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Restaurants That Donate Food To Events

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Chipotle Makes Its Mark On Food Sustainability

Dine with Ukraine: Austin restaurants donate to World Central Kitchen I FOX 7 Austin

Chipotle’s vision says it all: “We believe that food has the power to change the world.” The food chain sticks by its values by crafting Mexican-inspired quick meals with real ingredients and organic produce. It even makes sure its materials are as good for the planet as its ingredients are for your body by reducing plastic waste and recycling. Its Chipotle Cultivate Foundation focuses on improving food sustainability through innovative processes and donations to family farms, research, education, and other efforts that target sustainability.

The company continues to change the world through not just its food and sustainability efforts, but also its philanthropy. One way it does that is by hosting events with local organizations, such as schools and sports teams, and donating a portion of its event revenue to the organizations. According to Chipotle, the company gives back a whopping 33% of event sales and has hosted more than 303,000 community events as of April 2022.

Who Can You Donate To

  • Once you decide to devote your energy to contributing to a worthy cause, the big question arises who? There are hundreds of thousands of worthwhile charities and nonprofit organizations in the world doing good and important work. It can be easy to get overwhelmed at the sheer magnitude of the options. But ask yourself: 1. What is something that is deeply important to you

Donation Fatigue Is Real Be Prepared To Explain Yourself

So let’s start with clear communication. I fell into a whispered discussion with a group of chefs, including Jennifer Carroll and Kerri Sitrin, who made the leap from restaurants to starting her own consulting and marketing company during the pandemic. Everyone expressed donation fatigue. This letter sprung from our collective mindset. If you’re a chef searching for a response to all the asks, this is yours to copy and paste.

Dear event organizer,

Yours sounds like a truly worthy cause and one that I would gladly support with the following stipulations. If you would like me to cook at your event, I will require the following.

  • Ample time to prepare and consider this request.
  • A stipend that covers food, prep labor, and time away from my own business.
  • Necessary equipment and power to execute my dish.
  • Dinnerware to serve my dish.
  • Signage that explains my dish, who I am, and the business I represent, as well as promotion on your marketing and social media channels .
  • Extra hands to help execute and serve my dish if you anticipate over X amount of guests
  • If your event requires travel, fees incurred are covered .
  • Transparency on how funds raised from the event are distributed.
  • If you would like me to donate food, please bear in mind that I can only do so in a way that ensures my small business remains viable.


    Chef ____

    It can feel terrible to say no.

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    Food Security Foundation India

    India Food Banking Network is the flagship program of Food Security Foundation India, a not-for-profit registered on 17th June 2011. They distribute food products and meals through a network of community based organizations or NGOs that run institutional feeding programs. These include feeding programs at schools for underprivileged children, homeless shelters, old age homes, after-school programs, orphanages, charitable hospitals and other programs for the needy. IFBN is bringing together the government, private sector, and NGOs in multi-stakeholder partnerships to establish a network of Food Banks to systematically capture non-perishable packaged food from food companies and channelize it to the institutional feeding programs.

    States: Uttarpradesh, Madhyapradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Gujrat, Rajasthan, Maharshtra, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, West Bengal Contact Person: Ms. Vandana Singh, 9810845674,

    Wendy’s Founder Promoted Philanthropy

    GFWC Woman

    Per QSR, in April 2022, fast food chain Wendy’s promised $185,000 in donations to various organizations across the United States and Canada. A food bank, crisis hotline, and a community action agency were among the recipients. Wendy’s also contributed $125,000 to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, an organization that supports students in or planning to attend HBCUs.

    That $185,000 may seem like a small chunk of change for such a large chain restaurant, and to be fair, it is. However, that’s only one of the company’s many charitable efforts. In fact, founder Dave Thomas was a giver, and as his business grew, he encouraged it to give back to organizations that aided foster care, fueled strong and vibrant communities, and worked toward hunger relief.

    In 2017, the company began WeCare, a fund that offers emergency assistance to full-time and part-time Wendy’s employees. It also launched Wendy’s Community Giving Program in 2020, which commits to supporting multiple organizations throughout each year. The fast food chain also seeks to get its employees in on the action by encouraging them to volunteer with local organizations that its restaurants can support through food drives and other events.

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    Does Dunkin Donuts Throw Away Food

    Yes, Dunkin’ throws away all of the unused food at the end of the day. It is wasteful, but don’t try to take complete advantage of it. Plenty of times customers come in minutes before closing asking for doughnuts but not wanting to pay since it’s going to trash anyway. Well, it’s still store hours so you have to pay.

    Fundraisers For Local Events

    One of the most effective ways to stay involved with your community is to pay close attention to the local news. By monitoring events that impact your city, you can offer to host a fundraiser at your restaurant to support those affected when the need arises. From disaster relief to raising money for after-school programs that lost their funding, catering to the needs of your community is the ideal charitable event strategy for restaurants.

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    Restaurant Food Drive Charity Event

    Hosting a food drive for a local food bank at your restaurant is a relatively easy and effective way to give back to your community. These are popular around the holidays, because people associate this time with seasonal giving.

    Set aside a visible space for your collection boxes and use flyers, social media, and word-of-mouth to let customers know what you’re collecting and what you’re donating to. If you’re looking to provide more motivation, you could offer coupons or incentives for anyone who donates.

    Does Nordstrom Give Grants

    Over 30 restaurants gather for ‘Taste of Louisville’ event

    Nordstroms Grant Program. Nordstrom offers cash grants to eligible nonprofits. In order to apply, the organization must provide a description of the nonprofit, the dollar amount requested, list of officers and directors, history of the nonprofit, most recent annual report or form 990, and a W9 form.

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    Think Of The Maturity Of The Restaurant You’re Approaching Be Especially Kind To New Small Businesses

    New businesses are trying to figure everything out: their budgets, labor costs, and now, ever-increasing labor shortages. Nicole Suanlarm, also an owner of Musi, notes that when their restaurant opened in 2019, Miller was named by Philadelphia Magazine as our city’s best chef, Musi was named one of Eater National’s best new restaurants and with the accolades came a great number of nonprofits looking to have them serve food for free at their events. The offers were presented as privileges but as Suanlarm says, “It’s draining on a new business because you’re struggling to figure out labor and food cost. Events throw that figuring off its axis. We’re scrambling to find helpers and then we must pay that person, but we’re not even being paid for that event. We’re giving away product and we’re messing with our own finances by doing something out of the ordinary,”

    Suanlarm continued, “Ari wanted to do every event, say yes to everything. The pressure to get your name out there is huge. You don’t want to mess up and you want to do everything you can to promote your business.”

    What Are Restaurant Fundraisers

    A restaurant fundraiser is a social event where a group eats at a restaurant on a particular day and the restaurant donates back a set percentage of sales to the groups cause. These events are also known as dine-to-donate, profit shares, fundraising nights, restaurant give-back nights, or spirit nights.

    Fundraising at restaurants is truly a win-win scenario! Restaurants that do fundraisers establish closer ties with their communities and your friends, family, and supporters get a chance to enjoy a delicious meal with each other.

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    The Benefits Of Food Donation For Restaurants

    Increasing numbers of restaurateurs are discovering how an excess edible food donation program positively impacts both their communities and the bottom line of their operations. Through the implementation of an effective edible food donation program, restaurants can help address food insecurity in the community, reduce food waste and the corresponding impact on climate change, and create better bottom line results for the business. While restaurateurs are likely to have natural concerns, such as brand protection and administrative challenges, when it comes to donating their excess edible food, , there are tools and approaches which should mitigate those concerns and allow the restaurant to comfortably reap the benefits of an excess edible food donation program.

    The need for excess edible food donation programs is driven by a number of factors. As climate change continues to be in the spotlight with consumers, media, and legislators, the impact of food waste in landfills is receiving considerable attention. In 2018, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimated that 63 million tons of wasted food were generated. According to the EPA, in the United States food is the single largest category of material placed in municipal landfills, where it emits methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. Municipal solid waste landfills are the third-largest source of human-related methane emissions in the United States.

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    What Is A Dining For Dollars


    Dining for Dollars is Bertuccis program for giving back to schools and nonprofits. On the night of your eventtypically a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday eveningguests present the Dining for Dollars flyer, and 15 percent of the check goes to your school. Contact your local Bertuccis manager to get planning.

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    Does Chipotle Help Schools

    Chipotle. Chipotle helps public and private K12 schools by hosting in-restaurant fundraisers, making for a fun night out with the fam that also supports your school. Best of all, your school will receive 33 percent of the proceeds brought in by your supporters , meaning if your supporters bring in $300, theyll send you a check for $100!

    What Can You Donate

    • The possibilities are more or less endless, but common types of donations that come from restaurateurs to charitable organizations include: 1. Food 2. Staff time and services 3. A flat amount of money 4. A percentage of a particular day/evenings food sales 5. The profits from a particular dish If you do decide to donate the profitsfrom a dish or ev

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    Society For The Promotion Of Youth And Masses

    Society for Promotion of Youth and Masses is a national NGO, with over 30 years of experience working with the homeless & marginalized population in the areas of Health & Development. SPYM is running over 50 shelter homes for children, adults and senior citizens across Delhi, wherein the shelter users are provided with the services ranging from daily meals, clothes and other basic health care with active support of generous donors. Our mission of serving the resource deprived community further gets strengthened with support and contribution made by the general community and the corporate sector under CSR activities. We source and acquire food & other products . SPYM provides signed commitment to donors for quality check of donated perishable food items and other related liabilities once the food is donated to SPYM and the food items are distributed to needy people directly through our programs.

    State: Delhi

    What Fundraiser Makes The Most Money

    Leftover food from restaurants going to the homeless, thanks to a new program

    Here are our top 10 fundraising event ideas:Walk/Run/Bike-a-Thon. Choose your sport and get moving! … Dollar Walk. Invite supporters to help pave your “Dollar Walk” with dollar bills. … Car Wash. … Spaghetti Dinner. … Auction. … Fundraising Raffle. … Jeans or Casual Dress Day. … Bake Sale.More items…

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    Feed The Need Foundation

    Feed the need foundation has started our services with the vision to provide free foods to the road side Sheltered,elderly and hungry people on a daily basis. We distribute freshly prepared food to the population of Banglore. Also, we have rescued 15 slum children and help them get proper education and serve them with healthy meals. Also in our ambit is surplus food collection from restaurants , caterers from weddings and parties.

    States: Banglore

    Restaurants And Ice Cream Shops Helping Local Organizations

    • YogurtiniYogurtini offers a delicious and fun way to raise money for your non-profit group. Located in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska.

    The website,, has an interactive map that lets you search for restaurants in your area. This website also helps you book the restaurant on its website. It’s a great resource when trying to find that perfect match.

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    Be Mindful Of The Chef’s Time

    Einhorn notes, “I think we forget that time is its own valuable resource. Chefs need time to conceptualize and prepare a dish. Events take time away from business, friends, family, and life.”

    Widjojo concurs, “Running a restaurant, we don’t get that much time off and our hours are painstakingly long, especially as owner-operators. From my standpoint, a lot of these events charge their guests anywhere from $200-400 per person and I feel that the restaurants that do come and participate in those events deserve some type of compensation for their time.”

    Einhorn lends her viewpoint from the event organizer’s side. “As someone who has worn all the hats, nonprofits need all the help. No one is out to get the chef. These asks aren’t malicious, there’s just a lack of perspective. Organizers are just trying to help whatever their mission is. But they can’t just live in that lane and chefs can’t just live in theirs.”

    Be Aware Of What You’re Asking

    Donate Now

    Chef Melissa Fernando runs the pop-up eatery Sri’s Company. “I think in general, there is a huge disconnect between the organizers at these types of events and the food vendors. I don’t think they fully understand what they are asking us to ‘donate’ to an event,” she says. “I do not have a regular kitchen space. I bounce around trying to find a friend whose commissary or restaurant kitchen I can cook out of. It would be useful for organizers to be aware of what really goes into asking a vendor to merely donate their ingredients to an event.”

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    Seek Board Member Assistance

  • If your nonprofit business has a board of directors or a board of advisors, employ their help in soliciting food donations for your company. Many of these individuals sit on local business boards and are involved in chambers of commerce and rotary clubs, which makes them well-connected. Ask for their help in approaching smaller businesses they have ties to and asking for contributions. Again, be specific in what your needs are, whether that is nonperishable items or seasonal fresh foods, and whether the donation is something you are trying to secure as a one-time event or ongoing support.

  • So How Does It Get Deducted

    • All that said, there are more than a few restrictions on charitable donations, and its important to make informed decisions about your expenditure to avoid disappointment later. If you have any doubts about whether something will be tax deductible or not, it is always advisable to consult an accountant to walk through the ins and outs of the process. In the meantime, here are a few ove

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    Cater To Community Events

    If you prepared food but it never left storage, catering is a perfect way to empty your shelves and give back. A community group, such as a school board or scouting organization, would most likely be delighted to accept your leftovers at their events.

    Likewise, you can cater community block parties, fundraisers, and other happenings. Not only would people appreciate your generosity, but you can also promote your restaurant while serving others.

    Companies That Donate Food To Nonprofit Organizations That Serve As An Example

    Third Ward shooting: Restaurants donate proceeds to support detective | FOX6 News Milwaukee

    One of the biggest problems the world faces today is world hunger. After it has been declining for a decade, global hunger has been rising again. According to a United Nations report, in 2016 global hunger affected 815 million people. In 2017, there were 38 million more that suffered. In this context, its time to stop and see what are the companies that donate food to nonprofit organizations to help the less fortunate.

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    Can Restaurants Donate Leftover Food

    Food waste is a problem around the world, and restaurants play a large role. Let’s see the legal ways businesses can donate unused food.

    Each year, 40 million tons of food is wasted in the United States – thats over 25% of the total US food supply. With so many people going hungry across the country, it is often wondered if restaurants can help give away unused food. After all, estimates indicate that the food industry spends $162 billion every year in costs related to wasted food.

    So, can restaurants donate leftover food?

    Simply put, yes – restaurants can donate unused food. However, businesses must adhere to a few guidelines to ensure safety.

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