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Second Harvest Food Bank Of Southern Wisconsin

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Mobile Food Pantry At Our Saviors

Second Harvest Food Bank receives grant to continue Beloit mobile food pantry

Our Saviors Lutheran Church is proud to partner with Second Harvest Food Bank of Southern Wisconsin to provide a mobile food pantry to our Beloit community. Second Harvest is a hunger-relief charity organization whose goal is to make sure everyone in southwestern Wisconsin has enough of the right kinds of food to live a happy and healthy life.

Our Saviors hosts the mobile food pantry twice a month:

  • 2nd Wednesday at 10:00 a.m.
  • 4th Tuesday at 10:00 a.m.

At each mobile pantry fresh and non-perishable groceries from Second Harvest Foodbanks warehouse are trucked to Our Saviors for easy and free distribution to residents no registration or requirements needed.

The Mobile Pantry Program provides another source of food to families and individuals facing hunger. It also gives Second Harvest Foodbank a valuable channel to increase food distribution so nutritious, non-perishable foods as well as perishable foods, such as milk, juice, bread and fresh produce, do not go to waste.

To learn more about the Mobile Pantry program watch the video below and visit the Second Harvest website for schedule and other information HERE.

Our mission is to reflect Gods love through service to the family of God.

Empowering Action Through An Effective Website

More than anything, the work of a Food Bank is to connect hungry families with local resources. The Second Harvest Food Bank of Madison knows that to accomplish that goal, it was necessary to use the web effectively to empower and mobilize the volunteer effort. The new Second Harvest Madison site makes it much simpler and easier to give time, money, and food or to participate in events and become a sponsor. That means more hungry families find the help they need.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Second Harvest Foodbank

Second Harvest is a hunger-relief charity organization whose goal is to make sure everyone in southwestern Wisconsin has enough of the right kinds of food to live a happy and healthy life. Second Harvest distributes millions of pounds of food each year through a network of partner agencies and programs. For every $1 donated, Second Harvest can prov… ide three meals. For every 1.2 pounds of food donated, Second Harvest can provide one meal. Check out this list of most-needed non-perishable food items.Read More

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Managing A Lot Of Content

Second Harvest Madison runs a lot of programs and promotions such as partnering with the local NBC affiliate but the old content management software didn’t lend itself well to organizing or displaying those well. The staff needed to be able to make changes easily ranging from small text edits to updating news to custom sign-up forms to building out whole new sections. NMC build the new Second Harvest site on the HiFi CMS and now they have all the flexibility and publishing power they need.

HiFi lets admins manage their Featured and Ongoing Events schedules easily which is useful, for example, in order to let visitors know that every Thursday the local Subway sandwhich shop will donate a portion of its profits to the Food Bank or when the mobile pantry will be in their neighborhood. Internally, the client uses Google Calendar and because its pulled into HiFi automatically, and can read and write from the CMS, the result is that food bank staff don’t have to keep track of events in more than one place. Easier management means more accurate data and a better user experience.

Grab & Drag Handle: The Events section was revamped and automatically integrates Google Calendar

Healthy Food Belongs To Us All

Students for Trump host fundraiser to help Second Harvest Foodbank of ...

As a food bank, Second Harvest is a network leader that finds strength by participating, hope by listening, and connection by sharing with our community.

Since 1986, Second Harvest has provided over 184 million meals to the communities we support.

Im really grateful for this opportunity. Its just helped me so much to step outside of my comfort zone and to let others experience my food my way. I have a mission, and Second Harvest has helped me spread my wings.

First of all, I like to help people. I like the friendly atmosphere here. I totally feel a connection. Our people need a lot of help, and I know this feeling, so I can feel that people here also need help with food.

I love the Second Harvest pantry, and it helps a lot. The workers are good to get along with and very understanding. And theyre good items that you receive. It makes things a lot easier!

I dont know what they would do if they didnt get this food. It would be a lot harder for me and a lot of people.

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Foodshare Members Are Getting Extra Foodshare Benefits In January And February

If you are enrolled in FoodShare, you are getting extra FoodShare benefits in January and February to help during the COVID-19 pandemic. All FoodShare members are getting at least $95 in additional benefits each month. Some households will get more to bring their benefit amount to the maximum monthly benefit amount for their household size.

These additional FoodShare benefits will be on your QUEST card on the following dates:

  • January 21, and a telling you about your extra benefits will be sent in late January/early February.
  • February 19, and a telling you about these extra benefits will be sent the week of February 20.

We are also checking that everyone who should have received extra benefits got them. As a result:

  • Some members got their November benefits on their cards on January 8.
  • Some members may get their December benefits on their cards on February 12.

You can check the balance on your QUEST card at any time in the , or through the ebtEDGE website or ebtEDGE mobile app or by calling QUEST Card Service at 877-415-5164.

Maximum monthly benefit amounts based on eligible people in the household

People in household

Food Benefits For Students And Young Children

To be notified of updates about any of the P-EBT programs, .

Pandemic EBT is a federal program that provides food benefits to the families of children who may be experiencing greater need because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Benefits are put on families’ existing QUEST cards or on special P-EBT cards if they don’t have a QUEST card. Families are encouraged to keep their P-EBT card even when they finish using benefits, as benefits may be put on it in the future if children are found eligible.

There are three kinds of Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer programs:

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Second Harvest Food Bank Of Southern Wisconsin

What is Food Insecurity?

The Second Harvest Food Bank of Southern Wisconsin collects, stores and distributes food to three hundred and fifteen hunger-fighting agencies and programs in sixteen counties of southwestern Wisconsin.


  • Provides food to children after school and operates in eight locations in Dane County.
  • Their Mobile Pantry Program supplements distribution made by local pantries.

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Mobile Food Pantry Calendar

Changes can happen, receive text updates when they do.

To receive a text message when there is a change, find your county below and text the corresponding keyword to 866-989-3123Dane County text FOODDANE | Jefferson and Dodge Counties text FOODEAST | Columbia, Sauk, Juneau, and Adams Counties text FOODNORTHRock County text FOODROCK | Monroe, Vernon, Richland, and Crawford Counties text FOODWEST | Grant, Iowa, LaFayette, and Green Counties text FOODSOUTH

Enjoy stories about how our community is coming together to end hunger and ways you can help.

Telling The Story Of Hungry Families

1 in 8 southwestern Wisconsinites struggle with real hunger every day: that means more than watering down a meal to stretch another day, it means crumpling up paper to put inside a childs brown bag to avoid embarrassment at school. The Second Harvest Food Bank of Southern Wisconsins mission is to end hunger through community partnerships and has succeeded in putting more than 100 million meals on the tables of Madison-area families by coordinating the work of volunteers and donors together with hundreds of local hunger-relief charities. To assist in that mission, Second Harvest Madison hired NMC to redesign and build a modern, mobile-responsive website that integrated Blackbaud software for donations and Google Calendar for events.

Before & After Design

The original site’s text and images were small and crowded, making it hard to navigate

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Extra Foodshare Benefits Ending February 2023

FoodShare members have been getting extra benefits each month because of a federal program during the COVID-19 pandemic. Those extra benefits have been provided separately from members regular monthly benefits. The federal government is ending that program. Starting March 1, 2023, members will only get their regular FoodShare benefits.

For example: In February 2023, a household will get $281 in regular FoodShare benefits plus $95 in extra COVID-19 FoodShare benefits for a total of $376 in FoodShare benefits. Starting in March 2023, the household will no longer get the extra $95 of benefits. Instead, that household will only get $281 in regular FoodShare benefits.

Second Harvest Foodbank Of Southern Wisconsin

Second Harvest Food Bank Website Design Case Study

Since 1986, the people behind Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin have been supporting their neighbors struggling with food insecurity in southwestern Wisconsin. Their focus has remained consistent over the years, supporting members of their community by helping them make ends meet and live healthier lives.

  • Signage updates made throughout the buildings showcasing the new logo.
  • Applied perforated decals on the windows, adding a creative element while blocking direct sunlight and providing privacy.
  • Employee wall: A creative magnetic wall was displayed to showcase the staff and their roles in the organization. Each employee badge includes a magnetic backing so it can be easily moved.

Come to those who sign up for our emails.

Sign up today to receive the latest print and design tips, inspiration, and print must-haves.

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Farmers Union Donates 35000 Pounds Of Pork To Second Harvest Foodbank

MADISON A large meat donation made its way from Redwood Farms in Estherville, Iowa, to Madison on Tuesday when 35,000 pounds of pork was delivered to Second Harvest Foodbank.

According to Wisconsin Farmers Union Communication Director, Danielle Endvick, this donation, in partnership with Farmers Union Enterprises, is part of a five-stage giving spree of 180,000 pounds of pork to food banks in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

This can be a difficult time of year financially for many families, and were glad to be able to provide some nourishment for families facing food insecurity, said Darin Von Ruden, Wisconsin Farmers Union President.

Second Harvest has been supporting neighbors struggling with food insecurity in southwestern Wisconsin since 1986.

“We are incredibly grateful for this generous donation from the Wisconsin Farmers Union,” said Michelle Orge, President & CEO of Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin. “Our vision is that everyone in our community has enough nutritious food to thrive, and this donation fits that vision perfectly.”

Hunger And Hope In The Heartland

The pervasiveness of hunger has become undeniable, and demand for food assistance continues to rise. But, working together, we all make it easier for our neighbors to reach out when they need help. We’re feeding families. We’re changing lives.

Its just as simple as a meal, but when youre a single mom, its more than just that. When we can come home to these prepared meals, it takes hours off my evening.

We support Second Harvest because they ensure families can focus on the bigger things they want out of life.

Because of my health problems, I need healthy food. , you dont have to buy canned you can go for the fresh because thats what your body wants.

Hunger exists no matter what shape the economy is in, or how many jobs exist. Together, we can make all the difference.

Not only are small, emerging farmers being paid a fair price for their harvest, but that harvest is directly fighting hunger in diverse communities.

We havent had money for food. Sometimes the only food weve had in a week has been a box from Valley Outreach . We are just incredibly grateful.

We never know what cards life will deal us, but we do know we can always help others if theyve received a disadvantaged hand.

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What We Do

The Mobile Pantry Program provides another source of food to families and individuals facing hunger. It also gives Second Harvest Foodbank a valuable channel to increase food distribution so nutritious, non-perishable foods as well as perishable foods, such as milk, juice, bread and fresh produce, do not go to waste. From July 1, 2016-June 30, 2017, the program distributed 3.8 million pounds of food.

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