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Food Bank Monmouth County Nj

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Free Food Banks And Groceries In Monmouth County Nj

Need For Food Banks Is Increasing

Find where to get emergency food, groceries, and meals in Monmouth County as well as Asbury Park New Jersey. Most of the services offered by the food pantries that may be near you are offered for free, or at minimal cost, to people in the community who need help. Many of the free food banks also provide Meals on Wheels, pass out groceries daily including today, and operate Meals on Wheels for the elderly or disabled.

A comprehensive listing of churches, food banks, pantries, and other non-profit charity organizations in Monmouth County are below. Also get a phone number for more referrals at the bottom of the page. Many of the centers also provide residents with access to other assistance programs, such as clothing, case management, or Thanksgiving and Christmas meals and gifts.

Case workers at free food banks also tend to give referrals. For example, a Monmouth County food pantry may be able to refer an individual to programs to help with electric bills, rent, or other services, including food stamps and USDA government meals for your children.

Many resources are offered. Also apply for public aid like food stamps, summer meals, or WIC at the centers. They are a great resource to turn to if you need assistance with any basic needs, whether that is food, housing, or more.

Barn For The Poorest of The Poor49 Kanes Lane

Sisters Academy Of Nj

Sisters Academy of New Jersey is a tuition-free, independent girls middle school, for grades four through eight, located in Asbury Park, New Jersey. The Academy focuses on educating girls from the surrounding communities in order to provide them with the tools necessary to gain access into and success in high schools and universities.

How To Receive Food Packages

Food Pantry packages are given out on a first come, first serve basis.Food can be picked up on Fridays at our main office at 705 Summerfield Avenue, Asbury Park. The doors open at 8:00 AM. Food is given to the first people who show up. Each person will receive one bag of fresh foods including eggs, fruits and vegetables, and meat or fish.

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The Food Bank Of Monmouth And Ocean Counties


Our Mission Is To Provide Food For As Many People In Need As Possible. To Fulfill Our Mission, The Foodbank Solicits, Collects, Stores And Distributes Millions Of Pounds Of Donated And Surplus, Perishable And Nonperishable Food To Area Food Pantries, Soup Kitchens, Shelters And Other Feeding Programs. These Agencies Provide The Food Directly To Children, Elderly, Working Poor Adults And Families In Crisis In Their Neighborhoods. This Food Helps Ow Income Families Remain As Self-Sufficient As Possible By Enabling Them To Use Their Limited Resources To Pay For Other Basic Needs, Such As Housing To Avoid Homelessness, As Well As Medical Bills, Child Care Costs Or Transportation To And From Work, And Still Put Food On The Family Table. In Addition, The Foodbank Addresses The Root Causes Of Hunger By Providing Job Skills Training In Culinary Arts For People In Need Of Better Paid Jobs Through Its Onsite Kitchen, Which Also Prepares Hot Meals For A Local After School Program. A Community Garden Trains People To Grow Vegetables For Their Own Needs Or As A Community Service For Others. The Foodbank Provides A Hunger Awareness Program For Children, And Provides Community Service Opportunities For About 1000 Volunteers Annually, Composed Of Individuals, Business Groups, Schools And Civic Organizations.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

Stop &  Shop Flu Clinics to Help The FoodBank of Monmouth &  Ocean ...

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is a federally run program that helps obtain badly needed food for low-income people and families. SNAP program is also known as Food Stamp.

SNAP benefits in Monmouth County supplied approximately 40 million Americans in 2018. It is the most extensive nutrition program administered by Food and Nutrition Service and is a vital component of the social safety net for low-income Americans.

In 2017, roughly 9.2% of American households obtained SNAP benefits, with about 16.7% of all children living in homes benefiting.

The program had used paper “stamps” or coupons in the past â worth $1 , $5 , and $10 . These were bound into small booklets of various denominations, to be torn out individually and used in single-use exchanges.

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Make 2x The Impact: Donate To Save Lives

The United Nations World Food Programme does whatever it takes to deliver lifesaving food to children and families most in need, wherever they are in the world, by providing meals in schools, distributing staples during emergencies and delivering food vouchers in conflict zones. With a gift today, you will provide the hungriest families across the globe, including those living in Ukraine, Afghanistan, Somalia and other countries, with urgently needed support.

Together, we can help be a lifeline for families in dire need. A gift of any amount makes a big difference $75 can send an emergency box of food to a family of five, which contains enough food for an entire month.

All gifts, up to $582,500, will be matched by generous donors until 11:59 PM on December 31, 2022, or until the match total is met. Gifts received after the match amount has been met will not be matched but will be used where needed most.

Church Food Bank Food Bank In Monmouth County New Jersey

Church Food Bank Food Bank in Monmouth County, New Jersey serve a hot, nutritious lunch 365 days a year, even in the face of terrible weather and ever-increasing demand.

Church Food Bank welcome anyone who is in need of a meal, regardless of the person’s circumstance, with no questions asked. It also provide showers, laundry, mail, I.D. assistance and other essential services.

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Who Can Use Food Banks

Many Food Bank in Monmouth County, New Jersey and food pantries are locally run, with others managed at the state or federal level. Qualification to receive nutrition assistance from food programs depends on the type.

There are different qualifying requirements, but many food banks have none. Just show up during their days and times of operation, and they will help if they are able.

Here are the tips while .

  • It is highly advisable to call ahead before you arrive!
  • Ask about any eligibility or documentation requirements they may have.
  • If required, bring all required documents when you use their services.

What Is A Food Bank

FulfillNJ Food Bank of Monmouth & Ocean Counties – Giving The Gift PSA

Food banks are non-profit charitable organizations that assist financially vulnerable populations by distributing food. Their main objectives is to help low-income individual and families by providing food.

They will work through other 501 non-profit organizations like food pantries and soup kitchens. Sometimes they distribute the food themselves via mobile pantry.

Food Bank in Monmouth County, New Jersey serves as a single collection and distribution point for food donations. They operate much like a for-profit food distributor, but they do not use retailers. Instead, they may use church food banks, charities, and other non-profit food pantries to provide food to the people to fight hunger.

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We Believe In A World Without Hunger

  • Where children have the proper nutrition for a healthy start to life.
  • Where families have access to food even when natural disaster strikes or conflict erupts.
  • Where farmers grow enough food to feed themselves and participate in markets.
  • Where nations have the ability to respond in times of crisis.
  • Where Americans work together to alleviate conditions that perpetuate chronic hunger.
  • Where food enables every human being to reach their potential.

At WFP USA we believe that hunger is the worlds most solvable problem.

We are dedicated to ensuring that the United States builds upon its legacy of leadership toward alleviating global hunger.

Through policy leadership, fundraising and strategic outreach, we persuade the American people, business community and government to support the U.N. World Food Programme and join our movement to feed the world.

Food Bank In Monmouth County New Jersey

The average food price has skyrocketed due to corona virus pandemic and recent events. The FAO Food Price Index has saw a fresh record high of nearly 160 points.

A shocking 60% price increase over the 2014-2016 base period shows that hunger is a public health issue of critical importance.

The most vulnerable demographic of society is taking the brunt of this economic pressure. Now more than ever, low-income families must rely on New Jersey Free Clinics, New Jersey Food Stamps, and food banks.

This guide will list helpful information about Food Bank in Monmouth County, New Jersey and organizations that can help curb hunger, how you can use their services and where to find them.

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Join The Cfbnj Care Crew

Community FoodBank of New Jersey in Hillside is launching a Volunteer Warehouse Ambassador program, known as the Care Crew. The Care Crew will be trained volunteers who will support CFBNJ staff to provide guidance, information, and gratitude to volunteer groups in the warehouse.

The Care Crew will assist in:

  • Work with staff to greet and sign-in groups
  • Provide an overview, if staff is unavailable
  • Circulate among the group during the volunteer activity to answer questions about the project or the FoodBank
  • Learn how to work various projects Food Sorting, Box building, and Pasta
  • Have strong knowledge of FoodBank mission, priorities, and programs
  • Thank volunteer groups at the end of the shift

Care Crew members will be asked to make a one-year commitment which will include an application, interview, orientation session, and commit to two volunteer shifts in Hillside per month. Candidates should have already completed two volunteer shifts at the Hillside warehouse before theyapply to join the Care Crew.

Welcome To The Cfbnj Volunteer Program

The Most Rewarding Places Kids and Teens Can Volunteer in New Jersey ...

Our volunteer program offers individuals, families and groups of many sizes a meaningful experience to make a direct impact on hunger in a positive and safe environment.

Last year, our volunteers made nearly 27,000 site visits, dedicating nearly 67,000 hours to our cause . Click the sign-up button to join their ranks in our Hillside warehouse or at off-site events. Our Volunteer FAQs can help you learn more about what to expect during your visit.

We look forward to seeing you at the FoodBank!

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Food Banks In Monmouth County Provide Help To Those In Need How To Get Assistance Become A Volunteer Or Make A Donation

Those who are food insecure in New Jersey can get help from local and statewide food banks. The need for assistance has increased greatly since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Here is a list of nonprofits and agencies that offer food assistance as a primary service in Monmouth County. A list of statewide agencies follows. These organizations are also in need of volunteers and donations here are ways to volunteer and make donations.

To add a nonprofit organization or agency to the guide, email .

Volunteering And Community Service

Volunteers are the backbone of our organization, we could not do what we do without you!

Due to our COVID 19 guidelines all volunteers must be fully vaccinated and masks are required.

Lunch Break welcomes individuals and students who are looking to give back in a meaningful way to our community or who need to fulfill community service hours. Currently students must be 16 years or older to volunteer.

We welcome group volunteerism by business groups, religious institutions, and other organizations and can accommodate a group at our facility of up to 10 adults. Please call in advance to reserve your hours.

Please note, we do not allow walk-ins.


Interested in Volunteering? Click HERE to register.

If you have any questions, or want to sign up to help, please call the Volunteer Coordinator, Angela Jackson at 732-747-8577 ext. 3108 or email

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We Are The Food Bank For South Jersey

The Food Bank of South Jersey works with more than 200 partner agencies in Burlington, Camden, Gloucester and Salem counties to provide food to those in need. If you or someone you know is in need of food assistance, please enter your zip code into the map below to search for a food distribution near you. Further down the page are additional food distributions directly hosted by the Food Bank of South Jersey.

Location hours are subject to change. We recommend calling the location before you go to confirm hours and requirements.

We Serve Everyone With Dignity And Compassion

Foodbank MOC is now Fulfill

In January 1983, 35 people gathered at the Friends Meeting House in Shrewsbury to discuss the issue of hunger in Monmouth County. Lead by Mrs. Norma Todd for over 25 years, they committed themselves to help the community members who find it difficult to provide the bare necessities for their families.

We continue to serve our community members in need to this day, with the same passion, dedication, and community support which is the foundation established by Mrs. Todd years ago. Several programs have been added to the Lunch Break roster of services in recent years, such as the Childrens Cooking Class Program and the Saturday breakfast. Our vision is to lead the region as the comprehensive food, nutrition, and life skills resource for community members in need.

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Fulfill The Foodbank Of Monmouth And Ocean Counties Inc

“Fulfills mission is to identify and develop comprehensive solutions to the range of problems that lead to hunger and food insecurity in the first place. Of course, we distribute food to those who need it, but our overarching goal is to help those in need get to a place where they can get back on their feet for good.”

Ways To Earn Community Service

If you need to fulfill community service hours and cannot get on our calendar due to scheduling conflicts, please consider conducting drives on our behalf. We will gladly credit you with the hours you spend organizing a food drive.

You must contact Millie Jeter at 747-8577 ext. 3102 or e-mail before doing the aforementioned.

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Second Harvest Food Bank

Second Harvest Food Bank was the first one established in California in 1972 and is the second oldest in the US. It operates multiple distribution centers across the United States.

Impact of Second Harvest Food Bank is huge, It helps 85,000 Santa Cruz residents avoid missing meals and empty stomachs.

Second Harvest Food Bank in Monmouth County, New Jersey is easing the burden of impossible choices for families between food, housing, medicine, and other necessities.

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