ontario donation pick up charities and service areas into our database. For now, we recommend you contact one of these great Ontario based charities to schedule a donation pick up:

    Where Can I Donate Open Dog Food Near Me

    Donate pet food and treats at one of our pet food collection sites below. If the bag is open, please explain the circumstances to the store manager, seal the bag,

    Donated items can be brought to the customer service counter at any Animal.

    Live traps for TNR program Pet food (must be unopened and dropped off before .

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    Wellness Brand Dog Food Price There are some great brands out there but. Pricing is based on how much a dog actually eats a small dogs portion will run about $3, while a more average price per meal is around $6. All food. WellPet LLC is a pet food company formed by the combination of Wellness Natural Pet

    Donations of pet food are the lifeblood of Dont Forget to Feed Me!.

    Opened bags of pet food Carriers/kennels/crates Leashes/collars Litter boxes /.

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    and it can even open the cabinets above it.

    Thank you for donating to the Bi-State Pet Food Pantry!.

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