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St Lucie County Food Bank

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St Lucie County Empty Bowls Returns To Downtown Fort Pierce Farmers Market

New food pantry opens to serve 400 families in St. Lucie County

St. Lucie County Empty Bowls returns to Downtown Fort Pierce Farmers Market

The St. Lucie County Empty Bowls Event returns to the Downtown Fort Pierce Farmers Market on Saturday, March 12, 2022. This marks the 14th year for the community event that brings together local students, area businesses and restaurants to raise money for people in need of food.

More than 500 ceramic bowls hand-crafted by St. Lucie County School students will be on display. For a donation of $20, patrons will receive the bowl of their choice along with a serving of savory soup. All proceeds benefit Treasure Coast Food Bank.

Area chefs and restaurants are donating their culinary talent to the event, so everyone can choose among several tasty soup options from Little Jim Bait & Tackle, Cobbs Landing, Crabbys Dockside Fort Pierce, Treasure Coast Food Banks Catering Department, and the Fort Pierce Central High School Culinary Arts Department.

While the soups will make a hearty meal, the empty bowl and a serving of soup are symbolic reminders of the 1 in 4 people on the Treasure Coast who dont always have enough nutritious food to eat.

This years event will once again include a silent auction of bowls that have been autographed by celebrities who have performed at the Sunrise Theatre. Bid on the bowl signed by Judy Collins, The Four Tops, Howie Mandel, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Terri Clark, Pam Tillis, or Englebert Humperdinck.


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Distributing Food Where Its Needed Most

With the help of farmers, wholesalers, restaurants, community members, and others, we source the food for over 45 million meals each year. And thanks to our hundreds of partners in the community, were able to get that food to the individuals and families who need it most.

450+ Food Assistance Partners

Treasure Coast Food Bank Is Among Best Places To Work In St Lucie County

FORT PIERCE, Fl. Dec. 31, 2020 Treasure Coast Food Bank continues to be one of the best places to work in St. Lucie County, one of just four small employers to be recognized in the 20th Annual Best Places to Work Awards.

Its robust training program for the entire staff of 55 and excellent benefits are among the attributes that make Treasure Coast Food Bank stand out.

The 20th Annual Best Places to Work Awards were given in November by The St. Lucie County Human Resource Association, which recognizes small, medium, large and extra-large employers. Treasure Coast Food Bank has received the award for seven consecutive years.

This years recognition was especially meaningful after a challenging year in which Treasure Coast Food Banks team, as essential employees, worked straight through the pandemic.

Many of our employees were working around the clock. To keep everyone safe, we provided safety kits with gloves, facemasks, a shield and sanitizer for daily use at work, said Judith Cruz, President and CEO of Treasure Coast Food Bank. We are proud that in a time of uncertainty we were able to provide our employees a safe working environment where they felt comfortable working.

Several changes that came about because of the pandemic have remained in place, contributing to a better work environment as well.

For more information about employment opportunities at Treasure Coast Food Bank, visit

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Food Pantries St Lucie County

Find how to get free food, meals, clothing, and assistance in St. Lucie Florida. Most of the food banks, charity organizations and pantries are located in Fort Pierce however the centers serve anyone who needs help across the county. A sampling of the services provided and the main St. Lucie food banks are below.

Each location will offer their own assistance programs, and some have criteria that need to be met prior to distributing aid to the needy in the community. Some of what is offered may include, but is not limited to, food assistance, clothing, furniture, prescription vouchers, and very limited amounts of financial help for bills or housing.

The food banks are also a great place to call for referrals or information on local charities and non-profits in St. Lucie Florida. Many locations also have volunteers or other staff on site who can help people apply for government assistance such as food stamps, WIC, or school lunches for children.

Searchlight PassagewaysAddress is 5912 South US 1Fort Pierce, FL 34982Phone 528-7147A food pantry is available for anyone who needs help, with a focus on low income families with children, seniors, and the disabled.

Brazilian Baptist ChurchFood pantry address is 2730 US 1Fort Pierce, FL 34982

What Is The Difference Between A Food Bank And A Food Pantry


Independent community food pantries are self-governing and usually distribute food to their clients on a once-a-month basis. A food bank is the storehouse for millions of pounds of food and other products that go out to the community. A food pantry functions as the arms that reach out to that community directly.

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Buy Local Buy Organic

Buying locally produced food and products reduces the environmental impact of long-distance shipping, and has the added benefit of supporting local businesses and agriculture.

As a consumer, you have the power to effect change toward friendlier manufacturing and agricultural practices. Look for the certified organic label on food and products. This label means that foods are grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, and animals are raised with organic feed and kept free from growth hormones and non-specific use of antibiotics. Become an educated consumer, do your research, and find local and organic farms near you.

Who Can Visit A Drive

Drive-thru pantries are open for anyone who needs help getting food. There are no eligibility criteria. Visitors do not need to provide any identification or income statements.

Only two piece of information is asked

  • You Zipcode, and
  • Number of people in their family.

You dont need to take appointment. Drive-thru pantries are first-come, first served so plan to arrive early.

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Food Pantry In St Lucie Florida

A number of food banks, soup kitchens for hot meals and free emergency food pantries in St. Lucie, Florida distribute groceries to individuals or families who are in some form of an emergency situation.

There are also meals, free bags of food, personal toiletries and household goods for low to moderate income families from food pantries near you.

Distribution centers can include churches, non-profit organizations, community action agencies, and many other local charities as well as non-profits.

Helping Hands Food Pantry

Boys & Girls Club opens new food pantry in St. Lucie County

Helping Hands is a faith-based 501 food pantry operated around St. Lucie, Florida almost entirely by volunteers.

It provides a 7-day supply of groceries and personal care items free of charge to people in need, regardless of their religious beliefs.

Helping Hands is supported entirely by donations from individuals, service organizations, churches, and businesses in our community.

We have located 0 Helping Hand Food Pantry locations in St. Lucie, Florida which provides a wide array of services. We have partnered so you can also check your eligibility.

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Salvation Army Food Pantry

The Salvation Army is dedicated to eliminating food insecurity.

The Salvation Army operates free local food banks around St. Lucie, Florida from almost all of their local social service centers. The charity organization is involved in feeding millions of families each year, with a large percentage of those assisted being children as well as the elderly.

We have located 0 Salvation Army Food Pantry locations in St. Lucie, Florida which provides a wide array of services. We have partnered so you can also check your eligibility.

Mobile Food Pantry Schedule 2022

Unlike traditional food pantries where you go to them, mobile pantry trucks come to you. Food banks sometimes have an online mobile food pantry schedule.

Mobile food pantry scheduled to visit a community once a week or once a month. There may be last-minute cancellations or changes so recheck the mobile food pantry schedule before you plan to go.

We have located 0 Mobile Food Pantry locations in St. Lucie, Model.Content.StateName which provides a wide array of services. We have partnered so you can also check your eligibility.

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St Vincent De Paul Food Pantry

The St. Vincent de Paul food pantry operates around St. Lucie, Florida much like a grocery store where people in need can choose their own food. It helps to enhance their personal dignity and reduces waste due to unwanted food items.

It also helps them to be proactive in addressing any underlying health issues. This is our model of choice for food pantries in the future.

We have located 0 St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry locations in St. Lucie, Florida which provides a wide array of services. We have partnered so you can also check your eligibility.

Gl Homes Renovated The Boys & Girls Clubs Of St Lucie County’s Storage Room


GL Homes renovated the club’s 300-square-foot storage room. The residential construction company installed shelves, provided a refrigerator and standalone freezer, and donated $20,000 to keep the pantry stocked for about six months.

“No one can be expected to learn, focus or grow on an empty belly,” company spokesperson Sarah Alsofrom said. “Hunger is a critical need that must be met.”

The club hopes to sustain the project beyond that through similar collaborations with other community partners, Kappus said.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony attracted a few people who’d heard the news, but didn’t understand the pantry was only for club members and not the general public.

Esther Cepeda of Port St. Lucie and her relatives didn’t leave empty-handed. The club asked her to fill out a form indicating what items she wanted in her bag, and gave her information about a community food pantry where she could go in the future.

Gianna Montesano is TCPalm’s underserved communities reporter. You can contact her at , 772-409-1429 or follow her on Twitter @gmontesano13.

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Register A Food & Funds Drive

Click here to register a Food & Funds Drive

You can join Treasure Coast Food Bank in the fight to end hunger by holding a Food & Fund Drive in your neighborhood, church, school or place of business. Coordinating a Food & Fund Drive is easy. We provide you with the tools to make it successful. Download the Food & Funds Drive Kit for all the information and forms you need to get started. Please complete and submit the Registration form. For questions or additional ideas, please email or call our office at 489-3034.

St Lucie County Empty Bowls Event Goes Online To Help Treasure Coast Food Bank Fight Hunger

An empty bowl an empty belly. The annual St. Lucie County Empty Bowls event has more significance than ever this year as Treasure Coast Food Bank works to feed people facing hunger amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year as in the past, the event will feature the creative art of students in St. Lucie County public and private schools, who have handcrafted bowls. But it will take place online. Buy or bid on the bowl of your choice between Feb 19 and 28, 2021.

This is the 17th year that weve partnered with student artists and their teachers from throughout St. Lucie County for the annual Empty Bowls event, said Judith Cruz, President and CEO of Treasure Coast Food Bank. We love the creativity that the students put into their bowls. But we all know its not just a bowl. Its meals for children, seniors, and families in need.

The empty bowl serves as a reminder of the meager meals often eaten by people struggling with hunger. Each year, the event raises enough to provide about 60,000 meals for people on the Treasure Coast.

For a $30 donation, participants can select their favorite bowl, and it will be shipped to them free of charge. In addition, a selection of stand-out bowls will be auctioned. The auction will include bowls autographed by baseball players from the New York Mets and other celebrities, including Charlie Daniels, Tony Bennett, and Kris Kristofferson.

Internal Medicine on the Treasure Coast. Most major insurances are accepted

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How The Food Assistance Program Works

Churches, other non-profits, government agencies, companies and even individuals refer adults to our Life Enrichment Program. Many times the primary referral need is food insecurity and hunger. Notably, hunger in the United States is a product of poverty and the long-term goal of the UP Center is to address this primary issue and help individuals and families to lift themselves out of poverty.

First time visitors to the Life Enrichment Program are often sent home with a small supply of emergency food as an introduction to the services we offer. Staff and volunteers will use this encounter to determine if a long-term relationship with the UP Center staff and volunteers would be beneficial to them.

After an initial visit, most families are enrolled in one of the UP programs where they can earn food, transportation assistance or even tuition assistance based on their participation level. These programs are core to our philosophy of two-way giving. Offering an exchange, we empower people to do for themselves, rather than simply being a recipient. One way giving programs become detrimental and lead to dependency, rather than empowerment. Bob Lupton, author of Charity Detox states the only effective charity is the kind that asks more from those being served, rather than less. Asking for more sends an affirming message to the recipient that he or she also has something of value to offer.

How Do Drive

New food pantry opens to serve hundreds of families in St. Lucie County

There are lot of volunteers help at Drive-thru food pantries. While not all drive-thru pantries operate in the same way, here�s how most work:

Staff and volunteers direct visitors to the parking area.

Visitors pull up to the pantry in their car and are usually guided into a clearly marked queue. As people move through the pantry, staff will continue to move the cars forward to get everyone through as quickly and safely as possible.


You are required to fill some information for Pantry’s recording keeping.

Food is loaded into the cars.

Pre-packed bags of food, usually full of shelf-stable items like pasta, canned fruit and peanut butter, as well as fresh produce and meats are loaded by volunteers into the trunk of the car.

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