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Where Are The Food Banks

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The Percentage Of People Without Access To Adequate Food Has Doubled

Food pantries across Central Valley struggle with increased demand

Lines at food banks across the country have gotten longer since March and many of the people in them havent needed assistance before.

About 10.5% of US households were food insecure meaning that they had limited or uncertain access to adequate food at some point in 2019, according to a report published by the US Department of Agriculture last month.

That number has more than doubled during the pandemic. On average, about 22.5% of households were food insecure each week from May 5 to July 21, according to an analysis by Northwestern Universitys Institute for Policy Research.For Black and Hispanic households, the rates have been much higher.

Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County has seen the increase in demand firsthand despite serving a region that people dont often associate with hunger.

Were in one of the wealthiest counties in one of the wealthiest states in the wealthiest countries in the world, and we have pervasive food insecurity at our doorstep right now because of the crisis we find ourselves in, CEO Harald Herrman said.

Before the pandemic, Herrmann said his organization was serving approximately 2.2 million pounds of food a month to about 249,000 residents. In August, he said they served more than double the food to more than double the residents.

Whats really revealed itself is that there are so many Americans that are 3 to 5 paychecks away from needing help in some way or another, he added.

On National Food Bank Day There Is Greater Need And A Shortage Of Food

Inflation is the primary reason that so many New Yorkers are experiencing hunger. We have to pay our rent or mortgage. We have to keep the lights on. We have to pay to gas up the car. But food is something families can control and many are now turning to food banks to supplement their meals.

On this National Food Bank Day, Dan Egan, the executive director of Feeding New York State, an organization that represents food banks all over New York, discussed why food banks are stretched to capacity this year.

âThere may be this false belief that weâre not in lockdown anymore, because the unemployment numbers look much better than they did a year ago, that there might be less need,â Egan said. âIn fact, weâre seeing equal or greater need right now.â

The reasons why are complicated: While the job market remains strong, many jobs are simply not paying enough to counteract rising inflation.

âOver the last year, 10-12% inflation in food, for example, wages have gone up 5%, so thereâs a gap,â he explained. âPeople are actually worse off.â

Egan said if youâre interested in helping, you can either give of your time and become a driver, taking food to where itâs needed, or you can make a donation to your local food bank.

To locate your local food bank visit .

There are 10 food banks around New York state. According to Egan, one donated dollar can usually feed four people.

The Largest Food Banks In America 2022

Welcome to Food Bank News 2022 list of the largest 300 food banks in America, by revenue.

In the food banking world, the concept of revenue is a bit unusual. It mostly reflects the amount of donated food that a food bank receives from government programs, manufacturers, grocers and so on. To a smaller extent, it also includes cash donations from individuals, corporations and grants.

In practice then, the bulk of a food banks revenue stream almost immediately goes back out into the community in the form of food distributions. Revenue, in other words, is a reflection of the amount of good a food bank can do.

Given the persistent need for food assistance during and beyond the pandemic, it may be no surprise that the total amount of revenue recorded by the top 300 food banks increased dramatically during fiscal year 2021, by $4.6 billion, to more than $18.9 billion, a 37% growth.

These revenue numbers come from food banks most recently filed Form 990s or audited financial statements, and predominantly reflect activity from July 2020 through June 2021, a time when the pandemic was continuing to have a major impact on peoples livelihoods.

During that time, the largest food bank in the country reported revenue of nearly $599 million, up from $467 million the previous year. Food bank #300 had just under $5 million, almost $1 million more than the lowest-ranked food bank in 2020.

Zachary Smith, a former Food Bank News intern, is Data Reporter at

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Food Pantry In Northwest Huntsville Expanding After Gov Ivey Awards $50000 Grant

Gov. Kay Ivey has awarded a $50,000 grant to a food pantry in northwest Huntsville, allowing New Life Seventh-day Adventist Church to expand its small room pantry into a larger, multipurposed space.

The coordinator for community services, Robin Daly, said once renovations are done in about 6 months, they’ll be able to serve 10% more people each year.

With rising prices, more people are needing help, and now, the church has the chance to make a big impact.

“It is exciting. I am so overwhelmed by the opportunity to serve our community,” said Pastor Nelson Stokes.

New Life Seventh-day Adventist Church started renovations just days after getting the grant from Ivey.

The church had unused space in the basement. Each room is now being renovated: one room for educating, one for clothing distribution and another for food.

“We’ll be able to expand the amount of food that we get mostly the produce that we can put into the homes of our community,” said Daly.

The family-sized fridge will soon be out. With the additional space and larger refrigerators, they’ll be able to expand on fruits, vegetables and other perishable items.

In recent months, Daly said rising prices have brought more people to the door.

“In 2009, we gave out 400 boxes of food. That was pre-pandemic,” said Daly. “During the pandemic, last year in 2021, we gave out 4,000 boxes of food.”

The need for food, produce and clothing, Daly said, are not showing signs of stabilizing.

Reducing Food Waste Would Help Food Banks

Dayton OH Food Pantries

A senior official with Second Harvest is urging the federal government to reinstate the Surplus Food Rescue program that was implemented in mid-summer 2020 as part of the federal governments COVID response measures.

Speaking to the Commons Agriculture Committee, Second Harvest chief executive officer Lori Nikkel says they were able to purchase over nine million pounds of fresh surplus food, like eggs, chicken, salmon and fresh produce. It was then re-distributed to over 350 communities across Canada. Nikkel says the program-which no longer existshad a positive impact and is needed now more than ever.

Second Harvest is also calling on the committee to support the creation of a tax credit to incentivize Canadian businesses to reduce food waste and provide surplus food to organizations to distribute to food banks and other charities. Nikkel says over 100,000 Canadian businesses have the ability to reduce their food waste but do not have the incentive to do so.

An estimated 58 per cent of all food produced for Canadiansapproximately 35.5 million tonnesis lost or wasted annually.

The Food Banks Canada annual report says a record number of people are using their services. There were 1.5 million visits in March to food banks across the country15 per cent more than the same month last year and 35 per cent above the number in March 2019, prior to the COVID pandemic.

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The Feeding America Network

Feeding America is a nationwide network of 200 food banks and 60,000 food pantries and meal programs that provides food and services to people each year. Together, we are the nations largest domestic hunger-relief organization. When you contribute to Feeding America, you are joining our efforts in nearly every community in all 50 states, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico.

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    After 2007 Financial Crisis

    Following the financial crisis of 200708, and the lasting inflation in the price of food that began in late 2006, there has been a further increase in the number of individuals requesting help from American and Canadian food banks. By 2012, according to Food Banks Canada, over 850,000 Canadians needed help from a food bank each month. For the United States, Gleaners Indiana Food bank reported in 2012 that there were then 50 million Americans struggling with food insecurity , with the number of individuals seeking help from food banks having increased by 46% since 2005. According to a 2012 UCLA Center for Health Policy Research study, there has been a 40% increase in demand for Californian food banks since 2008, with married couples who both work sometimes requiring the aid of food banks. Dave Krepcho, director of the Second Harvest Food Bank in Orlando, has said that college-educated professional couples have begun to turn to food pantries.

    U Of A Campus Food Bank Seeking Donations Amid Heightened Demand

    Coronavirus: Dramatic rise in foodbank usage

    An annual food drive for the University of Alberta Campus Food Bank had a new sense of urgency Saturday as it registered a 100 per cent increase in year-over-year use.

    Last year, the food bank gave out 274 hampers to students, faculty and recent graduates in September. Last month, that number surged to 635 hampers, which supported more than 1,000 people.

    “In the past, our food hampers per month might hit 200 or 300,” said Madi Corry, the food bank’s program manager.

    “To be at 600 in September and are on track for that this month,” she added, “is concerning.”

    Regular shipments of food that would typically last the food bank a month now last around two weeks.

    Corry said a voluntary survey of food hamper users last month indicated the top three reasons people needed support were tuition, increasing rent and the price of food.

    “If you are focused on paying for your roof above your head and your books and tuition, you may not be thinking about food,” Corry added.

    On Saturday, the food bank hosted Trick or trEAT, its largest fundraiser and food drive.

    More than 200 volunteers went door to door in the Belgravia, Garneau, McKernan, Queen Alexandra and Windsor Park neighbourhoods to collect food or monetary donations to support the food bank.

    Last year, the event was able to gather 5,000 pounds of food. Corry said the food bank would need to raise that amount and then some to support the rising need.

    For more information or to support the Campus Food Bank, visit its website.

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    Worried About How The New Tax Law May Affect Your Year

    Be assured, donations made before midnight, December 31, 2017 fall under 2017 tax rules. If you are worried about 2018, consider doubling up, adding next years planned gift to this years, and claiming the total on your 2017 return.* Donate Now.

    *This strategy is perfectly okay, but you should check with your tax advisor to confirm eligibility.


    The award to the Town of Montgomery was made through the Community Development Block Grant CARES program administered by New York State Homes and Community Renewal. Due to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for food assistance across the Hudson Valley Region grew substantially and the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley outgrew its current facility.

    The new distribution warehouse will provide increased capacity to obtain, store, and distribute food donations to 400 member agencies in six counties in the lower Hudson Valley: Orange, Ulster, Dutchess, Sullivan, and Putnam Counties. It is estimated that nearly 179,000 low- to moderate-income New Yorkers in the Hudson Valley are currently receiving food assistance.

    Molly Nicol, CEO of the Regional Food Bank of NENY and The Food Bank of the Hudson Valley said this is exciting news that will be a game-changer in our ability to serve the needs of those experiencing food insecurity in the Hudson Valley. We are grateful to the entire team who worked to make this happen.

    Become A Social Media Ambassador

    Food Banks Social Media Ambassador Program is a way for volunteers to amplify resources for New Yorkers facing food insecurity, boost Food Banks mission on social media, and advocate by using their voices creatively and intentionally online all while earning volunteer service hours.

    Volunteers choose actions to complete , tag #FoodBankAmbassador, and document with screenshots to earn service hours for posting.

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    From Farmers To Food Banks

    : Jamelia Williams

    Categories: GoodFoodBites / News from Sustain Ontario / Ontario Food Policy

    The Community Food Programs Tax Credit has been published in the Ontario Gazette and thus officially proclaimed. The amendment of the Taxation Act comes into force August 15th. For information on how a bill comes into force, you can refer to this glossary of terms. Farmers may apply for tax credits based on donations for the 2014 Growing Season.

    Last Fall , the Local Food Act was passed in Ontario. Being the only legislation of its kind in Canada, the Act , is aimed at fostering successful and resilient local food economies and systems throughout Ontario, increasing awareness of local food in Ontario, including the diversity of local food, and encouraging the development of new markets for local food, . The LFA was not solely about contributing to the agricultural economy, rather it included commitments to increase access to fresh food and to food literacy. One of the key commitments to increasing fresh food access included an amendment proposed by MPP Bob Bailey for a Food Bank Tax Credit for farmers, since changed to include Community Food Programs with input from Sustain Ontario and members . The Bill has defined a Community Food Program as:

    A person or entity that:

    is engaged in the distribution of food to the public without charge in Ontario, including as a food bank,

    is registered as a charity under the Federal Act, and

    A Review of Similar Policies in the US

    Find The Help You Need Where You Need It


    Search the map to find a soup kitchen, food pantry, senior center, or SNAP enrollment site near you. Find a free tax assistance site here. If youre an individual looking to donate a small amount of food, the charities below will be happy to accept your donations. If youre a food industry donor or have a large amount of food to give, learn more here.

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    Cmr Drama Department Collects Donations For Food Pantry

    GREAT FALLS On Saturday, the CMR High School Drama Department conducted in a food drive for their food pantry outside of the west-side Albertsons. The students got all dressed up in their costumes and stood outside for six hours, encouraging shoppers to donate to the cause.

    We hand them a flyer that has a list of all the things we need, says CMR senior Kelly Lynch, All non-perishable items that are really good to give. They come out of Albertsons and hand us the things they picked up in the store.

    Once a certain amount of food is reached, a handful of students load up the car and drive the provisions to the school, where they are itemized and sorted for easier transfer to the CMR Food Pantry.

    This marks the second year the students have hosted the event outside of the grocery store, citing the overwhelming success they enjoyed the first time around.

    Last year we collected so much food, we had no room in the pantry, says Jaclyn Kleinsasser, a Thespian Board Member. When we run out of room in our pantry, we send the extra to Great Falls High and the Great Falls Food Bank.

    CMR Drama instructor Chris Evans is proud of the action his students are taking to help those facing critical food shortages.

    I know what its like to be hungry, says Evans, I hope we help folks not feel that feeling. Theres a lot of folks that really depend on the help. They come and see our shows that our drama group puts on and its our way to give back.


    Be A Volunteer Tax Preparer


    Food Banks Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program has put more than $1 billion back into the pockets of low-income New Yorkers, and we rely on over 300 dedicated volunteers each tax season to support this impactful anti-poverty work.

    This Tax Season, Food Bank will be offering three models of tax filing services: Contactless In-Person , Social Distanced In-Person , and Virtual . NOTE: Volunteers must present proof of vaccination for in-person volunteer shifts.

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