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St Mary’s Food Bank Az

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St Mary’s Food Bank Alliance

How St. Mary’s Food Bank helps the community
St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance


St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance is a nonprofit, nonsectarian organization located in Phoenix, Arizona. Founded in 1967 by John van Hengel, St. Mary’s was the first modern organization to operate using the food bank model, which spread throughout U.S. and the rest of the world. Today, St. Mary’s is recognized as the world’s first food bank.

Since its creation, St. Mary’s has expanded its operations to nine of Arizona’s fifteen counties, distributing millions of pounds of food to the hungry each year. St. Mary’s also operates its own food pantry, allowing people to get food directly from the warehouse. The organization additionally offers specialized programs apart from food banking, including after-school programs for children and career training for adults.

St. Mary’s is a member of Feeding America, a network of hunger-relief organizations also founded by van Hengel with the purpose of providing food to people across the country.

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What Can People Do To Help The Food Bank Donate Time Money And Food

Volunteers. Again, were serving 1,000 families a day. That means we need a box of food for 4,000 people a day. This is why volunteers are very important. We have two volunteer shifts a day. One starts at 9 a.m. and one starts at 1 p.m. they last about 90 minutes, and you will box hundreds, if not thousands, of emergency food boxes.

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What Was That Experience Like

I dont really know how to explain or describe it. Literally everything weve had to do at the food bank underwent an entire transformation. We couldnt do everything, anything the way that we had done it before, we had to add all kinds of safety protocols.

We had to get food to people in different areas. We went from distributing the food at the food bank to distributing them in the parking lots of sports stadiums. And expanding our mobile pantries just to try to get food out to folks who need it. The amount of people that came to the food bank tripled in just 30 days.

About March of last year, we were seeing about 600 people across the street a day at our main location. We have hundreds of them across the Valley in this one particular location that jumped to 1,500 people in just a few weeks. We had to really pull together.

At the same time that we did, the volunteers that we rely on to help us distribute that food almost disappeared from folks who are afraid to come and people who were part of companies or part of conventions that werent coming to Arizona anymore. We had to come up with an entirely new way to distribute that food. This is done through walkups, drive-thrus and food delivery.

National Guardsmen load the bed of a truck with supplies from St. Marys Food Bank in west Phoenix.

St Marys Food Bank Ready To Help After Maricopa Food Pantry Was Destroyed In Fire

St. Mary

A warehouse stocked with pasta and bread in Phoenix holds more than just a few items on a grocery list. Its a lifeline for the Arizona families who are choosing which bills to pay. The rising price of gas. The rising price of rent. The rising price of food, said Jerry Brown with St. Marys Food Bank. Thats hurting everybody. But if youre the person whos on the edge, that pushes you over the edge.

Brown says because of the fire that destroyed more than 50,000 pounds of food at a pantry in Maricopa, it had to cancel orders set to go out this morning. St. Marys provides the Maricopa Food Pantry with more than half of its donations, according to Brown. Buildings you can replace. Food you can replace. People you cant, he said, thankful at least no one was hurt.

St. Marys works with more than 800 partners a year. The nonprofit is ready to donate food, equipment, even a mobile food pantry to the so-called food desert in Maricopa. Thats an area where food is hard to get ahold of. Not very many grocery stores and when youre food insecure and youre relying on a food bank, theres not another one down the block you can go to.

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St Marys Food Bank Sends Truckload Of Supplies To Pipeline Fire Victims

PHOENIX A food bank in Phoenix is sending much-needed supplies by the truckload to those impacted by the Pipeline Fire near Flagstaff. Crews were busy on Monday at St. Marys Food Bank to get all of the items ready. They gathered water, Gatorade, peanut butter, pop-top canned food and more for families who need it. They need stuff right now, Jerry Brown with St. Marys Food Bank said. The fact that this fire is not even 24 hours old and they had already made these requests to get that food up there, theres a sense of urgency there.

TRENDING: Pipeline Fire near Flagstaff grows to 5,000 acres additional evacuations ordered

The truck will be loaded Monday evening and driven up to the Flagstaff Family Food Center. It will have about 20 pallets of food. We have exactly the items that they need to get things to people quickly, said Brown. If youd like to help out St. Marys, you can donate or volunteer. For more information, .

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    Does St Marys Need More Volunteers

    As youre well aware, the state of Arizona has one of the highest incidences of COVID in the country, if not the world. Again, the number of people that would come to the food bank started to tick up again. We did have a respite, during the summer June, July and August.

    Were definitely 25 to 30% more than we had seen the previous year, but not on the same scale that we had seen through the spring months and allowed us to kind of catch our breath, and get ready for the next surge. Sure enough, that surge came during the holiday season. The good news is weve been able to provide food for every family that is struggling.

    The reason that weve been able to do that is because the people of Phoenix and the people of Arizona have been so generous when it comes to the food bank understanding that this is something that they need to help with, understanding that there are people that they know, or people in their family, even, that need the food banks help right now. Theres a line of cars around the block at the food bank today.

    Some people load their own food in designated parking spots at St. Marys Food Bank in west Phoenix.

    How Would You Describe The Past Year

    Thanksgiving turkey distribution underway at St. Mary’s Food Bank

    The impact in the community and the need for food has skyrocketed here in Arizona.

    Weve been around for 53 years, and we have never seen a year like 2020 when it comes to the amount of food that we distributed and the ways that we have had to come up with to distribute that food. We averaged 10 million pounds a month distributed.

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    How Much Does St Mary’s Food Bank In The United States Pay

    Average St. Mary’s Food Bank hourly pay ranges from approximately $10.00 per hour for Assembler to $30.00 per hour for Curriculum Leader. The average St. Mary’s Food Bank salary ranges from approximately $30,000 per year for Truck Driver to $97,468 per year for Director of Technology.

    Please note that all salary figures are approximations based upon third party submissions to Indeed. These figures are given to the Indeed users for the purpose of generalized comparison only. Minimum wage may differ by jurisdiction and you should consult the employer for actual salary figures.

    Is The Government Still Assisting St Marys

    We still have the National Guard here, and they are distributing food for us. In fact, they were building emergency food boxes this morning, because the number of volunteers it had picked up during the holidays but its now dropped down again during January, so we didnt have enough people to go through boxes. The guard was helping us out.

    Weve also received financial assistance, both from the federal government and from the state of Arizona, to help us. One of the things that weve instituted with that money is a delivery service for our seniors. Our folks who cant leave the house are folks who are afraid to come to the food bank. They havent received their vaccinations yet, they want to make sure that they stay safe.

    It was a $600,000 grant that was given by the state of Arizona, and weve been able to institute that. Weve jumped the number of people that we deliver food to from about 1,100 a month to about 4,000 a month, with an eye towards increasing that total until everyone gets vaccinated. This is a very dangerous time, especially for our seniors, and we want to make sure that theyre able to receive the food they need without risking themselves.

    If you have somebody who can take you to the food bank, somebody who can pick up food for you, we would much rather use that ability. But if you have no other choice,we do have an option now where we can get the food to you.

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    Whats A Situation That Broke Your Heart

    had worked at the same company for 25 years thought she was going to retire from there after working for another 20 years. And she was furloughed for a few months told that they would bring her back when things improved. She went through all of her savings during that time that she was furloughed, thinking that she would get her job back and be able to rebuild.

    She got the call to come back and a week before she was expected to go back to work, the company closed the stores for good. She did not have a job that she thought she would have for the next 20 years. As we were loading food into the back of a car, she had resumes in the back seat of her car, trying to find a new job. You just realize the incredible impact this has had on people who never thought that they would be in this situation.

    People who had been people who donated to the food bank or spent time volunteering at the food bank were now on the other side of the line receiving the food.

    Other Attractions And Annual Events

    St. Mary

    Due to its natural environment and climate, Phoenix has a number of outdoor attractions and recreational activities. The is the largest privately owned, non-profit zoo in the United States. Since opening in 1962, it has developed an international reputation for its efforts on animal conservation, including breeding and reintroducing endangered species into the wild. Right next to the zoo, the were opened in 1939, and are acclaimed worldwide for their art and flora exhibits and educational programs, featuring the largest collection of arid plants in the U.S., the largest municipal park in the U.S., is also the highest desert mountain preserve in the world.

    Other popular sites in the city are , , , , , , , , , , and the .

    Many annual events in and near Phoenix celebrate the city’s heritage and its diversity. They include the , the world’s largest horse show , a celebration of Japanese culture Pueblo Grande Indian Market, an event highlighting Native American arts and crafts Grand Menorah Lighting, a December event celebrating Hanukah ZooLights, a December evening event at the Phoenix Zoo that features millions of lights the , begun in 1884 Scottish Gathering & Highland Games, an event celebrating Scottish heritage , a celebration of medieval life Rodeo & Fair, Oldest Indian rodeo in Arizona and the Chinese Week & Culture & Cuisine Festival, a celebration of Chinese culture.

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    Please Help Support Our Mission

    Only your continued financial support and In-Kind contributions will enable us to meet our mission, goals, and support all our community programs.

    Our History

    Our History

    Seeing a need for energetic, nonprofit work in Mohave County, Betty Kahlor formed our organization to provide food for those passing through. We’ve consistently grown since then, all thanks to the helping hands of this amazing community!

    Our Mission

    St Marys Food Bank Shifts Gears During Covid

    Workers and members of the Arizona National Guard push shopping carts loaded with food boxes to the drive-thru loading area. The guard has been helping St. Marys since May.

    PHOENIX Hunger in America is on the rise, putting more pressure on food banks already struggling to keep up with the unprecedented need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    St. Marys Food Bank, which has been feeding families for more than five decades, has seen the need soar over the past several months, spokesman Jerry Brown said.

    A potent combination of lost jobs and health and safety issues all springing from the contagion have led to record distributions of 10 million pounds of food per month in late 2020.

    St. Mary’s is part of a network that helps feed people around the state, including in the Verde Valley.

    We want to try to make sure that people during this time are at least able to have access to healthy foods and to keep their families going, especially with so many of them still not working, or at least not working to full capacity, Brown said.

    Food banks in the U.S. distribute more than 86 million meals each year, according to feeding But food insecurity in the U.S. is exacerbated in the pandemic.

    Feeding America estimated losses in the battle to fight food insecurity for Arizonas children, with the percentage of Arizona children who were food insecure expected to jump from 19% in 2018 to nearly 29% in 2020.

    The interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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