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Food Bank Volunteer Columbus Ohio

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Columbus Nonprofits For Environment And Conservation

Founder’s Day of Caring: NBC4 volunteers help out at Mid-Ohio Food Bank

Columbus Recreation and Parks gives our community a chance to improve our physical and mental health, to develop our youth, to focus on our environment, and to make a positive impact on our city.

Sunbury Urban Farm strives to educate and inspire our community as to the importance of agriculture, sustainability, and environmental awareness. They offer summer camps to teach kids about farming and nature and host nature workshops.

Friends of the Lower Olentangy Watershed s mission is to keep the Olentangy River and its tributaries clean and safe for all to enjoy, through public education, volunteer activities, and coordination with local decision-makers.

Simply Livingconnects people to learning opportunities that promote community sustainability and environmental awareness.

Still not sure what volunteering for environmental conservation in Columbus looks like? Here are some ideas, or you can sign up for more volunteering opportunities on the POINT app!

  • Help with invasive species removal and litter clean up at parks
  • Plant trees to combat climate change
  • Weed, water, harvest and plant at a garden
  • Be a nature camp counselor and teach kiddos about the earth
  • Clean up a river while kayaking

P.S. If you dont live in Cincinnati, Columbus, or Austin, you can invite a friend to POINT and join our waitlist. The more people on the list, the sooner we will be in your city!

Columbus Nonprofits For Health

American Red Cross, Ohio Buckeye Region helps people prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies. They provide everything from disaster relief, to CPR training, to emergency blood transfusions.

YMCA of Central Ohio encourages holistic healthy living, providing resources to be physically healthy, have a healthy family and have a healthy self-image through fitness, sports, and fun. They have so many offerings including programs for diabetes prevention, military programs, juvenile justice programs, and the LiveSTRONG cancer program.

Alzheimers Association Central Ohio Chapter is committed to meeting the needs of people affected by Alzheimers disease and other forms of dementia through family and clinical support, education, advocacy, and research.

American Cancer Society Columbus saves lives by helping people stay well and get well, by funding research to find cures, and by fighting back against cancer. This includes helping people with their personal battles, funding research and working with lawmakers.

Sams Fans supports and enhances music and art therapy programs for seriously ill children and their families. They bring joy, color, and music to kids in a pretty scary place. WOW. We love it.

Equitas Health is one of the nations largest HIV/AIDS and LGBTQ+ healthcare organizations with services focused around medical care, retail pharmacy, dental, behavioral health, HIV/STI prevention, advocacy, and community health initiatives.

Volunteer For Equal Rights In Columbus

Humanity thrives when we all understand that we are all created equalno matter our race, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, or beliefs, we are all complex and beautiful humans. But we still have people in the US who are disadvantaged based on their race, sex, ability, and more, and there are plenty of groups working to achieve equality. If it bothers you that life isnt fair, this is a great way to get involved and make the Columbus community more equitable.

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You Can Donate An Animal

Mid-Ohio Foodbank has teamed up with 4-H and county fairs to put locally-raised meat on the tables of our hungry neighbors. Animals will be selected at county fair auctions. Once a buyer wins the auction and pays the premium bid and market value, they can donate the animal to Mid-Ohio Foodbank. The Foodbank will handle transportation and the harvesting and processing fees. Donors will receive a donation receipt for a possible tax deduction.

What Can Not Be Donated

Centric Columbus Volunteers at the Mid


Food shelf life and the dates on donations.

Best by and sell by indicate quality while use by indicates safety.

Best By

Best by dates mark the last day before food quality declines.

Sell By

Sell by is used by manufacturers to ensure turnover of a food product in the store, to ensure product is taken home before quality declines.

Use By

Use by marks the last date recommended for the use of the product. This is often printed on meat, poultry or egg labels.

Best By

Best by dates mark the last day before food quality declines.

Sell By

Sell by is used by manufacturers to ensure turnover of a food product in the store, to ensure product is taken home before quality declines.

Use By

Use by marks the last date recommended for the use of the product. This is often printed on meat, poultry or egg labels.

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Hunger In Southeast Ohio

In Southeast Ohio, 1 in 6 individuals, including 1 in 4 children, struggle with hunger. Those facing food insecurity include seniors, children, working adults, veterans, and students. A combination of rising food prices, SNAP benefit cuts, wage stagnation and underemployment has contributed to an increase need in our emergency food services. These individuals face tough choices, choosing between food and other basic necessities like paying for utilities, transportation, medicine, housing, and education.

Training And Technical Assistance

We also seek out opportunities to bolster Ohios charitable hunger relief network through funding, training, and technical assistance. Most recently, thanks to the support of funders like the State of Ohio and UnitedHealthcare, we have leveraged more than $1.5 million to support the purchase of refrigerators, freezers, trucks, food storage and food handling equipment, and more.

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Columbus Ohio And Franklin County Free Food Pantries

Pantries, soup kitchens and food banks in Columbus Ohio and Franklin County offer resources. Charities, churches, or the government offer free or low cost food or groceries as well as hot or frozen meals to individuals who need assistance. Below you will find information about the leading food pantries near you as well as locations in the county to call for help. There is also a referral phone number at the bottom of the page.

Food banks, pantries, and distribution centers in the Columbus Ohio region assist thousands of low income families and seniors per year. There are groceries, free personal toiletries or hygiene supplies and other items. Call or stop by to get more information or to apply for help.

The number one goal of many of the food pantries is to ensure all hungry families in the Columbus area get access to canned goods, perishable items and other food for them and their families. Many of the locations can also help people apply for social services, and they will have staff that may be able to advocate on the applicants behalf for any and all types of government assistance programs. So you can learn about federal and state resources such as WIC or SNAP food stamps.

Al-maun Food PantryAddress of this pantry is 168 North Garfield AvenueColumbus, Ohio 43203

Angel Food MinistriesGrove City, Ohio 43123Dial 252-3157 to get the administrative office. This non-profit national organization offers healthy meals at up to 50% off the retail price. Read more on .

How Foodbanks Are Responding

Mid-Ohio Foodbank volunteer describes pantry during pandemic

We’ve have been committed since the very earliest days of the pandemic to protecting the health and safety of staff, volunteers, and clients and we continue this commitment today. We have reimagined nearly everything we do, from holding mass drive-through food distributions, to minimize person-to-person contact to implementing home delivered meal programs to reach individuals isolated by quarantine periods or high risk of serious illness from the virus, to pre-packing groceries and distributing to-go meals. While some sites are slowly returning to a choice pantry for limited client shopping appointments, many must continue the drive-through model and some have had to make the very difficult decision to close their doors.

The Ohio National Guard and Ohio Military Reserve deployed more than 400 members to help our foodbanks continue to feed families in need and this critical mission wrapped up in July 2021. With many of our elderly volunteers sheltering in place, some local food pantries and soup kitchens closing their doors, and more need than ever in our communities, we are so grateful for the support that Guard members provided to help us keep safely sorting, packing, and distributing food to thousands of Ohioans in need. We now look to our foodbank volunteer network to help us continue this work. We hope to see many of our neighbors return to volunteering and look forward to many new faces joining us!

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Event And Festival Volunteering

Most events require tons of volunteers before, during, and after the events. Most volunteers are rewarded with free or reduced admission, special gifts, and more. Shifts are usually short so that you may enjoy the festival or activities before or during your shift. Its a great way to get involved with a cause you believe in, or take part in a event that is outside of your budget. Below are a few popular volunteer choices.

  • The Memorial Tournament
  • Races: 5k, 1/2 marathon, marathons

Homeless Shelters And Soup Kitchens In Columbus

Columbus Dream Center: Volunteer opportunities include working with kids, serving meals, cleaning and organizing, community outreach and more.

Star House: Drop in center for homeless youth. Volunteer opportunities are categorized as Indirect and Direct Engagement. Indirect Engagement opportunities do not involve direct interaction with our guests and are open to minors ages 16 and up . Direct Engagement opportunities require a background check and enable volunteers to engage with our guests after training.

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Columbus Charities To End Hunger

Family Mentor Foundation seeks to help the unmet needs of children in the community through programs like buddy boxes, which are meal and snack boxes given to children who qualify for free or reduced lunch on Fridays, so that they can have food to eat over the weekend.

The Miracle Garden provides creative and sustainable uses of vacant urban lots by transforming them into gardens, pavilions, and even an orchard!

Mid-Ohio Foodbank aims to provide efficient and effective ways for hungry people to meet their basic food and nutrition needs.

NNEMAP Food Pantry is a community-supported emergency food program that has the goal of creating a hunger-free community serving the near north side of Columbus.

Wagons Ho Ho Hobuilds 1000 wagons every December and fills them each with a Christmas dinner. They then distribute these wagons to families with children in dire need of food during the holidays. I dunno about you, but that would surely put me in the holiday spirit!

Still not sure what volunteering to end hunger looks like? Here are some ideas, or you can sign up for more volunteering opportunities on the POINT app!

  • Plant and harvest at community garden
  • Serve dinner to your community
  • Go grocery shopping with friends and bring food donations to a pantry
  • Build a wagon with Wagons Ho Ho Ho

Hospitals And Medical Facilities In Columbus

50 Ways To Volunteer In Columbus


Ronald McDonald House: Houses families who have a child being treated at Nationwide Childrens Hospital. Volunteers under age 18 must have an adult with them at the RMH. Many volunteer opportunities are available.

  • Special event volunteers Raise awareness and/or volunteer on behalf of the RMH at community events (examples include Columbus Auto Show and Cap City Half Marathon.
  • Housewarming Volunteer variety of duties to provide an at-home environment. Commitment of 4 hours per month required.
  • Meal Volunteers Group opportunity of 2-15 people prepare and serve a meal at RMH. Food prep and cooking must be done on site. Plan to serve 100-150 people. Meal ideas are provided, and you can even work with Team Cuisine and the house Chef who will purchase the food, and provide the recipes and cookware just show up and cook
  • Baking Volunteers Up to 12 people can sign up to bake homemade goodies in the kitchen during specific times.
  • At home volunteer options: Great opportunity for young kids to help! Make and drop off welcome blankets or pack and drop off snack packs.
  • Wishlist The RMH wishlist contains regular household items, cleaning products, and more.

Nursing Homes: Most nursing homes welcome volunteers of all ages to visit with residents, participate in activities, and more. Contact directly to find out what opportunities exists. Residents in nursing homes LOVE children, so its a great way to get kids involved.

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Volunteer At Attractions In Columbus

COSI: 333 West Broad Street

  • COSIs Adult Volunteer Experience is a unique opportunity for individuals to help further COSIs mission by serving our guests and providing a unique science learning experience while meeting people and exploring new interests.
  • COSIs mentor-led Career Ladder volunteer program allows youth aged 12-18 to develop 21st Century Skills, acting as full members of the COSI team and interacting with COSI guests

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium: Seeking adult volunteers to work in the animal contact areas to interact and educate guests. Volunteers are asked to commit to 55 hours a year. If you are interested in volunteering in 2021, please complete the adult volunteer application.

Volunteer For The Arts In Columbus

If you can recite the past 3 Met Gala themes, know the difference between impressionism and expressionism, or thrive by immersing yourself in the arts and culture scene, volunteering for these charities is 100000% up your alley. You can promote arts and culture in Columbus, and provide a great outlet for people to express themselves, process emotions, discover new depth to themselves, and create beauty.

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Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program In

Charitable programs are unable to fully support those facing hunger. The combination of charity and government assistance programs are necessary to help bridge the meal gap.

SNAP, formerly food stamps, provides temporary help for people going through hard times providing supplemental money to buy food until they can get back on their feet.

In ,

Want To Know The Secret Of Feeling Really Really Good

Knights of Columbus launching drive, providing volunteers to help food banks | EWTN News Nightly

Alright, Ill tell you. If you want to sleep easy at night, the surest way is to get out there in your community and give back.

Whether youre looking to care for animals or people, Columbus has no shortage of volunteer opportunities where you can make the perfect volunteer match. Volunteering at any local organization is a great way to give back to the community and theres no cause too small.

So how can you help in Columbus? Here are 50 ways to get involved in your area!

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Columbus Charities For Arts And Culture

The Gahanna Area Arts Council helps Gahannas residents to embrace their inner artists and attract outside artists to Gahanna to support the local creative community.

Global Gifts is a certified fair trade retailer that supports artisans from over 40 countries by providing them with a market and enriches our community by providing access to products from all over the world.

Sing Me a Story Foundations mission is to bring the voices of children in need to the world through music. Children are able to write and illustrate stories about anything they want and then songwriters turn them into songs and send them back to the kids they get their own original song!

Columbus Childrens Theatre aims to inspire, enrich and empower the imaginations of children and their families through live theatre and theatre education. Not to mention, they help kids build empathy for others by walking a mile in their shoesthrough acting.

CityMusic Columbus presents concerts series featuring world-class musicians from diverse genres in Columbus and provides music programs for underserved kids. We hear it, and were here for it!

Still not sure what volunteering to support the arts in Columbus looks like? Here are some ideas, or you can sign up for more volunteering opportunities on the POINT app!

How Do I Donate

Establish a donor account by filling out the form and an acquisition representative will reach out to you.

Check with your financial advisor to learn more about the tax benefits associated with donating food. The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act protects those who make good faith donations from liability. Donations of food from grocers, food distributors, farmers, and community members provide a much-needed supplement to the food we receive from government agencies. You can help by donating nonperishable foods and fresh produce.

From your farm to the front line.

Its easy!You donate surplus crops. Your excess produce may be packed in cases, bins, or bushel crates. You are not required to give detailed information about the produce you provide, as long as it is donated in good faith.

Donating is green!

Recycles useful product avoiding landfills.

Cycles through product more quickly.

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Volunteer To End Hunger In Columbus

Can you imagine not knowing where your next meal was coming from? As someone who starts thinking about my lunch at approximately 9:31am, my heart goes out to those facing food insecurity. Everyone needs food , but there are tons of people in Columbus without access to nutritious, affordable food. These charities work to end hunger in Columbus, so bring out your inner foodie and do some good!

Volunteer At Second Harvest Food Bank

Food Bank Volunteer Columbus Ohio

Volunteers play an essential role in the operations of Second Harvest and we could not do what we do without the help of thousands of volunteers each year. Last year alone, volunteers donated over 18,000 hours of service and repacked more than 1.3 Million LBS of food and grocery products, packed thousands of backpcks, mobile food pantry boxes and senior food boxes.

Volunteer opportunities are available for groups up to 45 people and individuals in our Volunteer Work Center. Larger groups should contact our to schedule. Hours are available to fit every schedule including normally one Saturday each month.

Volunteer Opportunities Include:

  • Repack: Sorting, inspecting, relabeling or repacking food in our Repack Room.
  • BackPack, Senior & Mobile Food Pantry Boxes: Packing bags and boxes for distribution to families and children in our Clean Room.
  • On-Site Distribution: Be part of our mobile and school food pantry distributions.
  • Office: Help out at our front desk by assist with filing, data entry, mailings and other administrative activities.
  • Special Events / Projects: Support staff during events, activities, campaigns, mobile produce pantries, and food drives.

All volunteers are asked to review our prior to their volunteer shift.

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