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Second Harvest Food Bank Donation List

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Most Needed Food Items

State Farm agents donate $21K to Second Harvest Food Bank

Below is a list of typical food items that are most appreciated by those who visit the food shelf:

  • whole grain hot or cold
  • mixed fruit, pears, peaches, green beans, mixed vegetables & peas
  • Hearty soupschunky soups, stews, cream of mushroom soup
  • Baking and cooking itemsolive or vegetable oil, flour, sugar

Food Donationsdonating Surpluses To Second Harvest

If you are a food manufacturer, distributor, retailer, restaurant, farmer, or otherwise involved in the food industry, consider donating any food surpluses to Second Harvest.

Please consider donating the following:

  • Surplus inventory or production
  • Items that have production errors
  • Sample, promotional or seasonal items
  • Test products or new products
  • Products that are near code dates
  • Bulk and foodservice sized product
  • Unlabeled or mislabeled items

Second Harvest Of The Big Bend

provides healthy food and other needed items for low-income and unemployed people to relieve situations of emergency and distress. As the regions primary source for charitable food, Second Harvest acts as a storage and distribution depot for over 149 smaller front-line agency partners in 17 Florida counties -11 counties in our Feeding America service area , plus 6 counties under agreement with other North Florida food banks. Five of our counties are among Floridas 10 most food-insecure.

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Why Is Giving Money More Efficient Than Donating Food

When you donate to end hunger, Second Harvest Heartland combines your dollars with donated, rescued and wholesale-purchased food from grocery stores, farmers, restaurants, retailers and other partners. This multiplies your gift to make the biggest impact. Your financial donation makes it possible for our robust team of volunteers, warehouse workers and truck drivers to sort, re-package and distribute over 120 million pounds of food to nearly 1,000 food shelves and other local agency partners each year, who put it directly in the hands of families in need.

Learn more about how to make a financial contribution.

New Map The Meal Gap Data

Sharing Wellness celebration

Learn more about food insecurity rates in northeastern New York.

The Regional Food Bank is a member of Feeding America. Feeding America sets standards and acquires food donations from national companies for its 200+ member food banks located throughout the country.

The Regional Food Bank is also a member of Feeding New York State, which helps the food bank network obtain more food and funds, and fosters public awareness of the food banks mission.

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Healthy Food Belongs To Us All

As a food bank, Second Harvest is a network leader that finds strength by participating, hope by listening, and connection by sharing with our community.

Since 1986, Second Harvest has provided over 184 million meals to the communities we support.

Im really grateful for this opportunity. Its just helped me so much to step outside of my comfort zone and to let others experience my food my way. I have a mission, and Second Harvest has helped me spread my wings.

First of all, I like to help people. I like the friendly atmosphere here. I totally feel a connection. Our people need a lot of help, and I know this feeling, so I can feel that people here also need help with food.

I love the Second Harvest pantry, and it helps a lot. The workers are good to get along with and very understanding. And theyre good items that you receive. It makes things a lot easier!

I dont know what they would do if they didnt get this food. It would be a lot harder for me and a lot of people.

Thank You To Our Generous Sponsors


Hamilton County Harvest Food Bank Inc. P.O.Box 881 Noblesville,IN 46061

Hamilton County Harvest Food Bank does not endorse, promote or represent individual candidates, entities or political parties.


To keep up with increasing demand, over 50% of the food we donate to the pantries right here in Hamilton County has to be purchased. We are very proud to say that over 85% of the donated funds to Hamilton County Harvest Food Bank is used directly to purchase food. We are largely able to do this because we are a 100% volunteer organization and live in an extremely generous and giving community.

Please kindly consider a monetary donation today to help out your friends and neighbors in need. We are a full 501c3 not for profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.

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What Are Our Critical Needs Items

  • Fruits: Canned fruit , dried fruit, 100% fruit juice
  • Vegetables: Canned vegetables , 100% vegetable juice, spaghetti sauce
  • Grains: Rice, pasta, crackers , ready-to-eat cereal , oatmeal
  • Protein Foods: Canned meat/poultry, canned tuna/salmon , canned/dry beans & peas , peanut butter
  • Dairy/Dairy Alternatives: Nonfat dry milk, evaporated milk, soymilk
  • Meals: Beef stew, canned soup , chili, other canned meals
  • Other: Nutritional drinks
  • Baby Food: Must be in complete, undamaged original packaging. No individual serving glass or plastic containers unless in an unopened case.
  • Non-food Items: Diapers, toiletries . Must be unopened and stored separate from food donations.

Hunger And Hope In The Heartland

Second Harvest Food Bank in need of donations

The pervasiveness of hunger has become undeniable, and demand for food assistance continues to rise. But, working together, we all make it easier for our neighbors to reach out when they need help. We’re feeding families. We’re changing lives.

Its just as simple as a meal, but when youre a single mom, its more than just that. When we can come home to these prepared meals, it takes hours off my evening.

We support Second Harvest because they ensure families can focus on the bigger things they want out of life.

Because of my health problems, I need healthy food. , you dont have to buy canned you can go for the fresh because thats what your body wants.

Hunger exists no matter what shape the economy is in, or how many jobs exist. Together, we can make all the difference.

Not only are small, emerging farmers being paid a fair price for their harvest, but that harvest is directly fighting hunger in diverse communities.

We havent had money for food. Sometimes the only food weve had in a week has been a box from Valley Outreach . We are just incredibly grateful.

We never know what cards life will deal us, but we do know we can always help others if theyve received a disadvantaged hand.

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Three Meals A Day Every Day

Three meals a day every day. When you dont know where your next meal is coming from, thats a lot of uncertainty. When you become a monthly giver, youll create a reliable source of funding year-round to help provide healthy, fresh meals for seniors, children and families facing hunger in our community. Your monthly gift is easy to set up and manage and will make a huge difference in the lives of people facing hunger in the Inland Northwest.

The increasing disparity of wealth in our societyand in our neighborhoodscontributes, every day, to the inability of some to sustain themselves, their families and their children. We give regularly to Second Harvest because it is a good way to assist directly our fellow citizens in temporary or permanent need.Michael and Jean Herzog, Feed365 members

Feed365 Member Benefits:

  • Your generous monthly donation will continue automatically throughout the year.
  • Quarterly newsletter delivered digitally.

Grocery Retailer/large Scale Donations

Large-scale food donations are a critical part of our mission to fight hunger in the Mahoning Valley. While community food drives and individual food donations are extremely valuable, the scale of our work also requires the support of donors in the manufacturing, warehouse/logistics, produce/agriculture and food services industries. Large-scale food donors include manufacturers, distributors, growers, schools and institutions. Please consider donating your surplus product to the food bank.For additional information please contact the food bank at 330-792-5522.


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Manufacturer & Retail Food Donations

Manufacturer & Retail Food Donations

Local corporate food donors provide over 20% of food donations to Second Harvest.

Donating food can be a very effective and cost-efficient solution to inventory surpluses, space and storage limitations, and waste disposal costs. Food donations are tax-deductible and donors are protected from liability through the Good Samaritan Law.

Second Harvest can accept fresh produce, refrigerated items, frozen foods including meats, bakery items, personal care products and bulk packaged products, as well as dry canned goods.

Contact Linda Todi at 960-2265, x-309 for information and specific guidelines regarding corporate food donations or schedule drop-off or transportation of donated food.

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