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Santa Barbara County Food Bank

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What The Community Is Saying About Sbc Food Rescue

Food Bank of Santa Barbara County receives $15K in food donations after weekend drive-thru event

Our last donation from Bristol Farms was fantastic! We were given so many wonderful items. Our residents were very excited about these donations and chose 70 percent of the items within the first hour they were placed out. All of the food is being utilized. You have brought so much joy to our community.

Charlene FletcherGardens on Hope

We operate on a budget of $31 per day for three meals per person. The donated food from Lazy Acres provides lunch for our residents if we had to purchase food, it would greatly impact our organizations ability to do what we do. These donations are instrumental to fulfill the mission of our organization.

Grant DillonNew House II Manager

A primary focus of our treatment program is nutrition and promoting healthy eating habits. A lot of our patients attend four to six hours of programming so its really helpful for them to receive a nutritious meal instead of something that is not very healthy and our clients love the food from Lazy Acres.

Jenny GibsonCasa Serena Program Manager

On average, we have 30-35 clients at one time, and we provide meals for each of them. The donations from Lazy Acres help tremendously. Its so great to see hungry clients who are in recovery or in rehab getting healthy.

Gil RamirezNew House III General Manager

Brown Bag Home Delivery Program

Starting in 1983, our Brown Bag Program served low-income seniors on fixed incomes who struggle with housing, health care and other costs. In various distribution locations throughout the county, the Foodbank provided a grocery bag of nutritious staple foods, including high-protein items, canned soups, pasta, cereal, eggs, bread and seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables to seniors twice a month. Over 150 volunteers many of whom are Brown Bag Program participants are essential to the programs success, helping assemble bags of groceries and making home deliveries.

In January 2021, the Brown Bag Program transitioned to a home delivery service for low-income seniors who are homebound and/or have no social support to pick up food on their behalf. The program continues to provide two bags of groceries and fresh produce each month to seniors facing food insecurity in Santa Barbara County. The program is designed to supplement food budgets and allow seniors to maintain a healthy, independent lifestyle.

To become a participant in the program, please fill out the application at the bottom of the page or reach out to the contacts listed below.

Old Eucalyptus Tree Falls On Santa Barbara County Foodbank Damaging Generator And Office

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. A eucalyptus tree fell on the Santa Barbara County Foodbank building Wednesday morning, but staff said no food was damaged.

Foodbank officials said they received a call from the building’s ground security early Wednesday morning saying that a tree had fallen on the building.

While the office spaces are entirely inaccessible from the damage, the areas where the food is stored were left unharmed, Judith Smith-Meyer, spokeswoman for the Foodbank, told News Channel 3-12.

Smith-Meyer said that, thankfully, there was no one in the building when the tree fell so no one was injured.

Warehouse manager Jesus Lopez feels the same way.

“The good thing is that we didn’t have any employees in the building, so that was a good thing. And everybody’s safe, ” said Lopez, “One of the major things that we lost was our generator, our backup generator. Corner of our offices took a major damage upstairs. Good thing is nothing got damaged on the food side. So we’re still able to go out and take the food out to the community. So that’s a plus.”

They are now hearing that insurance may not cover the $50,000 cost of replacing the backup generator.

Coverage may depend on the health of the tree or whether the policy covers damage caused by an act of mother nature.

SB Tree Care crews cut down the tree and put caution tape around the area where its roots came out of the ground.

They believe the old building used to be a fire station.

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Hunger In The Heart Of Agricultural Country

Food. What could be more basic for life? And yet there are thousands of people in our County who go to bed every night wondering where tomorrows food will come from. It is no small irony that in this area that knows such abundance- which produces the food that feeds so many others around the country- that tens of thousands of people here do not have access to nutritious, affordable, healthy food on a consistent basis. Food insecurity means having limited, uncertain or inconsistent access to the quality and quantity of food necessary to live a healthy life.

Despite its many assets, Santa Barbara County has the third highest poverty rate in California. Approximately ten percent of our population is estimated to face food insecurity. Children bear the brunt of this as about a third of those served through the Food Bank are under eighteen. The cost of hunger and food insecurity is real and measurable. In addition to causing suffering, it impacts our health care costs, the educational attainment of our children and the ability for people to be strong and productive members of society.

Annual Food And Funds Drives:


Fill the Foodbank! NovemberThis drive-through event supports the Foodbank in our mission to provide nutritious food to thousands of hungry children, seniors, and families during the Holiday season.

Turkey Drive NovemberDonate a bird and help the Foodbank ensure that every family has a nourishing holiday meal.

Stamp Out Hunger May, NovemberSponsored by the United States Postal Service and the National Association of Letter Carriers. Leave a bag of non-perishable food next to your mailbox and your letter carrier will deliver your donation to the Foodbank. *Cancelled this year due to COVID*

The End Hunger Games: A Corporate Challenge NovemberThe Corporate Challenge is a friendly competition among local companies to give dollars, food, and time to the Foodbank and join the fight against hunger. For more information on how to participate contact Senior Development Manager Nathalie Keller,

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Foodbank Of Santa Barbara County Secures New Goleta Warehouse

After an eight-year-long search, theFoodbank of Santa Barbara County secured a new warehouse at 80 Coromar Drive in Goleta.

With 57,000 square feet of warehouse space already built and another 20,000 square feet of existing office space, the property was ideally suited to south countys food banking needs and required fast action.

While the space has been secured with $3 million from Foodbank reserves and a loan of $9.7 million from Montecito Bank & Trust, $15 million will need to be raised in the coming year to complete the purchase and effect needed warehouse renovation .

The cost of land and building from scratch is so prohibitive, this space was an opportunity we couldnt afford to pass up, explained Erik Talkin, Foodbank CEO. Weve been exploring ways to grow and improve our Santa Barbara facility for years, especially since we experienced how suddenly need can increase and capacity to meet it can be impaired when disaster strikes.

Weve seen in recent years what happens when a transport channel into the county gets blocked, as with the Montecito Debris Flow that shut down the 101, Talkin added. But if 101 and 154 were blocked by, say, a major earthquake, we wouldnt be able to move food between north and south county. Santa Barbara, Goleta and Carpinteria would face a real crisis of food access.

Ongoing community supportis essential to maintain necessary food sourcing and distribution.

About the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County

The Foodbank Of Santa Barbara County Is A 5013 Organization Tax Id # 77

We are ending hunger and transforming the health of Santa Barbara County through good nutrition. We serve the community as a leader and expert in improving the nutritional health of our county through increased food security

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What We Are Doing

The Community Environmental Council is coordinating SBC Food Rescue, a collaborative food recovery network for Santa Barbara County with support from private, public, and nonprofit sectors. SBC Food Rescue builds relationships between donors with excess food and charitable organizations throughout the County to help address food insecurity and prevent good food from going to waste.

Sesloc Spotlight: Food Bank Of Santa Barbara County

Foodbank of Santa Barbara County expanding reach with purchase of new facility

SESLOC Spotlight highlights local organizations that make the Central Coast the best place to live.

Today were shining the spotlight on the Food Bank of Santa Barbara County. 1 in 4 people in Santa Barbara County struggle with food insecurity many of them are children. Laurel Alcantar, Development Manager, tells us how the nonprofit has supported our community for almost 40 years.

Food Bank of Santa Barbara County

Industry: Nonprofit

Serving the Central Coast since: 1982

How many employees? 49

How many volunteers? 1,700+

Whats your mission? To end hunger and transform the health of Santa Barbara County through good nutrition.

Whats unique about the Food Bank of Santa Barbara? There are a couple of things that I would say are unique about the Foodbank. Food is our specialty, our area of expertise. For almost 40 years we have worked to build partnerships on a local and national level which allow us to efficiently acquire and distribute food in Santa Barbara County to those with the greatest need. We work with over 300 nonprofits and faith-based organizations in Santa Barbara County to ensure that our most vulnerable neighbors have the food they need to stay healthy.

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More Information And Resources

  • To speak with a Foodbank representative for assistance: 967-5741
  • Your family may qualify for CalFresh. CalFresh is a nutrition program that helps you feed your family healthy meals every day. It takes just 20 minutes to apply.
  • Find out more about all Foodbank Programs for children, families and seniors.
  • Find a free lunch for a child this summer with the Picnic in the Park Program.

Donate Food Or Host A Drive

We are accepting food at the following locations and times:

4554 Hollister Ave., Monday Friday, 7am 3pm

490 W. Foster Rd., Monday Friday, 7am 3pm

To host a Food Drive contact our Community Engagement Coordinator

Donate Now Volunteer or Give Masks Start A Fundraiser

Food donations make up around 60% of the food we receive and distribute into the community. Some are large scale donations, some are community-based food drives, and some are individual donations they all make a difference in feeding those in need in our community!

We accept Food Donations of all types, even fresh produce!

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Foodbank Of Santa Barbara County Opens New Facility In Goleta

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. The new warehouse for the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County may not look like much right now.

This is the new mystery place. We have been wanting to show people for a long time,” said CEO Erik Talkin of the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County.

“At the moment its empty, and we will be fitting out this warehouse,” said Talkin.

The CEO says the current facility is running out of space for incoming food.

“We had converted a fire station in Santa Barbara for 30 years … and weve been making it work. But its too small, and its not really up to the task at the level which we are serving. So we are very excited. This is the first of its kind in Goleta for the foodbank,” said senior communications manager of the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County.

The foodbank already purchased the building.

Now, the organization is launching a $6 million Sharehouse” campaign to raise money for services and upgrades.

Even though its not ready to be operational, we are inviting the community to join us to get a preliminary look … do lots of fun activities … try some food samples … on Saturday,” said Smith-Meyer.

While this new facility is still going through upgrades, its expected to be fully operational by next summer.

“It’s for the entire community … a big part of the goal is to be able to serve everyone in the community,” said Smith-Meyer.

“When its a thriving warehouse full of food, its going to keep families fed for decades to come,” said Talkin.

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Foodbank Of Santa Barbara County

In a lively TED talk delivered November 2019, Erik Talkin illustrates why people facing hunger and food insecurity need more than just groceries to be healthy and become more food secure. Watch: Featured are outlines of the Foodbank’s award-winning Children’s Health Initiative “Feed the Future” and other approaches used to increase food literacy among all residents of the county, in both the daily disaster of hunger as well as in the face of large-scale emergencies.

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