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Non Perishable Food To Donate

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What Is Considered A Non Perishable Food Item

Is expired non-perishable food still good to donate?

Non Perishable Foods are safe to eat for long periods of time without refrigeration. They are also known as shelf stable foods.

Some foods can last a few weeks to months on the shelf. Others can last for months. The longest last 10 to 20 years or more, such as freeze dried food or military MREs.

Note: In spite of some silly prepper shows might say, it is not recommended to live off of nothing but MREs for an extended period of time. They are nutrient dense, but can be hard on your guts.

A young reporter took the 21 day nothing but MREs challenge in 2016.

He wrote, I would alternate between vicious cycles of spending hours in the bathroom and then not being able to go at all.

Rescuing Food For Hungry Californians

Feeding hungry people with donations of extra food is an integral part of resource conservation. Organizations served by food rescue and food bank programs include community centers, soup kitchens, food pantries, homeless shelters, senior programs, and childcare centers.

  • Food rescue means recovering healthy foods and making fast deliveries to those in need. This is the highest and best use for perishable food. The Fresno Metro Ministry Food Recovery project, which takes excess perishable food to hungry people, is an example.
  • Food Finders is a community-based food rescue organization in Southern California, which serves as a conduit, between donors and people in need.
  • Food rescue in Southern California also includes Waste Not OC Coalition which works to help meet the nutritional needs of the community by facilitating the donation and distribution of surplus food.
  • Food banks are organizations that collect food from a variety of sources, and distribute it to hungry people through local service agencies. The California Association of Food Banks which has a membership of 43 food banks, is one of the leading organizations in California. Major programs include Farm to Family which works with growers and packers to provide fresh produce to banks.

Second Harvest Food Bank

Second Harvest Food Banks can be found all over the nation. Although each Food Bank is its own entity, they all work together to serve those that are food insecure and aim to develop struggling communities. They collect millions of pounds of food each year, taking donations from grocery stores to limit their waste stream, from farmers if they have excess produce, and from individuals in food drives. The food banks often provide health management classes and help find pediatric care when needed.

How to donate food to Second Harvest Food Bank:

To find out if there is a Second Harvest Food Bank near you, conduct a Google Search with your area or state name and type in Second Harvest Food Bank. This will aid you in finding the address of the nearest one as well as their individual requirements for dropping off food donations.

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Where To Donate Non Perishable Food

United Way continues to collect non-perishable food items, heres how to donate

  • Priceless IGA Louisville Road 3170 Louisville Rd.
  • Priceless IGA Russellville Rd 1901 Russellville Rd.
  • All 3 Kroger locations Barren County
  • Houchens Southgate 619 S L Rogers Wells Blvd. Butler County
  • IGA1242 S Main St. Morgantown, KY 42261 Allen County
  • Sav-a-Lot 1407 Gallatin Rd. Scottsville, KY 42101 Logan County
  • Priceless IGA113 Armory Dr.

Here are 6 places where you can donate canned foods when you move

  • Feeding America Food Banks.

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Where To Drop Off Food Donations


Donations. Donating wholesome food for human consumption diverts food waste from landfills and puts food on the table for families in need. Donations of nonperishable and unspoiled perishable food from homes and businesses help stock the shelves at food banks, soup kitchens, pantries, and shelters. Donations of perishable prepared foods — typically collected from

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How Can I Help Three Square The Most

Monetary donations provide the greatest benefit we have buying power that allows us to do more with $1 than you might when you go to the store to purchase canned goods for a food drive. For every $1 donated, Three Square is able to distribute three meals.

Even if you have committed to holding a food drive, please consider the option of adding a fund drive or virtual food drive. Many individuals would rather write a tax-deductible check or make a donation online rather than picking up extra food at the grocery store for the food drive.

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How To Donate To A Food Bank

With the pandemic and the cost of living crisis, food banks are being relied upon more than ever before. If you’re wondering how to help, here’s everything you need to know about food bank donations.

Food banks work with support from the public, who donate non-perishable food at a range of places such as schools, churches, and local businesses, as well as supermarket collection points. Then volunteers sort the produce into emergency food parcels to give to people in need. A large majority of food banks also provide extra services alongside the emergency food parcels, such as toiletries, sanitary products, and baby basics.

According to recent stats published by The Trussel Trust , 95% of people referred to food banks in early 2020 were unable to afford to eat or stay warm and dry. As well as 18% of households referred to food banks were single parents – more than twice the rate in the general population. Trussel Trust added “We know that extremely low income is a key factor driving people to food banks.” Therefore donating to a food bank is needed now more than ever.

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North Country Food Bank

Despite being headquartered in Minnesota, the North Country Food Bank doesnt serve just one state. It benefits a whole region, including Minnesota and part of North Dakota. This region includes 21 counties. This foodbank partners with more than 230 agencies and other food relief programs to distribute more than 7.4 million pounds of food a year. It doesnt only accept food donations from individuals but also utilizes surplus food coming from farms, grocery stores, and manufacturers.

How to donate food to the North Country Food Bank:

You can donate food to the North Country Food Bank by visiting its home base in East Grand Forks, Minnesota. Contact them at 399-7356 for more information. Address:

1011 11th Ave NE

East Grand Forks, MN 56721

Thanksgiving Non Perishable Foods List

Local food banks asking for non-perishable donations as needs continue to rise

Thanksgiving day is a popular time to donate non-perishable food items to food banks and other organizations helping those in need.

Non-perishable food donations are a great way to give back during the holiday season, and there are many options for donation beyond simply dropping off canned goods at your local food pantry. We have a Thanksgiving non perishable foods list to help you out!

Putting together a Thanksgiving feast with a box of food and some other nice additions is a wonderful thing to do during the holiday season.

Here is the scoop on the best Thanksgiving non-perishable foods list!

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Where Can I Donate My Turkey In Nyc

Free Turkey Giveaways in NYC for Thanksgiving 2021The Salvation Army Harlem Temple Corps Harlem. Gardiner Foundation Turkey Giveaway Fordham, the Bronx. Reaching-Out Community Services Operation Gobbler Give Brooklyn. West Side Campaign Against Hunger Upper West Side.More items

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Why Donate Food To Food Banks

I want to teach my children to think outside of our own circle and consider the local families around us who are in need. This year with inflation rising in the United States its a real likelihood that people in homes next to you wont get a Thanksgiving feast for Thanksgiving dinner.

Beyond personalizing the realism of food needs around us, there is a high demand at every local food pantry during the holidays. Its a struggle during this time of year, which feels so much worse somehow, and you should never have to worry about basic needs and food insecurity.

This holiday season is a great time to take the opportunity to start a new tradition in your family by showing your children the blessing of giving.

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Central Texas Food Bank

The Central Texas Food Bank supplies food in 21 counties in Texas, distributing over 3.1 million pounds of food to around 16,000 people each month. It doesnt focus only on supplying food to those in need, but also on culinary training and garden education programs for anyone interested. Its goal is to provide its community members with life skills that will enable them to find success. The Central Texas Food Bank doesnt only work on a state level, but a federal one as well it has a government advocacy program to encourage political leaders to work to end hunger.

How to donate food to Central Texas Food Bank:

Food donations can be made at the headquarters in Austin Texas. Canned goods of any kind can be donated to its kitchen from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Central Texas Food Banks address is:

6500 Metropolis Drive

Austin, Texas 78744

Explain Or Give Basic Information About Your Organization And Mission

New Drop

Suppose your potential donor is hearing from you for the first time. You must explain your mission as soon as you start your letter. With this basic information, they will understand what you address and the objectives you need to accomplish.

You can achieve this well by sharing a story of an individual who has become successful from your organization. And tell how the donor managed to bring a seeable change in this individuals life. Through this, your donor will be able to know your mission and open up to help with whatever they can afford.

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Your Food Donation Provides Nourishment And Hope To Our Hungry Neighbors

  • Peanut Butter, 16 oz not mixed with other items like jelly, honey, chocolate
  • Canned Fruit, 14-16 oz
  • Shelf-stable Milk, 8 oz not flavored with chocolate, vanilla, strawberry
  • Canned Tuna, 5 oz
  • Low-sodium Canned Vegetables, 15-16 oz
  • Trail Mix, 1-2 oz bags

Please do not donate any items in glass containers

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Dried Fruits And Vegetables

Although most fresh fruits and vegetables have a short shelf life, dried produce is considered non-perishable. When properly stored, most dried fruit can be safely kept at room temperature for up to 1 year, and dried vegetables can be kept about half that time .

You can choose from a variety of dried fruits and vegetables, including dried berries, apples, tomatoes, and carrots. You can also use a dehydrator or oven to make your own dried fruits and vegetables. Vacuum-sealed packaging can help prevent spoilage.

Dried fruits and veggies can be enjoyed as a snack or added to trail mix. Plus, dried veggies can be rehydrated by adding them to soups or stews if fresh produce isnt available.

Although fresh fish and poultry are packed with nutrients, theyre highly perishable. All the same, canned varieties can be safely kept without refrigeration for long periods up to 5 years at room temperature .

Tuna and other seafood products are also sold in lightweight packages known as retort pouches, which are perfect for smaller pantries and backpacking. Seafood in retort pouches has a shelf life of up to 18 months .

Chicken and other meats can be found in retort pouches as well, though you should refer to the packaging for shelf life information.

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Canned Vegetables And Fruits

Canning has long been used to lengthen the shelf life of perishable foods, including fruits and vegetables.

The heat used during canning kills potentially harmful microorganisms, and the characteristic seal of canned foods keeps new bacteria from spoiling the contents .

The shelf life of canned fruits and vegetables depends on the type of produce.

For example, low-acid canned vegetables, including potatoes, carrots, beets, and spinach, last 25 years at room temperature .

On the other hand, high-acid fruits like grapefruit, apples, peaches, berries, and pineapple last just 1218 months. The same goes for vegetables packed in vinegar, such as sauerkraut, German potato salad, and other pickled vegetables .

When shopping, choose canned fruits packed in water or 100% fruit juice rather than heavy syrup, and opt for low sodium canned veggies whenever possible.

If youre crafty in the kitchen, consider canning at home using store-bought or garden-grown vegetables and fruits. If you dont know how, you can consult numerous books or online tutorials.

Meat preservation is a practice used since ancient times to keep protein sources from spoiling. Specifically, jerky is made by curing meat in a salt solution, then dehydrating it. Preservatives, flavorings, and other additives are sometimes used during processing.

Commercial jerky can be safely kept in the pantry for up to 1 year, though the USDA recommends that homemade jerky be stored at room temperature for a maximum of 2 months .

What Places Accept Food Donations

Local food banks ask for non-perishable donations as needs rise and availability dwindles

While fresh foods are an important part of the food we provide, non-perishables are also needed and easy for you to donate. We can make the most of your non-perishable food donation when you consider three things: nutrition, usefulness, and quality vs. quantity. Nutrition. We aim to provide your neighbors with the healthiest food possible. Here is an expanded list of healthy

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Feeding America Food Banks

Feeding America is one of the most prolific organizations in the United States, running food banks and other places to donate food in almost every state. This includes 200 Feeding America Food Banks where volunteers collect millions of pounds of food to distribute to all of their surrounding counties. The organization secured and distributed 4 billion meals last year by sending food to food pantries and supplying meal programs. its goal is to end the fight against hunger in America and beyond.

How to donate food to Feeding America Food Banks:

Visit its online tool to figure out if there is a Feeding America Food Bank near you. Each of its foodbanks has a separate website and information regarding drop-off times and requirements for where to donate food.

This Is What Food Banks Actually Need

Give generously to your local food bank this holiday season, and make sure youâre giving the stuff they really need.

Thanksgiving rocks. Itâs a long holiday weekend to spend with family and friends and a chance to give thanks for a life thatâs good. Of course, itâs also a great time to think about helping people who might not have enough to eat by donating to a canned food drive that benefits your local food bank.

Silvia Davi, chief marketing officer of Food Bank For New York City, told BuzzFeed Life that donations to area food banks, which help feed millions of Americans, are more important than ever because of cuts to federal funding of food assistance programs.

Davi adds, âPart of what Food Bank prides itself on is nutrition education and offering healthy foods to those we serve. We welcome food donations low in fat and sodium, high in protein, and rich in all the kinds of good ingredients that you would find in your own homes.â

She stresses that food banks in New York and around the country are looking for healthy options to make sure individuals and families who need assistance are getting nutritious meals, so we asked nutritionists to weigh in on the best foods you can donate. And donât forget, their tips for making healthy eating choices around the holidays can apply to you too.

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However Some People In Our Communities Do Not Have The Access To Such Items To Make Meals For Themselves As Well As Their Families

So, you might be wondering what to donate to a food pantry? We are here to help answer that question.

The Gateway Region YMCA is a nonprofit, 501 charity dedicated to nurturing the potential of every child and teen, improving health and well-being, and supporting and serving our neighbors. We believe in giving back to our communities who do so much for us! In an attempt to give back, we encourage not only our Y members to give back, but also those people who reside in our communities. When you give back to food banks in your area, that action gives back directly to your neighbors, and makes an influence greater than we will ever know. After all, some people who attend food banks are going through hard times and might be ashamed to otherwise ask for assistance. You are not only helping out strangers but potentially friends and family, too.

You might be wondering what items to skip when donating. Taste of Home recommends what to not donate to a food bank, and that would be, junk food, items with glass or cellophane packaging, which can be broken in transit, things that need can openers or special equipment . Feeding America also mentions things not to donate to a food bank: items needing refrigeration, expired food, leftovers, food with packaging concerns, and baked goods.

Describe Your Ongoing Event/ Campaign Or Project

Holiday Food Drive

Ensure that you describe your current event, campaign, or project. Ensure your description is clear and concise and include primary details, such as guidelines as well as dates. Moreover, how you begin your donation letter will positively impact your appeal. Thus, make sure you make it unique and interesting.

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