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Santa Clara County Food Bank

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What Is A Food Bank

Leading the Fight to End Hunger in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties

Food banks are non-profit charitable organizations that assist financially vulnerable populations by distributing food. Their main objectives is to help low-income individual and families by providing food.

They will work through other 501 non-profit organizations like food pantries and soup kitchens. Sometimes they distribute the food themselves via mobile pantry.

Food Bank in Santa Clara County, California serves as a single collection and distribution point for food donations. They operate much like a for-profit food distributor, but they do not use retailers. Instead, they may use church food banks, charities, and other non-profit food pantries to provide food to the people to fight hunger.

Church Food Bank Food Bank In Santa Clara County California

Church Food Bank Food Bank in Santa Clara County, California serve a hot, nutritious lunch 365 days a year, even in the face of terrible weather and ever-increasing demand.

Church Food Bank welcome anyone who is in need of a meal, regardless of the person’s circumstance, with no questions asked. It also provide showers, laundry, mail, I.D. assistance and other essential services.

With Summer Coming To An End Some Meal Programs Are Changing

The beginning of August always marks the beginning of another school year.

However, this year as schools and students prepare for the most unprecedented school year in recent memory, if not ever, school cafeterias across Santa Clara County are ending their summer meal distribution programs. The All Ages Summer Meal distribution that began at the beginning of summer will start transitioning to Fall meal distribution throughout the month of August.

With our school district partners ending their summer meal distribution, it is important to be informed about alternative food resources in the community to ensure food security for our most vulnerable residents.

Here are some alternative Santa Clara County food resources all residents should be aware of in preparation for the 2020-2021 school year.

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Volunteer Welcome To Sign Up Online Directly

ROLFs Food Pantry has updated our guidelines. To comply with Second Harvests regulations, we no longer accept volunteers under 14 years old. We now requires parental accompany for 14-15 years old volunteers. For age 16 and up, parents must sign the requested waiver form prior volunteering. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Food Bank In Santa Clara County California

Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties ...

The average food price has skyrocketed due to corona virus pandemic and recent events. The FAO Food Price Index has saw a fresh record high of nearly 160 points.

A shocking 60% price increase over the 2014-2016 base period shows that hunger is a public health issue of critical importance.

The most vulnerable demographic of society is taking the brunt of this economic pressure. Now more than ever, low-income families must rely on California Free Clinics, California Food Stamps, and food banks.

This guide will list helpful information about Food Bank in Santa Clara County, California and organizations that can help curb hunger, how you can use their services and where to find them.

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How Does A Food Pantry Work

Food Banks acquire large donations of edible but unmarketable food from the food industry and distribute it to organizations that feed hungry people. Then they provide this food to family in a need.

Our vision is simplebring financial security, dignity, and savings to the millions experiencing financial stress.

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What Is The Difference Between A Food Bank And A Food Pantry

Independent community food pantries are self-governing and usually distribute food to their clients on a once-a-month basis. A food bank is the storehouse for millions of pounds of food and other products that go out to the community. A food pantry functions as the arms that reach out to that community directly.

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Food Banks Soup Kitchens And Free Food Pantries In Santa Clara County

Food pantries in Santa Clara County California provide a number of assistance programs to individuals who need help. Stop by or call one of the centers, food banks near you, soup kitchens or community service programs listed below for free groceries, meals, basic needs, food, counseling, or information. Find details below as well as a referral number at the bottom of the page.

If you need help feeding your family or yourself, these locations in Santa Clara and San Jose are committed to doing what they can to assist. The services they offer can range from providing meals, groceries, and food up to helping people apply for government programs such as CalFresh food stamps or WIC. Many charities in the county also serve free holiday meals, including at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

If a food bank is unable to help meet your needs, they can usually refer you to other local charities, churches, or food distribution centers in the Santa Clara County region. Some of the centers have more specialty type programs as well, such as clothing, baby formula, school meals and snacks, or items like diapers. Locations may even run Meals on Wheels services for senior citizens. Counselors at the locations can often help people with applying for government programs like food stamps, and also direct you to state of California resources.

Food Bank Of Santa Clara County

Demand At Bay Area Food Banks Surges Due To Pandemic

San Jose, California

The Food Bank, Inc. of Santa Clara County was formed in 1974 by Economic and Social Opportunities, and incorporated as a nonprofit agency in 1979. In 1988, the San Mateo County Food Bank merged with The Food Bank, Inc. of Santa Clara County to become Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties.

Similar Volunteer Opportunities

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Second Harvest Food Bank Of Santa Clara And San Mateo Counties Of San Jose California

Low-income families must stretch their money as far as possible, which often means sacrificing the variety and nutritional value of food consumed. When a child’s basic needs are not met, there are devastating consequences. Children from low-income families are at the highest risk for malnutrition, childhood obesity, poor mental health, and lack of energy. Hunger can have a negative effect on a child’s school performance and ability to learn.The Family Harvest Program addresses these concerns by providing free groceries to low-income families with children under the age of 26. Each family in the Program receives approximately 112 pounds of food per month .The Food Bank’s Community Nutritionists also provide materials to promote healthier eating habits among children and adults and offer special tastings of food items that might be unfamiliar to Family Harvest members. Newsletters contain information about various health and nutrition issues as well as delicious recipes and food preparation instructions. The newsletters are printed in multiple languages for our diverse client population.

Services provided :

  • nutrition education

Appointments :

You can privately and easily book your appointment online for select services 24/7. For the full set of services, you can call ext to book your appointment.

Address :

  • Wed: 03:30 PM – 04:30 PM

Second Harvest Food Bank

  • Service Address4001 North 1st Street. San Jose CA 95134

Second Harvest Food Bank greatly relies upon the energy and commitment of the local community to fight hunger. Your contributions in any way will have a significant impact in providing food to the hungry in the counties Second Harvest Food Bank serves.


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Bringing Healthy Food To Silicon Valley

Our work is about all of us joining together to make sure we all have access to the most basic need: food. Founded in 1974, Second Harvest is one of the largest food banks in the nation. We provide food to more than a quarter of a million people in Silicon Valley every month. More than half the people we serve are kids and seniors.

We distribute healthy food, including more fresh produce than almost any other food bank in the country, through a network of 309 nonprofit partners at 985 sites. To reach more people, we connect those in need to federal nutrition programs and other food resources.

Other Types Of Assistance

Second Harvest Food Bank

Mission offers a number of services for students in need, see our Mission Cares page for details.

If you are interested in learning more about these programs, please fill out this form to have a Second Harvest representative contact you. The team can help you:

  • Find community food assistance resources inclusive of any specific needs that you or your household may have .
  • Fill out your CalFresh application. They will walk you through the process and help you fill out each question to avoid errors on the application to better ensure that you will be eligible for the program.

Volunteering Opportunity

Staff, students, friends or family that would like to volunteer can sign up directly with Second Harvest.

Contact Us

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Community Resources: Food Assistance

During this Coronavirus pandemic, FREE food assistance is still going strong. There are many different food assistance programs such as food pantries, meals, and more, to name a few. Here is a list of programs to help you navigate all the programs and find what fits your situation.

A good place to start: The City of San Jose has created a food map of Santa Clara County including meal sites, food pantry sites, sites for children and sites for seniors. The San Jose Mercury wrote an article explaining the food map on April 3, 2020.

Limitations On Political Activity

Section 501 organizations are prohibited from supporting political candidates, as a result of the enacted in 1954. Section 501 organizations are subject to limits on , having between two sets of rules establishing an upper bound for their lobbying activities. Section 501 organizations risk loss of their tax-exempt status if these rules are violated. An organization that loses its 501 status due to being engaged in political activities cannot subsequently qualify for 501 status.

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Second Harvest Food Bank Of Santa Clara And San Mateo Counties

Second Harvest Food Bank provides food for people in need in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties. In addition to providing food assistance that is dignified, healthy, and accessible, Second Harvest also engages in advocacy efforts to improve food assistance and nutrition programs.

This grant is for general support. Second Harvest is the largest nonprofit provider of food in the region, collaborating with more than 300 nonprofits in the Bay Area. It specifically targets high-need areas such as Daly City, South San Francisco, the San Mateo County coastline, Redwood City, East Palo Alto, Downtown and East San Jose, and Gilroy. In addition, Second Harvest also aims to increase access to CalFresh Californias food stamp program and provides services to families living at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level.

Educare Family Resource Center

San Jose Opens Tiny-House Community to Shelter the Homeless

1399 Santee Drive, San Jose, CA 95122

Every Wednesday from 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Cold meals, and snacks

  • 2980 Senter Rd, San Jose

    Every 2nd & 4th Thursday from 10:00am – 12:00pm

    Grocery boxes

  • 160 North Rengstorff Ave, Mountain View

    Every 2nd & 4th Saturday from 10:00 am 12:00 pm

    Grocery boxes

  • 21501 Alum Rock Ave. San Jose, CA 95116

    Monday through Friday from 10:45 am – 11:55 pm

    Grocery boxes

  • 921 S First St B, San Jose, CA 95110

    Second Tuesday from 8:30 am-12 pm and Fourth Saturday from 8:45 am-12 pm

    Grocery boxes

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Second Harvest Of Silicon Valley

Second Harvest of Silicon Valley

Merger of The Food Bank Inc. of Santa Clara County, San Mateo County Food Bank
Santa Clara and San Mateo counties in California
Chief executive officer
Feeding America, California Association of Food Banks
Formerly called Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties

Second Harvest of Silicon Valley is a food bank based in San Jose, California, that serves Santa Clara and San Mateo counties, including Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Peninsula. With $136 million in revenue in 2019, it is the largest food bank in the San Francisco Bay Area and the 12th largest in the United States. As of 2020, it serves about 500,000 people on average per month. It is affiliated with Feeding America, a national network of food banks, as well as the California Association of Food Banks. Leslie Bacho is the organization’s chief executive officer.

Who Can Use Food Banks

Many Food Bank in Santa Clara County, California and food pantries are locally run, with others managed at the state or federal level. Qualification to receive nutrition assistance from food programs depends on the type.

There are different qualifying requirements, but many food banks have none. Just show up during their days and times of operation, and they will help if they are able.

Here are the tips while .

  • It is highly advisable to call ahead before you arrive!
  • Ask about any eligibility or documentation requirements they may have.
  • If required, bring all required documents when you use their services.

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Santa Clara County California

Santa Clara County
County of Santa Clara
Interactive map of Santa Clara County
Location in the state of California
Jeffrey V. Smith, M.D., J.D.
1,304 sq mi
Land 1,290 sq mi
Water 14 sq mi
Highest elevation

Santa Clara County, officially the County of Santa Clara, is the 6th most populous county in the U.S. state of , with a population of 1,936,259, as of the . Santa Clara County and neighboring together form the ‘s San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA Metropolitan Statistical Area, which is part of the larger San Jose–, CA . Santa Clara is the most populous county in the and in .

The and largest city is , the in the , and the .

Home to , Santa Clara County is an economic center for and in 2015 had the third highest GDP per capita in the world , according to the . The county’s concentration of wealth, primarily due to the tech industry, has made it the and the most affluent outside the and one of the most affluent places in the United States.

Located on the southern coast of , the urbanized within Santa Clara County contains most of the county’s population. More recently, extensive , further complicated by drainage of the Anderson reservoir within the county for seismic repairs, have strained the county’s .

Additional Free Food Or Meal Programs In Santa Clara County

Tile on Instagram: âTile is about our community. Benefits Second ...

For more information about food assistance programs in San Jose and Santa Clara, please call 1-800-984-3663. There are many programs available that can help you get access to food, such as CalFresh or WIC. You can also find distribution centers, free food pantries, and non-profits that offer groceries, meals, and perishable items.

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Food Security Vs Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is the lack of reliable access to sufficient quantities of affordable, nutritious food. Our program is designed to provide SCU food-insecure students access to basic needs supplies such as non-perishable food items, fresh produce, and basic hygiene products. We aim to promote the belief that the right to food is both a legal and human right. Through a variety of resources, including our Bronco Pantry, we hope to minimize a students stress associated with finding their next meal so that they can focus their energy back on being a student.

1. Be a registered Santa Clara University graduate or undergraduate student,2. Complete the online registration form on the Office of Student Life website, and3. Speak with an Office of Student Life representative to provide access to funding and discuss resources and support services.

Requests are confidential and will be honored without documented legitimacy of need.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is a federally run program that helps obtain badly needed food for low-income people and families. SNAP program is also known as Food Stamp.

SNAP benefits in Santa Clara County supplied approximately 40 million Americans in 2018. It is the most extensive nutrition program administered by Food and Nutrition Service and is a vital component of the social safety net for low-income Americans.

In 2017, roughly 9.2% of American households obtained SNAP benefits, with about 16.7% of all children living in homes benefiting.

The program had used paper “stamps” or coupons in the past â worth $1 , $5 , and $10 . These were bound into small booklets of various denominations, to be torn out individually and used in single-use exchanges.

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How To Register

Complete the online registration form and a member of the Office of Student Life will contact you or the referred student within one business day to set up a time to speak. The purpose of the meeting is to collect information from the student to determine which resources will be most beneficial and to initiate access to such resources.

Who To Contact

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Questions regarding the Food Insecurity Program and/or Bronco Pantry can be directed to the Office of Student Life at 408-554-4583 or .

Additional Resource: The State of California offers a SNAP program called CalFresh. For additional information:

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