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Good Shepherd Food Bank Donations

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Oakhurst To Donate Food Funds To Good Shepherd Food Bank To Help Fight Hunger In Maine

Good Shepherd Food Bank and its partner organizations rely on volunteers

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MAINE, USA Oakhurst on Monday announced a donation of more than $650,000 to Good Shepherd Food Bank to help fight food insecurity in Maine.

Between 2018 and 2020, 11.4% of Maine households were food insecure, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Household Food Security report.

Good Shepherd estimates that more than 182,000 Mainers are experiencing hunger including as many as 50,000 children.

Maine also ranks fifth in the nation for very low food insecurity, a more severe range of food insecurity that involves reduced food intake and disrupted eating patterns.

Oakhurst plans to donate $479,000 in food and another $200,000 in funding over the next four years as part of Good Shepherd’s Campaign to End Hunger.Oakhurst President John Bennett said Mainers can’t be successful members of communities without eating healthy food each day.

“Whether it’s a student or an employee, or whoever it is, without nutrition or without enough food to eat, everything else takes second place. Feeding the hungry and advocating for programs which end that need, is really a top priority for us,” Bennett said.

“At Oakhurst, we believe that Giving Goodness is a team effort, and were proud to join the Good Shepherd Food Bank team in its mission to end hunger in our great state,” he said.

Good Shepherd Food Bank President Kristen Miale said Maine continues to see a rise in the number of families in need of healthy meals.

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“I wanted to take a moment to email the two of you to express how easy this process was to donate my car… took the time to answer all my questions, allowed me to contact directly when I had follow-up questions, and even helped me by phone fill out the necessary forms that I needed to complete the transaction with the DMV.” – Monica M.

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All donations will be a charitable benefit to one of thousands of our nonprofit partners and CARS , a 501 nonprofit that provides transportation solutions for seniors.

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Auburns Good Shepherd Food Bank Receives Donation From Billionaire Mackenzie Scott

Based on data from Feeding America, the largest hunger-relief organization in the U.S., Good Shepherd Food Bank estimates there are around 13 million meals missing from the plates of Mainers this year, on top of the 27.2 million meals the Food Bank and its partners are providing. The organization aims to close this meal gap by 2025.

Good Shepherd Food Bank recently published data demonstrating the impact of its networks work in the past year. Despite significant food sourcing challenges during the height of the pandemic, the Food Bank distributed two million more meals year-over-year while increasing the amount of locally grown and produced food by 25%. To help bolster the statewide effort, the Food Bank granted more than $1 million to food pantries, meal sites, schools, and other partners across the state, including grants to organizations led by and serving communities of color for sourcing culturally relevant food.

The philanthropic investment from MacKenzie Scott will be an accelerator and amplifier as we work toward the goal of ending hunger in Maine, but the problem is bigger than what any one philanthropist can solve, Miale said. Ending hunger and its devastating effects in our great state is within our reach when we all come together and contribute to the solution. With this investment and the continued generosity of all Mainers, together we can end hunger.

For more information, visit

Oakhurst Donates $1 Million In Funds And Food To Good Shepherd Food Bank

Ocean State Job Lot Donates Tractor

With Maine experiencing a higher rate of food insecurity than most of the United States and an estimated 182,000 Maine residents experiencing hunger, Oakhurst Dairy has pledged to donate $200,000 in funds and $479,000 in food donations over the next four years to Good Shepherd Food Bank of Maines Campaign to End Hunger. This is in addition to funds and food donations made by Oakhurst to the organization over the last two years totaling almost $420,000 $50,000 for the Food Banks Hampden facility renovation, $10,000 in emergency pandemic relief funds and $359,000 in food. Combined, these donations will total a little over $1 million by the end of 2025.

The states largest hunger-relief organization has set a goal to raise $250 million $150 million in large scale food donations from food retailers, manufacturers, producers, and Maine farmers, as well as $100 million in philanthropic donations from individuals, businesses, and foundations by 2025.

Oakhurst is committed to being a part of the solution to end hunger in Maine, said John Bennett, president of Oakhurst Dairy. It is critically important to the long-term welfare and prosperity of our state that Maine families and children have access to nutritious food so they can thrive and become active, successful members of our community. At Oakhurst, we believe that Giving Goodness is a team effort, and were proud to join the Good Shepherd Food Bank team in its mission to end hunger in our great state.

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Expanding The Reach Of The Good Shepherd

In the past, the distance was a major obstacle for agencies located several hours away from the Food Bank’s headquarters in Auburn many felt they were not able to access adequate quantities of food. The organization addressed this problem, as well as its responsibility to serve the entire state of Maine, by establishing a distribution center in Brewer. This facility has since closed however, a new distribution center in Hampden replaced it. The facility in Hampden now serves hundreds of agencies in seven counties in Northern and Downeast Maine.

How To Receive Food Assistance

The pantry provides emergency food assistance to residents in the 53711 or 53719 zip code areas. Guests receive approx. 4 days of groceries per household and may receive food every two weeks. Please bring an ID for each member of your household and any document that would verify your address and zip code.

First time shoppers should arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled closing time and must bring identification documentation for each member of the household and proof of residency in the service area. No proof of citizenship or economic need is required. The pantry may be visited one time every other week. Quantity of food distributed is based on household size and generally includes: fruit and vegetables, meat, canned goods, dairy, bread, household products and personal products.

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Honor Others Throughout The Year With A Tribute Gift To The Food Bank

Making a difference in the lives of Maines needy is a great way to honor a friend, coworker, or loved one. Tribute gifts can be made to celebrate a birthday, holiday, anniversary, new home or baby, or to remember a loved one.

An acknowledgement of your tribute gift will be sent to the honoree informing them of your generous gift. Amounts are not mentioned unless otherwise specified, and donors receive separate acknowledgment stating the gift amount for income tax purposes.

When making your online donation, simply fill out the Tribute Gifts section of our secure donation form. You may also contact at 782-3554 ext. 1142 to make a tribute gift over the phone.

Does your company provide donation matches? It is a great way to increase your impact with a matching gift from your employer.

Matching gift confirmations can be sent to , manager of Development Operations, at .

Corporate Partners for a Hunger-Free Maine is a group of socially responsible corporations and their corporate foundations who support Good Shepherd Food Banks mission through monetary gifts and/or food donations.

Interested in becoming a Corporate Partner? Please contact at , 782-3554 ext. 1140.

Serving The Southwest Madison Community

Harold Alfond Foundation grants $1M to Good Shepherd Food Bank for COVID-19 response

Good Shepherd opened a food pantry housed in our Madison Campus. It serves our extended neighborhood, open once a week to meet emergency food needs of families/individuals in our area. Pantry Operates Thursdays midmorning from 10:00 noon and Thursday evenings from 5:30 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. Volunteers serve about once a month.

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Good Shepherd Food Bank

Good Shepherd Food Bank is the largest hunger relief organization in Maine, providing surplus and purchased food to more than 400 non-profit organizations throughout the state. In 2015, the Food Bank distributed 23 million pounds of food to its partner agencies.

The Food Bank’s primary warehouse is located in Auburn, Maine. It operates another distribution center in Hampden, Maine. The Food-Bank is a member of Feeding America (formerly America’s Second Harvest, the nation’s largest charitable hunger-relief organization, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

Campaign To End Hunger

Today, over 180,000 Mainers rely on Good Shepherd Food Bank and its network of partners and nearly 30% of these citizens are children.

Our mission is simple: by 2025, all those struggling with hunger will have access to the nutritious food they need to thrive, when and where they need it. We want to raise $250 million to make that a reality.

Working with food donors, philanthropic supporters, and local partners across the state, we will help reduce the impact of hunger in our state and make Maine a stronger, better place to work and live.

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Become A Monthly Donor

Our neighbors need food year-round. Join our monthly giving program, Thrive365, and help ensure that adults and children in our communities have enough healthy food every month of the year.

A donation of just $10 a month will enable us to provide 20 meals for someone in need.

Simply click the Monthly option when you donate online through our secure website, or contact at 782-3554 ext. 1142 to discuss becoming one of our valued monthly donors.

When you include Good Shepherd Food Bank of Maine in your estate plan, your generosity helps provide nutritious food to more than 178,000 Mainers each year. We believe that ensuring access to healthy food is the first step in breaking the cycle of poverty and stabilizing the lives of the people we serve. Thank you for your support.

Consider a long-term commitment to invest in fighting hunger across every county in Maine.

Minimize capital gains taxes while proving food to hungry neighbors. Donations of appreciated securities can be made to the Food Bank throughout the year or at years end.

Please contact at, 782-3554 ext. 1142 or Ashley Davis at, 782-3554 ext. 1148, for stock gifting instructions.

There Are Many Ways To Give Choose The One Thats Right For You:

Thank you Thursday for Good Shepherd Food Bank  Maine Seacoast Mission
  • Donate online through our secure website
  • Donate By Phone: The Food Bank accepts donations over the phone using Visa, Mastercard, or Discover. Please contact at 782-3554 ext. 1142
  • Donate by Mail: Send your check or credit card information to Good Shepherd Food Bank, PO Box 1807, Auburn, ME 04211-1807

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Good Shepard Food Bank Receives Donation To End Hunger

With the growing need to distribute food in the central and northern parts of Maine, Good Shepherd Food Bank began a capital campaign to fund a distribution center in Hampden, Maine. As part of the Ending Hunger Campaign and efforts of the Maine credit unions, Brewer FCU pledged a total of $5,000 to Good Shepherd Food Bank. $1,000 each year for five years. We are pleased to be supporting the efforts of Good Shepherd Food Bank to work to provide food to Mainers, says Dave DeFroscia, President and CEO of Brewer FCU.

Mmg Donates $25000 To Good Shepherd Food Bank In Support Of Covid

In support of relief for COVID-19 related food insecurity in Aroostook County, MMG Insurance has donated $25,000 to Good Shepherd Food Bank of Maine. The Food Bank is the largest hunger-relief organization in Maine and distributes food to over 30 food pantries and meal sites in Aroostook County.

Aroostook County has on average 10,620

food insecure residents . That number is even greater for Aroostook County children, where 1 in 4 children are in need of food daily. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased this difficult situation due to growing unemployment rates, supply chain issues, and the closure of schools and other public services. MMG is proud to assist Good Shepherd Food Bank in its incredible efforts during this difficult time.

During these unprecedented times we felt compelled to support our Aroostook County neighbors and friends by aiding in hunger-relief efforts, states Larry Shaw, MMG president and CEO. Good Shepherd Food Bank is an essential resource to the state of Maine and we are appreciative of their efforts to support Mainers in this time of incredible need.

Individuals and organizations interested in supporting the Good Shepherd Food Bank may donate online at or over the phone at 207-782-3554 ext.1142.

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Community Partner Profiles: Good Shepherd Food Bank

The Food Studies Program is fortunate to have numerous community partners working to address the hunger and nutritional needs of our community. With these profiles, we hope to highlight the work of those partners.

AUBURN Since 1981, Good Shepherd Food Bank has been connecting the food industry to people in need. With the belief that all Mainers deserve access to nutritious food, the Food Bank works to source and distribute food, build community partnerships, and advocate for an end to hunger.

The Food Bank is invested in creating a hunger-free Maine. In 2017, the Food Bank distributed 28 million pounds of food, equivalent to about 24 million meals. The reach of this distribution is possible through partnerships with over 400 local agencies, in all 16 counties of Maine.

In addition to the distribution of donated and purchased food, the Food Banks work includes Cooking Matters, a cooking and nutrition education program youth and family initiatives the Food Mobile, a mobile food pantry to reach the most underserved families preparation and distribution of United States Department of Agriculture commodity food programs and Mainers Feeding Mainers.

For more information and to learn how to become involved, visit the Good Shepherd Food Banks website.

Family Food Pantry Opens Its Doors

Portland Salvation Army receives grant to expand food pantry services

The Good Shepherd are delighted to have opened the doors to a new Family Food pantry, offering service users more choice and dignity in their times of need.

Family food parcels used to be distributed on a Tuesday, but these have now been replaced by the family food pantry, which will offer a range of fresh fruit and vegetables and non-perishable goods for clients to select from.

In providing more choice, the new arrangement will also reduce the amount of food waste where items were distributed which people may not have actually used.

We have opened up the Family Food Pantry because we want to give people a bit more choice and a bit more dignity, explains Louise Hand, Head Cook at the Good Shepherd.

Clients can come in and choose what they want and we have the whole range of food items, including meat, vegetables and other fresh produce, and also toiletries and cleaning products.

We want it to be like a shop, and we have friendly staff and volunteers ready to help and support.

We like to get to know our families because soon enough we plan to have a Family Food Hub, which will also include cooking classes and offering advice in different areas.

We are working towards that sort of set-up where we can give our families a good level of overall support.

The Family Food Pantry is the first stage of that, and it is all about baby steps, but we will get there.

Anyone able to provide a donation of food, or financial support, would be very much appreciated.

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Good Shepherd Food Bank Has Raised Nearly Two

The Good Shepherd Food Bank says it has provided nearly 32 million meals to hungry Mainers during the pandemic, but that there’s still a need equal to 8 million more.

The food bank’s Campaign to End Hunger is working to raise $250 million in monetary and food donations by 2025 to address that need and the systemic barriers that cause Mainers to go hungry in the first place.

“Our biggest challenge is countering the public narrative that people who are hungry are hungry as a result of their individual circumstances,” says Kristen Miale, Good Shepherd’s president. “That they didn’t work hard enough or made bad choices. That simply isn’t true.”

She says since January, the food bank has raised nearly two-thirds of the goal set for the Campaign to End Hunger.

Miale says government programs such as SNAP and the Child Tax Credit that put money in the pockets of low-income people have alleviated the spike in hungry Mainers during the pandemic. But she says there are still populations that need help in accessing those benefits people of color and immigrants who don’t speak English or feel comfortable working with the government.

“Many of them come through an experience that they don’t trust going to government for help. We’ve partnered with Greater Portland Immigrant Welcome Center to do SNAP outreach face to face. They’ll meet with members of their own communities,” she says. “It will be a trusted face.”

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