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Donate Pet Food To Ukraine

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Shelter Ugolyok: Animal Rescue And Farm Sanctuary

All Soldan’s Pet Supplies locations are collecting donations for animals in Ukraine

This sanctuary for pets and farm animals in Ukraine aims works hard to save and rehabilitate animals in danger. You can either give a one-off donation or choose to give on a monthly basis. Visit for more information.

The charity’s founders say: “Quite unexpectedly, war has broken out in the far east region of our country, which has brought wreaked havoc on our economic health. At the same time, we have had little to no local support and are constantly under scrutiny by local authorities, making our mission of helping otherwise helpless animals extremely difficult.”

Emergency Bear Rescue In Ukraine

When a male brown bear was abandoned at a private location in the war-torn Donetsk region, our team on site didnt hesitate to step in and offer him a new home! Bear Bakhmut, who was named after the place he was rescued from, was found stressed and malnourished in his destroyed enclosure with a broken roof. After having been fed by the Ukrainian military for the last couple of days, the bear has been brought to BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr in cooperation with UAnimals and ‘Wild Animal Rescue’, where an experienced team can examine Bakhmut’s health status and further assess long-term solutions.

Physical And Emotional Support

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, our therapy dog Busia and her handler Natalia have been providing much-needed physical and emotional support to many families and children. When Natalia is not feeding and caring for animals at the shelter in Vinnytsia , she is providing a place to rest and food to families arriving after a long and exhausting journey. And while Natalia makes sure people recharge their batteries, Busia does her very best to cheer them up with her lovely character.

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Helping Animals & Pawrents In Ukraine

Like millions across the world THE PACK have been watching events unfold in Ukraine with horror and heartbreak. Our hearts go out to the people and animals whose homes are being destroyed and whose lives have been turned upside down. Its easy to feel hopeless, but there are things we can do. Our charity partner Underdog International are working around the clock to bring much needed animal supplies to refugee animals and their pawrents. We have donated 200 cans of our vegan dog food to Ukrainian dogs in need, and we know that many of you want to help.

Here are just a few of the ways you can support pawrents and their beloved pups in this unthinkably traumatic time.

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Blue Cross Ukraine Pet Welfare Fund

Wir helfen dem Tierheim Sirius in der Ukraine. Eine Spendendose steht ...

Earlier this year, we launched an urgent appeal to fund care and provide food to pets in Ukraine. But, with no end in sight to the war, we still need your support.

In 1912, The Blue Cross Fund was set up to assist animals during the Balkan War. This long history of caring for animals in times of conflict led us to launch an urgent appeal to support those affected by the war in Ukraine.

The money raised by our supporters has helped those fleeing Ukraine, as well as feeding and rescuing animals left behind because their families were not able to take them with them.

But, as winter hits, our partner charities are asking for further supplies, including dog houses and blankets, to ensure that vulnerable pets survive the harsh conditions and dropping temperatures.

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Our Blue Tent Closes But The Work Continues

31 May 2022

Our time at the so-called blue tent came to an end on Sunday 15 May. For two months, weve had the honor of helping thousands of animals, and their people, who crossed the border from Ukraine into Poland. Over the past few weeks, weve seen a steady decline in the number of people and animals crossing the border, and we already see some people returning to Ukraine.

IFAW continues to send food and supplies to relief workers and other organizations going into Ukraine, and to grant emergency funds to support animals in need. Our two IFAW-supported Ukrainian veterinarians also continue to assist refugees and their pets entering Poland via the Przemyl train station. Moreover, we have outlined a multi-year project plan focused on our continued support of current and ongoing emergency needs, as well as recovery and rebuilding efforts.

Shelter Destruction In Berdyansk

17 March 2022

It is impossible to tell the story of our shelter partner in Berdyansk, Ukraine, without telling the great losses this horrible war has cost them. Their facility has remained at the center of terrible conflict and attacks. Yet, the team remains onsite and committed to caring for the animals. Some animals have died from explosions or gunshots, while others have run away after an explosion opened a hole in the shelters walls. For the first five days of the invasion, we were not able to reach the facility. Since that time, connectivity has been restored and we have been able to communicate and send emergency funds.

In the last couple of days, the shelter team sent us an update that they used some of the emergency funds to purchase two tons of grains and dog and cat food.

The shelter director sent a heartfelt thanks, saying, Your help at the moment is invaluable.

Our thoughts are with the team and their dogs during this incredibly difficult time. We cannot say thank you enough to our supporters, who make it possible for emergency aid to reach those who need it most.

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Help Ukraine How To Donate Now For The Ukranian People And Animals

The people and animals in Ukraine need our help. The vegconomist team would be happy if you could support one of the following organisations with a generous donation. Thank you very much.

An non-profit organization focused on bringing humanitarian aid to vulnerable populations in Ukraine and spreading awareness of issues facing its residents to concerned parties in the United States. They are taking donations via Paypal, check, or cryptocurrency.

Viva! Poland: Adopting animals at the border that need help. Our activists from Viva! Poland waited 24 hours to pick up dogs, and the Ukrainian woman who saved them drove with them for over a day. The food collection is still ongoing, details at Support our activities by donating account number 53 1500 2080 1220 8000 0100 0000 with a note: Darowizna UA or at

Save the Children: This group is raising money for the millions of Ukrainian children who are in grave danger of physical harm, severe emotional distress and displacement following an escalation in hostilities overnight. They provide food, blankets, and emergency shelter tools to children and their families. They are taking donations via their website portal.

NSPCA: If you are willing to help us assist animal shelters across Ukraine, please donate using the reference UKRAINE.

Popeye And Asuka Are Settling In Well In Quarantine

Ukraine families refusing to leave pets behind, San Diego Humane Society urging people to help

The two bear cubs were temporarily cared for at BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr after White Rock Bear Shelter had to relocate them due to heavy war action in the area. Recently, Alternativer Bärenpark Worbis, run by Stiftung für Bären has given them a long-term home. Popeye and Asuka are now getting used to their new surroundings and seem to have a lot of fun! We wish them all the best!

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Kyiv School Of Economics

The Kyiv School of Economics has created an initiative to provide equipment and services to those directly involved in the war through its charitable foundation. This equipment includes supplies for medics, basic necessities and psychological support for civilians, and purchasing and repairing off-road vehicles for the military.

Donate to the Kyiv School of Economics initiative here.

Volunteer Cyclists Deliver Food Baskets In Kharkiv

9 June 2022

In Kharkiv, Ukraines second largest city, DEC funds are supporting an innovative project that delivers regular food baskets to peoples homes, thanks to a network of volunteer cyclists.

The idea was born after fuel shortages threatened to impact aid deliveries. One volunteer, desperate to find a way to send food to her friend, put out a message on social media that spread among friends who remained in Kharkiv with their bicycles.

The cycling teams efforts are now a lifeline for 700 housebound people.

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Transfer Of 3 Bears From Ukraine To Germany

In an emergency rescue mission, BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr accepted 7 bears that were evacuated by the NGO Save Wild Fund from White Rock Shelter located in the Kyiv region, in the first week of March as a temporary solution. However, the sanctuarys maximum intake capacity does not allow the team to provide a long-term solution for all new 7 bears rescued in Ukraine. Also, other FOUR PAWS bear sanctuaries in Europe currently have no space to take bears in. Therefore, the FOUR PAWS team, together with White Rock Bear Shelter and Bears in Mind from the Netherlands has been working hand in hand with two German organisations that are well equipped to take care of the bears permanently. Alternativer Bärenpark Worbis, run by Stiftung für Bären who carried out the transfer from Domazhyr to Germany, will fromnow on house the two bear cubs, Popeye and Asuka. Moreover, Tierschutzzentrum Weidefeld, run by Tierschutzbund will be the long-term home to Asiatic Black Bear Malvina. We are very grateful that they will permanently shelter the bears in Germany. Thank you to everyone who is supporting this action!

Donate A Meal To A Dog In Ukraine


Weve partnered with PawSwap to create a Points For Pups initiative for 2022. This program allows PawSwap app users to donate meals to dogs in need by redeeming their points. Free to download, free to register, every new user gets 25 points. You can redeem these points to feed a dog in need. In response to the Ukraine crisis, PawSwap is also donating a second meal to a Ukraine dog in need for each meal donated by its members in March.

Donating more points is easy too! Just visit any dog-friendly location on the app and collect 25 points. Dont see your favorite dog-friendly location? No problem contact them to suggest the business its free!

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How To Support Pets In Ukraine

No one should have to leave their pet behind. Heartbreakingly, thats what thousands upon thousands of Ukrainian pet parents are facing as they seek refuge amid Russias invasion.

Although many pets are safely evacuating with their pet parents, thanks to relaxed restrictions on pet travel adopted by many neighboring countries, not everyone is as fortunate. The animals left behind are in critical need of food, supplies, and veterinary care. Animal shelters in Ukraine fear they will run out of food soon.

When dogs were banned from outgoing flights, one student decided hed stay behind with his pup.

I decided then that if my dog cant leave, I wont either, Rishabh Kaushik told The Times of India. I know that there is risk in staying on but I cant just abandon him. Who will take care of him if I go?

In Lviv, a city in western Ukraine, the owners of the Cat Café refuse to leave their business so their felines are not left behind. According to a message posted on their Facebook page, theyre also donating 20 percent of all checks to the Ukrainian army.

We have received many requests for information on how to help pets and animal shelters in Ukraine. To support those protecting animals affected by the conflict, weve curated a list of agencies and organizations in need of assistance.

How To Help Pets In Ukraine: 8 Charities You Can Donate To

Here’s how you can help rescue shelters during the ongoing war

Are you wondering how to help pets in Ukraine? As the war continues to unfold, organisations on the ground and globally are actively supporting animal charities to ensure stray dogs and cats find shelter.

According to Open Cages, countries including Latvia, Poland and Romania have all temporarily lifted the requirements for transporting pets without a set of veterinary documents , meaning that animals can be rescued safely from war-torn areas. Some charities are looking for people to rehome pets, while others are in need of funds to purchase food.

Take a look at the eight animal charities that you can support today:

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Where Can I Donate Bedding In Toronto

If you’re located in Toronto and want to donate clothing, keep an eye out for an Oasis Clothing Bank donation bin near you. In addition to clothing for men, women and children, the organization accepts shoes, bedding, purses, dishes, cutlery, toys, stuffed animals, electronics, artwork, housewares and more.

#foodforanimals: A Second Emergency Delivery Is On Its Way

Paws of War on Fox5 News: Help for pets from Ukraine

FOUR PAWS is able to send another 20 tons of food for zoo animals to Ukraine by train. The transport is supported by the Austrian Federal Railways and has left from Vienna, Austria. It takes up to a week until the desperately needed delivery will arrive at the Kyiv zoo. Find out more about the mission!Update 09.05.2022: The transport of animal food and hay has finally arrived in Ukraine. At Kyiv zoo, the food is distributed to other Ukrainian zoos in Kharkiv, Odessa, Mykolayiv, Cherkassy, and Mena to help many zoo animals across Ukraine.

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Dear Friends Of Bear Sanctuary Domazhyr

We are deeply concerned about the current war in Ukraine. We empathise with everyone in Ukraine, humans and animals alike, our colleagues, and their families. The health and safety of our colleagues and bears is of the utmost importance to us and we continue to take care of the 29 bears in our sanctuary. Due to the current situation, the BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr will be closed for visitors until further notice. We will give regular updates. Please stay safe and take care of yourselves and your families.

Upaw Keeps Delivering Tonnes Of Food To Animal Shelters In Ukraine

FOUR PAWS together with International Registration System Animal ID and Dogs Trust Worldwide launched Ukrainian Pet Association Worldwide which works as a platform to register and fill in information regarding their most needed requirements. So far it has processed over 1,000 requests for mostly food, medicine and other supplies.

Note: Any advertisements that may appear during the viewing of this video are unrelated to FOUR PAWS. We assume no liability for this content.

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Providing Help During Hard Times

We continue to help animals caught in the crossfire of the war in Ukraine. We have been active in the country for over 10 years, and since the Russian invasion this past February, have continued to provide support, both within Ukraine and from afar. Thanks to your donations, we have been able to: Provide specialised care to 30 rescued bears at our BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr Support our Stray Animal Care teams in Ukraine and in bordering nations Deliver 40 tons of food for wild animals in captivity Treat over 1,500 dogs and cats in Ukraine since mid-April Help refugees, children, and soldiers with our therapy dog Busia Provide 2,000 refugee pets with veterinary care.

A Grant To World Central Kitchen

Donate Now

3 March 2022

Amid this terrible conflict, people and organizations are stepping up to help people and animals displaced by the violence. We have issued a $50,000 grant to World Central Kitchen , an organization IFAW has worked with on multiple crisis events. We previously partnered with WCK to provide relief to families at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and several disasters around the globe.

We are grateful for the dedication and compassion WCK and chef José Andrés have shown to people and communities impacted by the crisis in Ukraine. As of today, over a million refugees have left Ukraine, and there is a clear need to help as people seek safety. WCK recently helped a woman named Shatabdi as she entered Poland from Ukraine. Shatabdi fled Ukraine with her cat, Crimsee , walked over 37 miles with no food or water and waited in line for 12 hours before crossing into Poland. WCK was there to give her a place to sit and a hot meal to eat.

WCK teams will continue to serve meals in five cities in Ukraine, including Odessa and Lviv. They have set up teams at eight border crossings in Poland and are onsite in Romania and Moldova. Soon, they plan to expand relief efforts to Slovakia and Hungary.

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Pet Food Production Continues Amid War

Despite this, our team is high-spirited, and we continue to produce dry and wet pet food for Ukrainian pets, Kovalyuk-Burko added.

She explained that the plant in Lviv has not been running at full capacity, but the company has raw materials in stock and also significant amounts of finished products in its storage facilities.

Our major concern now is with logistics, as the Russian military has severely damaged infrastructure in many parts of Ukraine. We have distributors across the country, but in some parts, they cant transport our pet food because numerous roads were destroyed or blocked, she said.

Prior to the wars outbreak, Kormotech was exporting a large share of its products to many European countries and also to other continents. In 2021, it sold about 66,000 tons of pet food, up 22.8% compared with a year earlier, according to the company. Export sales to about 38 countries accounted for 20% of Kormotechs annual sales, an increase from 16% in 2020, as indicated by data from the company.

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