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How To Ask For Food Donations For An Event

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How Do You Ask For Food Donations For An Event

How to Ask for Donations and Reach Your Fundraising Goal | GoFundMe

Start the script with an introduction of yourself, the organization and the event. Explain that youre seeking food donations for your charity or event and that youd like to speak with a community-relations manager. End your script by asking for donations and gathering information on the proper contact.

How To Ask Businesses For Donations Learn The Types

These business owners usually have not only one donation program for the environment and the surrounding community. But, there are four types of donations from companies for the community or environment. Those are: matching gifts program, volunteer grants program, corporate grants program, and in-kind donations.

Automobile Manufacturers Donation Requests

General Motors The purpose of the General Motors Foundation is to promote economic growth around the world through STEM education, vehicle and road safety, and sustainable communities. They offer support in the form of disaster relief and community grants.

Ford Motor Company Ford Motor Company has invested a total of over $1.5 billion to organizations in need. Nonprofits with causes relating to community life, education, and motor safety are welcome to apply.

Toyota The Toyota USA Foundation wants to enhance the quality of education, and supports nonprofits with similar missions. When the foundations board reviews an application, they look for significant need, innovation and creativity, and the programs ability to measure results.

Nissan The Nissan Foundation has awarded 27 nonprofits a total of $700,000 in grants and still continues to support nonprofits with missions that center around cultural diversity, education, and arts.

Honda The American Honda Foundation was established to help the local communities where Honda resides. Honda supports organizations who are imaginative, creative, forward thinking, and innovative.

BMW BMW supports organizations that focus on education and culture. To apply for a corporate sponsorship, your nonprofit needs to be serving the communities where BMW associates live and work.

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Tailor Your Message To Who Youre Asking

The best way to receive a positive responseand a donationis to appeal to each potential donors individual interests. If you know someone who would respond better to a warm, lighthearted request, keep your wording to ask for donations informal and bright. For someone such as a colleague who may respond better to a formal approach, deliver your message accordingly.

You might be nervous about asking for help. Its good to know that even people who regularly organize fundraisers still get nervous. Requesting donations online can be made easier by using a mental checklist and practicing your approach. Here are a few tips on how to ask for donations.

How To Get Free Food Donations From Businesses

How to Write the Donation Request Letter (Format + Examples)

Getting free food donations from businesses demands charisma and a willingness to ask for what you want even though a lot of people will tell you no. Although it is possible to get donations for your own use, you will find it much easier to get food donations from businesses for use at an event or for an established charitable organization.

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How To Handle Donor Objections To Your Ask

Your supporter may not make a donation when you call. Below is a list of sample objections you might hear and a few ways you can handle them.

OBJECTION: I cant afford the amount you want.

RESPONSE: I completely understand. Any amount would help us . The amount is completely up to you.

OBJECTION: I gave because of your work on _____, but I dont like the position youve taken on ________.

RESPONSE: I appreciate your honesty. If you have time, Id love to hear more about your concerns.

OBJECTION: Were in a tight situation financially, and we dont have the money.

RESPONSE: I completely understand. There are other ways to get involved in our mission that dont involve making a financial contribution. Would you like to hear about those?

Sample Donation Request Letter For Nonprofits

Subject: Help us raise money for !

Dear ,

I am and I am the of . At , we seek to help by

While we have made some great strides, still has a lot to accomplish.

We need your support to .

Would you consider donating to help us achieve our mission?

If you have any questions, I would be happy to provide you with more information about how you can help support our work at .

We greatly appreciate your donation, and it will be used to . If you wish to contribute, please fill out the attached form or give us a call at .

Please join us! With your donation, were one step closer to !


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Rejection Is Inevitable But Thats Okay

You wont get a donation from every person you ask, and thats okay. It doesnt mean that you did a bad job. Sometimes people get distracted or they dont have the money to donate. Understanding this, politely follow up with anyone who didnt donate the first time you reached out. You can also suggest other ways they can show support for free, such as sharing your fundraiser to their online social networks. Make it simpler for them by providing some pointers on how to ask for donations on social media. Using social media fundraising is a big opportunity to turn followers into donors.

Watch the video for additional insight on how to get comfortable with asking for those first donations on GoFundMe.

Foods Suitable For Donation

Fundraising Tip- How To Ask For Donations
Home-Prepared Foods

DONATED FOOD DISTRIBUTING ORGANIZATIONS are not allowed to accept or serve most types of homeprepared foods. However, homemade baked goods that do not need refrigeration to remain safe may be received from DONORS.

Commercially Packaged Foods Not Needing Refrigeration

The donation of commercially canned, boxed, and otherwise packaged foods is encouraged.

Fresh Produce Donations

Food donations may include fresh produce, including home-grown fruits and vegetables. Fresh produce should be protected from contamination and receive final preparation, such as washing and cutting, in a DONOR KITCHEN or licensed kitchen.

Food Prepared in a DONOR KITCHEN

Except for baked goods , DONATED FOOD DISTRIBUTING ORGANIZATIONS may not accept foods prepared in a home kitchen. Instead, foods for donation should be prepared in either a DONOR KITCHEN or a commercial food establishment, such as a restaurant.

A DONOR KITCHEN is a publicly available kitchen in a faith-based organization, community center, or other site. The DONOR KITCHEN does not need to have a health permit, but must have basic facilities such as adequate handwashing, dishwashing, refrigeration, and cooking equipment. It must have a safe water supply, be protected from weather and animals, and be cleaned before food preparation starts.

Uninspected Meat Donations
Food Donation by Licensed Food Establishments
Food Donation by Food Processors
Distressed Foods

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The Importance Of Acknowledgements

Acknowledgements are crucial for any fundraising effort, big or small. People like to feel like their donations didnt just disappear into the ether.

By acknowledging donors promptly and genuinely, you show that you appreciate them, not just their contributions to your fundraising efforts.

Acknowledging donors also shows other supporters that you care about the people that contribute to your campaign. This could in turn lead to more donations down the road!

Follow These Steps To Organize A Food Drive On Your Own Or With A Local Food Bank

by Maureen Vaught

Master gardener Alex Portelli was having lunch at an elementary school in Marion, North Carolina, where he volunteers, when two students, brothers, sat next to him in the cafeteria. One brother pulled out his lunch and started eating, recalls Portelli, president of the Rotary Club of Marion. I asked the other brother where his lunch was, and he said, Its not my turn to eat today. I thought, Oh, no. Not during my lifetime. Thats the type of personal story that gets us involved. Portelli is now the chair of his countys local food advisory council, and hes active in the Rotary Zones 33-34 Hunger Challenge.

Rotary members in many places hold collection drives to help people, particularly families with children, get the food they need. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect jobs and school food programs, that need is growing. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the COVID-19 pandemic could add as many as 132 million people to the total number of undernourished in the world this year.

Want to organize a food drive in your community? Here are some ideas and tips to help ensure success.

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When To Use Social Media

Asking for donations on social media is a more casual version of asking for donations via email. Its a type of mass communication that you can use on a pretty regular basis.

Having said that, you shouldnt expect to receive any major gifts just because you made a few donation appeals on Twitter. Using social media as a fundraising tool is almost more about spreading the word about your cause.

The best possible scenario is using social media to inform followers about your nonprofit and direct them to your online donation page, where they can make a contribution. But even if they dont give, youve at least put your organizations mission on their newsfeeds.

How Do I Write A Letter Requesting Food Donations

47+ Request Letter Template

To write the perfect donation request letter, follow these simple steps:Start with a greeting. Explain your mission. Describe the current project/campaign/event. Include why this project is in need and what you hope to accomplish. Make your donation ask with a specific amount correlated with that amounts impact.

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Get Right To The Point

Your email ask should be clear, genuine, and succinct, which means you want to ask for that donation early on. Donât make your readers wade through paragraphs of text, wondering aloud what the heck this email is all about. Let them know exactly why youâre writing and how they can take action to make a difference.

Best Practices To Ask For Donations

Tips for Your Fundraising Ask

  • Address the Appeal

    Include your donors name in the fundraising appeal to add a personal touch.

  • Get to the Point

    Your letter shouldnt be more than a page and you should get to your ask within the first two paragraphs.

  • Be Specific

    Tell your donors exactly where their donations will go to help them visualize how much their support helps.

  • Give Options

    Provide your donors with multiple ways to donate so they can select their preferred method.


City, State ZIP

Dear ,

My name is and I am . I am looking to raise to help pay for .

Just a small donation of can help me .

Your donation will go toward .

Thank you in advance for your contribution. You have no idea how much it means to me to have your support.

Here are the ways you can make a donation:

  • Make a donation online at .
  • Send a check in the pre-stamped envelope Ive included .
  • Come to my fundraising event on at

Thank you again!

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What Is A Donation Letter

Put simply a donation letter is a letter you send from your organization to potential donors that is designed to solicit donations. While donation letters should be personalized to the organization and should be written in a way that authentically represents the mission, vision, and personality of your organization, some key elements should be present in every donation request letter to ensure they are as effective as possible.

How To Ask For Donations On Instagram

3 Tips to Nail Your Ask for Donations

If youâre asking for donations on Instagram, you can add a button to your profile, post on Instagram stories, or go live with your donation request. You can also get your community involved by having them start an Instagram fundraiser for your cause as a post or 24-hour story.

Instagram is Facebookâs sleeker, cooler cousin, and more and more users are switching their social media allegiance these days. . If you want to make some Insta-solicitations, try the fundraising tools below.

1. Get support on your profile.

Get insta support by adding a button to support your cause to your Instagram profile. With one click, supporters can send you a direct online donation.

2. Encourage your followers to fundraise for you.

Instagram makes it super easy to create fundraisers in support of a good cause. Users can start a fundraiser from their own profile or from any nonprofitâs verified Instagram page. But a lot of folks donât know these easy options exist! Your mission, should you choose to accept it: spread the word.

3. Ask for donations with Instagram stories.

Instagram stories last 24 hours, providing a perfect opportunity to run a 24-hour campaign. Your super-generous supporters can also post stories in support of your organization.

4. Make a live donation request.

Take your fundraising show on the road with a live donation drive. Be sure to build momentum through regular stories and posts, then start a live video for some face-to-face fundraising fun.

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Gordon Food Service Cares About Community

At Gordon Food Service we believe in giving back to the communities where we live and work. We support organizations whose values align with ours and those who are working to address hunger, housing, healthcare or education in the areas we serve.

We carefully consider each donation request. Please review our guidelines before submitting your request:

  • Organizations should work within our store or distribution footprint.
  • Organizations are limited to one donation per year.
  • Athletic event requests should be for an organizations fundraiser.

How Many Pages Should A Fundraising Letter Be

They are usually 1-2 pages, formal in nature, and detail the exact need that the fundraiser is asking for. Sending out fundraising letters is a more traditional form of fundraising, but letters can be an effective way to spell out your need and speak directly to the person youre asking for donations from.

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When Should You Send Donation Request Letters

Donation request letters can be sent at any time, but theyre most effective when tied to a specific project or initiative. Donors like to see immediate results and to feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves so, when there is a specific project that needs to be funded, donation request letters can be particularly helpful.

Now that weve explored the key elements of a successful donation request letter, lets look at some examples. These examples provide a donation request template that you can use to craft a successful donation request letter for your organization.

How To Ask For Donations Online Examples

Donation Letter

Here are the essentials for asking for donations online: Personalize wherever possible. Tailor your ask to the platform and person. Use images and video. Tell an important story. Connect with the user. Take your donors on a journey beyond giving. And make it simple to donate.

If youâve got all that, youâre well on your way to successfully asking for donations online. Whether itâs asking on social media, via email blasts, or over a Slack happy hour, the internet is your online oyster, so you should feel free to experiment and explore. To get you started, hereâs a basic template with suggested donation wording for returning donors. You can tailor it to your needs.

Dear ,

Thanks to donors like you, weâve made remarkable progress this yearâbut we also have a long way to go.

Weâll need your voice and your generosity to continue the fight. By clicking here and giving today, you take action to .

We are so grateful for your continued partnership, advocacy, and commitment as we . Thank for all that you do for .


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When To Use Phone Calls

Using phone calls to ask for donations is a tried and true fundraising tactic. You can host a phonathon at any point in the year, and you never really need a reason to call up a few of your supporters.

Of course, there are optimal times for making a fundraising call. A phone conversation can be a good way to explain to a donor exactly what it is that youre going to do with their contribution. Its also a great opportunity to talk up your organization and the specific campaign youre running.

Phone calls are also ideal for getting in touch with donors who dont live in your nonprofits immediate vicinity. You can easily call up a donor across the country for a chat.

Determine Which Companies You’re Asking

Big businesses have big dollarsâand that means youâll be facing big competition. Instead of asking Tesla for a donation, try connecting with local businesses. Youâre all a part of the same community, so you already share a common goal: making it better. That being said, times have been tough lately. Be open to volunteering instead of direct donations, and if you do decide to turn to the big guys, get ready to fill out a lot of forms. Which brings us to our next point â¦

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Foods Unsuitable For Donation

Certain foods are not suitable for donation because of safety concerns. These foods include:

  • Home canned, vacuum-packed or pickled foods.
  • Foods in soiled containers.
  • Perishable foods past a use by date, unless frozen.
  • Foods in sharply dented or rusty cans.
  • Foods in opened or torn containers exposing the food to potential contamination.
  • Unpasteurized milk.
  • Foods with an off odor.
  • Foods prepared, cooked, cooled, or reheated at home .

Templates For How To Ask For Donations With Success

Better Ways to Ask for Donations | Jane Isme

Categories Workplace

You can ask any lobbyist, and theyll tell you that they spend a considerable amount of time learning how to ask for donations. They want to improve their chances of success because they know that thousands of requests for donations are disqualified every year.

If you, your business, or your organization needs a donation soon, youll have to learn how to ask for donations in a manner that would guarantee success.

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Childrens Toys Donation Requests

Brilliant Sky Toys and Books Brilliant Sky Toys and Books accepts in-kind donation requests from organizations for events and projects. Your nonprofit can either apply online or in-store.

Mattel Mattel accepts toy donation requests from January 1 to September 30 every year. Eligible organizations must serve children in the US. However, Mattel doesnt accept requests from schools or universities, daycares, or religious organizations.

ToysRUs The ToysRUs Childrens Fund provides support to organizations in the communities that they service. They offer in-kind donations, as well as monetary contributions.

LEGO LEGO supports organizations and projects that promote childrens play, learning, and creativity and support marginalized and vulnerable children. LEGO doesnt give financial contributions all their donations are in the form of in-kind gifts.

Crayola The Crayola Cares program helps fund organizations that serve arts, education, health and welfare, and civic affairs. Organizations must be located in Pennsylvania or New Jersey.

Build-A-BearThe goal at Build-A-Bear is to inspire kids to be helpful, empowered, accepting, and respectful team players. They give in-kind donations and grants between $5,000 and $50,000.

JAKKS The JAKKS Cares Foundation focuses on contributing to organizations that serve underprivileged children, families following natural disasters, and holiday and back-to-school giving programs.

Make an online donation request right now!

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