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Food Bank St Vincent De Paul

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How Does A Food Pantry Work

New St. Vincent de Paul store and food pantry coming to NKY

Food Banks acquire large donations of edible but unmarketable food from the food industry and distribute it to organizations that feed hungry people. Then they provide this food to family in a need.

Our vision is simplebring financial security, dignity, and savings to the millions experiencing financial stress.

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Saint Vincent De Paul Society

âthe poor we see with the eyes of flesh they are there and we can put finger and hand in their wounds and the scars of the crown of thorns are visible on their foreheads and at this point incredulity no longer has place and we should fall at their feet and say with the apostle, Tu est Dominus et Deus meus . You are our masters, and we will be your servants. You are for us the sacred images of that God who we do not see, and not knowing how to love Him otherwise shall we not love Him in your person?â

Blessed Frederic Ozanam, Saint Vincent de Paul Founder

âThe Society of St. Vincent de Paul is dedicated to feeding, clothing, housing and healing individuals and families in our community who have nowhere else to turn for help. As important, SVdP provides meaningful opportunities for volunteers to serve their neighbors in need with love and compassion.

SVdP has been serving our community throughout central and northern Arizona since 1946. Programs include:

  • Services for the homeless.
  • Medical and dental care for the working poor.
  • Charity dining rooms that serve thousands each day.
  • Food boxes for hungry families.
  • Thrift stores throughout the region.
  • A bridge housing shelter.
  • General assistance for individuals in need.

We provide help for peopleâs physical, mental, and spiritual needs. By doing this with care and respect, we show them that they matter and they are children of God.

from the Mission of Saint Vincent de Paul

What Is The Difference Between A Food Bank And A Food Pantry

Independent community food pantries are self-governing and usually distribute food to their clients on a once-a-month basis. A food bank is the storehouse for millions of pounds of food and other products that go out to the community. A food pantry functions as the arms that reach out to that community directly.

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How It Can Help Your Family

I know that as parents, we want our children to grow into caring and compassionate individuals. Participation in our St. Joseph Conference offers a very real and tangible way to set this type of example for your family. It is true that children learn more from what we as parents do versus what we say. And the children who have participated are blessed with the good feelings that result in helping someone less fortunate.

Many of our schools are now requiring students to participate in community service. The Society would be a tremendous avenue for your student to satisfy their requirement.

The Society Of Home Visits When Times Are Tough

More Helping Hands from OpenSquare at our Georgetown Food Bank

Unique from traditional food banks where families stand in line for a food box to take home, we honor each persons dignity and privacy by taking the food and help to those in need. Specially trained volunteers, called Vincentians, operate and run over 80 community food pantries out of Catholic churches in central and northern Arizona. Each location answers calls for help and serves its communityits truly an effort organized for neighbors to help neighbors. In addition to food boxes, volunteer teams often sit down with the families to hear their stories, navigate additional needs, offer a prayer, and help to connect additional resources when appropriate. Many families share that just as important as the food and resources, they find hope and healing through these meaningful interactions.

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St Vincent De Paul Society Bairnsdale

St Vincent de Paul Society Bairnsdale is just one of 9 Foodbank charity partners who provide emergency food relief and support to the wider East Gippsland community.

Albert, former regional president, has been involved with the organisation for close to 15 years. Alberts current role is to oversee the food relief program. Available each weekday, those in need can access a food parcel including a range of staple items catering to the size of the family.

The organisation also gives careful consideration to a full range of requests and helps connect community members to other services they may need. During February and March, they were assisting 70-90 individuals each week.

Like many charity organisations in the Gippsland region, the recent bushfire crisis was a significant time for SVDP Bairnsdale.

From 30 December 2019, the team at SVDP Bairnsdale had set up at the evacuation centre: And it was full-on, right from the get-go. It was hugely busy. It was chaotic in many ways, and we were all working in one space alongside a lot of the other helping agencies, recalls Albert.

Albert says the social element of providing food relief has always been valuable but was vital during the bushfires.

People who came in were in shock, sharing photos and telling tales of what they had lost. It was a little bit overwhelming the number of people who had suffered. Tears well up in your own eyes listening to some of these stories, said Albert.

How Much Time Will It Require

This is always a difficult question to answer as it would depend entirely on the level of involvement each member and family is comfortable providing. We would like to provide a basic estimate of the time commitment for various Conference activities.

Basic training to become a Vincentian

Two 8-hours sessions

Two Conference meetings each month

Food delivery team member

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Food Pantry At The Atkinson Food Room

The Atkinson Food Room is designed to offer a grocery-shopping style experience for individuals and families in need. Guests select their own items, choosing what best suits the needs of their family. This process helps to reduce waste and to meet the actual needs of families. Due to Covid-19, the Atkinson Food Room currently offers pre-packaged food boxes on Tuesday only and shopping style Thursday and Friday. Visitors need to provide bags and/or boxes to carry their food on Thursday and Friday.

Health Assessments Starting First Week In February 2023

St. Vincent de Paul food pantry in Middletown receives a large donation

Basic health care is a major concern for thousands of people in our King County communities. St. Vincent de Paul offers a basic health assessment program at our Georgetown Food Bank. We periodically offering free flu vaccinations, blood pressure checks and other health assessments during Food Bank Hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays .

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The St Vincent De Paul Food Pantry Is A Life

How you can help:To learn how you can help by donating money or food/personal hygiene items and /or volunteering at the Food Pantry, please go to those pages.

Why a Food Pantry?In answer to taunts to Catholics to practice what they preach Frederic Ozanam and a group of fellow students started seeking out and visiting the poor of Paris in their homes, taking them food and clothing and offering them their friendship and their concern. This small group took as their Patron the great French priest, who alerted the world to social problems, St. Vincent de Paul.

Similar groups began in Paris then to the rest of France and eventually spread throughout the Christian world with the purpose of visiting for the love of God, those in need. Currently the Society of SVDP has approximately 900,000 members in 113 countries.

Fredric Ozanam was beatified August 22, 1997 in Paris, France by Pope John Paul II.

Food Pantry Hours of Operation Tuesday Friday:Referrals issued:

Monthly Food Delivery For Older Adults:

Through Food Bridge, if you are a low-income older adult living in Madison or Monona, you may be eligible to receive a food delivery once a month. NewBridge Madison staff will work with clients to deliver food at a mutually convenient time. Click the link below or call NewBridge Madison at 512-0000.

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What Does A Food Pantry Volunteer Do

Serving Guests: The Food Pantry is open Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 12:30 -2:30 . Volunteers participate in many tasks including helping guests shop for food.

Pantry Drivers: Many of our Foods Pantry guests do not have transportation. Volunteer Drivers provide transportation for the shoppers groceries .

Produce Pick-Up: Free produce is available for pick up at the regional Food Bank. Volunteers are needed on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday- suggested arrival at the Regional Food Bank is 7:30. Volunteers bring the produce to the Pantry.

Home Delivery Orders: The Food Pantry delivers groceries to the homebound residents who are elderly, have physical disability or is a parent of small children. Volunteers take phone orders and pack their groceries for delivery by our volunteer drivers.

Food Express Delivery and Stocking Shelves:

Anyone interested in joining the volunteer food pantry team must complete an application, background check, and sign a code of conduct. These forms are available further down this page.All volunteer roles will include training! Have questions? Want to volunteer? Contact Angela!

Hometown Heroes: St Vincent De Paul Food Bank

st vincent de paul food bank phoenix

President of St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank

John Rowe packs up a box of groceries at St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank.

Tom Brummel, a fifth year volunteer, runs a box of groceries out to a resident.

Imagine a fully stocked grocery store canned goods, bakery, dairy, fresh veggies, frozen food, fruit and more. This is one store where you cant buy anything. Its all free to needy residents. The St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank feeds 70 to 80 families every 10 days. Thats more than 2,565 boxes provided in a year and more than 15,000 pounds of food every month gathered from a variety of local and Valley sources.

It takes more than 100 volunteers to keep the St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank and shopping mall operating. Shelves must be stocked and the food supplied. These are this Roundup issues Hometown Heroes.

On my tour with guide Joe Rizzo, president, I met Kathy Belman, the treasurer, who was accounting for the financial and food donations. Records are needed for a variety of supporting organizations which include the United Food Bank in Phoenix, St. Vincent de Paul in Phoenix, individual donors of both food and money, and local supermarkets Bashas and Safeway who also contribute, especially at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Payson Helping Payson and Community Presbyterian Church also assist St. Vincent de Paul financially.

There is special help for the homeless. They provide food that does not have to be cooked in special bags.

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St Vincent De Paul At St Benedict Catholic Church

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is an international fraternal non-profit organization of lay people dedicated to serving the poor and providing others with the opportunity to serve.

The St. Benedict St. Vincent de Paul Conference volunteers perform the following:

  • Respond to calls placed to our SVdP Help Line
  • Meet bi-weekly as a Conference with spirituality, fellowship and to review client cases
  • Visit clients in their homes to assess needs
  • Assist clients within our boundaries with financial help or referral to other services
  • Staff and stock our church food pantry
  • Organize parish volunteers for activities including serving meals to the homeless, Turkey Tuesday, food drive, and SVDP Thrift Store assistance

If you have an interest in becoming a volunteer, please contact our Help Line 480.961.1610 ext. 315 and leave a message with your name, telephone number and a brief message.

To Become Better, to Do a Little Good.

Blessed Frederic Ozanam, Founder of St. Vincent de Paul

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Society Of St Vincent De Paul Holy Trinity Conference

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul Holy Trinity Conference in Bloomington, Illinois has a long and rich history serving McLean County residents. We support two large pantries: a food pantry that provides a wide selection of healthy food, and a clothes pantry that offers lightly used clothing for all ages and seasons. Every visitor is served with courtesy and dignity.

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St Vincent De Paul Society

The St. Mary Help of Christians Conference of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul serves the poor of our community by operating a free food pantry. The pantry, located at 138 Fairfield Street SE in Aiken, is open Monday through Thursday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. We provide over 21,000 pounds of food and supplies each month to nearly 400 families representing well over 1,000 individual recipients. In addition, we provide limited emergency financial assistance when utilities are about to be cut-off and for filling essential prescriptions. More than 100 dedicated volunteers provide the hearts, hands, and funds to make this ministry possible.

Please consider visiting the pantry to see how you can help, either by volunteering your time and/or donating funds to this important outreach ministry. We have meetings on the first Monday of each month at 4:00pm at Mother Teresa Hall. 125 Union Street SE. Please come and join our volunteer family.

For More Information

The Little Food Engine That Can

St. Vincent de Paul opening new food pantry in Kentucky

468,000 Families are in need across central and northern Arizona.

Our Food Reclamation Facility is equal parts community compassion and process engineering. No good food goes to waste. Over 6 million pounds arrive at our warehouse every year, donated by community food drives and generous grocers, and all items are cleaned, sorted, and measured against the strictest of quality control standards. From there, its sent off to one of our 5 dining rooms, or packed and shipped out to our food pantries. Over 400,000 food boxes are delivered through home visits and other charitable organizations. And these arenât any ordinary food boxes: Beyond the necessities, we try to include surprises that make our recipients smile. With your help, we can deliver more.

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How To Donate To Season For Sharing

With the help of our readers, weve raised and given away nearly $68 million to nonprofit organizations around the state over the past 26 years. Help us continue that support.

Here are four ways to donate to Season for Sharing:

  • Fill out the secure, online form at
  • Text SHARING to 91-999 and click on the link in the text message.
  • Go online at and look for the DONATE HERE post.
  • Clip the coupon on Page 4A of The Arizona Republic, fill it out and mail it to P.O. Box 29250, Phoenix AZ 85038-9250.

Where does the money go?

When you give to Season for Sharing, your donation goes toward helping nonprofits that support education, feed the hungry and help struggling families.

Every dollar of your donations and matching funds go to Arizona nonprofit organizations, because all overhead and fundraising costs are covered by The Republic.

Matching your donation

Through partnerships with our community partners the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust and the Arizona Community Foundation, your charitable donations have even more of an impact.

Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust matches 50 cents on the dollar up to $100,000.

The Arizona Community Foundation provides the grant application portal and manages the collection of donations and distribution of grants.

Reach the reporter Jamie Landers at . Follow her on Twitter .

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Finding Local Assistance & Services

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul provides assistance to neighbors in need at the local level. Find information about the Society of St. Vincent de Paul closest to you from the Locations listings below.

Volunteering With St. Vincent de Paul

The Mission of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul is a network of friends, inspired by Gospel values, growing in holiness and building a more just world through personal relationships with and service to people in need. Volunteerism, therefore, is the heart of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul and our work helping neighbors in need.

At the National Council, we provide Vincentians across the United States with training, education, spiritual formation, and financial support as they assist millions of our most vulnerable neighbors.

SVdP Locations Websites

To find your Society of St. Vincent de Paul location and website, click on your region below and a regional section listing websites for your region will open. Click on the name of the region again to close the regional section.

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In Proverbs : 8 We Are Called To Speak Up For Those Who Cannot Speak For Themselves Ensure Justice For Those Being Crushed

This calling has guided our work at SVdP since our beginnings and continues today. We believe in the sacredness of every human life and do not tolerate racism and exclusion in any form. We call on members of the Body of Christ to help bring about reconciliation in our communities. Pray for those who work for peace and justice. Advocate for policies that combat racism. And, perhaps most importantly, examine your heart for how you can promote unity, support one another, and end racial divide.

The Society Of St Vincent De Paul To Serve 4500 Drive

With need high, Bowmanville food bank wants COVID vaccine for senior ...

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul, another Arizona nonprofit supported by Season for Sharing, operates two free food programs serving more than 4,000 homeless and low-income people a day.

Theyâve changed their approach during the pandemic. At their dining rooms across metro Phoenix, the nonprofit is packing meals for guests to take to go. And during home visits, trained volunteers are bringing food boxes and offering emotional support.

St. Vincent de Paul also operates a food reclamation facility where grocers, food drive organizers and restaurants can donate food.

At the beginning, it was really tough to shift from such a model of social embrace to a model of social distancing, said Danielle McMahon, director of food services for the nonprofit. Those dining halls, with sometimes hundreds of people and volunteers, went to all to-go meal services.

McMahon said St. Vincent de Paul is preparing to serve more than 4,500 food boxes on Thanksgiving and Christmas. On Nov. 24, St. Vincent de Paul will partake in its 28th Turkey Tuesday, the Valleyâs largest one-day turkey drive hosted by 12 News. This years goal: 30,000 turkeys.

We are really hoping to see the community come out and help their fellow neighbors during this time. It truly does take an entire community supporting our mission to accomplish that, she said.

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