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Where Can I Donate Non Perishable Food

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Volunteer At A Food Bank

Channel 4 Food Drive: Accepting donations

If you are feeling ready to do more, you can contact your local food bank to learn about in-person volunteer opportunities. They always need extra hands to help receive, sort, and distribute donations.

Or, try Feeding Americas Volunteer Tool to find an opportunity near you.

Items You Shouldnt Donate To Food Banks

As you compile your list, be sure to remember that there are certain items food banks are unable to take, like:

  • Items in glass containers, usually because the glass containers may break easily and spoil the other donations.
  • Opened items, as these cant be served or provided to individuals for food safety and contamination purposes.
  • And while this one might seem obvious: expired items. Be sure to check those expiration dates!

State The Reasons Why You Need Food Donation And What You Are Looking Forward To Accomplishing

Explain to your donors why it is essential for them to support your project. And how their donation will make a difference in your entire project. This will give them a reason to participate in your donation. Offering your organizations history is a perfect way to connect with your potential donors deeply.

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Best Non Perishable Foods

When youre stocking your own pantry or helping others in need, non perishable foods should be on your shopping list. These foods are great for emergencies when the power goes out, for camping, or simply for planning ahead.

Well help you choose the best non perishable foods that last for months . Plus, we have storage and organization tips, and a printable list of non perishable foods with estimated shelf life.


Best Practices For Donating Canned Foods

Pin on Events

We all want to be good citizens and do some good with the items were donating. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Donate the items that the food bank accepts. Read their guidelines first.
  • Check expiration dates. If an item is nearing or past expiration, the food bank likely wont accept it.
  • Examine packaging for rust, dents, faded or damaged labels, or leaks.
  • Check foodbank hours to ensure that you dont make a wasted trip. Remember, Easy Donation PickUp will come to you, so you dont have to worry about that if you donate your canned food to us!
  • Avoid donating perishable items. It might seem common sense, but its easy to forget that an item requiring refrigeration will not hold up on a foodbank shelf. This includes anything that needs to be refrigerated.

Dont worry, though. Just because you cant donate fresh food doesnt mean that hungry families dont have access to these items through a food bank. Food banks often coordinate with suppliers such as farmers, restaurants, and retailers to source these items.

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Deliver Your Food Donations

Non-perishable food donations can be dropped off at any of the locations listed below. We encourage you to please call the site ahead of time before visiting.

Northwest Truth Christian Ministries International Address: 5101 N. Rainbow Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89130Northeast Three Square Food BankFood can be dropped off Monday Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Address: 4190 N. Pecos Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89115 Central Jewish Family Services Agency Phone: Address: 2309 Renaissance Dr., Ste. B., Las Vegas, NV 89119 Southwest International Church of Las Vegas Address: 6620 W. Katie Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89103 Henderson St. Therese Center HIV Outreach Address: 215 Palo Verde Dr., Henderson, NV 89015

Three Square’s offices and warehouses are closed on the following holidays:

  • Presidents’ Day
  • Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
  • New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day

What Are The Most Needed Non Perishable Food Items

Some of the most useful non-perishable foods to donate would be Canned protein , Canned Soups , Packaged Foods , Plastic Jar Foods .

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope I have inspired you to start this tradition this year, either with your kids and family or just by yourself! We each, even one person, can make a huge difference in our communities.

Hi, I’m Julie! Mother to five beautiful kids, Homeschool Educator, Writer, Handicraft & DIY Enthusiast, Photographer, Thrifter, and Furniture Restorer. Follow along for fun DIY projects creating a handmade home on a budget! Read more about me hereâ

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What Is The Best Canned Food To Donate

The Bienvenidos Food Bank is a program of the Northwest Family Assistance Center, a 501 C 3 Colorado nonprofit organization. FOOD DONATIONS. We gladly accept your donations of nonperishable and perishable food to help stock our pantry! For large donations or food drive drop offs, please call and arrange a drop off time at 303-433-6328. For general drop off items please

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Surplus Production And Dedicated Donations

Local food banks asking for non-perishable donations as needs continue to rise

Donating to the Food Banks of Quebec network is a reliable and secure way to dispose of surplus or to make a planned donation through dedicated production. In return, Food Banks of Quebec will:

  • Respond promptly to offers of food donations
  • Transport, handle, and store the merchandise in accordance with the rules of traceability, hygiene, and sanitation governing the food industry
  • Distribute, free of charge, the products received to member organizations
  • Administer food-sharing with efficiency, transparency and equity
  • Issue, upon request, tax receipts

Food donations can include perishable, non-perishable, frozen items, and other products resulting from:

  • Inventory surpluses
  • Imperfections or slight recipe errors
  • Damage from shipping or handling
  • Shipping errors or returns

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How Do I Donate To A Local Food Bank

The donation process will vary from food bank to food bank. To find your local food bank, Villarreal advises visiting and entering your zip code into the food bank locator. From there, she recommends connecting with that local food bank. Typically, theyâll have a most-needed list of items of things you can donate.

Financial donations are also welcome at most food banks as are volunteers. âVolunteerism is a huge need at all food banks,â Guerra says. âAnd the donation of the dollar goes a long way also. In fact, with the increase of fuel, most food banks need the dollar more than ever to keep food flowing into and across their local service region.â

Other local meal programs such as Meals on Wheels also rely on volunteers to deliver and prepare meals. âFor many recipients, the trusted Meals on Wheels volunteer who shows up every day with a meal and a smile is the only person they see or speak with all day,â says Jenny Young, the vice president of communications for Meals on Wheels America.

And if youâre not in a position to donate food, money, or time, Davis says helping spread the word about available resources for families in need is one of the easiest ways to support. âNo Kid Hungry has a texting line to help,â she says. âFamilies can text âFOODâ or âCOMIDAâ to 304-304 to find community meal sites for their kids.â

Where Can I Donate My Turkey In Nyc

Free Turkey Giveaways in NYC for Thanksgiving 2021The Salvation Army Harlem Temple Corps Harlem. … Gardiner Foundation Turkey Giveaway Fordham, the Bronx. … Reaching-Out Community Services’ Operation Gobbler Give Brooklyn. … West Side Campaign Against Hunger Upper West Side.More items…

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Rescuing Food For Hungry Californians

Feeding hungry people with donations of extra food is an integral part of resource conservation. Organizations served by food rescue and food bank programs include community centers, soup kitchens, food pantries, homeless shelters, senior programs, and childcare centers.

  • Food rescue means recovering healthy foods and making fast deliveries to those in need. This is the highest and best use for perishable food. The Fresno Metro Ministry Food Recovery project, which takes excess perishable food to hungry people, is an example.
  • Food Finders is a community-based food rescue organization in Southern California, which serves as a conduit, between donors and people in need.
  • Food rescue in Southern California also includes Waste Not OC Coalition which works to help meet the nutritional needs of the community by facilitating the donation and distribution of surplus food.
  • Food banks are organizations that collect food from a variety of sources, and distribute it to hungry people through local service agencies. The California Association of Food Banks which has a membership of 43 food banks, is one of the leading organizations in California. Major programs include Farm to Family which works with growers and packers to provide fresh produce to banks.

Put Together Your Own Thanksgiving Baskets

[SA] Donate a Can of Non Perishable Food for a Coopers Frothie @ The ...

You can include any combination of the things listed, or make a basket with an entire holiday meal. There are amazing organizations, churches, and charities, that put together a box of food that are complete Thanksgiving meals. And of course including the turkey, because it wouldn’t be a complete meal without the Thanksgiving turkey!

One of the best traditions you can start this year is putting together a care package for someone you love in need or a stranger in your community in need.

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Join Us In Ensuring Good Food Goes To Good Use

The impact of COVID-19 has increased the need of our community and we are hoping for your support!

Do you have food from your home/residency to donate? Please visit our Food Drive page to find a location near you to drop off your food donations.

Food safety is of upmost importance, please learn more about our policies. Thank you for your understanding.

Why Donate Food To Food Banks

I want to teach my children to think outside of our own circle and consider the local families around us who are in need. This year with inflation rising in the United States it’s a real likelihood that people in homes next to you won’t get a Thanksgiving feast for Thanksgiving dinner.

Beyond personalizing the realism of food needs around us, there is a high demand at every local food pantry during the holidays. It’s a struggle during this time of year, which feels so much worse somehow, and you should never have to worry about basic needs and food insecurity.

This holiday season is a great time to take the opportunity to start a new tradition in your family by showing your children the blessing of giving.

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Thanksgiving Non Perishable Foods To Donate

Below is a full list of non-perishable foods that are great for canned food drives. The food items on this list have a long shelf life, making them a great choice for food banks.

At the end of this list are also non-food items that many food banks are also in desperate need of. Consider adding these items to your donation list as well!

Here is our full list of non perishable foods that can last for extended periods of time before their expiration date.

Anyone Can Be A Food Donor

Is expired non-perishable food still good to donate?

Anyone can donate food, including farmers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, restaurants, cafeterias, hotels, cruise ships, and households, just to name a few.

  • EPAs Excess Food Opportunities Map is an interactive tool that displays the locations of nearly 1.2 million potential industrial, commercial and institutional excess food generators and more than 4,000 potential recipients.
  • Gleaning is the collection of excess fresh foods from farms, gardens, farmers markets, and other sources to provide it to those in need. Typically, volunteers partner with a farm to glean excess fresh produce and deliver it to a food bank or food pantry. Learn how to develop a successful gleaning program with this USDA toolkit .

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Where Can I Donate Canned Food In San Jose

Top 10 Best food donation in San Jose, CASacred Heart Community Service. 0.6 mi. Second Harvest of Silicon Valley. 1.8 mi. Milpitas Food Pantry. 6.5 mi. The Family Giving Tree. 7.9 mi. HopeTHRIFT. 1.7 mi. Second Harvest of Silicon Valley Cypress Center. 7.6 mi. Second Harvest of Silicon Valley. Sunnyvale Community Services.More items

How Can I Help Three Square The Most

Monetary donations provide the greatest benefit we have buying power that allows us to do more with $1 than you might when you go to the store to purchase canned goods for a food drive. For every $1 donated, Three Square is able to distribute three meals.

Even if you have committed to holding a food drive, please consider the option of adding a fund drive or virtual food drive. Many individuals would rather write a tax-deductible check or make a donation online rather than picking up extra food at the grocery store for the food drive.

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Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

According to this food banks website, 20% of Los Angelenos face food insecurity, and this organization is on a mission to reduce that number to 0. The food bank has temporarily paused on canned food donations from individuals, but theyve provided a list of local Los Angeles-area partners that are currently accepting donations.

To find the best food bank to donate food near you, head on over to this directory. Enter your location and select a radius of up to 15 miles.

Final Thoughts On Thanksgiving Food Donations

Donate Non Perishable Food Items

The items on the list above are just a starting place. Depending on where you live, and the unique needs of your community, your local food banks might be in need of other non-perishable food items. Thats why Im reminding you again to please call the one you would like to donate to BEFORE getting started with your food drive.

While collecting the items on this Thanksgiving non perishable foods list is a wonderful way to help families in your community, monetary donations are also very appreciated by food banks. Whether you give a charitable gift, or donate grocery store gift cards, the support truly does matter to those organizations.

While it seems small, a canned food drive is a powerful way to start your children on the path to service to their community in a meaningful way. Remember that food banks need support all year long! If your family enjoys this, consider turning this food drive into a quarterly way to give back. You can also ask your local food pantry if they know of any free kitchens that are in need of volunteers to serve on Thanksgiving Day.

If you found this Thanksgiving non perishable foods list helpful, please share it on social media or pin it on Pinterest to help inspire other families this Thanksgiving too.

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Feeding America Food Banks

Feeding America is one of the most prolific organizations in the United States, running food banks and other places to donate food in almost every state. This includes 200 Feeding America Food Banks where volunteers collect millions of pounds of food to distribute to all of their surrounding counties. The organization secured and distributed 4 billion meals last year by sending food to food pantries and supplying meal programs. its goal is to end the fight against hunger in America and beyond.

How to donate food to Feeding America Food Banks:

Visit its online tool to figure out if there is a Feeding America Food Bank near you. Each of its foodbanks has a separate website and information regarding drop-off times and requirements for where to donate food.

How To Donate Nonperishable Food Step By Step:

  • Step 1: Research what food bank institutions are near you to find where to donate food.
  • Step 2: Find out which food items can be donated to that specific food bank.
  • Step 3: Gather up all of the items that you wish to donate, being sure to stick to the guidelines on the products and provided by your selected food bank.
  • Step 4: Once you have gathered the food, check to make sure no expiration dates have passed.
  • Step 5: Check out the packaging on each of the items. Do not send in any rusty or heavily dented cans, boxes that have been crushed, or anything that leaks.
  • Step 6: Take the food to the designated address during the appropriate time.

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What Are The Best Non Perishable Foods To Donate

If possible, ask your local food pantry what non perishable foods they need the most. Normally they are grateful to be asked.

Our food bank prefers canned meats and shelf stable proteins and meals, because those are not donated as frequently. They are, of course, thankful for any donation in good condition.

Is It Better To Donate Food Or Money To Food Bank

Local food banks ask for non-perishable donations as needs rise and availability dwindles

First, monetary donations are far more effective than material ones. Your instinct during a crisis, like a wildfire or a pandemic, might be to donate goods, like blankets, canned food or toothbrushes. … Another reason cash is better is because donated goods require a lot of staff and volunteers to manage.

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Potential Funding For Food Banks

Recycling Market Development Zone Loan Program. Food banks may qualify as a recycling manufacturer under the waste prevention category for CalRecycles Recycling Market Development Zone loan program. The loan can provide funding for working capital, daily operating expenses, equipment, such as trucks and refrigeration units, leasehold improvements, such as expanding an existing building, and real estate.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund Loan Program. Food banks may also be a part of an organics composting/anaerobic digestion project and the organics infrastructure project may qualify for CalRecycles Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund loan program, which can provide funding for equipment, real estate, and leasehold improvements.

There are additional funding programs that food banks may be able to utilize:

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