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Martha’s Table Food Donations

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Why Does Your Support Matter

Joyful Food Markets Increase Food Access in DC!

Every day in Canada, one of the wealthiest countries in the world, one in six households struggles to put good food on the table.

We also know that food insecurity is not simply about a lack of food. Its ripple effects are wide and far-reaching, affecting physical and mental health, social connection and community, employment and aspirations, family life and more.

Food insecurity makes people sick, breaks down relationships with family and friends, makes it harder to get a job and leaves a lasting mark on the lives of children.

Out of 100 people surveyed, the largest percentage of participants report that they would cut food before other basic expenses including transportation, medicine, utilities, and housing.

No one should have to choose between paying rent and buying groceries. Hunger and Poverty exists in Kingston and the Islands. 14% of people live in poverty In Ontario, 18% of children live in poverty.

Thanks to the donations of supporters such as yourself, Marthas is able to fight against food insecurity in our community.

What Can You Do

If you feel passionate about sharing your knowledge of nutrition, find an organization that is based more around educating others about food insecurity and making healthy eating choices. Many organizations appreciate having volunteers who want to advocate budget-friendly, healthy meals.

Or take 5 minutes a day to play on Freerice. There are a variety of categories to choose from history, math, chemistry. Watch how the rice bowl fills up.

Theres Always Room At Marthas Table

Its been nearly a year since the food pantry here at Catholic Social Services of Montgomery County made the switch to a choice model.

What. A. Year.

When the project first began, it seemed like an impossible dream. But with the help of tireless and committed volunteers, an incredible team of builders, and the support and encouragement of our administration, the dream became a reality.

Now Marthas Choice Marketplace is leading the way, inviting and inspiring others to serve their communities through choice. These days Marthas serves well over 900 families per month and counting. Along with transitioning to a choice model, Marthas is a hub for many other services provided by Catholic Social Services that help clients find their way out of poverty.

The team at Marthas Choice Marketplace is a special one, with folks coming together from a variety of professional, personal and cultural backgrounds. One simple goal unites us: to serve our brothers and sisters in need in order to build a just and compassionate society. Were starting with food. But the sky is the limit.

We are always welcoming new volunteers and clients. Each of us plays an important role, each of us has something to share.

What will you bring to Marthas table?

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Additional Resources & Important Information For You And Your Family:

  • DC Government will be paying for a year of residential internet service more information HERE

  • New DC Access Mobile App for Public Benefits

    The District recently launched a new mobile app that allows residents to apply for food, cash, and medical public benefits available in the District. Residents can complete public benefit recertifications and mid-certifications, view upcoming and past benefit distributions, and update household information. Using the DC Access mobile app is free and available in the and Apple app stores. .

  • COVID-19 Information & Updates

Dewitt Tilton Group Donates $2000 To Richmond Hills Backpacks Of Love Program

You Shared, We Listened!  Martha

SAVANNAH, Ga. – A program in Richmond Hill who helps families struggling to put food on the table over the weekends is getting some help for the holidays.

Pastor Lane with the new beginnings community church says while schools help feed children during the week they often dont have enough to eat on the weekends.

Richmond Hills Backpacks of Love Program helps them do that by sending families home with the backpacks of food.

The Dewitt Tilton Group has donated $2,000 dollars which will go towards the programs Christmas Dinner boxes.

They also helped pack the backpacks which the president of the group says makes their donation really meaningful.

When we first started giving money, it was so easy to just write the check but to be able to get involved and we do a lot of different charities, backpacks of love is one of our favorite. To come down here and pack, and just to be apart of it gives you a sense of a purpose and its so much more involvement then just writing the check. To be able to get here, to pack the boxes up. You know its what its all about for us, President Chris Tilton said.

The program started in 2013 with 50 kids and has grown since then. This year they served between 250 to 300 kids.

They say they are able to do this because of non-profits like second harvest and the united way.

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The Story Of Changing Lives In Elementary Schools

One in three Washington, D.C. children struggle with food insecurity year-round. , a non-profit organization, in Washington, D.C works to support stronger children and their families by increasing access to quality education programs, healthy food, and family supports.

In January 2015, Marthas Table, in partnership with the Capital Area Food Bank, launched Joyful Food Markets to increase access to and encourage consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables east of the Anacostia River. In each school, colorful tables are filled with baskets of fresh produce and piled high with healthy non-perishable food, while festive music plays. The markets are joyful community events, where families and children can mingle with volunteers and school administrators while selecting from seasonal produce and healthy pantry staples, totaling 23 pounds of food per enrolled student. In addition, the markets feature kids cooking activities, recipe samples, and chef-led culinary demonstrations, designed to get children excited about healthy eating and cooking.

Indra Books is a driver for volunteers and she loves sharing her perspective on the community. People often imagine helping the homeless as serving plates of food through the glass wall of a traditional soup kitchen. This is so much more than that. Were directly interacting with our clients. Ive had people come up and give me hugs and even offer to loan me books theyve read. That interaction makes the impact so profound, said Indra.

Student Impact On The Community

This donation makes up part of Queens social and economic impact on the Kingston community and surrounding area, which has been measured in a study conducted by Deloitte. That study found that Queens students, faculty, and staff annually raise more than $1 million to support local causes. It also found that Queens students work thousands of volunteer hours for local causes.

Learn more about the community and economic impact of Queens students and read the full study on the Queens Economic and Community Impact website.

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Distributing Healthy Food To Kids And Families

Joyful Food Markets are pop-up monthly markets held in 53 elementary schools in Wards 7 and 8 in D.C. School families are invited to shop at no cost for a variety of beautiful high-quality produce items, including bananas, apples, greens, and sweet potatoes, as well as basic shelf staples such as pasta and beans. Designed like farmers markets, Joyful Food Markets give children and their families- the opportunity to select from a variety of items and sample a dish made with fresh, market ingredients. Kids can also make their own fruit or vegetable snack at the Joyful Junior Chef Table.

Every child at a Joyful Food Market receives a 15-pound bag of groceries, of which 70 percent is fresh produce, ensuring their families can make nutritious meals at home. And that no one goes to bed hungry.

Free Rice Free Education

Martha Stewart Teaches You How To Cook Rice | Martha’s Cooking School S1E6 “Rice”

Without a doubt, the easiest way to donate food is through Freerice. Freerice is a 100% non-profit website that is owned by and supports the United Nations World Food Program. Freerice has two goals: to provide education to everyone for free and to help end world hunger by providing rice to hungry people for free. Each time you answer a question right, the banner ad that you see generates enough money for the World Food Program to buy 10 grains of rice to help reach Zero Hunger. This is all it takes to both improve your vocabulary and feed the world.

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Your Donation Makes An Impact

We have been blessed by the generosity of Washingtonians,She said her son really loves trucks and dinosaurs,The first month she called, we lucked out and had dinosaur shirts. She called back this month, and we found shirts with trucks! I also included a childrens book all about trucks with their clothing package.


Food Donation & Recovery

Donating wholesome food for human consumption diverts food waste from landfills and puts food on the table for families in need.

Organizations that accept food donations from DC residents and businesses:Thrive DC

Guidance for Restaurants and Businesses:

  • The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act, which was created to encourage the donation of food and grocery products to qualified nonprofit organizations and provides liability protection to food donors. .
  • Internal Revenue Code 170 provides enhanced tax deductions to businesses to encourage donations of fit and wholesome food to qualified nonprofit organizations serving the poor and needy.
  • The U.S. Federal Food Donation Act of 2008 specifies procurement contract language encouraging Federal agencies and contractors of Federal agencies to donate excess wholesome food to eligible nonprofit organizations to feed food-insecure people in the United States.

Join the U.S. EPAs Food Recovery Challenge today to help your community by donating leftover food to feed hungry people, while saving money by purchasing less and lowering waste disposal fees.

If you are a business or organization that accepts food donations from residents and businesses in an around the DC Metropolitan area and would like to be added to this list, please email .

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Help Load Up Marthas Table This Season

Washington Improv Theater is proud to support Marthas Table through a canned food drive from Dec. 4 through Dec. 30. Food donations collected will benefit low-income DC families served by Marthas Tables food and nutrition programs.

With main headquarters in the U Street neighborhood, Marthas Table has been a critical part of the safety net for vulnerable children and families across the District of Columbia for nearly 35 years. Marthas Table believes everyone deserves both dignity and opportunity. Through healthy food, affordable clothing and quality education, Marthas Table works with children and their families to build a better future, strengthen communities and break the cycle of poverty.

Last year, Marthas Table directly impacted 18,000 children and families, including nearly 3,000 children served through their school-based healthy grocery markets at elementary schools, and provided over 600,000 healthy meals. For more information on Marthas Table, please visit

How Can You Help?

Give Canned Food

Bring your canned food items to any WIT Seasonal Disorder performance. All canned food items will be accepted, but those especially valued are: beans, tomato products, fruit, vegetables, soups, and fish and meat products. Pop-top cans are encouraged. Food will be distributed through Marthas Tables free market program for those in need.


If you want to support Marthas Table with a monetary gift, you can do that here.


Ongoing Updates About Our Hours And Operations

Service Saturday: Food Prep at Marthas Table  Immanuel Presbyterian ...

We remain deeply committed to protecting the health, safety, and well-being of our community. Our programs supporting District residents will continue as described below.

No-cost grocery distribution:

The Commons Lobby Market 2375 Elvans Rd. SE Washington, DC 20020

  • Monday Friday 11:00 AM 4:00 PM
  • The Commons Lobby Market is NO LONGER OPEN ON SATURDAYS
  • DC Diaper Bank distribution: Monday 11 AM 2 PM
  • The Maycroft Lobby Market 1474 Columbia Rd Northwest, Washington DC 20009

    • Monday-Friday 11:00 AM 4:00 PM

    Community Pop-up Grocery Distribution

    We will provide updates as new developments arise that may impact Marthas Tables programs.

    Questions? Contact our team at -328-6608

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    More Outreach Planned For The New Year

    VLC has plans for continuing to make an impact in the community in the new year as well.

    We look forward to continuing to build community partnerships into the second term, as we will be working with Pathways to Education to set up school visits from varsity teams, alongside additional fundraisers for local causes, says Brackenbury. We are so grateful for all the community support we receive in our athletic endeavors, so giving back to the community is one way we express that gratitude.

    Who Can Give

    In order to get the credit:

    • You are an Ontario resident at the end of the year
    • You carry on the business of farming in Ontario
    • You have donated agricultural products to an eligible community food program in Ontario on or after January 1, 2014
    • Corporations that carry on the business of farming in Ontario may also claim the credit on their 2014 corporation income tax return

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