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Food Bank Of Central And Northeast Missouri

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The Food Bank For Central And Northeast Missouri Is Asking For Your Help During Their Annual One For One Holiday Drive

Hy Vee helps to check out hunger in the Heartland

If you are unfamiliar with The Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri, they provide millions of pounds of food, serving nearly 100 thousand people a month across 32 counties in Missouri.

Again this year, theyre asking for your help.

The cars will line up for miles just to come and get some food.

Brandy Fajen is a regular volunteer at the food banks monthly food drop-off in Benton County. She says the need for services like Wednesdays food distribution in her community, are great.

And, um, we see that when we put it in their cars that it just puts a smile on their face and they know that theyre going to have a warm good meal tonight.

The food comes directly from The Foodbank for Central & Northeast Missouri, based in Columbia. They are a member of Feeding America, allowing the organization to secure a variety of food from an array of vendors at reduced costs.

Still, they need help providing for the need in our community.

Warsaw resident, Cindy Story, was in line on Wednesday for most of her morning.

Im telling you that lets say I got here in line at 8:15 and there was already probably 30 cars ahead of me.

In addition to monthly food distributions, the food bank also partners with more than 145 agencies to get food to those in need.

In the Columbia area, you may recognize them as the Voluntary Action Center, or Rainbow House.

Next week, on Wednesday December 15th, they are hosting a 12 hour food drive to support these efforts.

Food Bank For Central & Northeast Missouri Raises Awareness With Hunger Action Day

Lindsay Lopez, president and CEO of the Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri, wants to raise awareness and inspire action around food insecurity.

“We are so inspired by the generosity of this community and all of the many partners who want to support us in raising awareness about food insecurity,” she said.

She was among volunteers and staff of The Food Bank, along with ambassadors from the Columbia Chamber of Commerce, to commemorate Hunger Action Day on Friday.

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Columbia Mayor Barbara Buffaloe issued a proclamation in honor of the day.

“I encourage all of us to spend the gift of time, food or funds to help raise awareness on this issue,” she said.

Feeding America marks September as Hunger Action Month. The Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri is part of the network of 200 Feeding America food banks. A food bank is akin to a wholesaler for partner agencies and other organizations that provide meals and food, such as through soup kitchens or local pantries, Lopez said.

“We are not on the front lines of distribution most of the time. We rely on those other partners,” she said.

While the event Friday was not a kickoff for further events, it was about raising awareness, Lopez said.

People and businesses were decked out in orange for the day.

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What Would $50 Or $100 Mean To Your Organization

Every dollar received is an investment in the health and wellbeing of our community. A new home for the largest food pantry in Boone County will expand our ability to make nutritious food more accessible, as well as allow us to connect our neighbors in need with additional services and community resources such as healthcare, legal aid, and counseling.

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Ontario Association Of Food Banks

The Ontario Association of Food Banks is a food bank network in the Canadian province of Ontario. Founded in 1992, the OAFB represents 125 food banks, and over 1,100 hunger-relief organizations across the province, including: urban and rural food banks, community kitchens, breakfast clubs and school meal programs, community food centres, emergency shelters, and seniors facilities. The mission of the Ontario Association of Food Banks is to strengthen communities by providing food banks with food, resources, and solutions that address both short and long-term food insecurity.

Every year, the OAFB releases a research report on hunger and food bank use in Ontario. In 2015, the OAFB Hunger Report revealed:

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Thanks For Joining Us For Float Your Boat

Food Bank For Central And Northeast Missouri

Float Your Boat is an innovative and exciting way to support The Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri while having a blast with family and friends. Held every spring, Float Your Boat teams construct boats using only cardboard and duct tape that they race across Bass Pro Shops Lake. This year, 34 teams registered to race and hundreds of spectators attended to cheer on our participants!

Proceeds from Float Your Boat help The Food Bank feed neighbors in our 32-county service area. Because of The Food Banks affiliation with Feeding America and our ability to purchase bulk food items at discounted costs, a $25 donation can help provide 100 meals to those in need.

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Buddy Pack Nutrition Program Receives Boost From Hannibal Regional Healthcare Systems

Hannibal Regional Healthcare Systems donated $2,500 to support the Buddy Pack nutrition program for students in the region. Staff at Hannibal Regional Medical Group’s Shelbina office are pictured, from left, Dr. JessicaAnn Tuia, Teresa Ross, with the Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri, and LaCosta Gaines, DNP-BC.


Faculty at Complete Family Medicine present a check representing a donation from Hannibal Healthcare Systems to assist the Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri with the Buddy Pack nutrition program for students. Pictured from left, Dr. Jordan Palmer, Teresa Ross, with the Food Bank, Dr. Justin Puckett and Dr. Aurora Bell.


HANNIBAL The Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri is proud to partner with Hannibal Regional Healthcare Systems in supporting the Buddy Pack program thanks to a donation of $2,500.

The donation will benefit students in Adair, Shelby, Schuyler, Macon and Linn counties. Buddy Packs are pre-packaged bags with a variety of food each week with items like easy-to-make meals, cereal and peanut butter. Buddy Packs provide food to 7,500 children each week during the academic year. The Food Banks focus is to reach as many students as possible and generous partnerships like Hannibal Regional helps the organization accomplish that mission.

More information is available by visiting

A Special Thank You To Brenda Ewart

Some 26 years ago, as her youngest of three children headed into Grade 1, Richmond Hills Brenda Ewart took a part-time job as manager of the Richmond Hill Community Food Bank.

Our family attended Richmond Hill United Church where the food bank was located at the time, and the minister suggested I apply for the job, explained Ewart, stating one attraction was she could be home before her children returned from school.

But what started as a job, has become a passion and has consumed far more hours each week than originally forecast, and has pulled in her husband, Bob, as well. Although she has been paid, both have donated many volunteer hours over the years to what has become a labour of love for both.

Bob had his eyes opened and so did the kids to the need for the food bank, explained Ewart. And the volunteers have become my friends, my family. Some have volunteered longer than Ive been here! Read more.

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What Can I Expect

Volunteers will be working inside to individually package a variety of mass-packaged food donations. This work is done standing at prep tables, so volunteers must be able to remain on their feet for at least two hours. More details on the specifics of the work to be done will be provided on the day of serving.

What should I bring?

Volunteers should wear appropriate attire for handling food, as specified by The Food Bank:

  • closed-toed shoes no exceptions
  • long hair must be pulled back hairnets will be provided and must be worn
  • facial hair must be covered with Food Bank-provided beard nets
  • jeans, pants or long/athletic length shorts short shorts, leggings, tights or yoga pants are not allowed
  • short/long sleeve shirts shoulders must be covered be sure to wear your #ForColumbia2022 T-shirt!
  • necklaces, lanyards, scarves are not allowed
  • large jewelry must be under clothing or Food Bank-provided protective gear
  • offensive printing on clothing as determined by Food Bank staff is not allowed.

Central Missouri Food Bank

Governor Cooper tours Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina

Through empowerment, education, and partnerships the Central Missouri Food Bank brings community resources together to feed people in need. Their Service Philosophy:

  • They do not charge for food they distribute to member agencies.
  • Member agencies do not charge for food they distribute to people in need.
  • Their member agencies are those who serve people in great need and at greatest risk for hunger.

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Expanding Bus Service Was The Goal

The new path chosen by Go COMO for the gold route was done so riders could visit the most community resources.

While no formal surveys were conducted, we have heard from riders through various media and in-person that will be a beneficial adjustment, Ogan wrote.

There also were minor modifications to the red route, moving a couple gold route stops to red. One gold route stop at the West Broadway Walmart was removed, but it remains on the red route.

More: Go COMO plans update to gold, red bus routes stops added, removed, modified

While the gold and red routes will not have direct overlap anymore for riders to make a route transfer starting Aug. 1, the gold route stop at Target is close to the red route stop at the corner of West Worley Street and Basin Drive, Ogan wrote, adding the distance is roughly half a mile, or an 11-minute walk.

Using the Go COMO app, a rider can track the positions of buses at all times, he wrote. could take the gold route to Target to work or shop at the mall, and then when finished, walk to the corner of West Worley Street and Basin Drive to take the red route to travel along Broadway.

In the days since the route change was announced, the city has received positive feedback directly from riders at Wabash Bus Station, through social media and from social service organizations.

Catholic Charities Refugee Services expressed their view on Twitter that this change is very good for refugees in our community, Ogan wrote.

We Used The Funds Raised During Comogives Last Year To Benefit The Community By:

Your support during the 2021 CoMoGives campaign helped The Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri provide more than 300,000 meals to our neighbors in need. As we continue to see the impact of the pandemic, made more challenging by inflation and supply chain issues, your support helps us meet the immediate needs of our neighbors.

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Inflation Affecting Major Parts Of Food Bank Of Central And Northeast Missouris Operation


The rising cost of food and gas are putting a greater strain on the Food Bank of Central and Northeast Missouri.

The U.S. Department of Labor reports double-digit consumer price index increases for food and fuel during the past 12 months.

Food Bank of Central and Northeast Missouri spokesperson Katie Adkins said these increases affect two main functions of the charity: Buying food, and delivering it to people in its 32-county region.

“We are spending three times as much on food as we were pre-pandemic,” Adkins said.

Adkins said the increase in price on things like rent and utilities have cut into people’s personal food budgets. Availability issues on items like canned meat and peanut butter have also made it difficult for the food bank to fill in those needed items it delivers.

“The food budget is the first thing that changes,” Adkins said. “It can cause people to miss meals, not be able to purchase as much or not be able to purchase the healthy things people might want access to.”

Adkins said cash donations help the food bank offer a greater variety of items in its packs. The food bank can buy fresh produce or perishable items like milk and cheese to help make the meals offered more balanced.

Adkins said a $270 donation could help provide packs of food for a school-aged child every weekend during the school year.

Project Dash Food Deliveries

Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri*

Central Pantry is piloting a delivery program with the help of DoorDash. Neighbors age 60+ who live within a 10-mile radius of Central Pantry may be eligible to get food delivered to their door through the program.

About the Program

  • The program provides deliveries to the first 50 eligible neighbors who call to schedule the service each month.

  • To schedule: Call 874-7848 between 10 a.m.-2 p.m. on the Tuesday or Wednesday of the delivery week.

  • Schedule August 16 or 17 delivery August 19

  • Schedule September 20 or 21 delivery September 23

  • Schedule October 18 or 19 delivery October 21

  • Schedule November 15 or 16 delivery November 18

  • Schedule December 20 or 21 delivery December 23

  • Slots are first come, first served

  • Deliveries count as a regular monthly pantry visit

  • Items are pre-selected and include a Mixed Produce Box and perishable and non-perishable items with quantities based on household size.

  • Neighbors must be present to accept the delivery, so we can make sure no perishable foods go to waste.

  • Central Pantry is accepting new neighbors through this delivery process, so even if youve never visited, feel free to complete intake over the phone and schedule a delivery.

  • Central Pantry staff looks forward to growing this program so we can improve accessibility for even more neighbors in the future.

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    Food Bank Of Central And Northeast Missouri Begins Its 40th Year

    COLUMBIA The Central and Northeast Missouri Food Bank began its 40th year Friday.

    The Food Bank serves 32 counties throughout mid-Missouri, providing those who struggle with a place to get food. The Food Bank operates over on Vandiver Drive and accepts donations. You can also sign up to volunteer at the facility or host your own food drive.

    The Food Bank grew from providing 68,000 pounds of food in its first year to producing over 30 million pounds in just one year. Something that President and CEO Lindsay Lopez says is a process that is always evolving.

    Over just the last 7 years weve really embraced a commitment to encourage, Lopez said.

    The program aims to provide healthier options through the Food Bank and allow people to get their hands on healthier options.

    Success! An email has been sent to with a link to confirm list signup.

    Error! There was an error processing your request.

    We know here at the food bank that it is important for us to provide food that is as nutritious as possible, Lopez said.

    Even though the members at the Food Bank are thrilled to be starting another year of work, they also acknowledge that it means there is more work to be done.

    So as we celebrate our anniversary, our 40th anniversary, you know, really its an opportunity for us to educate the broader population about this need that exists, Lopez said.

    To report an error or typo, email .

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    Which Organizations Are Here?

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    Everything Central Pantry Needs To Be

    The Food Bank is working with Coil Construction to finalize its renovation plans for the new Central Pantry and set the construction timeline.

    The goal is to finish in time for the pantry to start operations in early 2023.

    We know that renovation may be impacted by supply-chain disruptions, Adkins wrote. Despite challenges, were dedicated to making sure the new building is everything that it needs to be.

    The Food Bank last year held a series of focus groups where it received feedback from around 50 community members.

    shared what they hoped would remain the same and they helped our staff brainstorm ideas abut how the new building could be set up to better meet their needs, Adkins wrote.

    Welcome to the neighborhood:Mosers Foods celebrates grand opening in west Columbia

    The organization also received more than 200 responses from a survey.

    We did have neighbors note interest in transportation through the city system, and several mentioned they were interested in being connected with transportation services or resources, Adkins wrote.

    Central Pantry also has instituted a pilot program for those 60 or older who live within 10 miles of the pantry to receive food deliveries through Door Dash, known as Project DASH.

    We look forward to growing the program so we can improve accessibility for even more neighbors in the future, Adkins wrote.

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