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Pet Food Donations For Ukraine

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Providing Help During Hard Times

All Soldan’s Pet Supplies locations are collecting donations for animals in Ukraine

We continue to help animals caught in the crossfire of the war in Ukraine. We have been active in the country for over 10 years, and since the Russian invasion this past February, have continued to provide support, both within Ukraine and from afar. Thanks to your donations, we have been able to: Provide specialised care to 30 rescued bears at our BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr Support our Stray Animal Care teams in Ukraine and in bordering nations Deliver 40 tons of food for wild animals in captivity Treat over 1,500 dogs and cats in Ukraine since mid-April Help refugees, children, and soldiers with our therapy dog Busia Provide 2,000 refugee pets with veterinary care.

Second Emergency Bear Rescue

Last weekend, our BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr took in 7 new bears. On Saturday evening the first 5 bears from White Rock Bear Shelter near Kyiv arrived, as their safety near the capital could no longer be assured. Yesterday evening late, also the 2 remaining bears of the same shelter made it safe to our sanctuary. In addition to the 29 bears that BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr was already housing, these 7 bears can count on our care. Additionally, our team is assessing the situation and planning the next steps to support animals that unfortunately are still in the country. Help is needed everywhere. Will you support us to be prepared? Then make a donation now.

Caring For Wildlife At The Pozna Zoo

4 March 2022

IFAW has partnered with the Pozna Zoo in Poland to provide temporary shelter and care for wildlife rescued from the conflict in Ukraine. We are thankful for zoo director Ewa Zgrabczyska, her incredible team and those who risked their lives transporting these animals to safety.

Ewa sent this emotional message after IFAW reached out to offer our support.

Dear Colleagues, thank you very much for your great readiness to help in this horrible situation! At the moment, I am staying on the border, waiting for the transfer of lions and tigers. Animals still alive, but I am crying, the road is full of escaping cars and people, a dramatic situation, time is so important to help them. You can’t imagine the tragedy of the war here, animals in Kyivkilled. No food. I feel powerless, but we will try to organize more transfers and will bring food for them.

The nail-biting rescue began when local authorities in Pozna approved the zoos request to provide a safe place for wildlife evacuated from a sanctuary in Kyiv. Ewa, her team, and sanctuary staff made preparations for a massive relocation operation. But the journey was not without its perils.

The reality of how challenging this move would be started when the team first departed for the Polish border. Immediately, the convoy came under fire and had to return to the sanctuary. The following morning, they tried again, but were stopped and surrounded by Russian tanks.

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Donate To Afb Ukraine Fund

The Animal Food Bank has set up a separate bank account for holding, and disbursing funds to organizations helping pets in and around Ukraine. We will provide weekly updates on our facebook page as to the donations in and out of this fund. If you do not wish to donate directly to an organization listed above, or feel more comfortable donating through us so that we can deal with the logistics of help, you can donate to us here. Please note Ukraine in the comments of the donation so we know where it should go.Edit: the comments section is not working. Please email

Helping Ukrainian Refugees And Animals At The Ukraine

Wir helfen dem Tierheim Sirius in der Ukraine. Eine Spendendose steht ...

19 March 2022

IFAWs emergency response team has met with organisations and authorities in Poland working on the frontlines of the crisis. Staff and volunteers we have met are tired, anxious and very emotional about the situation facing Ukraine citizens and animals. There are still so many needs, for people and animals.

In Warsaw, IFAWs team met with Polish veterinary authorities to discuss how they are processing refugees and their pets from Ukraine. There is estimated to be around 80,000 refugees coming into Poland on a daily basis, many are bringing their pets with them. Polish veterinary teams are processing 500 to 600 animals per day, and have vaccinated and microchipped over 12,000 animals since the war began. Some families hide their pets for fear they will be confiscated, so clear communication at the border crossing points is crucial.

Helping Ukrainian refugees and animals in Poland

Emergency grants were recently issued to Feldman Ecopark in Lisne, Kharkiv and XII Months Park in Demydiv, Kyiv for food, vet supplies and operational expenses.

We are very grateful for your ongoing and generous donations that make all this work possible. And we will continue to stand with dedicated and selfless shelter staff in Ukraine, Poland and all countries supporting those most in need.

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Ukrainian Pet Food Company And Its Partners Call For In

  • Pet Product News Staff

Hundreds of thousands of pets have been abandoned to the streets of Ukraine as people flee the Russian invasion, while many pet owners escaped with nothing in their hands but their pets, reported Yuriy Tokarski with U-Hearts Foundation, during a press conference held at Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Fla., on Thursday, March 24, to raise awareness and funds to help the pets and people of Ukraine.

Standing on the expos New Products Showcase stage, representatives from Ukrainian pet food company Kormotech, Greater Good Charities, Pets Around the World and U-Hearts FoundationKormotechs nonprofit organizationurged pet product manufacturers, retailers and other businesses in the industry to donate products and money for the Save Pets of Ukraine initiative.

The emergency initiative, implemented by U-Hearts, provides pet food and critical supplies to Ukrainian animal welfare organizations and pet owners devastated by the invasion that started in late February. Phillips Pet Food & Supplies, American Pet Products Association and Matrix Partners are also partnering with Kormotech, Greater Good and U-Hearts on the initiative.

Tokarski stressed the need for in-kind donations that can be distributed quickly and efficiently to areas of need, as well as the need for cash donations.

Noah Norton, COO of Greater Good Charities, echoed the call to action, adding that the need is immense.

This is going to be a very long-term response, Norton said.

A Testimonial From Viktoria

27 April 2022

At IFAW’s “blue tent” we recently met a refugee named Viktoria who was touched by the care she received from our team. After fleeing from the Kharkiv region with her daughter Sofia and their three dogs, she arrived at the IFAW tent after a day of traveling. To our surprise, one of her dogs, two-year-old Jessie, was pregnant with her first litter of puppiesand just 10 days away from giving birth. After Jessie was examined and found in good condition, we provided the family with carriers to comfortably transport Jessie, along with new leashes, harnesses and water for the journey ahead.

A Ukrainian refugee and her dogs find care and support at the IFAW tent

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Sport A Be Kind Hoodie

The Animal Food Bank has been working on a #BEKIND campaign very much expedited in order for us to help provide financial support to pets of Ukraine. 10% of the sale price for every hoodie sold, and an additional 10% of all sales of AFB merchandise during March will be donated to the AFB Ukraine Fund to be disbursed to the various organizations above. Spread the message that kindness matters and help a pet in need

Stray Animal Care Saving Lives In Kyiv Region

An appeal for donations for the people and animals of Ukraine.

With war raging in Ukraine thousands of people and animals are suffering. The Kyiv area was particularly affected during the first stage of the invasion and with the Russian military retreating the full impact of their occupation becomes visible. The entire region in the North of Kyiv is destroyed, many human lives were lost, houses and vital infrastructure like streets and hospitals are destroyed and, vital for dogs and cats, veterinary clinics and shelters are also damaged or semi-abandoned. Many pets are becoming homeless and, the weakest link, many stray and shelter animals are terrified and injured. We thus decided to help here where it is so desperately needed FOUR PAWS has set up a temporary veterinary care project in Belogorodka village, Kyiv Oblast, and is now serving the areas of Bucha, Irpin and surroundings.

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Free Vaccinations For 20000 Pets

26 September 2022

As part of its multi-year commitment to animals in Ukraine, IFAW started a project in partnership with the Ukrainian Small Animals Veterinary Association to support veterinary services for pet owners in Ukraine. The project aims to vaccinate and chip 20,000 and sterilize 4,000 pets from displaced and resident families at veterinary posts in four key citiesKyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv and Odessa. These services will be provided for free to meet the needs of many pet owners who do not have sufficient means.

Positive News In The Ongoing Difficult Times

BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr has started to invite visitors again since 20 May 2022. To ensure the safety and well-being of visitors and staff, visitors have to book an appointment to come to the sanctuary. For now, only a certain number of people are allowed to visit per day from Thursday to Saturday. Find out more recent updates about BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr.

Note: Any advertisements that may appear during the viewing of this video are unrelated to FOUR PAWS. We assume no liability for this content.

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Charity For Ukrainian Pets

To help local pets, Kormotech has launched an initiative, Save Pets of Ukraine, designed to deliver pet food to those in need.

Many homes and shelters were damaged in explosions caused by Russian soldiers, Kovalyuk-Burko said. We decided to set up a center, operated by 25 persons, and tasked with physical deliveries of pet food to shelters, border guard outposts and other places with pets in need. As we speak, nine tons of pet food are on their way to shelters across Ukraine.

Meanwhile, with the aim to secure additional funds for the Save Pets of Ukraine initiative, Kormotech is in the process of opening a charity in Lithuania, where it operates a plant in addition to the companys three Ukrainian factories, hoping to attract donations from abroad.

Many of our foreign partners have expressed readiness to help us save Ukrainian pets from the horrors of this war, and we hope to have this Lithuanian entity up and running in a few days, Kovalyuk-Burko said. We are very thankful for the numerous expressions of support from abroad in this time when Ukrainians and their pets are suffering from military aggression, and our goal is to help as much as we can.

Editor’s note: Kormotech has launched the charity since this was first published the link is available above.

Helping Animals & Pawrents In Ukraine

Donate Now

Like millions across the world THE PACK have been watching events unfold in Ukraine with horror and heartbreak. Our hearts go out to the people and animals whose homes are being destroyed and whose lives have been turned upside down. Its easy to feel hopeless, but there are things we can do. Our charity partner Underdog International are working around the clock to bring much needed animal supplies to refugee animals and their pawrents. We have donated 200 cans of our vegan dog food to Ukrainian dogs in need, and we know that many of you want to help.

Here are just a few of the ways you can support pawrents and their beloved pups in this unthinkably traumatic time.

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Emergency Rescue Of 5 Bears

#BREAKING! Emergency rescue of 5 bears in Ukraine! In times of emergencies, we have to be ready to act fast and support one another. 5 bears were translocated in an emergency rescue operation from White Rock Bear Shelter near Kyiv, to our BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr as the shelter could no longer assure their safety. We are in constant contact with our colleagues in the country.

International Fund For Animal Welfare

The IFAW is working with local partners to get supplies to wildlife sanctuaries and animal shelters in Ukraine, as well as groups supporting refugees in surrounding countries.

The organization also maintains a verified list of resources in both Ukrainian and English for Ukrainians escaping with their pets regarding entry requirements in nearby countries.

The nonprofit American Humane Americas first national humane organization recently authorized a $10,000 emergency grant to IFAW.

War creates treacherous situations for both people and animals. Broken glass, debris and sharp objects can harm animals lost in the confusion, and starvation is a very real danger for those who escape the missiles, bombs and bullets, Robin Ganzert, CEO of American Humane, told TODAY in an email. We must also remember the many invaluable animals housed in zoos and sanctuaries who are at risk, as well as the 20 endangered species who live in Ukraine and who are being threatened by this disaster.

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Help For Ukrainian Pets In Romania

Together with our partner Animal Society, our team in Romania is responding swiftly to the current crisis. We are assisting Ukrainian refugees who are arriving with their pets at the Bucharest Northern Railway Station after a long and exhausting journey. The team has set up a comfortable tent in the railway hall to welcome refugee families and their pets so that they can have a minute to breathe and recover from what they have been through. Afterwards they receive much-needed items such as food, bowls, transport cages, leashes, collars, toys, and blankets. To make sure the animals are prepared for the next step in their journeys, our veterinarians provide free first aid care as well as deworming, microchipping, and vaccination against rabies.

Taking Care Of Refugees From Ukraine In Romania

Ukraine families refusing to leave pets behind, San Diego Humane Society urging people to help

Every day refugees from Ukraine are arriving at the Bucharest Railway Station. Our partner organisation Animal Society is working tirelessly to bring some relief to them, as well as pet food and equipment for their pets. Furthermore, our Animal Assisted Intervention teams and their dogs are paying visits to 3 refugee centres in Peris and Magurele. The visits of our teams come as a breath of fresh air especially for the children. We see that even in the most challenging times, dogs can bring a smile to even the most troubled humans!

Note: Any advertisements that may appear during the viewing of this video are unrelated to FOUR PAWS. We assume no liability for this content.

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Bat Rescue And Rehabilitation Continue Despite War

11 October 2022

When the war began in Ukraine, rescued bats quietly hibernated at the Ukrainian Independent Ecology Institutes Bat Rehabilitation Center in Kharkiv. Despite shelling and heavy artillery, the dedicated biologists and veterinarians at the Institute managed to rehabilitate and release more than 3,000 bats belonging to nine species between February and April, with support from IFAW.

The Institute has rescued injured and orphaned bats in Ukraine for over 20 years, and the war hasnt stopped them.

Due to the presence of Russian troops and shelling near the Institutes usual release site this year, staff decided to release the bats near a river at sunsetthat would allow the bats to use the river to help them navigate to nearby forests. All 3,287 bats were released safely back to the wild.

The staff at the Institute fully understood the risks involved in remaining in Kharkiv during the war. They decided to continue to rescue and care for bats as long as utilities were running, and stores stayed open.

Bats play an essential role in pest control, plant pollination and seed dispersal. They eat more than 70% of their weight in insects each night, making them a natural pesticide for agricultural crops. They are also an important prey species for other animals such as owls and snakes. With the alarming decline in biological diversity, bats need to be protected so they can help other flora and fauna survive and flourish.

Peta Germany Is Providing Housing Transportation And Pet Food Animals In Need And Their Families

UKRAINE UPDATE: PETA Germany just acquired an extra van so they can rescue even more animals from Ukraine!The vehicle will be out in Ukraine on Saturday to transport 80 dogs to safety in Poland


You can also donate to animal rights organization PETAs Global Compassion Fund, which will go directly to animal relief efforts in Ukraine. PETA Germany currently has people on the ground in various Ukrainian cities, helping dogs and cats living in shelters damaged by bombings transporting animals in need of help across the Ukrainian border to Poland, Romania, and Germany and supplying housing to Ukrainians who refused to abandon their animals.

So far, PETA Germany has provided hundreds of thousands of pounds of dog food to animals affected by this conflict.

UPDATE : @DEFRA have relaxed the requirements for companion animals from #Ukraine. Refugees and animals can arrive at the border and the @APHAgovuk will assist with simplified paperwork and cover the costs of vaccination and quarantine.


The PETA Germany team has shared a number of stories of its rescues over the past few weeks. For instance, one family that fled to the Czech Republic was forced to leave its cats, Marius and Pamplemousse, with an animal rescuer in Lviv, Ukraine. Soon after, PETA Germany rescuers were able to transport the cats across the border, and reunited them with their family in the Czech Republic.

Charity Navigator gives PETA a 75.71 out of 100.

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