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Food Bank Of Iowa Donations

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Help Feed Your Neighbors In Need

Kemps donates 30,000 units of milk to Food Bank of Iowa

Donations from generous people like you feed thousands of Iowans every year. We know they can count on you. Every dollar you donate makes a big difference. Just $10 donated will feed a fellow Iowan for a week. And $5 will provide a child with a weekend of food assistance through our BackPack Program.

Donate By Mail Or Phone

To help support the NEIFB, we have many ways to donate. If you would like to donate by mail:

If you have questions, or would like to donate by phone, email or call Susan Entriken, our Community Outreach Manager:

Good Samaritan Law: Under the 1996 Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act, a federal statute, anyone who donates food in good faith to a food bank or gleaning organization is protected from all liability associated with that product. NEIFB and our partner agencies follow strict food handling and safety procedures to ensure that the people we serve receive the highest-quality food possible.

Northeast Iowa Food Bank is a 501 nonprofit organization. EIN: 42-1169648. This institution is an equal opportunity provider. USDA Nondiscrimination Statement | Food and Nutrition Service ©2022 | 1605 Lafayette St. Waterloo, IA, 50703 | Northeast Iowa Food Bank

Food Drive Nets More Than 88000 Meals For Food Bank Of Iowa

In conjunction with the announcement of the $500,000 grant, The Wellmark Foundation conducted a food and monetary drive at Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s Des Moines office.

Wellmark employees were encouraged to bring in items the Food Bank of Iowa most needed or participate in The Wellmark Foundation’s BluesCare GivingSM program by providing a monetary donation that is matched by the Foundation.

“Wellmark employees are committed to helping those in the communities where we live and work,” said Wampler Bland. “We are grateful our employees rallied to provide more than 88,000 meals to combat food insecurity in Iowa.”

In addition to participating in the food drive, more than 40 Wellmark employees attended the unveiling to deliver the donations and be the first to work in the new Wellmark Foundation Volunteer Center.

To learn how you can help fight hunger in your community, visit External Link.

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Agreements With Local Vendors Freeze Out Other Food Rescue Operations Critics Say

The most recent dispute began when Food Bank of Iowa signed a contract with Kum & Go to collect surplus food including sandwiches, cut fruit and other fresh items that otherwise would be thrown away from its convenience stores in the Des Moines area beginning in October.

That exclusive agreement ended a four-year partnership with Eat Greater Des Moines, an organization devoted to gathering and distributing rescued food to food banks and pantries, executive director Aubrey Alvarez said. The agreement has effectively barred volunteers from picking up donations from dozens of convenience stores around the metro area, Alvarez said.

As a result, the amount of food Eat Greater Des Moines rescued in the metro area has been cut in half.

The nonprofit recovered 26,500 pounds of food from vendors in September of this year. In October, that dropped to 13,500 pounds, or about 11,000 meals, according to data provided by Alvarez.

Kum & Go’s donations are now going to Food Bank of Iowa partners, convenience chain officials say.

The problem is the vast majority of agencies where Eat Greater Des Moines delivered this food surplus do not meet Food Bank of Iowa’s criteria, Alvarez said. As a result, their hungry clients have been left in the lurch with little warning or explanation.

Who does that benefit? How does that help us meet our goal of making sure everyone is fed and has access to quality, healthy food on a regular basis? Alvarez said.

What Is The Value Of The Farm To Food Donation Tax Credit

Northeast Iowa Food Bank Donation

The tax credit is equal to 15% of the value of the food commodities donated in the tax year as reported on authorized receipts to the Department of Revenue and valued according to the federal guidelines for charitable contribution of food under the Internal Revenue Code section 170, or $5,000, whichever is less.

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Dmarc And Salvation Army Lose Retail Donations Over Food Bank Dispute

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Several Des Moines metro-area food pantries have been told they can’t pick up left-overs from some major retailers because of a contract disagreement with the Food Bank of Iowa.

The Des Moines Area Religious Council and the Salvation Army say they received a “cease-and-desist” order stopping them from picking up items from stores like Walmart, Costco and Aldi.

Those retailers and others partner with the Food Bank of Iowa through its Feeding America program.

Last month, DMARC and the Salvation Army did not sign a new contract with the Food Bank. They say it would’ve forced them to provide more food to people than they were equipped to handle.

DMARC and the Salvation Army say the change will make it harder for them to keep up with increasing demand.

The Food Bank says it needed to reassign the donations to pantries within its network.

Is It Necessary To Prove Need Question Remains At Center Of Disagreement

Nancy Ramos has been relying on the services at Urbandale Community Action Network for more than three years. The 31-year-old mother of four, who does not speak English, said she and her husband both work but struggle to make ends meet.

“Sometimes it is not easy for low-income families to obtain food, enough food, and we are a big family,” she said in Spanish.

Ramos is not on food stamps, yet she says without UCAN’s assistance, she doesn’t know if she would have enough money to put a sufficient amount of food on the table for her kids.

How does Ramos’ family prove they are “needy”? It’s a question at the heart of the dispute among the different stakeholders working to end food insecurity in Iowa.

Book and Alvarez, as well as other nonprofit leaders, have said disagreements on how to define need led to breakdowns in discussions about partnerships between Food Bank of Iowa and other nonprofit organizations, including Eat Greater Des Moines.

can talk to you about her mission, Book said. Our mission is to alleviate hunger in Iowa to help people who are struggling to make ends meet.

Book described this as a fundamental difference in our missions. As a Feeding America-affiliated food bank, she said her organization must ensure 51% of each pantry’s food recipients meet federal poverty guidelines, which for 2022 are defined as making under $13,590 for a single-person household.

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Online Food Lovers Group In Omaha Raising Thousands Of Dollars For Local Food Bank

OMAHA, Neb. – Federal COVID assistance for the Food Bank of the Heartland is depleted and no longer available.

But the hopes to help. Its a group of nearly 90,000 members.

We didnt think it could get worse than what we saw during the pandemic, but it has, said Stephanie Sullivan with the Food Bank of the Heartland. We are doing more with less. And it has created a slew of challenges for us, our network partners, and those we serve.

The page creator started the donation campaign three years ago.

This is a group about food, but I think we need to realize there are a lot of people out there that are having hardships and arent able to get the food that they need, said the creator Stacy Winters. And what better organization to partner with than the Food Bank of the Heartland.

The groups goal this year is to raise $125,000. According to Sullivan, $1 can buy four meals.

Monetary donations really allow us to take that dollar and stretch it much further because we can purchase in bulk, said Sullivan.

Besides the feeling of doing good, donors get something else in return.

Every person who donates gets put into a raffle with over 400 gift cards from more than 250 Omaha food establishments.

Crescent Moon in Midtown is one of them. The owner participated last year in a couple of different ways.

The food bank serves 93 communities across Nebraska and western Iowa.

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Organizations Feel Like They’re Stuck In Middle Of Messy Divorce

21,000 dozen eggs donated to Food Bank of Iowa

Holms, the director of UCAN, which assists Ramos’ families, signed the contract with Food Bank of Iowa last month. Even though they are not affiliated with DMARC, she said the current disputes among DMARC, Food Bank of Iowa and other nonprofit leaders make her feel like she is stuck in the middle of a messy divorce.

And while she struggles to navigate around the discord, she said its even worse for the tens of thousands of Iowans like Ramos in need of food assistance.

Every organization that is doing this wants to help people. Its a weird thing because there’s not a side to pick,” she said. “Because if I could pick a side, it would not be hunger and poverty.”

Francesca Block is a breaking news reporter at the Des Moines Register. Reach her at or on Twitter at @francescablock3.

Michaela Ramm covers health care for the Des Moines Register. She can be reached at , at 339-7354 or on Twitter at @Michaela_Ramm.

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The Volunteer Center Gets Key Renovations

The Foundation saw a way to help through a $500,000 grant to the Food Bank of Iowa External Link. That grant money completes the renovation of the volunteer center.

The Wellmark Foundation Volunteer Center provides a dedicated space for adults and children as young as 10 to engage in projects supporting Food Bank of Iowa’s mission of combating food insecurity.

“The Wellmark Foundation’s generous contribution will help ensure that every Food Bank of Iowa volunteer has a safe, comfortable, and productive experience,” said Michelle Book, president and CEO of Food Bank of Iowa.

“The volunteer room is critical to our operation, as volunteers are key to moving hundreds of tons of food items into our warehouse inventory quickly, making certain nutrition reaches food insecure Iowans when its needed most.”

Key features of the renovation included the installation of new, energy efficient LED lighting, a new climate-control system, modern fire suppression systems, and remediation of mold and asbestos.

Volunteers now enter Food Bank of Iowa through a dedicated entrance, with convenient restroom and water fountain access, plus lockers to store personal items. After entering the Wellmark Foundation Volunteer Center, volunteers participate in a wide variety of projects, from sorting donated food items to packaging fresh produce to packing family meal kits.

How Does A Taxpayer Get The Tax Credit Certificate From Iowa Department Of Revenue

Taxpayers must receive an authorized food organization receipt when they make their donation to the registered Iowa food bank or food pantry or Iowa emergency feeding organization. All authorized receipts should be sent together if multiple donations are made throughout the year and must be postmarked by January 15 of the year following the tax year in which the donation was made.

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At The Food Bank Of Iowa Were Dedicated To Ending Hunger In Iowafor Each One Of The 175000 Food

We provide food for Iowa children, families, and seniors to lead full and active lives, strengthening the communities where they live.

Featured Campaigns

Meal Makers – Monthly Giving Program

Become a Meal Maker with a monthly donation to Food Bank of Iowa! Our Meal Makers monthly giving program is an opportunity to provide ongoing support to Food Bank of Iowa which keeps our shelves stocked, our trucks on the road every day, and food on the table for the Iowans who need it most.At Food Bank of Iowa, a donation of $1 provides 4 meals. Your gift of $10/month or more provides 480+ meals each year to hungry Iowans. Here are more ways monthly giving makes an impact:$20/month = feeds 1 child through the BackPack Program for 1 year$30/month = provides at least 3 meals a day, every d…

Food Bank of Iowa Virtual Food Drive 2021

Forget the heavy lifting, donating is just a click away with a Virtual Food Drive! In fact, your donation will go further with a virtual food drive and provides a simple and immediate way to help end hunger in Iowa.What is a Virtual Food Drive?A Virtual Food Drive is a web-based tool allowing individuals and organizations to host a food drive through Food Bank of Iowas website. Donations can be made securely online giving everyone on your team a chance to see the progress in real time. With just a few clicks, anyone can purchase the most-needed items and make a difference in the lives of n…


Hunger Free Holidays 2021


Donate To The Fort Madison Food Pantry

Sort Donated Food for Iowans in Need!: Food Bank of Iowa Opportunity ...

The Fort Madison Food Pantry relies on the generosity of our community through fund and food drives to help those in Lee County who are food insecure . In addition to donated foods, we partner with the Food Bank of Iowa and our local groceries to purchase items to help fill our shelves. Hunger hurtsnot just the individual, but the entire community. It damages mental and physical health and lowers learning in school and performance at work. But, with neighbors helping neighbors, we can improve the overall fabric of our community. Your generous support of the Food Pantrys efforts expresses your love of our community and its citizens. Thank you!

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Food Bank Of Iowa Donation Highlights Iowas Pork Industry During #porktober22

Last week, Farmland, in a joint effort with the National Pork Board, the Iowa Pork Producers Association, and country singer Luke Bryans Farm Tour to combat food insecurity across the Midwest for their Honoring the Heartland Tour, visited the Food Bank of Iowa in Des Moines to donate over 30,000 pounds of protein and present the Iowa FFA Association with a $9,000 donation. What better time to make such a large donation of pork than during National Pork Month? Iowa Pork Producers Association President-Elect Trish Cook talked about how their partnership with Farmland has helped to highlight Iowas pork industry during #Porktober22.

What Is A Qualifying Food Commodity

Apparently wholesome food, meaning food that meets all quality and labeling standards imposed by Federal, State, and local laws and regulations even though the food may not be readily marketable due to appearance, age, freshness, grade, size, surplus, or other conditions. The donated food may not be damaged, out of condition, or unfit for human consumption. A food commodity that meets the requirements for donated foods pursuant to the Federal Emergency Food Assistance Program satisfies this requirement.

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Who Can Claim The Farm To Food Donation Tax Credit

Individual taxpayers and C corporations may be awarded this tax credit, as well as Individual members of a partnership, limited liability company, S corporation, estate, or trust electing to have income taxed directly to the individual shall claim the credit based upon the pro rata share of their earnings from the business entity.

Farmland Donates To Iowa Ffa And Food Bank Of Iowa

Fareway, Iowa Egg Council donate thousands of cartons of eggs to Iowa food banks

Farmland recently launched year two of its Honoring the Heartland Tour to invest in the next generation of agricultural leaders, show appreciation to hardworking farming communities, and support neighborhoods rooted in the Midwest through protein-rich food donations. This week, the tour stopped in Des Moines to recognize two important Iowa organizations.

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Farmland teamed up with the National Pork Board, Iowa Pork Producers Association, and country music superstar Luke Bryans Farm Tour to help fight food insecurity across the Heartland in September, contributing over 30,000 pounds of protein to the Food Bank of Iowa. With six Farm Tour stops including a stop in Boone, Iowa, Farmland and the National Pork Board will donate truckloads of protein to local food banks in Iowa, Nebraska, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Minnesota, for an estimated 1 million servings of protein.

To further say thanks to those making an impact locally, Farmlands food truck provided meals to Food Bank employees and volunteers at the event.

Throughout the state of Iowa, 5,418 pig farmers pride themselves in nourishing families and communities by raising nutritious food, providing 147,105 jobs, and contributing $40.8 billion in economic value to the state.


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Food Bank Of Siouxland Receives Donation

SIOUX CITY – The Food Bank of Siouxland was presented a donation check as part of yearly giving from Siouxland Federal Credit Union.

Every year, the credit union holds an employee and volunteer appreciation dinner and a silent auction. All proceeds from the auction are donated to a local charity. This year, Scheels of Sioux City pledged to match the first $5,000 raised.

We always say we can purchase up to five meals for every dollar donated so looking at a donation of over $11,000, were looking at, at least 55,000 meals that have been given to the Siouxland community through this donation, said Valerie Petersen, associate executive director of the Food Bank of Siouxland.

Scheels cares about our community, and we give back generously with both our time and our resources. SFCU let us know that they were raising money for the food bank, and we saw this as a way to partner and make a greater impact considering the rising cost of food, Said Scheels Store Leader Neil Mittelstaedt.

In total $11,344 were raised for The Food Bank of Siouxland.

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Are Policy Changes Making It Harder For Pantries To Stock Their Shelves

The Johnston Partnership used to source its eggs from the Food Bank of Iowa before a contract dispute last month forced the two organizations to part ways.

Since then, the partnership, a Des Moines Area Religious Council-affiliated pantry on Merle Hay Road, has had to draw from its limited food budget to purchase eggs on the marketplace, where prices are far less favorable, according to Cook, the program director.

Though the pantry struck a deal with a local Fareway for a discounted price, Cook said buying eggs last month cost the small pantry about $3,000 nearly 68% of its average monthly food budget.

Eggs are not the only item in short supply. One month after ending the relationship with Food Bank of Iowa, the pantry will lose 6,000 to 8,000 pounds of food and an additional 3,000 pounds from food rescue, Cook said.

The dispute centered on a contract amendment Food Bank of Iowa sent in September to its 300 partners requiring them to provide all clients within their service areas at least a three-day supply of food about 12 pounds.

Book said the request is not unreasonable, especially given the record-breaking demand for assistance.

However, the majority of pantries associated with the Des Moines Area Religious Council, a network of 15 food pantries in the Des Moines metro, contend the new policies would deplete their pantries and limit their ability to help more clients.

It’s just a piece of this world domination the Food Bank is trying to have, he said.

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