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How To Get Food Donations For Nonprofit Organizations

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Oil And Energy Donation Requests

Grants for New Nonprofits: Whole Foods Community Grant

ExxonMobil ExxonMobil contributes to organizations that theyve worked with in the past. They focus on helping local organizations, as well as nonprofits across the world with education-, healthcare-, and environmental-related causes.

Valero The Valero Energy Foundation contributes an average of $16 million to support local organizations of various causes, including education, healthcare, arts and culture, and basic needs.

Chevron Chevron helps nonprofits with causes related to education and healthcare. Theyve invested over $80 million in education worldwide with their Fuel Your School program that helps teachers and schools receive the funds they need for supplies.

The Marathon Petroleum Corporation believes in promoting and investing in the health and vitality of the communities they operate in. They help local organizations in Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, and Texas.

Conoco Phillips Conoco Phillips accepts donation requests from April 1 to July 31 of every year. This oil and gas company will support organizations that align with one of their four giving categories: education, health and safety, natural resources, and civic and arts.

Chesapeake Energy Chesapeake Energy partners with organizations that focus on four core areas STEM education, environment, emergency and disaster response, and community development. Organizations can request financial contributions or in-kind donations.

Foods Suitable For Donation

Home-Prepared Foods

DONATED FOOD DISTRIBUTING ORGANIZATIONS are not allowed to accept or serve most types of homeprepared foods. However, homemade baked goods that do not need refrigeration to remain safe may be received from DONORS.

Commercially Packaged Foods Not Needing Refrigeration

The donation of commercially canned, boxed, and otherwise packaged foods is encouraged.

Fresh Produce Donations

Food donations may include fresh produce, including home-grown fruits and vegetables. Fresh produce should be protected from contamination and receive final preparation, such as washing and cutting, in a DONOR KITCHEN or licensed kitchen.

Food Prepared in a DONOR KITCHEN

Except for baked goods , DONATED FOOD DISTRIBUTING ORGANIZATIONS may not accept foods prepared in a home kitchen. Instead, foods for donation should be prepared in either a DONOR KITCHEN or a commercial food establishment, such as a restaurant.

A DONOR KITCHEN is a publicly available kitchen in a faith-based organization, community center, or other site. The DONOR KITCHEN does not need to have a health permit, but must have basic facilities such as adequate handwashing, dishwashing, refrigeration, and cooking equipment. It must have a safe water supply, be protected from weather and animals, and be cleaned before food preparation starts.

Uninspected Meat Donations
Food Donation by Licensed Food Establishments
Food Donation by Food Processors
Distressed Foods

Limited Liability Protection For Donors

The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act of 1996 encourages the donation of food and grocery products to nonprofit organizations for distribution to needy individuals. The Act exempts persons and gleaners who make good faith donations of food to nonprofit organizations that feed the hungry from liability for injuries arising from the consumption of the donated food.

Under the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act, the following food donation standards apply:

Persons and gleaners : Persons and gleaners, including qualified direct donors, shall not be subject to civil or criminal liability arising from the nature, age, packaging, or condition of apparently wholesome food that the person or gleaner donates in good faith to a nonprofit organization for ultimate distribution to needy individuals.

Nonprofit organizations: Nonprofit organizations shall not be subject to civil or criminal liability arising from the nature, age, packaging, or condition of apparently wholesome food that the nonprofit organization received as a donation in good faith from a person or gleaner, including a qualified direct donor, for ultimate distribution to needy individuals.

Donations of apparently wholesome food by qualified direct donors must be made in compliance with applicable state and local health, food safety, and food handling laws .

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Matching Gift Submission Deadlines

Companies that offer matching gift and volunteer grant programs often have deadlines for employees to submit requests. Whether that deadline is three months or a whole year after the initial donation is made, your nonprofit has a certain amount of time to promote matching gifts and volunteer grants.

Immediately after a donor makes a contribution or volunteers their time with your organization, send them a thank-you email or letter to let them know you appreciate their support.

Within this acknowledgement, make sure that you also mention matching gifts and volunteer grants. If the acknowledgement comes in the form of an email, provide recipients with a link to more information or a tool to see if their employers offer such programs.

Promoting matching gifts and volunteer grants at the right times will encourage donors to submit those requests to their employers sooner rather than later.

Ask For Donations At Community Events

Beach Food Pantry

Are you hosting any upcoming events? A 5K, an auction, a community learning event? These are great opportunities to ask for donations. Heres why.

  • Your event has a registration form and/or a participation fee. If your event already requires the participants to fill out a form or pay a fee, its a great idea to ask for donations on the registration form. People are more likely to give when they already have their wallets out or are already providing their information.
  • Your event is beneficial to the community youre serving. If there are donors at your event and they can clearly see the value your organization is creating, theyll be all the more inspired to give.
  • Your event promotes excitement around giving. If youre hosting a fun event with fundraising in mind, find ways to make giving exciting! At an auction, cheer whenever someone makes a bid. This both congratulates them for amping up the price of what could be a significant donation to your organization and encourages others to partake in the fun.

If someone is at your event, chances are theyre interested in your organizations work. Use that momentum to get more donations and hopefully establish long-lasting relationships with new donors.

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Promote Your Cause On Facebook

Facebook is an excellent tool for fundraising. Part of this is due to the fundraising options Facebook has built-in like the ability for your supporters to host their own fundraisers, the ability to collect donations through a Facebook Live video, , and more. But in order to use Facebook to its full advantage, its important to understand how Facebook advertising works.

Here are some things to consider when its time to promote your cause on Facebook:

  • Use organic posts. Sometimes, sharing the word about your new campaign is as easy as posting about it. The term organic means you havent spent any money to promote itits a post on your organizations page that can gain traction based on how popular it is with your subscribers.
  • Use boosted posts. With Facebooks boosting option, you can pay to give your content more views. This feature also allows you to target specific groupsmuch like you would with segmented emailingbased on geographic location, websites visited, or even by email list. This gives you the power to make your ad and your boosting budget count.
  • Add a donate button. Take the additional steps to install the clear, call-to-action button at the top of your organizations Facebook page that allows your donors to give to your organization through Facebook. To do this, you have to sign up for first and register with Facebook as a nonprofit organization.

With The Help Of A Custom

It can be called T-Shirt fundraising. And when it comes to ways of today to generate a large sum of charity for any non-profit, it is the best way out. You can add a custom T-shirt of your non-profit to the crowdfunding campaigns. It will generate revenue and work for the cause o donation as people are interested in such campaigns.

Plus, if you get a chance to use the right platform, you can double the donation amount. Most of the non-profits also sometimes enable extra donations for anyone who feels more impacted by the cause.

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Microsofts Corporate Philanthropy Program

Microsoft offers nonprofits world-class productivity, platform, and cloud technology to help them do even more good in their communities.

They are also committed to supporting humanitarian relief and disaster management as well as working toward technologies and policies that are accessible to everyone.

When To Use Direct Mail

Starting a Nonprofit Organization? 3 Things You MUST do First

Appeal letters dont have to be sent out to each and every donor and prospect in your database. Instead, use your appeal letters as a way to reach out to major gift donors, loyal supporters, and businesses.

Direct mail appeals lend a certain formality to a donation ask, a factor that is important when making an ask for a sizable donation from an individual or a business.

Fundraising letters are also a great way to talk up your nonprofit and lay out the projects you need help funding. Direct mail fundraising can be used to outline specific donation requests, as well as provide detailed instructions on how the recipient might take the next step to support your cause.

For example, you might include the URL of your online donation page or a self-addressed reply envelope so that donors can make their gift as quickly and easily as possible.

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Disneys Corporate Philanthropy Program

Disney is committed to strengthening communities by providing hope, happiness, and comfort to kids and families who need it most.

Through their corporate giving programs, Disney brings positive, lasting change to communities around the world.

Just last year, Disney gave over $315 million to nonprofits that help children and families.

They also donate books to children across the globe, and gave over 23 million books in the past.

How To Get Donations For A Non

The world is changing now, and so is the way to get donations for your non-profit. However, you can still make a more significant impact while being online and taking the proper steps to connect with people, companies, and other organizations for funds. There are different ways through which you can ask for donations.

At the same time, you can expect to get assistance for your non-profit in various ways. Some of the best and useful practices are listed here. So, in this blog, we discuss how to get donations for a non-profit in easy and practical ways. We only list the ways which work, cutting down the many ways to a better extent!

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Dardens Matching Gift Program

Darden Restaurant Group, which is composed of restaurants like Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse, Bahama Breeze, Seasons 52, The Capital Grille, Eddie Vs, and Yard House, offers a generous matching gift program to full-time and part-time employees.

Donations ranging from $100 to $10,000 are eligible to be matched at a 1:1 ratio. Darden only matches gifts to k-12 schools, colleges, and universities.

Tyson Foods And Delaware North


Back in 2011, the Food Bank in Western New York, found in Buffalo, received around 29,000 lbs. of boneless chicken from Tyson Foods, together with Delaware North. Ever since then, both have been some of the best companies that donate food to nonprofit organizations, which we should take as an example. Since poultry is generally rich in nutrients, it is perfect for those who need some extra protein, such as young children or the elderly. And if youre wondering, The Food Bank of Western New York helps four counties, offering food to an impressive number of 100,000 each year.

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Outerwalls Volunteer Grant Program

Outerwall, which is composed of Coinstar, Redbox, and ecoATM, has a volunteer grant program for its employees that will donate up to $600 per employee.

Employees must volunteer for at least 10 hours and can be rewarded for volunteering for up to 40 hours.

Employees should register their requests electronically.

Showcase The Impact Of Donations

People are more willing to give if they think their gift will make a real difference. Dont be afraid to show them exactly what their donation can dobuy school lunches for a class of students, cover the cost of new clothing for a family who lost everything in a natural disaster, or pay for clean drinking water.

Once your campaign is over, be sure to show off all you accomplished! Donors want to see their dollars in action, so be sure to share images, charts, and any data youve collected to prove how you turned those donations into meaningful action.

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Asking For Donations With Letters

The Basics

Donation letters are most commonly used for formal fundraising appeals to companies, businesses, and foundations.

However, you can also use letters to reach out to your more traditional donors who dont have social media or email accounts.

You may find these donors appreciate an old-fashioned approach and feel its more personal, which could lead to more donations. Learn how to ask for donations with letters!

Why It’s Important

Because you have time to organize your thoughts before talking to donors, letters can be a great way to perfectly spell out your organizations need and demonstrate how much more money you require to reach your goal.

Getting Started

  • Dont forget the return envelope.
  • Say thank you in advance.
  • Asking For Donations Over The Phone

    How to Start a Nonprofit Organization in 2022 (Step-by-step)

    The Basics

    Most people associate phonathons with asking for donations over the phone.

    But you can use phone calls for everyday fundraising, too.

    If your organization doesnt have the time or resources to go and visit hundreds or thousands of people, asking for contributions over the phone can be a great alternative. Learn how to ask for donations over the phone!

    Why It’s Important

    Asking for donations over the phone still gives you the personal touch that comes with asking in person, but its easier and more cost effective than in-person meetings.

    Getting Started

  • Give donors a compelling reason to donate.
  • Dont feel tied to your script.
  • Listen to the person on the other end of the line.
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    Create An Email Campaign

    Sending emails about your campaign can help donors understand more about your fundraising campaign. When sending emails, break up your audience based on their demographics. Based on the demographics you create, serve different emails by group so that your email remains relevant to them.

    Remember that the purpose of sending your email is to get donations, so include a donation link to make it easier for donors to make donations. Your email doesnt always need to be about asking for donations, you can send an email about updates from your ongoing projects. Build relationships with your email subscribers. Send weekly emails about event progress and you can also send additional emails for people who have donated.

    State Streets Fundraising Match Program

    CollectMore is State Streets matching gift program for fundraising. Through CollectMore, State Street will match their employees fulfilled pledges up to $5,000 annually.

    CollectMore is part of a three-pronged program for financial giving, which also includes GiveMore, their matching gift program, and DoMore, their volunteer grant program.

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    Use Donation Software To Get More Online Donations

    Getting more donations requires using the right tactics of course, but the right tools are just as important. Ultimately, these tactics rely on a solid, online donation system. To get more donations, you need to have a clear, good-looking donation form that your donors can easily find through text, Facebook, email, and in-person.

    Thats where Donorbox comes in. Keeping all of your fundraising efforts together with the same piece of software means less work for you and a more cohesive experience for your donors, no matter where they find your donation button.

    For more fundraising tips, check out the rest of our nonprofit blog.

    Publixs Matching Gift Program

    Donate to a Food Pantry for National Nutrition Month

    Publix matches current and retired employees donations to public or accredited private school, college, or university.

    Donations ranging from $25 to $5,000 are eligible to be matched at a 1:1 ratio.

    Employees have to have worked at Publix for at least one year before they are eligible to apply for a matching gift.

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    How Do I Create A Free Fundraiser

    You can create a fundraiser for free through online donation platforms like Givelify. Sign up to the platform and create a free account for your nonprofit organization. Once youve finished setting everything up, youll be able to start receiving donations online in under five minutes.

    Givelify lets you accept donations through the following options:

    • Add a giving button to your website/donation page.
    • Promote giving buttons/links via email.
    • Accept donations through the Givelify mobile app.

    Note that creating a fundraiser through Givelify is completely free. Each transaction will cost your donors just 2.9% + $0.30.

    How To Ask For In

    In-kind donations can be incredibly helpful for nonprofits, but even better when theyre of things you really need to advance your mission. Dont be afraid to ask for the things that you need!

    Here are a few options you can use to reach out for in-kind donations:

    • Create a page on your website listing out the items you need. If you need recurring items at your organization, like lightly-used clothing, nonperishable foods, or furniture, try adding a permanent page to your website asking for such contributions. This is generally helpful for smaller-scale in-kind donations rather than large-scale gifts.
    • Register for a wish list when starting new programs or activities. If youre starting a new program or project and need specific items to get started, try asking for those as a registered wish list using a platform like Amazon. For example, if youre furnishing a home for a family in need, you might decide to ask for kitchen supplies, a television, and furniture specifically for that home.
    • Write specific letters asking for the in-kind donations you need. For larger gifts , write a one-on-one letter to your supporter who might have it available. Reach into your donor database to see who might be able to and interested in making these contributions, then write a specifically tailored letter to them just like you would a major monetary donation.

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