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Food Bank Of San Francisco

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The Path Ahead: Increasing Equity At Bon Apptit

San Francisco-Marin Food Bank Expands To Serve Thousands More In Need

Our company has long been recognized in the food service industry for our commitments to environmental and social responsibility. To us, sustainability has always been about more than the planet: its about building a society that supports the physical, mental, economic, and social well-being of our employees, guests, communities. So, we are also committed to building and maintaining a companywide culture of equity and inclusion. We recognize the food service industry has an imbalance of power we are working to change that by starting from within. This year we embarked on a journey to disrupt bias and dismantle covert racism that may unintentionally be entrenched in our systems.

Why Bank With Bsf

Choosing to work with a community bank guarantees that your money is reinvested in the community. It also allows you to experience the technology and convenience offered by bigger banks, along with the high level of personalized service you would receive from a small business. As a community bank, every single one of our clients is important to us. You are not just a number you are a partner.

News and Announcements

Additional San Francisco County Free Food Program Phone Numbers

The churches, agencies, and non-profits listed above are just examples of local food banks, soup kitchens and free pantries. Call 415.282.1900 or 800-870-3663 to find additional locations or get further help near you. Referrals are given to USDA programs including free school lunches, surplus commodities, and more. Or get help from government commodities, Cal-Fresh food stamps and other benefits.

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The San Francisco Food Bank

The San Francisco Food Bank is all about feeding the hungry of San Francisco and Marin. The charitable organizations mission is to help people not starve, and not have to choose between rent and food or other basic necessities. Unfortunately, this very much is the case for the people living in these areas so the San Francisco Food Bank was set up nearly 25 years ago to collect and repackage many thousands of pounds of food which it thereafter distributes to soup kitchens, grocery centers, educational programs and the elderly.

Every week, more than 200,000 people are the recipients of food from the Food Bank. Each day, a staggering 93,000 meals are made. Thus, through its vital work, this organization links up people and food, also by working with more than 450 nonprofit partners.

The Food Bank receives food from various different sources including: grocery stores, processors and the USDA. Sometimes food is given as it is approaching its code date other times because it is misshapen and still other times as the company simply made too much. We have a bunch of volunteers working for us who deal with the food at our warehouse, so we save money on otherwise having to employ around 50 full-time staff members. It is our intention to feed as many of the hungry as possible, ensuring the people of San Francisco and Marin do not go to bed starving or need to worry about where their next meal is coming from.

Help Us Meet The Increasing Needs Of Seniors And Families

San Francisco Food Bank

Our community is facing an unprecedented need for food donations and deliveries. Help JFCS keep our Food Banks full throughout the Bay Area and ensure we have essential supplies for all those in need.

Simple steps for helping right now include:

1. Add extra items to your grocery cart and drop them off in person outside of your local JFCS office. We are currently open: Monday Friday, 9 am 5 pm. Our food Bank locations are:

Themost needed items now are:

  • Paper bags to deliver groceries in
  • Tomato products of any kind including spaghetti sauce
  • Canned vegetables
  • Canned chili, stew, or pasta meals
  • Paper towels and toilet paper

Thanks to generous donations from our community, produce and some dairy products are being supplied by Greenleaf for all our JFCS food banks.

**While all donations are so appreciated, we cannot accept highly perishable dairy items such as milk, cottage cheese, and other soft cheeses. Thank you.

2.Order via the online delivery of your choice and send to your local JFCS office, c/o JFCS Food Bank. Locations listed above. Please note that deliveries must take place Monday Friday, 9 am 5 pm. Please include a gift note with your info so that we can thank you for your donation!

Irina Klay

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Our Holiday Party December 2019

Thank you to EVERYONE who is part of The Food Pantryour volunteers, the hundreds of families who come for groceries, our friends at the SF Food Bank, Food Runners,The Garden Project, Live Oak School and St. Gregorys, and all our donors. We are so grateful to be doing this work together with you!

Please give generously: every dollar buys groceries for one family each week! Make your checks to The Food Pantry, and mail to The Food Pantry, 500 DeHaro, San Francisco CA 94107, or donate here.

What Our Clients Say

“Thanks to Bank of San Francisco’s dedicated nonprofit team, we enjoy highly personalized service and support for our unique needs.”

Kim Mazzuca, 10,000 Degrees

“We send all of our business-owner friends to Bank of San Francisco because they understand the growth challenges small business owners have. They handled all of the paperwork so we could focus on what we do best make coffee.”

Lauren Crabbe, Andytown Coffee Roasters

We could only dream of owning a home in our most beloved city. Bank of San Francisco gave us a true gift by making that dream a reality.

Blair Cerny, Homeowner

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With You When It Matters

Headquartered in San Francisco, we are a modern community bank, reflecting the best qualities of the rich Bay Area culture. We are entrepreneurial, diverse, flexible and forward-thinking. As the Bay Area’s premier community bank, we serve businesses, nonprofits, individuals and families, delivering high-touch, personalized service to the nine Bay Area counties with agility and accountability.

The Food We Serve Is Tangible Love Shared Across Barriers Of Language Age And Culture

Foster Farms Drops Off 17 Tons of Produce at San Francisco-Marin Food Bank

Every Thursday, we partner with our neighbors and the SF-Marin Food Bank to serve the Tenderloin by hosting Food Pantry. We’ve served more than 400 tons of food to our neighbors. Distributing food is a simple but powerful way to share God’s love.

We need your help! Volunteer with us on Thursdays!

Starting at 12 pm we pack up food, this is a low-contact opportunity to serve during the shelter-in orders. This shift ends at 1:30 pm, there is an opportunity to stay until 4 pm to help with the delivery and distribution of food. Because of contact with seniors you must not have been exposed to corona virus and not be at risk of exposure, nor show any symptoms. To sign up to volunteer, please contact us by be sure to indicate what date and time slot you are interested in serving.

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Our Mission & Core Values

We collectively serve our community by procuring and distributing culturally-appropriate and nutritious food to ensure the well-being of families and individuals. We are motivated by love, respect, and a desire to provide dignity to our Latino people who are experiencing hunger and are in need of food.

Pelosi Remarks At Ribbon

San Francisco Speaker Nancy Pelosi joined the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank for a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening of its newly expanded warehouse and welcome center. Below are the Speakers remarks:

Speaker Pelosi. Thank you very much, Tanis, for your generous introduction. But more importantly for your very important statement of values about food and caring and generosity of spirit, and good ideas to get it done. I join you in extending honors granted to those you acknowledged, including everyone in this room. You’re here because you care. You’re here because you care. And Tanis and Jonathan have given us a path to make sure that we can demonstrate that care and that concern.

Well I guess I can speak for every person here when I say it’s a pleasure to be back here in the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank. A beautiful, beautiful facility, and I’ll see more of what’s additional now.

And Tanis, thank you. Tanis talked about the first time in fifty years, a food conference at the White House. Tanis was our regional representative to that food conference. And she said she was very pleased with it. I’ll report that back to the President.

So this is really important work. Its as fundamental as it can be to feed the hungry, even thats your passage to heaven. When I was hungry, you fed me. He also said, When I was hungry, you didn’t feed me. You go over there, you go over there. People keep forgetting the second part.

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How We Started

The original Bon Appétit mobile catering truck parked near San Franciscos waterfront for an event

In the 1980s, the industry standard for college and corporate cafeterias was casseroles and mystery meat, served glop by glop out of steam tables. If you were seeking a fresh vegetable, you were out of luck unless iceberg lettuce qualified. However, Fedele Bauccio and Ernie Collins, veterans of food service giant Saga Corporation, were convinced that cutting-edge employers and educators were ready for a different kind of food service. So they bought Bon Appétit Catering, a San Francisco-based catering company known for its incredible food presentation, and relaunched it as Bon Appétit Management Company. The new company hired chefs to cook fresh, restaurant-quality food from scratch and the food-perks arms race began in the young Silicon Valley.

How We Stumbled Into Sustainability

What To Do

San Francisco Food Bank

Our people are facing a great deal of change in the coming years. Its hard to know what to do as individuals, and as communities: yet we know its crucial to continue to act. And so we welcome all people to The Food Pantry to feed and to be fed, to take care of each other, and to build community.

Our deepest thanks to our volunteers, to our donors, and to everyone who makes the work of The Food Pantry possible.

Volunteer sorting oranges at The Food Pantry

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