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Where Can I Donate Pet Food

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Donate A Needed Care Item


Generous community members bring many items to the Animal Center to help the pets in need. Individuals, school groups, service groups, birthday parties, etc., collect these necessary needed items. To best help the animals, we have outlined the items we routinely accept as donations.

Needed & Accepted Items

  • New or lightly used blankets or large towels
  • Canned dog, cat, puppy or kitten food
  • Dry dog, cat, puppy or kitten food
  • Little critter food
  • New or slightly used indestructible toys in LARGE sizes

Items we cannot accept / use : heavily soiled or used towels or blankets, hand towels, pillows, pillow cases, sheets, opened or expired pet food, used litter pans or litter scoops, heavily used toys, destructible toys , rawhides, bones, antlers, medications or medical supplies, non-animal related items, small animal totes or carrying bags and animal clothing / costumes.

Protocol When Picking Up Food From The Pet Food Pantry

  • Pet Food Pantry pick-up is by appointment only.
  • A one-gallon bag of dog or cat food per pet will be given to participants. Limit one participant per household for up three cats and/or dogs per household. .
  • To ensure the safety of our staff and volunteers, social distancing will be observed and face coverings will be required of participants who will be picking up the pet food.
  • Participants also agree to arrive within the designated one-hour time frame only of their appointment.

Participants must register and obtain an appointment in advance. Walk-ins will be placed at the end of the line and served that day if possible. They will be advised that going forward they must make an appointment or they will not be served.

Participants must live in Los Angeles City and provide name, address, or declare that they are homeless, telephone number and email address to obtain an appointment.

Participants must be the pet owner and provide the name, weight, sex and animal license number for pets when making an appointment. If the pet is unaltered, they will be given a FREE spay/neuter voucher and food and advised that the pet must be altered to continue receiving food.

Only one participant per household for up to three dogs and/or three cats .

Participants agree to arrive within the designated one-hour time frame only.

Participants arriving on foot or by bicycle must wear a face covering and maintain a 6ft. social distance when checking in with staff/volunteers.

Chesterfield Square

Can You Start Your Own Food Bank For Pets

If you’re struggling to find a local food bank for pets, another alternative is to start your own. It will take time and planning, but it’s not impossible. Spread the word on social media or in your local area, then start collecting donations and see if there are any pet owners in need of supplies.

If you’re not sure how to go about creating your own food bank, it’s always worth speaking to your local council for additional support.

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What Has Betty White Done For Animals

White served on the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association’s board of trustees starting in 1974. In 2010, she became chair of the board, and she became an honorary zookeeper three years later. She also served as a trustee, board president, donor and spokesperson for the Morris Animal Foundation.Jan 19, 2022

In Kind Donations Of Supplies

Help Me Support A Local Pet Food Bank During Coronavirus

Lucky Dog ALWAYS needs donations of supplies! Below is a list of the types of items we need to keep turning shelter dogs into Lucky Dogs!

  • Crates All Sizes, Wire and Plastic
  • Leashes, Harnesses and Collars
  • Paper Towels, Bleach, Used Towels

We cannot accept:

  • That arent collapsible or broken down
  • That arent cleaned out
  • That are rusty or in poor condition
  • Any non dog or cat items
  • Prong collars, choke chains, shock collars
  • Gross or well used plush toys (can take gently used if theyve been cleaned before donation
  • Lucky Dog Animal Rescue has a 501 non-profit organization as recognized by the IRS. All in-kind donations are tax deductible. Please contact us at to find out where you can drop-off a donation!

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    Meet The Chuck Waggin Board

    These are the people who make it happen!

    A subsidiary of PACC911, Chuck Waggin was founded in 2012 by Donna Barker to address the needs of too many people abandoning their pets because they could no longer afford to keep them.

    Chuck Waggin is a vital arm of PACC911, providing much needed pet food and pet service referrals to keep animals and the families who love them together.

    Donna Barker President/Founder

    I love all dogs and cats. I formed Chuck Waggin Pet Food Pantry, a division of PACC911, because I wanted to make a difference in the lives of hungry pets and the families who own them.

    I was in the mortgage industry for more than 30 years as a Manager, Regional Manager and Managing Vice President. Pets are a big part of the American family today and some of these families are being torn apart because of financial difficulties. If I can help at least 1 family stay together with their pet, by helping feed that animal through Chuck Waggin Pet Food Pantry, then I have started the process of achieving my goal.

    Tina Lopez Vice President

    In addition to serving on the board for Chuck Waggin, Tina is PACC911s vice president and current President for the Association of Fundraising Professionals . She built a career in the nonprofit sector working for the Arizona Humane Society,Arizona Animal Welfare League,The Arizona Pet Project , Save the Family Foundation,Child Crisis Arizona and Animal Outlook .

    Sarah Barr

    Feed The Need: Donate To The Pet Food Pantry

    No pet parent should have to feel the panic and stress of prioritizing pet food purchases against a laundry list of other financial responsibilities. Especially if it means the difference between keeping their beloved pets or surrendering them to the shelter.

    But as the spread of COVID-19 continues, so do these struggles for millions of families who are feeling the pressure of unemployment or reduced wages. With curbside pet food pickup event back in May 2020, we reached over 700 families in need and we were able to give away over 15,000 pounds of food.

    Still, 30 minutes before distribution was supposed to end, we ran out of food and, unfortunately, had to turn people away. Between the overwhelming turnout at the giveaway and the continued spike in Pet Food Pantry appointments overall, it is clear to us that there is still more need.

    We are preparing for our second community pet food giveaway, but we could use your help with food donations so we dont have to turn families in need away for lack of resources.

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    What Is Baxter’s Pet Pantry

    This is why Long Island Cares offers Baxters Pet Pantry to help families with not only pet food, but also toys, clothes, and other supplies needed to take care of a pet. This program is run in partnership with the Animal Rescue Fund which enables Long Island Cares to distribute these supplies through our network.

    Do Dogs Know They Are Dying

    Ginger kitten with his mom

    Do Dogs Know When Theyre Going to Die? She says its tough to know how much a dog understands or is feeling near the end of their life, but some behaviors might be more apparent. Many dogs appear to be more clingy or attached, following you around consistently and remaining close, Bergeland says.

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    Holiday Anxiety Isn’t Just A People Thing

    We may have learned healthy ways to cope with holiday stress, but your pet may need your help in managing their anxiety. Help your anxious pet feel at ease during big gatherings.

    And remember, pets dont naturally understand how to behave amid the many distractions of the holidays, so they need our help. Rather than assuming they would never eat off of the counter or jump up on grandma, set them up for success by managing their environment.

    Pet Food Donation Drives

    Since the start of the pandemic, C.A.R.E.4Paws has distributed 900,000 pounds of pet food throughout Santa Barbara County, compared to 4,000 pounds total in 2019! Want to help keep animals healthy and in their homes? Make a pawsitive difference by supporting our frequent donation drives, dropping off pet food at one of our partner locations, donating monetary gifts and organizing your own donation drive!

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    Best Friends Pet Food Pantry

    We are in need of dry cat food. Please click here to order from our Amazon Wish List. To make a monetary donation, click here.

    One critical step in helping to make Utah a no-kill state is providing residents with resources so they can avoid relinquishing their pets to shelters. To help, we opened a pet food pantry at the Best Friends Lifesaving Center in Salt Lake City.

    The pet food pantry provides pet food to the pets of low-income residents and community cat caregivers. Please note that we rely on donations to fill orders, which means our food levels vary. If available, we do attempt to accommodate one-time emergency requests. We also offer a Pet Food Meals on Wheels program. To make an official delivery request, use the form below.

    Pet food pantry information: Phone: 801-574-2445How you can help

    The Best Friends pet food pantry not only fills bellies, it helps to save lives by providing families with what they need to keep their pets at home and out of shelters. The pet food pantry relies completely on donations. You can help keep the pantry stocked by donating cat and dog food!

    . Or, drop your donation by our Lifesaving Center in the donation bins by our front door. We also accept open bags of pet food that are taped or sealed securely.

    Please drop off or mail your pet food donations to:Best Friends Lifesaving CenterSalt Lake City, UT 84106Please use the bins near our front door if dropping off donations

    Recent Pet Food Donations Bring Relief To Twin Cities Residents

    these groups need food local nonprofit keeps pets from going hungry

    In late April, AHS received a donation of 41 pallets of pet food from We quickly distributed the nearly 36,000 pounds of wet and dry pet food to a variety of food banks and organizations to support our community. Below are two stories, one from a recipient of the pet food and one from an organization we worked with, demonstrating the impact of this pet food donation.

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    How Do I Donate To A Local Dog Shelter

    There are a number of ways to donate to your local dog shelter. The most popular way is through financial donations, which can be made either online or in person. You can also donate items such as food, bedding, toys, and other supplies.Finally, you can volunteer your time to help care for the dogs at the shelter. Whatever way you choose to donate, know that your contributions will make a difference in the lives of homeless dogs!

    Can Dogs Donate Organs

    While most organ transplants arenât possible for our four-legged friends, kidney transplants are fairly common, but finding donors can be difficult.

    Both dogs and cats can receive a donated kidney, but the procedure is mostly performed on cats because donors and recipients donât have to be related.

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    How Charlies Helps Pets And People

    The human-animal bond is powerful. Studies show that having a pet helps peoples mental and physical health. Pets give us constant, unconditional love. Many people tell us that their pets have saved their lives.

    As part of the Downtown Eastside, we have become a resource for many pet guardians and community support workers by providing supplies and preventative care. To help pet guardians we take a harm reduction approach by showing respect for the person and building relationships. Charlies is a volunteer-operated program and all pet food and supplies are donated. A group of dedicated BC SPCA volunteers allows us to help more animals and maintain a presence in the community.

    We strive to provide a supportive, respectful and friendly environment. We want Charlies to be a safe place for visitors, members, volunteers and animals.

    Sponsor A Pet Or Event

    Dinner time to eat

    Sponsor a Pet:If you want to help one of our animals find their forever homes, you may want to consider sponsoring one of them! As a sponsor, you help a Wake County Animal Center pet find a new home by prepaying a portion of the adoption fee. For more information, please call us at or email .

    Sponsor a Special Fundraising Event:Our community graciously hosts many events and designates the Wake County Animal Center as a beneficiary of the event contributions! These have included local pubs, restaurant nights, Girl Scout / Boy Scout / School Group fundraiser drives, etc. If this interests you or your organization, please reach out to us at or email .

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    Many Thanks To These Animeals Business Affiliates: Food Bank Of Contra Costa And Solano Pet Food Express Target Pinole And Pleasant Hill And Encina Veterninary Center

    To receive food through AniMeals:

    If you are interested in this program, please take a few minutes to review the procedures:

  • The program is in partnership with the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano. To be a part of AniMeals you must register with the Food Bank and can contact them at 925-676-7543 or 800-870-3663. They will give you the list of easy requirements such as valid form of ID, proof of address, and income guidelines for all household members.
  • Once you are signed up for the Food Bank, CCHS distributes food once monthly out of Martinez, Rodeo, Pittsburg and Bay Point. To receive food you will need to attend one of the distribution sites listed below.
  • Come to the site and receive food from the Food Bank. You will see our location. Bring your Food Bank registration card and present to the CCHS volunteer to be registered in the program. The volunteer will ask to see your card and ask what animals are in the household.
  • You will need to have proof of spay/neuter for EVERY animal in the household. If you do not have it with you, CCHS will allow a month of food so that the following month you can bring the proof of spay/neuter and register. You can obtain proof of spay/neuter from your records, registration with the county or from your vet or a local vet can examine the animal . CCHS will not continue to serve food for unregistered pets or families without proof of spay/neuter.
  • Remember dont forget proof of spay/neuter! We hope to see you there.

    Animeals Relief Amid Covid

    The mission of AniMeals is to keep pets in their home regardless of the logistical or financial challenges faced by our clients which include homebound and low-income elderly, disabled veterans and the homeless. AniMeals coordinates individual pet food packaging and delivery to those in need, and in these times, that includes pet owners who are struggling with the loss of employment due to the COVID-19 outbreak. At this time, Helen Woodard Animal Centers AniMeals program is graciously offering a two-week supply of dog and/or cat food for individuals who have been laid off due to the COVID-19 outbreak. To learn more about AniMeals Relief,

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    Watch For Symptoms And Be Prepared To Act

    Dogs, rather than cats, tend to have more issues during the festive season since they have more of a tendency to gorge on food, but cats can eat holiday plants, which can be poisonous.

    With both species, vomiting and diarrhea are early signs of trouble, but lethargy or pain means you may want to consider an emergency trip to your nearby clinic.

    Where Can I Donate Open Bags Of Dog Food

    Pet Pantry Donation

    Hope 7 Food Pantry will GLADLY take your opened packages of pet food. Any open bags they receive are repackaged into smaller bags enough to last a week. They then distribute the food to the families as it’s needed.

    Hi, I’m Kelly. I’ve been a dog trainer for 12 years, working at all levels of competition, from basic obedience to competition obedience, and in a variety of venues. I’ve also been an instructor at the National Dog Trainer’s Association and have given seminars on basic dog training to several local pet store chains. My articles have appeared in a variety of magazines including Pets Magazine, Action Dog and Puppy Love.

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    Who Accepts Dog Food Donations

    The Pet Food Pantry is always in need of cat or dog food and cat litter. Please consider making a donation to the Pantry. For an easy way to make a donation, consider making a purchase from the Wish List. The Pet Food Pantry is most in need of cat litter, Friskies or Purina cat food and Pedigree or Purina dog food.

    Our Foster Care Team Always Needs:

    Two-litre ice cream tubs with lids. We use these to hand out food to our volunteer foster carers, avoiding the need for unsustainable plastic bags.

    Baby wipes . These are used to help orphaned kittens go to the toilet. Sometimes carers can go through a pack a day!

    Fleece baby blankets. These dry far quicker than towels, so are handy as kitten bedding.

    Snugglesafe heat pads. These cost around $30 each and are crucial for keeping orphaned neonatal kittens warm through the night.

    Comforting heart beat simulators. These simulate a mothers heartbeat, calming orphaned kittens and helping them to feel safe.

    Wombaroo Cat Milk Replacer Formula. This nutritionally balanced milk is used for orphaned kittens or when mums are having trouble producing milk. Its about $10 for a 215g pack we go through about 20kg of the stuff each year!

    Toys, toys and more toys! The little four-packs of plastic toys from major stores are perfect, as they can easily be sterilised if need by and keep the baby kitties entertained for hours.

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