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West Seattle Food Bank Donations

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West Seattle Food Bank

Ciara & Russell Wilson Donate A Million Meals for Seattle Food Banks

The West Seattle-based group focusing on food insecurity and issues of systemic injustices merged earlier this spring with West Seattle Helpline, which allows it to provide more wraparound services for the neighborhoods homeless population. Hours are 8 a.m. to 3 pm. daily, but closed on Thanksgiving Day. Those donating are advised to show up an hour before opening to make it easier to pull into the garage for low-contact drop-off.Needed items: Dry goods, oils, vinegars, meats or vegan proteins

Reimagining The Food Bank

Amid surging demand, food banks have also been thinking about how to evolve their models. For example, they are putting more emphasis on supplying more culturally appropriate foods such as halal and kosher foods and vegetable staples like yuca and cactus.

Theres also an effort to rethink the physical space of food banks, both to reduce stigma and to take a more encompassing approach to the social safety net.

In October 2021, the Ballard Food Bank opened a shiny new building. The food bank section was completely redesigned to look like a regular grocery store. Theres a produce section, a dairy case and aisles of dry goods and other supplies.

We wanted to build a place that fostered dignity and belonging. The old place felt a little like the DMV, said Muzia.

Making the food bank look like a regular grocery store can help normalize asking for help, she explained.

Volunteer Alganesh Okbamichael stocks the Ballard Food Bank’s shelves on Thursday, November 17, 2022. Food banks in the Seattle area are struggling as inflation continues to rise.

Volunteer Alganesh Okbamichael stocks the Ballard Food Bank’s shelves on Thursday, November 17, 2022. Food banks in the Seattle area are struggling as inflation continues to rise.

People often connect first around food, said Muzia. Then you start building trust and can work on other things.

is important in the grand scheme of things, said Hatcher-Mays. Self-esteem is a driver of success and revitalization of purpose.

Your Financial Donations Count

An estimated 1 in 5 children and 1 in 5 seniors in Washington suffer from hunger.

Food Security means access to enough safe and nutritious food at all times to live an active, healthy life. Without help from concerned neighbors, many parents here in West Seattle would not have the resources to provide enough nutritious food to adequately feed their family. Many seniors would have to make choices between maintaining their house, paying for medicine and utilities, or paying for food. Poor nutrition can lead to serious health and cognitive consequences for children and adults.

Your monetary donations help us fill our client requests each day. We are very thankful that we have the funds we need to purchase quality, nutritious goods for our on-site Grocery Model and off-site Mobile Food Programs, emergency financial assistance for those in times of crisis with our Helpline Services, diapers for our Baby & Child Cornerand kid-friendly food for our Backpack Program. Monetary donations provide us with the flexibility to focus on our communitys most immediate needs quickly and efficiently.

TAX ID or EIN #91-1464412

Donate Online

You can make a secure online credit card donation by clicking here. 3% of your donation will go to covering the cost of the transaction and the rest will come directly to the Food Bank unless you choose to cover that cost. Donate here.

Mail a check payable toWest Seattle Food Bank

Seattle, WA 98126

Drop off a check or cash at the Food Bank

Attend an Event

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Pantry Details Hours Photos Information: West Seattle Food Bank

West Seattle Food Bank provides food assistance to those in need within the community in zip codes 98106, 98116, 98126, and 98136 . Those in need of supplemental groceries can receive food once per week. Clients will need to provide a photo ID and proof of address such as a recent piece of mail. The Food Bank operates on Tuesdays for Seniors 55 and older 9:30am – 11:00am as well as Wednesday 4:00pm – 7:00pm and Thursday 10:00am – 1:00pm for the general public . Please contact them directly for more detailed information.

West Seattle Programs Offers Help To People And Pets

west seattle food bank donations

In this charity, non-perished items are desirable. Theyre also very grateful to get low-sodium or sugar-free drinks for their clients that have health issues. If youre moving with pets and have some spare dog or cat treats in your storage, you can also bring that here. Contact them or bring bags in their working hours from 9 AM till 3 PM, or find them on social media. After you finish your relocation with one of the best moving companies in Seattle, check the best dog parks in Seattle, and take a walk with your four-legged friend. After that, you might think about going to some dog-friendly restaurants in Seattle that your puppy will love.

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Ywca Central Area Food Bank

Serving the Central District neighborhood, this branch of the YWCA dedicated to addressing systemic inequalities and racism distributes free food and grocery boxes weekly to more than 240 low-income families and those experiencing housing insecurity in the community. Its open for donations Mondays from 9 p.m. to 12 p.m. and Wednesdays from 7 p.m. to 3 p.m. with low-contact drop-off options.Needed items: Pasta, rice, cereal, cooking spices

University District Take Action And Stop The Hunger With Uni

This charity accepts everything from tuna, salmon, and chicken cans to soups and stews. Other than that, they always have a lack of cereals, cooking oil, all sorts of nut butter, and much more. If you want to contact them or find out more about their working hours, you can check that on their website.

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One Week Left To Donate Thanksgiving Food To West Seattle Food Bank

SEATTLE – Rising grocery prices due to inflation are making things difficult for food banks. West Seattle has seen an uptick in families each week coming in for food. With one week left to donate, WSFB is looking for Thanksgiving food items to help feed families in need. The food bank will still be accepting non-perishable donations after Nov. 14 to distribute at other winter holidays.

First published on November 8, 2022 / 9:41 AM

One Of The Best Food Banks In Ballard Area

Seattle food bank that serves hundreds searches for new home

Ballard organization has its unique way of raising goods they need. You can check their Amazon wishlist or donate some much-needed kids favorites, like mac and cheese or granola bars. They also need food for adults, so bring those cans from the storage to them. Ballard has a home delivery program, and you can find out more about it on their website.

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Donating Food Is Easy

Donations of food are always needed and greatly appreciated. In 2020, we distributed 2.57 million pounds of food much of which was donated by generous individuals like you!

Food We Accept

We will gratefully accept non-perishable food items that are unopened and in good condition. Canned goods that are low-sodium or no sugar added are great for our clients with dietary restrictions. We also accept any fresh fruit or produce, but please clean it first! We accept donations of pet food and kitty litter for our Pet Pantry and diapers and formula for our Baby & Child Corner. Check our wish lists for items that were always in need of.

Food We Cannot Accept

For health code reasons, we cannot accept any home prepared foods, opened packages, cans without labels or rusted, meat that has been stored in a home refrigerator or freezer, or backyard eggs. If you have a question about whether we can accept something, please call 932-9023.

Hold a Food Drive

A fun way to help out and get more people involved in fighting hunger is to sponsor a food drive during celebrations , in your school, church, neighborhood or workplace. Doing a specific food drive for our Backpack Program or Pet Pantry are fantastic ways to get children involved.

Donations of food from individuals and organized food drives play a vital role. More than 80% of the food we distribute is donated. Download and read our step by step helpful suggestions on How to Hold a Food Drive.

We also have:

What Type Of Necessities Are Suitable To Bring

Giving is the best feeling you can get by helping others. Whether youre donating your home supplies and making sure that you bring less stuff with you in your new house or apartment during the move or in the mood for deep decluttering of your kitchen, learn what kind of items you can bring to these kinds of banks.Although terms can differ from one organization to another, most acceptable Seattle food bank donations include canned, dry fruits, macarons, crackers, and everything else that can last long. Anything that isnt perishable and has an extended expiring date is needed, which could be milk in a very well-sealed container as well. This is the list of items you can give to the charity:

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Supporting Our Local Food Banks

We work hand in hand with the West Seattle Food Bank and The Salvation Army of White Cnetr on a daily basis. Not only do they come once a day for perishable and non-perishable food pick up , we hold regular fundraisers for them!

Last year we held a fundriaser for the West Seattle Food Bank in lieu of our regular Holiday Taste event. “Holiday Bounty Boxes” filled with over $700 of items donated by our vendors were raffled off. With matching contributions $40,000 was raised!

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

YOU CAN HELP: West Seattle service clubs team up for community

What did people search for similar to food banks near 3419 SW Morgan St, Seattle, WA 98126?

People also searched for these near Seattle:

What are some popular services for food banks?

Some popular services for food banks include:

  • Virtual Consultations

What are people saying about food banks near 3419 SW Morgan St, Seattle, WA 98126?

This is a review for food banks near 3419 SW Morgan St, Seattle, WA 98126:

“A great organization!I ran a food drive at work and came here with half of the food that was donated. The staff was thrilled! They were really great people. They helped my friend and I unload my car too.They told us the history of the food bank, which is it was started by a husband and wife who have now passed on and is being cared for by others in their name. They help everyone who asks for help. They had a lot of information and helpful tips at their front desk for patrons who may need assistance with other needs.I’m so glad that I was able to help this food bank and their cause. They are doing wonderful work here.”

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Eating Lifeline The Smartest Choice In The Rainier Beach Area

By preparing around 134,000 meals every day, this charity in the Rainier neighborhood provides essential support to people in need in their community. You can contact them on their website. They accept different types of foods, but you can also help them by volunteering, hosting a food drive, or donating funds.

The Family Works Seattle Good Work For The City

This organization is doing a fantastic job for those who need their support, with fresh and new ideas to stop poverty. Dried fruits, crackers, and cooking spices can be found on their list of supplies they need. Contact them from 8 AM till 2 PM on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. For other days, check out their website to get a full working hours schedule.

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Summer Grilling Grab Lunch For A Good Cause

Every spring we break out the grill on Saturday’s through the summer to cook up lunch for a good cause. Our fundraising bbqs brought in over $50,000 for local organizations and charities like Pencil Me In For Kids, Mary’s Place, West Seattle Helpline and The Seattle Humane Society since we began over 20 years ago.

Does your local non-profit organization need help? Slots are limited, see how to apply.

Where Can I Donate Food In Seattle 5 Places You Should Consider

Food bank clients spike as donations decline

Every can, money support, or individual support from volunteers counts. Theres no such thing as a small amount of giving, and we believe that giving from the heart is what makes this city a better place. Unfortunately, Where can I get free food in Seattle? is a frequently asked question these days. If you think you can contribute, put this on your moving to-do list, check our list of places that accept such donations and choose the one thats closest to you.

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Help The Families In Need In Our Community

“Sometimes partners are not what you expect them to be and it is better to strike out on your own with a baby and without a job because that’s what you need to do. Sometimes there are so many different steps and hurdles that you have to overcome to get a service, it’s easy to give up, Then I found the West Seattle Food Bank and they were able to help me over the hurdles while making sure that my young daughter & I had healthy food.” – Alina

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Information You Should Know About Food Donation In Seattle

This is an excellent way to support your local community, and do something for homeless people in Seattle, that youll be proud of. There are many organizations where you can donate food in Seattle, and there is more than one way to provide aid. These organizations have different types of programs and events where you can give money, become a volunteer, or bring something to eat from the supermarket or your house. Well give you a list of five organizations fighting the problem of poverty through their programs, and youll also learn what type of supplies and goods they accept as donations.

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Rainier Valley Food Bank

This South Seattle group has shifted to delivery services to help serve the community during the pandemic, including at-risk students. Food delivery is available to everyone within Seattle city limits, regardless of age, health, and income and the organization has social workers that can provide assistance with transitional housing and other needs. Drop-offs are from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday with low-contact options.Needed items: Rice, pasta, cooking oil, fish sauce, diabetic foods, infant formula, injera bread, canned soups and vegetables

Who Needs Help

Local weight loss clinic donates 600 pounds to Ballard Food Bank ...

The money just doesnt go around when you have to pay for housing, healthcare, utilities, said Thomas Reynolds, CEO of Northwest Harvest. You could be evicted or not get medical attention you need or utilities could be shut off. Theres no real penalty for skipping meals. We worry about peoples long-term health effects by not having access to food.

Chris, a young adult who recently went back to school, stood in line outside the Ballard Food Bank last Thursday waiting for a number that would determine his place in line when the grocery store opened later in the day. Added tuition costs have left Chris, who didnt want to share his last name for privacy reasons, with an extremely tight monthly budget. He said going to the food bank not only helps him save money, its helping him eat healthier.

Its this, or I dont eat certain things, he said of visiting the food bank. My diets been better since I started coming here. Im getting lots of produce.

Unsurprisingly for a city with a severe and ongoing homelessness crisis, many of Seattles food bank clients are homeless. But unhoused residents are far from the only Seattleites who need extra help. Northwest Harvests Reynolds said the vast majority of food bank clients are housed, and many are working several jobs to make ends meet.

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How To Help

There are many ways to help Seattles food banks in their time of need. Donating money is one of the most impactful, since food banks are often able to purchase from wholesalers and can focus those purchases on items they need. But Muzia and Hatcher-Mays both said they always welcome direct donations of food and supplies.

Most anyone can also donate their time. Food banks rely heavily on volunteers to sort food, stock the shelves, pack bags for home deliveries, make deliveries and more.

Reynolds said food banks tend to receive the most attention this time of year as people gear up for the holidays. But the nonprofits need help year round.

Find more information about donating and volunteering on the websites of Rainier Valley Food Bank, Ballard Food Bank and Northwest Harvest. Seattle Food Committee, a coalition of food banks and other groups working on food insecurity, also has information about helping food banks throughout the city.

Food banks expect theyre going to need all the help they can get as inflation continues and the threat of a recession looms.

For the folks we work with and the work that we do, will have a very, very long tail, said Hatcher-Mays. We hope folks keep us top of mind and support their local food banks because this is going to be a rough patch for a bit while we get people back on their feet and stabilize the economy, and we want to make sure nobody gets lost in that process.

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