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Places That Donate Food To Schools

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Choice Hotels Volunteer Grant Program

SULC, Ascension Parish primary schools donate over 1,000 meals to food bank

Choice Hotels volunteer grant program, Giving Time, makes donations to the nonprofits where corporate employees volunteer their time.

Employees must volunteer for a minimum of 10 hours before they can apply for a volunteer grant.

The specific grant amount varies based on the number of hours volunteered in a calendar year.

Chevrons Corporate Social Responsibility Program

Chevron seeks to help communities succeed by boosting local economies, improving access to healthcare, and focusing on education. In the past decade alone, Chevron has made nearly $2 billion in social investments to communities around the world.

Through their volunteer program, Chevron helps people across the globe who need access to water, food, and opportunity.

Publixs Matching Gift Program

Publix matches current and retired employees donations to public or accredited private school, college, or university.

Donations ranging from $25 to $5,000 are eligible to be matched at a 1:1 ratio.

Employees have to have worked at Publix for at least one year before they are eligible to apply for a matching gift.

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Who Can Go To A School Pantry

School pantries serve families who need extra help affording groceries. They are not limited to students who receive free or reduced lunch. Some welcome all students living in their district even if they dont attend that school. Some also welcome neighbors who live in the community, even if they dont have children at the school.

Automobile Manufacturers Donation Requests

High School Students Lead Charge On Food Donation

General Motors The purpose of the General Motors Foundation is to promote economic growth around the world through STEM education, vehicle and road safety, and sustainable communities. They offer support in the form of disaster relief and community grants.

Ford Motor Company Ford Motor Company has invested a total of over $1.5 billion to organizations in need. Nonprofits with causes relating to community life, education, and motor safety are welcome to apply.

Toyota The Toyota USA Foundation wants to enhance the quality of education, and supports nonprofits with similar missions. When the foundations board reviews an application, they look for significant need, innovation and creativity, and the programs ability to measure results.

Nissan The Nissan Foundation has awarded 27 nonprofits a total of $700,000 in grants and still continues to support nonprofits with missions that center around cultural diversity, education, and arts.

Honda The American Honda Foundation was established to help the local communities where Honda resides. Honda supports organizations who are imaginative, creative, forward thinking, and innovative.

BMW BMW supports organizations that focus on education and culture. To apply for a corporate sponsorship, your nonprofit needs to be serving the communities where BMW associates live and work.

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Groups On Facebook For Food Donations

You can find several food-donation groups on Facebook. You should always do your due diligence of any group you wish to donate food or money.

  • Food Donations has several thousand members that is an open source for people to donate to families around the world needing food.
  • FoodBus is a school food recovery of unused and unopened leftover food from school lunches is donated to food pantries.
  • NTUC FairPrice celebrates the annual World Food Day with a month-long Food Donation Drive with the donations going to Food Bank and Food from the Heart.

Jc Penney Cares Program

JC Penney Cares is an affiliated nonprofit entity that is committed to helping kids succeed by keeping them safe, healthy, and engaged beyond the classroom.

They form partnerships with organizations and distribute grants to those nonprofits.

They also offer cause marketing opportunities to select organizations.

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Where Can I Donate School Supplies

Every child has a right to an education. UNICEF has supported that right for decades by helping people who wish to donate school supplies get them to the children who need them most. All you have to do to help is go to UNICEF Inspired Gifts and select the school supplies you wish to donate. UNICEF will deliver them where they can make a world of difference to a child and maybe even a whole classroom or school. Read on to learn how UNICEF’s continued efforts to donate school supplies ensure kids who live in the world’s toughest places acquire the knowledge and skills they need for a brighter future.

Bulk Buying Discounts From Food Manufacturers

School kids donate food to Huntsville Assistance Program after shortage

Most food banks have working relationships with food manufacturers with bulk buying discounts. Bulk buying allows the food bank to service more people than processing canned food dropped off at a local center. This type of food donation places money as the commodity instead of dropping off cans of food to a center.

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How Do I Donate To A Local Food Bank

The donation process will vary from food bank to food bank. To find your local food bank, Villarreal advises visiting and entering your zip code into the food bank locator. From there, she recommends connecting with that local food bank. Typically, theyâll have a most-needed list of items of things you can donate.

Financial donations are also welcome at most food banks as are volunteers. âVolunteerism is a huge need at all food banks,â Guerra says. âAnd the donation of the dollar goes a long way also. In fact, with the increase of fuel, most food banks need the dollar more than ever to keep food flowing into and across their local service region.â

Other local meal programs such as Meals on Wheels also rely on volunteers to deliver and prepare meals. âFor many recipients, the trusted Meals on Wheels volunteer who shows up every day with a meal and a smile is the only person they see or speak with all day,â says Jenny Young, the vice president of communications for Meals on Wheels America.

And if youâre not in a position to donate food, money, or time, Davis says helping spread the word about available resources for families in need is one of the easiest ways to support. âNo Kid Hungry has a texting line to help,â she says. âFamilies can text âFOODâ or âCOMIDAâ to 304-304 to find community meal sites for their kids.â

Albertsons Corporate Philanthropy Program

Albertsons offers a wide range of philanthropic programs but primarily focuses their donations on organizations who deal with youth education, recycling, nutrition, or hunger relief.

Albertsons also allows local organizations to use their stores to solicit to customers. However, there are guidelines for nonprofits who wish to use Albertsons as part of their fundraiser. The stores also collect donations at cash registers for local food banks.

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Restaurants No Longer On The List

To keep this site up to date, I remove the links to restaurants when they no longer show a fundraising page. If you see a page for any of these drop a line in the comments section, and I’ll update it. Thanks.

  • Chevys – Removed August 2017
  • Go Roma – Removed May 2019
  • Moe’s – Removed May 2019
  • Lone Star Steakhouse – Removed October 2019 – Ceased operation in 2017.
  • Soup Plantation and Sweet Tomatoes – Removed June 2020 – Impacted by Covid-19 and closed all restaurants in May 2020. States were not allowing buffet and self-service style restaurants to re-open amid the current pandemic.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings – Removed September 2022 – Removed information regarding fundraisers.

Pizza Hut Has Donated Over 100 Million Pounds Of Food

Kingsbury High School

One of the most-recognized pizza restaurants in the world has donated over 100 million pounds of food to those in need, according to its blog. Its restaurants donate error pizzas, no-show pizzas and breadsticks, plus surplus pizza and pasta each day through their Harvest Program.

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Think: What Restaurants Donate Food To Schools

HOW CAN I GET A COVID 19 CERTIFICATE Retailers Donation Requests. Amazon Amazon offers several different grant options for nonprofits. They offer Kindles to underserved communities, give back to organizations through Amazon Local Love, and donate to nonprofits that aid in disaster relief. American Eagle American Eagle donates $25 gift cards to high school and college. Today, more than 1, Chick-fil-A restaurants 47 states donate surplus food to local soup kitchens, shelters and nonprofits through Chick-fil-A Shared Table, and that number continues to grow each year.

To date, we have donated more than 10 million meals to serve those in need. Learn more about Chick-fil-A Shared Table. Jul 23, · But they are swamped with requests from every school, sports team, church, and more in the area, so dont feel bad if they say No or dont get back to you. Restaurants Some restaurant chains only offer donations in the form of dining for dollars restaurant night fundraisers. If its part of a large chain, start Estimated Reading Time: 9 mins.

What restaurants donate food to schools 202 HOW TO EDIT What restaurants donate food to schools ADDRESS IN OUTLOOK CONTACTS

Restaurants Some restaurant chains only offer donations in the form of dining for dollars restaurant night fundraisers. If its part of a large chain, start Estimated Reading Time: 9 mins.

What Is Donorschoose For Teachers

One great resource teachers can use to raise funds for classroom supplies is DonorsChoose. DonorsChoose is a nonprofit classroom crowdfunding site for public school teachers.

DonorsChoose allows public school teachers to request funding for specific school supplies. Teachers can create a shopping list from their list of vendors, and once the project is fully funded, DonorsChoose will purchase the items and ship them directly to the teacher.

For more information about DonorsChoose, check out their about us page.

Also check out similar crowdfunding sites, such as AdoptAClassroom.

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Jc Penneys Volunteer Grant Program

The JC Penney Award for Community Service honors current and retired employees who volunteer at nonprofits.

Grant amounts vary depending on the time spent volunteering, but employees can request anywhere from $50 to $500 to go toward the nonprofit they volunteer with.

Employees must volunteer for a minimum of 15 hours before they are eligible to apply for a volunteer grant.

Tyson Foods And Delaware North

NEISD school donation to SA Food Bank will provide 28,000 meals for families

Back in 2011, the Food Bank in Western New York, found in Buffalo, received around 29,000 lbs. of boneless chicken from Tyson Foods, together with Delaware North. Ever since then, both have been some of the best companies that donate food to nonprofit organizations, which we should take as an example. Since poultry is generally rich in nutrients, it is perfect for those who need some extra protein, such as young children or the elderly. And if youre wondering, The Food Bank of Western New York helps four counties, offering food to an impressive number of 100,000 each year.

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Bjs Restaurant And Brewhouse

BJs Restaurant and Brewhouse is proud to support local schools and sports teams by offering a local fundraiser program where they give 20% back! Over the past 5 years, these fundraiser events have raised over $1.5 million for community organizations. Now its even easier to earn money for your group or organization with BJs Restaurant and Brewhouses brand-new digital fundraising program.

Intercontinentals Corporate Responsibility Program

InterContinental Hotels Group, which is composed of InterContinental Hotels and Resorts, Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza Hotels and Resorts, Hotel Indigo, Staybridge Suites, Even Hotels, and others, works with charitable organizations whose focus is on environmental sustainability, local economic opportunities, or disaster relief.

InterContinental Hotels Group also helps individuals build their own careers through the IHG Academy, giving local people skills training and education. They provide disaster relief through their IHG Shelter in a Storm program.

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Why Should You Donate To Local Food Banks

“Millions of vulnerable children are losing the healthy meals they depend on as the closes schools nationwide,” Davis said at the beginning of the pandemic. “As of , 39 states had closed schools entirely. When you add in the districts closed in other states it means 41.6 million kids, or 4 out of 5 kids, are out of school.” Even in areas where the schools were still open, many businesses were closed, which meant hourly workers who may have already been struggling to make ends meet were hit hard.

Fortunately, as of July 2022, the health risks posed by the pandemic have lessened over time. However, Davis notes that the need and the financial impact has not abated. âFamilies still face ongoing challenges due to the strained supply chain, rising food and gas prices, and skyrocketing inflation,â she says. âToday, one in six kids face hunger in the U.S.â

According to a recent Feeding America food bank survey, 80 percent of food banks across the country reported an increase or steady demand for food. Food insecurity exists everywhere, says Zuani Villarreal, the senior director of communication for Feeding America. âIt could be your classmate it could be a co-worker it could be your neighbor a fellow church goer that needs help and I think the awareness of that issue should drive people to help,â she says. For this reason, donating to food banks is more important than ever.

Liberty Globals Corporate Responsibility Program

Community supports Beach Bags food drive with record donations

Liberty Global supports its communities through a number of different programs, from promoting a digital society and protecting children to assisting local charities and foundations.

They also provide free or subsidized broadband services to their community partners, such as charities and public service providers.

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Outerwalls Volunteer Grant Program

Outerwall, which is composed of Coinstar, Redbox, and ecoATM, has a volunteer grant program for its employees that will donate up to $600 per employee.

Employees must volunteer for at least 10 hours and can be rewarded for volunteering for up to 40 hours.

Employees should register their requests electronically.

Benefits Of Donating To A Local School

When you donate to a local school, the money doesnt go into some unseen account. It goes back into your community. When you donate to a school, for example, your money will go towards things like salaries for teachers and staff and new technology. Your donation goes towards the education of future generations in our community because we all need to invest in our childrens future now more than ever. Schools rely on fundraising efforts and donations from parents, alumni, and organizations like businesses.

Donations are an important part of sustaining schools because it allows them to pay teachers salaries as well as buy new technology. What would happen if nobody donated? What would happen if schools had to close their doors? What would happen if no one wanted to become a teacher? These questions are scary thoughts, but theyre possible realities without the support of donors like you.

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Krogers Bringing Hope To The Table Program

Krogers Bringing Hope to the Table program donates food to local food banks and donates money to help food banks broaden their services.

The Kroger family of stores is committed to helping families put fresh, wholesome food on their tables.

Kroger partners with Feed America to ensure that American families dont go hungry.

Universals Donation Request Program

Arkansas Food Bank struggling to feed families

Universal primarily donates theme park tickets to qualified nonprofits who educate youth, strengthen the community, and fall under Universals focus areas. Preference is given to nonprofits based in Central Florida.

All applications for theme park tickets must be made online.

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General Electrics Matching Gift Program

Since 1954, GE has been known as one of the top companies that donates to nonprofits.

While GE initially only matched employee donations to colleges and universities, the company has expanded its match program to include nearly all nonprofits.

Employees can have donations ranging from $25 to $5,000 matched at a 1:1 ratio as long as they submit the request by April 15th of the year following the donation date.

Restaurants And Ice Cream Shops Helping Local Organizations

  • YogurtiniYogurtini offers a delicious and fun way to raise money for your non-profit group. Located in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska.

The website,, has an interactive map that lets you search for restaurants in your area. This website also helps you book the restaurant on its website. It’s a great resource when trying to find that perfect match.

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How Many Food Banks Are There In The Uk

There are 2,000 food banks across the UK, with the majority of them run by The Trussell Trust and the others run by the Independent Food Aid Network. The easiest way to find the food bank most local to you is through the Trussell Trust website, where you can search for your postcode and it will give you the addresses of …

Why You Should Be Donating To Your Local Schools

St Gregory

As the school year has begun, some may have decided to donate to their local schools. Its not just the teachers, staff, and students who benefit from these donations. As a community, we all do.

When we donate to our local schools, that donation goes back into the community. The funds are used for school supplies and other things like teachers salaries and new technology. This is an investment in our future! Its important now more than ever to support our children and give them everything they need to succeed in life. If youre not sure where your money is best used, or if you want to get involved in your community, here are some tips on how you can help out your local schools.

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