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Harry Chapin Food Bank Donation

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Community And Faith Groups

Harry Chapin Food Bank seeks donations amid coronavirus impacts in SWFL

Clubs and groups are welcome to get involved, but because of workplace safety and liabilities and the small size of our warehouse, we cannot accommodate large groups or young children during regular morning hours of operation. No food sorting help is needed until after our Thanksgiving food drives email our manager at with your inquiry.

The Temporary Food Assistance Program

The Temporary Food Assistance Program is a federal program that helps supplement the diets of families who are low-income. We distribute this food through designated partner agencies and Fulfill Mobile Pantry Program.

To download TEFAP eligibility forms in various languages, visit the Agency Resources section of our website.

To find out if your HCFB partner agency site qualifies to distribute TEFAP foods, call 334-7007 or email .

Fort Myers Distribution Center

Rescuing Food Lives At Harry Chapin Food Bank

Holiday time is the most crucial time of the year for the Harry Chapin Food Bank as we continue to push forward in our vital mission to fight hunger in Southwest Florida.

Between now and the end of the year, Harry Chapin Food Bank will receive about 50 percent of all the monetary donations it collects.

These donations not only meet the heightened need of the holidays, but provide the means for us to carry on our mission throughout the year.

A dollar donated to the Harry Chapin Food Bank has always been so much more than a dollar. Each donated dollar helps the food bank rescue food that would otherwise go to waste to feed children, working-poor families and seniors in need.

People like Joann, who picked up a bag of bread and produce recently at a local food pantry. She said her husband had died of cancer just a few days earlier. Im here because Im having a hard time making ends meet, she said. I have a cleaning business. I have a few clients. I could use a few more.

Through the years we have become more efficient at rescuing food, and the value of the food we rescue is increasing. Because of this, every donated dollar creates $8 in food value today — $2 more in value than in the past few years.

How is this possible? Its not magic. And no, it isnt something that you, as a consumer, can do at the grocery store.

We are able to amplify that dollar through a network of resources that we have built to rescue food and get it to where its needed:

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Publix Charities Grant Helps Harry Chapin Food Bank Purchase Van

Publix Charities recently gave Harry Chapin Food Bank in Fort Myers, Florida a grant to purchase a van, which is being used to pick up food drive donations.

Publix Charities recently gave Harry Chapin Food Bank in Fort Myers, Florida a grant to purchase a van, which is being used to pick up food drive donations.

In 2016, Publix Charities announced that it would provide $5 million to Feeding America ® member food banks, which bring nourishment and hope to those in need. This grant is part of that support.

Read the full donation story, and see an inspiring example of one familys experience with a food bank supported by Publix Charities.

Volunteers Help Run The Harry Chapin Food Bank

Thanksgiving Comes Early as Hauppauges Gourmet Factory Donates a ...

There are two things that keep the Harry Chapin Food Bank running smoothly: cash and its volunteers.

At least thats what volunteer Fritz Gloege says.

All of the volunteers like Gloege help sort and stack the food that will be provided to those in need in the community.

Drivers like Ken Johnson help to deliver it.

A lady came through late, Johnson said. The other driver brought her over a bouquet of flowers. And while Im taking down her information I looked up and she had tears coming down both sides of her face. She said, You have no idea how much I needed this today.’

Everybody can make a difference, Gloege said.

The difference the volunteers make adds up to $2.2 million in donated services to the food bank in 2021.

That allows the Harry Chapin Food Bank to spend 96 cents of every donated dollar on buying food.

Fritz said he recently spoke to a man who used to donate money but now he donates his time,

Individually and together, the volunteers make an impact in the vast warehouse of carefully cataloged and stored generosity.

It really makes me feel good about my job, said one volunteer.

WINK News is urging the community to donate what they can to the Harry Chapin Food Bank on their annual March to a Million Meals.

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Andnowuknow Features Brighter Bites Florida Expansion

Posted on May 1, 2018 by Christina Blick

AndNowUKnow, an online news media company, reported on Brighter Bites partnerships with Lipman Family Farms and the Harry Chapin Food Bank upon our expansion to Southwest Florida. Read their coverage below and click here for the full story.

Fri. April 27th, 2018By Kayla Webb

FORT MYERS, FL Lipman Family Farms is setting its sights on what it can do to increase exposure to fresh fruits and vegetables for families in underserved communities. Teaming up with Harry Chapin Food Bank and Brighter Bites, a nonprofit organization that helps create communities of health through fresh food, Lipman Family Farms is launching school-based programs to encourage healthy eating by providing fresh produce, nutrition education materials, support of in-class education, and healthy recipes to families in South Florida.

Samuel Newman, Executive Director, Brighter BitesLocal partnerships are critical to the success of our organization and the impact we have on the communities where we work, said Samuel Newman, Executive Director of Brighter Bites. We could not be happier to be partnering with two of the most trusted organizations in the region.

For more news like this, stay tuned to AndNowUKnow.

Posted on April 27, 2018 by Christina Blick

Have Fun With Your Food Drive

Theme Day: Consider a theme for your food drive: Mac & Cheese Monday, Tuesday Tuna or a day to bring peanut butter and jelly or complete meals in a box.

Competition: Have a competition between departments and award the winner with a special prize.

Casual Dress Day: Allow staff to wear casual clothing one day in exchange for a donation.

Most Wanted Items: Distribute or post the Most Wanted Items list and ask everyone to donate just those items.

Fill the Bag: Provide employees with an empty paper sack and ask that the bags be returned full of non-perishable food items.

Host a Raffle: Allow each item donated to act as an entry. Offer special prizes like gift cards or movie tickets. For office drives, prizes could include vacation time or free lunch.

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Thank You Hunger Fighter

On behalf of the quarter of a million people who benefit each month from your generosity, thank you for supporting Harry Chapin Food Bank. Because of you, our regions children, seniors and families who are food insecure receive healthy, nutritious food when they most need it. Again, thank you for making a difference!

Harry Chapin Food Bank Of Southwest Florida

Harry Chapin Food Bank prepare hunger relief kits for families in SWFL

Each day, the Harry Chapin Food Bank transforms lives by providing food to our most vulnerable neighbors in need. When children, working-poor families, and seniors receive the food they need when they need it, their lives are transformed. Children are ready to learn and flourish in school, parents are more productive at work, and seniors can lead healthier lives. We provide our 150 partner-agency network with approximately two-thirds of their food. This service enables our agencies to focus directly on clients and their unique programs. By supporting us, you also are supporting this network of agencies.

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Harry Chapin Food Bank Of Southwest Florida Inc

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  • Nonprofit Tax Code Designation: 501 Defined as: Organizations for any of the following purposes: religious, educational, charitable, scientific, literary, testing for public safety, fostering national or international amateur sports competition , or the prevention of cruelty to children or animals.
  • Donations to this organization are tax deductible.
  • More Resources:
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Thank You For Joining Harry Chapin Food Bank Of Southwest Florida In Our Fight To End Hunger

Food and fund drives create an opportunity to work together toward a common worthy goal. Food drives can inform, encourage and involve all participants in understanding and addressing hunger issues in the community.

  • Register your food and fund drive.
  • Set your goals. It helps to have a specific goal for your food and fund drive. This gives everyone something to work toward and a benchmark for success. The goal can be based on the amount raised the last time, or you can set a goal based on pounds collected.
  • Create a theme for your food and fund drive. See the attached list of fun and creative ways to attract donors.
  • Promote, promote, promote your food and fund drive. Share information throughout your organization and community. Make posters, flyers and signs to promote your drive or use the attached fill-in-the-blank poster. Post information about your drive on your website, on Facebook and in all of your emails.
  • Set up a collection location. Collection sites should be visible and easy to find. Collect donated food and grocery items at central locations like break rooms, common meeting rooms and reception areas. Assign one or two individuals to be responsible for collecting financial contributions to the food bank. Checks should be made payable to Harry Chapin Food Bank. They can also make a gift on our website.
  • Take photos of the food collected and of the people who helped make your food and fund drive a success.
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    The Harvard Club Of Naples

    Invites you to

    A Tour of the Harry Chapin Food Bank

    and Discussion with Senior Leadership

    Join fellow alumni for a tour of the Food Bank’s impressive operationsand an informative discussion of its impact and its future

    The Harry Chapin Food Bank of Southwest Florida has been serving our region since 1983. It is by far the

    largest hunger relief organization in the region and the sole representative of the nationwide Feeding America

    network in our area. Food from the Food Bank feeds more than 250,000 people each month, directly

    and in collaboration with more than 150 other local organizations, such as St. Matthew’s House,

    Meals of Hope, Our Daily Bread, Catholic Charities, Grace Place, and the Salvation Army.

    The tour will begin with a brief visit to the Food Bank’s Naples Facility, followed by a luxury bus ride

    to its main facility in Fort Myers. You will tour the Fort Myers facility, and then participate in a

    presentation and discussion with the Food Bank’s senior leadership, including its President, Richard LeBer

    . You will then be returned by bus to

    the starting point in Naples.

    During the pandemic, the Food Bank distributed almost 50 million pounds of food in Southwest Florida.

    Since Hurricane Ian, they have been distributing twice their normal volume to families in crisis in some

    of our hardest-hit communities, like Fort Myers Beach, Pine Island, Sanibel, Cape Coral, and parts of Naples.

    Come see what it takes to care for so many, and engage in an exclusive and

    What We Aim To Solve

    Thanks A Million Harry Chapin Food Bank

    Harry Chapin Food Bank serves children, families, seniors, and veterans of Southwest Florida who are hungry or food-insecure. Children who are food-insecure do not have the energy to focus, engage, learn, and grow. Poor nutrition also has a long-term negative effect on a childs physical and mental health, academic achievement, and future economic productivity. Families that are food-insecure not only struggle to put food on the table, they often struggle to pay for rent, utilities, and childcare, among other bills. Food pantries, once considered a resource for temporary emergency food assistance, are now part of many households’ regular coping strategies. Seniors who are food-insecure live on a fixed income, struggle with health issues that can drain their resources, lack transportation, and are socially isolated. They often have nutritional deficiencies which exacerbate their medical issues. The stigma associated with asking for help further compounds the problem.

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    Fantastic Partners In Florida

    Posted on April 4, 2019 by Christina Blick

    Brighter Bites is fortunate to work closely with several incredible partners in Southwest Florida, including the Harry Chapin Food Bank, Lipman Family Farms, Southern Specialties, and The Blue Zones Project. Get to know a little about each of the organizations below!

    The Harry Chapin Food Bank, a leading force for ending hunger in Southwest Florida, provides Brighter Bites with produce and handles all of our logistics. They additionally welcomed our team into their Naples, FL office space, where our three staff members handle the behind-the-scenes work of running Brighter Bites.

    Our friends from the Harry Chapin Food Bank!

    Lipman Family Farms is Americas largest field tomato grower and the lead funder of our program in Southwest Florida. Lipman is always willing to lend a helping hand with extra produce and logistics support when our program needs it. Juan Vila is one of Lipmans super star employees who always goes above and beyond to make sure Brighter Bites gets all produce to the schools on time.

    Southwest Florida Program Director Marcela Romero and Senior Program Director Mike Pomeroy take a tour of Lipman Family Farms

    A student at RCMA Immokalee Community School shows off some asparagus donated by Southern Specialties

    Join us in thanking our incredible Southwest Florida partners!

    Be A Part Of Thanksgiving For Many By Donating Frozen Turkey

    Despite the challenges created by Hurricane Ian, Gladiolus Food Pantry will be giving turkeys and all the trimmings to prepare thanksgiving dinner Saturday, November 19.


    Turkeys can be dropped off at the pantry Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesdays 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. by Nov. 16.

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    Patriots Helps Harry Chapin Food Bank Feed Hurricane Ian Victims

    4Patriots recently donated 7,800 72-Hour Survival Food Kits to Harry Chapin Food Bank in Southwest Florida following the devastating Category 4 Hurricane Ian that killed 157 people and caused more than $50 billion in damages. The food bank is the largest hunger-relief organization in Southwest Florida.

    If you were listening to the radio during the 1970s, you no doubt heard hit singles by singer and songwriter Harry Chapin. Including Cats in the Cradle and Taxi. The Grammy Award-winning artist and Grammy Hall of Fame inductee recorded 11 albums during his brilliant but all too brief career.

    Harry passed away in 1981 at age 38 in an automobile accident. But his songs live on, and so does his legacy for feeding the hungry. His concerts raised millions of dollars for hunger relief, and he helped create the Presidential Commission on World Hunger in 1977.

    So it was fitting when Harrys widow, Sandra, gave permission to the Southwest Florida Food Bank to rename the organization Harry Chapin Food Bank of Southwest Florida in 1994.

    A quarter of a million people fed each month

    A member of Feeding America, it is the largest hunger-relief organization in Southwest Florida. The food bank rescues food that would otherwise go to waste and distributes it to hungry children, families and seniors.

    Plenty of partner agencies

    The organizations Partner Agency Program is a multi-faceted food distribution program designed to serve our five-country footprint, Uhler said.

    A variety of programs

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    More than $91,000 raised for Fort Myers food bank

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    Volunteers Power The Harry Chapin Food Bank

    Volunteers make it possible for the food bank to feed a quarter of a million people a month in Southwest Florida.

    Volunteers sort and pack donations of food at our Fort Myers and Naples distribution centers, distribute food at mobile pantries and collect donations at food drives, to mention just a few ways they make the food banks mission possible.

    To find out if your volunteer hours can be matched by your company, please contact us at or call 334-7007. If you are in need of community service hours and would like to apply as a court-mandated volunteer, .

    Please note: All volunteers must wear closed-toe shoes. Weekday opportunities at Harry Chapin Food Bank warehouses have a minimum age requirement of 16. Saturday volunteering at HCFB locations have a minimum age requirement of 14, and 14-year-olds must be accompanied by an adult.

    Nership With Harry Chapin Food Bank Allows St Matthews House To Distribute Even More Food

    St. Matthews House is grateful to be one of the 150+ partners working with the Harry Chapin Food Bank. Through partnerships like this, were able to extend our reach and help even more people struggling with hunger across Southwest Florida.

    As you can see from the graphic on WINK News, Harry Chapin Food Bank gave St. Matthews House almost 2 million pounds of food between March 2020 and March 2021 which we were then able to distribute through our mobile food pantry.

    To view a complete list of all our upcoming food distributions, visit our Food Pantry & Direct Assistance page.

    To read the full story from WINK News, .

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