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Non Perishable Food List For Donations

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What Are The Top 10 Survival Foods

Local food banks asking for non-perishable donations as needs continue to rise

This article is focusing on critical, long-term survival foods.#1 Grains. Grains are a great way to provide foundational nutrients and calories to a survival diet. ⦠#2 Beans and Legumes. ⦠#3 Potato Flakes. ⦠#4 Dehydrated and Freeze-Dried Vegetables. ⦠#5 White Sugar. ⦠#6 Honey. ⦠#7 Salt. ⦠#8 Baking Soda.More itemsâ¦

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Put Together Your Own Thanksgiving Baskets

You can include any combination of the things listed, or make a basket with an entire holiday meal. There are amazing organizations, churches, and charities, that put together a box of food that are complete Thanksgiving meals. And of course including the turkey, because it wouldnt be a complete meal without the Thanksgiving turkey!

One of the best traditions you can start this year is putting together a care package for someone you love in need or a stranger in your community in need.

Thanksgiving Non Perishable Foods List

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Theres no better time to donate non-perishable foods than Thanksgiving. Give back to your community this season by donating a few things from our Thanksgiving non-perishable foods list.

Food banks typically see an increased demand for food donations during the winter months, especially around the holidays. Its important to donate non-perishable items because theyre convenient, have a long shelf-life, and theyre easy to eat.

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Rd Annual Holiday Giving

ROCHESTER Alex and Associates is holding their 3rd annual Holiday Giving to benefit the Spaulding High School Raiders Station pantry for the students in need. Please consider helping us by donating gift cards for local grocery stores, Walmart, Visa gift cards, any type of restaurant gift card, Dunkins gift cards, non-perishable food, toiletries, socksm sweatshirts, blankets, anything you think these young adults in need may like to get them through the holidays. Drop off or mail to 1 Windhaven Dr., Rochester, NH 03867, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Donations will be accepted through Dec. 15. Contact us for more information or alternate drop off days/times at

Limited Liability Protection For Donors

#Donate your #can #foods to help us feed the #hungry! You can donate ...

The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act of 1996 encourages the donation of food and grocery products to nonprofit organizations for distribution to needy individuals. The Act exempts persons and gleaners who make good faith donations of food to nonprofit organizations that feed the hungry from liability for injuries arising from the consumption of the donated food.

Under the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act, the following food donation standards apply:

Persons and gleaners : Persons and gleaners, including qualified direct donors, shall not be subject to civil or criminal liability arising from the nature, age, packaging, or condition of apparently wholesome food that the person or gleaner donates in good faith to a nonprofit organization for ultimate distribution to needy individuals.

Nonprofit organizations: Nonprofit organizations shall not be subject to civil or criminal liability arising from the nature, age, packaging, or condition of apparently wholesome food that the nonprofit organization received as a donation in good faith from a person or gleaner, including a qualified direct donor, for ultimate distribution to needy individuals.

Donations of apparently wholesome food by qualified direct donors must be made in compliance with applicable state and local health, food safety, and food handling laws .

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What Is Considered A Non Perishable Food Item

Non Perishable Foods are safe to eat for long periods of time without refrigeration. They are also known as shelf stable foods.

Some foods can last a few weeks to months on the shelf. Others can last for months. The longest last 10 to 20 years or more, such as freeze dried food or military MREs.

Note: In spite of some silly prepper shows might say, it is not recommended to live off of nothing but MREs for an extended period of time. They are nutrient dense, but can be hard on your guts.

A young reporter took the 21 day nothing but MREs challenge in 2016.

He wrote, I would alternate between vicious cycles of spending hours in the bathroom and then not being able to go at all.

Avoid These Donations At Food Banks

Not all donations are equal, and some are flat-out unsuitable. Here are some items to avoid.

  • Expired items: Check the dates on your donations and only donate items that have not passed their best by or expiration dates.
  • Perishable items: Items that need to be refrigerated or will spoil quickly. Most food banks simply do not have the storage space to handle these items. Examples include fresh meat and poultry, dairy products, and fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Leftovers: This is a food safety issue because food banks cannot verify ingredients or preparation, and the food isnt individually sealed. Keep leftovers at home with your family rather than trying to donate them to a food bank.
  • Baked goods: Just like leftovers, this becomes a food safety issue that food banks simply arent equipped to handle. They have no way to confirm what ingredients were used or when the food was made, so they wont accept these donations.
  • Damaged or fragile packaging: Cans with dents or bloating, bags with tears, or packages that are already open should be avoided. Do not donate food in glass containers either .
  • There is nothing morally wrong with junk food, but nutritious food will serve your community best.

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The Boston Rescue Mission Uses An Enormous Amount Of Food Last Year The Mission Served More Than 120000 Meals To Those In Need

Donating food is one of the easiest and most beneficial ways to help the Mission and those we serve. We accept food from individuals, restaurants, catering services, workplaces, and holiday drives organized by various groups and corporations.

Did you know that food providers that donate food to non-profit organizations in good faith are protected from liability? The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act was signed into federal law in 1990 and encourages the donation of food and grocery products to non-profit organizations for distribution to needy individuals.

Both perishable and non-perishable food items are useful and greatly appreciated. The Mission may be able to pick up the donation depending on the location, quantity and time of day.

For more information about donating perishable or non-perishable food to the Boston Rescue Mission, please contact Rich DâOrsi at 601-3326 or email .

Items You Shouldnt Donate To Food Banks

Is expired non-perishable food still good to donate?

As you compile your list, be sure to remember that there are certain items food banks are unable to take, like:

  • Items in glass containers, usually because the glass containers may break easily and spoil the other donations.
  • Opened items, as these cant be served or provided to individuals for food safety and contamination purposes.
  • And while this one might seem obvious: expired items. Be sure to check those expiration dates!

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What Are Our Critical Needs Items

  • Fruits: Canned fruit , dried fruit, 100% fruit juice
  • Vegetables: Canned vegetables , 100% vegetable juice, spaghetti sauce
  • Grains: Rice, pasta, crackers , ready-to-eat cereal , oatmeal
  • Protein Foods: Canned meat/poultry, canned tuna/salmon , canned/dry beans & peas , peanut butter
  • Dairy/Dairy Alternatives: Nonfat dry milk, evaporated milk, soymilk
  • Meals: Beef stew, canned soup , chili, other canned meals
  • Other: Nutritional drinks
  • Baby Food: Must be in complete, undamaged original packaging. No individual serving glass or plastic containers unless in an unopened case.
  • Non-food Items: Diapers, toiletries . Must be unopened and stored separate from food donations.

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What Kind Of Food Pantry Items Should You Donate

Food banks usually accept dry and canned foods. Any non-perishable food can be kept in the pantry for a long time without going bad. Keep in mind that you donate food that has not reached its expiration date yet.

Food items like peanut butter, pasta, canned soup, canned fish, canned beans, and canned vegetables are the best options to donate. Foodbank and clients regularly need such items. Some foodbanks accept other household items as well. You should check your local food bank to get recommendations specific to your area. However, a general list can be made:

  • Serials and oatmeal

Food banks or food pantries are non-profit organizations, so they depend on peoples generosity to provide food for the weaker sections of society. Some food pantries accept fresh vegetables and food, but canned types are always preferred when it comes to food pantry items. You should donate powdered milk instead of milk because it is easy to transport. Grain products are usually considered the best choice for donations.

Some foodbanks also accept many non-food items like toiletries . Whenever food banks require donations, they call for it. If you are willing to donate, you should always check different food banks online websites to get notified.

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Do Local Food Banks Accept Fresh Produce

Although fresh produce would be ideal at a Thanksgiving meal, some food banks do accept produce while others do not. Sometimes food has to sit for extended periods of time.

Which is why non-perishable with an expiration date far in the future are preferred. When thinking about preparing a meal with non-perishable food items, here are our favorite suggestions.

Other helpful information includes how early can you make Thanksgiving sides and how to reheat Thanksgiving leftovers.

Make A Financial Donation

Pin on Events

Your financial donation is the most powerful way to help families in need. Through our partnerships with local grocery stores and other food providers, we are able to turn every $1 cash donation into more than $9 worth of food including fresh meat and produce!

Bienvenidos Food Bank is a program of the Northwest Family Assistance Center, a 501 3 nonprofit organization. Donations are tax deductible .

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What Food Banks Need

Its best to check your local food bank to get area-specific recommendations , but heres a general list of items that most food banks need:

  • Healthy cereals and oatmeal
  • Bags of potatoes or apples
  • Kids snack items
  • Jars and pouches of baby food
  • Personal hygiene products, like sanitary pads
  • Toiletries like toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, lip balm
  • Canned fish and meat

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Dried Fruits And Vegetables

Although most fresh fruits and vegetables have a short shelf life, dried produce is considered non-perishable. When properly stored, most dried fruit can be safely kept at room temperature for up to 1 year, and dried vegetables can be kept about half that time .

You can choose from a variety of dried fruits and vegetables, including dried berries, apples, tomatoes, and carrots. You can also use a dehydrator or oven to make your own dried fruits and vegetables. Vacuum-sealed packaging can help prevent spoilage.

Dried fruits and veggies can be enjoyed as a snack or added to trail mix. Plus, dried veggies can be rehydrated by adding them to soups or stews if fresh produce isnt available.

Although fresh fish and poultry are packed with nutrients, theyre highly perishable. All the same, canned varieties can be safely kept without refrigeration for long periods up to 5 years at room temperature .

Tuna and other seafood products are also sold in lightweight packages known as retort pouches, which are perfect for smaller pantries and backpacking. Seafood in retort pouches has a shelf life of up to 18 months .

Chicken and other meats can be found in retort pouches as well, though you should refer to the packaging for shelf life information.

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The Best Foods For Food Donations

  • Rowan University
  • Wine School of Philadelphia

There are a lot of food drives during the holidays. What food banks need most is cash, but when the Scouts come knocking at your door collecting food or you’re asked to bring a non-perishable item as entrance to the schools holiday concert, food is in order.

NPR did a piece on the types of pantry staples that can help those who rely on food banks to build healthy meals. Food banks say the focus should be on on whole, unprocessed or minimally processed foods to help people create healthy meals. Instead of donating foods that are high in salt, sugar and highly processed grains, bring foods that are high in protein, healthy fats and whole grains instead.

Why Is It Important To Donate Food

Local food banks ask for non-perishable donations as needs rise and availability dwindles

Food banks collects and distributes food to many different charities. Usually, they do not distribute food to those in need themselves, but instead collect, store, and distribute food to charities as needed.

There are many groups of people that donated food will go to. Those living in food-insecure homes, homeless individuals, helping those in times fo disaster, and more.

If you do not have time to shop, most food banks accept monetary donations as well as a grocery gift card.

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Th Annual Detroit Mlk Day Rally & March

Gather at St. Josephâs Episcopal Church in Detroit at noon for an MLK Day march that, this year, âhonors six decades of mass movements in Detroit and beyond.â After the march, there will be a variety of cultural presentations at the rally, which is themed âSix Decades of Mass Movements, The Struggle Continues.â These presentations will highlight speakers and artists who are active in social justice movement, and strive for peace and self-determination. All progressive organizations and institutions are invited to help with the event, which is striving to win funding for the Right to Counsel Ordinance, ensure all Detroit residents have access to quality housing, water, schools and other services, end police brutality and misconduct, stop the Pentagram budget and demand to end the war in Ukraine, and eliminate poverty. For more information, visit .

Can You Donate Ketchup

Fruit, sauces, pickles, and other goods that are sold in glass jars should be avoided. They can easily shatter in transport, and food banks often cannot distribute them for safety reasons. Check with your local food bank before you donate items like produce and meat, which might require refrigeration.

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Shelf Life Of Non Perishable Foods

The following tables give shelf life estimates for an assortment of foods. These estimates vary widely, depending on which reference you use, so we opted for more conservative estimates.

Start with the best by date, but use some common sense. If salt has been hanging around in the earth for thousands of years, it’s not going to go bad sitting in your pantry.

Do not use food with obvious signs of spoilage, like bad odors or bulging containers.

Non Surplus Food Donations

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Although the large majority of the food we redistribute comes from food industry surplus, we are always grateful to take donations of non-perishable, in-date products from individuals or groups.

Food can be dropped off at our warehouse in Moulsecoomb Units 3-4 Fairway Business Centre, Westergate Road, Brighton, BN2 4JZ.

We also have several food collection points in the area where you can drop food items.

  • Exeter Street Hall, Exeter Street, Brighton
  • Sainsburys New England Street, Brighton
  • Sainsburys Lewes Road, Brighton
  • Co-operative Meridian Way, Peacehaven

The Neighbourhood Food Collection

Every year, FareShare takes part in a large-scale food collection in Tesco stores across the country. Over three days, Tesco customers are invited to purchase an extra non-perishable food item with their shopping to donate. At the end of the event the food is totalled up, topped up by a 20% financial donation from Tesco and distributed to each of the FareShare Regional Centres and Trussell Trust food banks.

Get in touch if you would like to be added to the event mailing list to be the first to know about volunteering positions across the Sussex stores. If you are a national company and are interested in getting involved visit our FareShare UK website.

Fareshare Sussex

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Create A Virtual Fund Drive

Get your friends and colleagues involved with your effort to help feed Rhode Islanders facing hunger. You can create your own personalized fundraising campaign with many fun options, such as creating a team to engage others in raising funds towards a common goal. You can even connect your movement tracker or your game play streaming account to make a unique and engaging experience for your donors.

Check out our fundraising tool and get started.

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Mvsb Annual Mitten Tree Drive

PORTSMOUTH/ROCHESTER MVSB is collecting donations of new mittens, hats, gloves and scarves for their annual Mitten Tree drive, now through New Years Eve. All items will be distributed to local school and nonprofits. MVSB will also match each item donation with $2 to local childcare programs.

Mitten Tree donations can be dropped off at any MVSB branch location. A complete list of offices and hours are available at The Banks matching donations will benefit the following local child and after school care programs in your area: YMCA of the Seacoast and the Rochester Child Care Center.

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Final Thoughts On Thanksgiving Food Donations

The items on the list above are just a starting place. Depending on where you live, and the unique needs of your community, your local food banks might be in need of other non-perishable food items. Thats why Im reminding you again to please call the one you would like to donate to BEFORE getting started with your food drive.

While collecting the items on this Thanksgiving non perishable foods list is a wonderful way to help families in your community, monetary donations are also very appreciated by food banks. Whether you give a charitable gift, or donate grocery store gift cards, the support truly does matter to those organizations.

While it seems small, a canned food drive is a powerful way to start your children on the path to service to their community in a meaningful way. Remember that food banks need support all year long! If your family enjoys this, consider turning this food drive into a quarterly way to give back. You can also ask your local food pantry if they know of any free kitchens that are in need of volunteers to serve on Thanksgiving Day.

If you found this Thanksgiving non perishable foods list helpful, please share it on social media or pin it on Pinterest to help inspire other families this Thanksgiving too.

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