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How Does It Work If I Request A Food Hamper Online

San Francisco-Marin Food Bank need 25,000 sign-ups for a $25,000 bonus

If you are an existing client you may be able to use our online hamper order form. If you are able to answer YES to ALL of the following questions, please click continue and complete the FORM.

– I have received a food hamper from Edmonton’s Food Bank within the last six months. – I have used Edmonton’s Food Bank services fewer than five times within the last six months. – This is my first hamper within the last month from Edmonton’s Food Bank. – My address has not changed since I last used Edmonton’s Food Bank. – The people who live in my household and their identification are the same as the last time I used Edmonton’s Food Bank.

If you answered NO to any one of these questions, please contact the Food Bank at 780.425.4190 . When you contact the Food Bank, you will speak with a Client Services worker to discuss your situation and how we can help.

Online Hamper Process

Once the form is complete it is sent in for processing. You will receive an email copy with all the information you provided this initial email does not mean that your food hamper is confirmed.

A second email will be sent to you with the name of the depot, date and time to pick-up your food hamper.

You must then reply to this email to confirm that you can pick-up your food hamper on the day, time and location provided. Once this email is received, your order will be filled. If you do not respond to the confirmation email no food hamper will be built.

What Does Best Before Mean

The majority of food has a Best Before Date which is NOT an expiration date. For most food, the Best Before Date is used for rotating food or is a “best quality before date”.

Feel free to contact us if you have concerns or questions about the quality of your food hamper.

Best before dates are not an indicator of food safety. A best before date is set by the manufacturer and is about best quality or freshness and is used for inventory purposes.

We accept food within a year of its best before date and follow guidelines from Food Banks Canada and Alberta Health Services regarding food safety.

Products with expiry dates include baby food, baby/infant formula, adult liquid meal supplements , and fresh meat. We do not accept food that has expired.

More information can be found at:

  • No, this is outside the scope of our work.

What Is The Christmas Bureau

Christmas can be a difficult time, especially on a limited income. The Christmas Bureau has two options for you. Either to be sponsored by someone in the community or invited to receive gifts and food through the Christmas Bureaus toy room.

Due to our limited capacity, applications close December 4th.

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Seniors & High Risk Population

for a Sonoma County listing for seniors and high risk population for more information about delivery services for hot meals and paid groceries.

Contact Council on Aging to pick up meals in Cloverdale, Healdsburg, Rohnert Park, Santa Rosa, Sebastopol and Sonoma Valley or register for home delivered meals by calling .

For adult diapers and other items, visit Medical Equipment Recycling Program at 3000 Dutton Ave, Santa Rosa at the storage container in the large parking lot. Hours of operation are Wednesdays 11 am – 12 pm.

Housing Assistance & Other Resources

Sign On: Farm to Foodbank in WV

Community Action Partnership of Sonoma County has been partnering with low income families and individuals to help them achieve economic and social stability through some of their programs like Housing Assistance, Financial Assistance & Crisis Support, Health and Well-being, Community Engagement, Education and Community Resources here in Sonoma County. Call 707-544-6911 for more information.

COTS has rental assistance available for Petaluma residents who have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. for more information and call 707-340-5699

Coordinated Entry is a system to match someone unsheltered with available housing, shelter and services. Drop in hours available 8:00 -10:00 am at 600 Morgan St. Santa Rosa. For phone calls contact 866-542-5480 M-F from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm or email

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The Mexican American Opportunity Foundation Distributes Food To Families To Help Them Save Money At The Grocery Store

Since 1963, Los Angeles Regional Food Bank partner agency, the Mexican American Opportunity Foundation , has been serving the Los Angeles Community through services ranging from early childhood to senior services to individuals of all races and ethnicities. Among one of their many services is a food pantry distribution that is held every Thursday, and distributes food provided by the Food Bank.

Despite inflation rates slightly falling in October, low- and middle-income households are struggling to keep up with everyday expenses.

How We Use Information We Collect:

The Richmond Food Bank respects client information and keeps it private. Only trained individuals who have signed a confidentiality agreement can access our client database, and must keep the information private.

We use client information for specific reasons including:

To Run and Improve Our Programs: For example, tracking the number of client visits each week.

To Do Research: We may use client information for research. All information remains anonymous and will only be shared with qualified persons.

To Connect Clients with Other Programs: At a clients request only, we may share personal information to check eligibility for other benefits or programs.

To Report Abuse or Harm: We are required by law to provide information to law enforcement in certain cases, for example, if a client causes harm to a member of our staff/volunteer team or to another client, or damages our property. We may also share client information in case of a threat to the public.

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What Can I Expect After I Fill Out The Application

Please note: Filling out the application DOES NOT automatically qualify you to be Sponsored by the Community. But you will be able to access food at the Food Bank.

**Please ensure you are ONLY adding dependent children who are in your care. Unfortunately, we are not sponsoring grandchildren.

  • A staff member will contact you if you need to update your food bank file
  • If you are updated you will be contacted when matched.
  • Once your information is confirmed, you will be asked to book your Toy Room date online.

Please call the Abbotsford Christmas Bureau if you have any questions or concerns.


A Canada Where No One Goes Hungry

FIND Food Bank helps locals sign up for CalFresh program

At Food Banks Canada, we believe that no one should go hungry. Yet, even in this country, people visit food banks over 1.4 million times each month. Thats why we work tirelessly to advocate for meaningful actions that counter hunger and its root causes. We want to eliminate the need for food banks one day, once and for all. Until that day comes, we work coast to coast to coast to maximize the efforts of more than 5,000 community organizations, investing in, championing and supporting their important work. Through our research, we study the underlying causes of food insecurity and create action based on that knowledge. We believe that everyone in Canada has a role to play in ending hunger.We are Canadas food bank network.Our mission is to relieve hunger today and prevent hunger tomorrow.Together with our network, we work toward our vision of a Canada where no one goes hungry.

Your neighbours still need food.

You can help.

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Disaster Relief For Immigrants

During the pandemic, Undocufund has continued to support undocumented families deal with the impact of the Kincade, Wallbridge and Glass fires, and has also given direct aid to those grappling with COVID sickness, quarantining, and those who have been unable to work due to the economic shutdowns. For some, this is one of their only sources of relief.

A Food Pantry That Helps Keeps The Lights On

Utilities are yet another item on families budgets that has increased. An extra three or five dollars on each utility bill can be a big deal for even families with multiple incomes.

Paul Hesse enjoys attending the MAOF food pantry distribution any time he can. Aside from getting out of the house and talking to fellow food recipients, he likes the items he receives, from fresh fruits and vegetables to canned goods. These items are helpful to Hesse and his family as utility bills put constraints on their budget.

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Pueblo Food Bank And Nonprofit Work Together To Bring Food To Cars

PUEBLO In Pueblo, the Care and Share Foodbank partners with several local nonprofits to help deliver food in the community during the holiday season. On Monday, they offered a drive-up mobile food pantry for those to get the food they need.

Kathy McMullen and her friend both live off of social security and pinch every penny. McMullen says that around the holidays, getting food on the table is especially hard.

“We’re both senior citizens living off of social security which isn’t a lot of money. And so with this, I can eat better than I was before,” said McMullen.

At Victory Life Ministries in Pueblo, cars lined up to receive some of the food. Volunteers spent the morning packaging materials to throw in the backseat and trunks of cars driving by, wishing them a happy holiday, and moving on to the next car.

Dacia Shaw is the Pueblo Development Director at Care to Share food banks. She says they aim to serve everyone, regardless of financial or employment status, with food.

“Anybody who’s hungry, it’s our responsibility to make sure that they get food,” says Shaw.

She says they’ve developed several programs to address the needs of Pueblo and Pueblo County. They’ve seen demand rise closer to the end of the year.

“Just last month, we saw 500 families needing food assistance for the first time ever,” continued Shaw.

She hopes to combat the stigma many people have associated with getting food from a food bank.


Help Hungry Children Have A Nutritious Lunch At School

Northern Illinois Food Bank nonprofit in Geneva, IL

The Lethbridge Food Bank, in partnership with MyCityCare, began the Mindful Munchies program to provide students in need with nutritional food items to help them succeed in the classroom. This program works towards preparing and delivering healthy lunch options to children and youth in our schools and other agencies. Our goal is to ensure healthy food is provided to children and youth to enhance their future as well as their emotional and physical well-being. Want to know more .

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Other Food Aid Services

While all the services mentioned are intended to provide food assistance to low-income individuals in Greater Montréal, organizations which provide them generally have a broader mission aimed at the social integration of their users.

In this perspective, these services are often accompanied by personalized support and an overall assessment of needs.

As for material assistance, many places donate or sell clothes, household items or furniture at a low cost.

In terms of the social dimension, food aid is a gateway to the activities offered by the organizations, thus breaking down isolation and forging links with the community.

But food distribution is not the only way to provide food aid. Indeed, many community resources specialize in the preparation and distribution of meals .

In addition, some services are specialized in terms of the clientele they serve, such as family organizations offering food for pregnant women and infants .

Others distribute food products according to their vocation, just like organizations providing Christmas baskets containing traditional foods for low-income individuals.

Accessing The Food Bank

Please Note: The Food Bank is OPEN this fall on Mondays and Thursdays by appointment. To make an appointment, fill out the registration form on this page.

Food insecurity is a problem in the student community. Sometimes money doesn’t come in, loans get delayed, or you’ve got other expenses that suddenly appear. Don’t worry – whether you need long term assistance or just a few meals to get by, come visit the Food Bank.

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How Do I Collect My Food Hamper

In most situations, food hampers are built at the Food Bank warehouse and delivered to your community depot. There are depots in neighbourhoods throughout Edmonton located mostly in churches and community centres. Volunteers at the depot will greet you, ask for your identification and identification for each person in your household.

Please remember to bring a cart, buggy, wagon, suitcase with wheels, or other means to transport your food. Food hampers are based on your family size which means there may be multiple boxes to take home .

Please be prepared to transport your box of food OR repackage the food into your own grocery bags to take home.

Flathead Food Banks Seeing Increased Demand Retiree Shares Her Story

What to Expect When You Volunteer at the Food Bank’s Warehouse

KALISPELL – Its the busiest stretch of the year for food banks in Northwest Montana as pantries work tirelessly to keep their shelves stocked this holiday season.

But its not just the holidays that have been busy as food banks have seen record-setting demand throughout the entire year.

In August, the Flathead Food Bank in Kalispell served 2,800 households at the food pantry alone, thats 1,000 more households served than in August of 2021.

The North Valley Food Bank in Whitefish has seen an 81% increase in pantry visits this year, including more than 700 new families using their services.

We talked with a retired Whitefish resident on a fixed income who has volunteered at the food bank for years.

Nothing about are you worthy? Because they feel everyone is worthy if they need food to supplement, said Evelyn Drews who now, relies on the food bank to get by.

Evelyn has lived in Whitefish for 30 years and recently retired after working many jobs in Glacier National Park.

Shes now on a fixed income and relies on the North Valley Food Bank to get by.

I go in, they say hello, theyre glad to see me and Im glad to be there, and I know Im going to get some good healthy food that will help me to stay healthy, Evelyn told MTN News.

Evelyn has seen the demand for food bank services skyrocket firsthand, she doesnt know how some families would survive without this resource.

Information about helping the Flathead Food Bank can be found at .

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Our Community Our Food Bank

Connecticut Foodshare supports individuals and families from one end of the state to the other by addressing root causes, creating long-term solutions, and distributing nutritious food through local partner programs in an effort to alleviate hunger.

Learn more about how you can join Connecticut Foodshare on this inspiring journey to help our neighbors achieve food security and economic mobility.


This is an opportunity for our students to provide more for their families, for our students who may not have access to the resources that others do. Its a blessing for the students who need that support.

Randall Ward, Director of Student Services, Capital Community College in Hartford


It saves a lot of money, because I get very little in food stamps. I try to eat healthy. I have high cholesterol and Im pre-diabetic so it helps.

Laylany, a senior who needs the Mobile Food Pantry to make ends meet


We have all of these families in town that are really in trouble. We work with these families on a regular basis and know how much they need it.

Wayne, a volunteer at East Haven Food Pantry

Panic At The Grocery Store

Have you ever doubted purchasing napkins due to their price? Maria Perez has. As a senior living on a fixed income, Perez cant afford the hike in price for something as simple as napkins. Something she used to purchase for $0.99, now costs $2.99. Every time she has to go to the grocery store, she panics as she knows therell be something new she cant purchase.

Attending the food distribution at MAOF helps Maria save money on food items and perhaps pay for other things like medications or napkins.

Days before her interview, Velasquez went to the grocery store to purchase a head of lettuce. Though it was three times the price she is used to, Velasquez had no choice but to purchase the ugly lettuce at the price listed, as it was a key ingredient for the meal she was preparing for her family.

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Hunger Affects So Many In Our Community

Many of our neighbors are making difficult choices – whether to buy food or pay for rent or utilities. They are the working poor who struggle each day to provide life’s necessities for their families.

343,000 people

served by the Food Bank and its more than 1,000 partner agencies in FY2021 across our 6-county service area.

1 in 6 people

in the Food Bank’s service area is food insecure, meaning they do not know where their next meal will come from.

1 in 5 children

live in poverty across our service area. Clevelands child poverty rate has been consistently among the highest of large U.S. cities.

87,000+ new people

What Do I Need To Bring On My Second Visit

Creative idea for a canned food drive sign! #nonperishablefood

Returning Guest? Miss your pick up date? Please call to make an appointment: 604-859-5749

TO REGISTER FOR FOOD BANKYou will be asked to bring the following:

  • During BCs State of Emergency we will not require any income testing
  • Proof of residency in Abbotsford
  • Medical cards for everyone in the family

*household consists of all adults living in home. The information that is collected is to help us understand our guests circumstance and ensure there is adequate access to food to meet the needs of our guests.

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