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Donate Pet Food To Shelters

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Guest Column: 15 Things Your Rescue Shelter Needs

Livingston animal shelter receives massive donation of pet food, supplies

Rescue Me is a recurring column by Samantha Randall, editor-in-chief at Top Dog Tips. Shell provide personal anecdotes and perspective about her life as a pet lover with a passion for cat and dog rescue. Today, she takes a look at specific things that you can donate to a local shelter to make life easier for its pets and volunteers.

Donations are necessary for almost all nonprofit organizations to operate, but this is especially true for animal rescue organizations and shelters. With so many homeless dogs and little to no support from the government, private donations are the backbone of these places.

While most shelters have their own wish lists of specific things they need you to donate, , heres a list of things you can donate that your local shelter is likely to appreciate the most.

Where Can Dogs Donate Blood

Blood from dogs belonging to the universal donor group is compatible with any prospective recipients Blood.

Because dogs, just like humans, can suffer adverse reactions to transfused Blood from dogs with different types than their own, dogs with the universal Blood group are ideal donors.

Dog and Cat Blood Donor Requirements.

In order to donate to a pet blood bank, your Dog or cat must first meet certain requirements.

Just as with humans, dogs and cats have varying blood types, and when a pet receives a transfusion, its important that he receives the correct type.

How You Can Help

The pet food pantry relies completely on donations, so you can help keep the pantry stocked by donating cat and dog food.

To make a food donation, you can and have your donation shipped directly to the pantry.

You can also drop off your donation at our lifesaving center in the donation bins near the front door. We also accept open bags of pet food that are taped or sealed securely.

Please drop off or mail your pet food donations to: Best Friends Lifesaving Center

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What Types Of Pet Food Can Be Donated

There are many types of pet food that can be donated to your local animal shelter. The most common type of pet food donated is unopened cans or bags of dog or cat food. Other types of pet food that can be donated include:

-Canned or dry food for puppies, kittens, or senior dogs and cats-Canned or dry food for small mammals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, etc.-Canned or dry food for birds-Specialty pet foods such as those for pets with allergies or other medical conditions

Things You Can Donate To Animal Shelters That You Probably Already Have

Pallets of Pet Food for American Shelters

There are lots of reasons you might have extra supplies and items around the house that animal shelters might need. Right now is as good a time as any to do some cleaning and do a good deed at the same time.

It takes a lot to provide for all the animals in a shelters care, and as you can imagine, shelters go through supplies very quickly. They could use all the help they can get.

Take some time to do inventory around your house and see if you have anything youre ready to get rid of that a shelter might use. It wont cost you anything to donate the items that youre getting rid of anyway, youll have a cleaner and more organized living space, and youll be helping dogs as they wait for their forever homes.

You should, however, always call ahead to find out what your local animal shelter needs before you arrive with your items for donation, as shelters vary in what they can and cannot accept.

Here are eight items you probably already have around your house that you can donate to an animal shelter in need.

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Judith Caplan Phillips Pet Pantry Program

Michigan Humanes Judith Caplan Phillips Pet Pantry program assists thousands of families in need in the metro Detroit area. Thanks to our partners at Purina, Greater Good, Rescue Bank and Forgotten Harvest, were able to provide dog and cat food at no charge to owned pets in an effort to keep animals in their current homes.

How to Donate Pet Food

The Judith Caplan Phillips Pet Pantry program is dependent on the generosity of the public and important sponsors. Bags and cans of dog or cat food can be donated at any of Michigan Humanes locations during regular adoption hours.

Unopened bags are preferred opened bags will be accepted as long as the food is in its original manufacturer packaging and includes the expiration date. Corporate, school, or community-based food drives are encouraged and greatly appreciated. For large donations, please call 1-866-MHUMANE to schedule a delivery.

How to Qualify

If you need temporary assistance in providing food for your pets, you can reach us at 313-324-8512 or visit the Judith Caplan Phillips Pet Pantry on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9 a.m.-noon, located at:

6175 Trumbull AveDetroit, MI 48208

We also offer limited pet food distribution through our Rochester Hills and Westland locations. Hours vary by location. Please call for more information: 1-866-MHUMANE .

Pet Food Has Also Been Distributed To The Following Community Partners:

During these times of continuous change, we strongly recommend calling ahead before visiting any of the listed locations to ensure availability, hours, and qualifications.

GREEN BAY | Dog food | Hidden Paws Network: Call 920-391-5695 or visit during their operating hours: 1-3pm Mondays, 4-6pm Thursdays, and 12-2pm on the last Saturday of the month.

GREEN BAY | Dog food | Operation Community Cares: Call 920-615-8745 to request a food delivery appointment.

OZAUKEE | Dog & cat food | Saukville Community Food Pantry: Ozaukee County residents can make an appointment online at

DOOR COUNTY | Dog food | Feed and Clothe My People of Door County: Door County residents can call 920-743-9053 to secure their food.

RACINE | Dog & cat food | Racine County residents can call 211 for directions on which pantry to visit. Income qualifications do apply.

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How To Properly Store Pet Food For Donation

Assuming you have already decided to donate your extra pet food to a local shelter or rescue organization, there are a few things you should know in order to ensure the food is properly stored and remains safe for consumption.

Most commercially prepared pet foods have a shelf life of 1-2 years, so as long as the food has not been opened and is within that time frame, it is probably safe to donate. If you are unsure of the expiration date or if the food has been opened, it is best to err on the side of caution and not donate it.

When storing dry pet food, be sure to keep it in a cool, dry place in its original packaging. If you need to transfer it to another container, make sure it is airtight so that the food does not spoil. Canned pet food can be stored in its original can or transferred to a different container again, just be sure it is airtight.

Once you have collected all of the pet food you wish to donate, call your local shelter or rescue organization to inquire about drop-off hours and procedures. Some organizations may even be able to come pick up the donation from your house.

Where Can You Find A Local Pet Food Bank

Major pet food donation to Atlanta animal shelters

If you are struggling to find one, some of the organisations and websites below are currently accepting donations. These include:

1. Your local Pets at Home store .

2. The RSPCA Wimbledon, Wandsworth and Sutton Branch.

3. In Scotland, it’s The Pet Food Bank.

4. Check social media pages, such as Facebook, to see whether anyone in your local area is collecting pet food to donate.

5. Keep an eye open for RSPCA collection bins in Tesco and Morrisons.

6. If it’s specifically cat food you’re looking to donate, Cats Protection has a list of the supermarkets accepting donations.

7. Donate easily via Pets of The Homeless.

8. In Sheffield, Manchester and Grimsby, Blue Cross are working with partner organisations.

9. The RSPCA have also partnered with over 40 food banks across the North of England.

10. It is also worthwhile checking to see if any independent or locally volunteered food banks are available to you where you live. This may be at your closest rescue centre or cat and dog home.

11. In North Wales, the Pet Rescue Welfare Association is a small charity helping local pet owners by offering free food to those who might not be able to afford to buy it themselves.

12. The Pet Foodbank Service currently covers Cardiff, Newport, Caerphilly, Swansea, Gilfach Goch, Merthyr and Pontypridd and has provided over 40,536 meals for pets in need so far this year.

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Shelters Across The Country Are Struggling With Overpopulation And Resources Are Stretched Thin This Winter You Can Help

After a surge in pet adoptions in 2020, animal shelters and rescues are reporting all-time high surrender rates. Countless animal companions who thought they had finally found forever homes are suddenly thrown back into a world of uncertainty. Animal shelters across the country are now overcrowded and struggling to provide for animals in need.

That’s why this holiday season, Greater Good Charities is hosting a pet food drive to feed hungry pets in shelters and rescues across the U.S., like Montego.

Montego was found abandoned as a stray in a parking lot, injured, starving and begging for help. When a kind lady saw him, she loaded him into her car and got him to a rescue.

Although finally in good hands, Montego was so depleted he ate his first meal at the rescue laying down. But thanks to nutritious food donations from Greater Good Charities, he soon regained his strength and health. Now, Montego is living happily in his forever home!

Unfortunately, Montego isnt the only pup who needs help. So many animals across the country are feeling unwanted and unloved, in need of help to recover from neglect. A nutritious meal can make a world of difference.

Thats why this holiday season, YOU can help provide nutritious meals to pets like Montego in shelters and rescues across the country though our Pet Food Drive. Just $25 provides 500 meals for shelter pets in need. Donate now!

Do Food Banks Want Dog Food

For the most part, food banks are happy to receive donations of dog food. This is because pet owners who are struggling to make ends meet may not be able to afford to feed their pets, and as a result, may need to surrender them to a shelter.

First, its important to check with the specific food bank to see what kinds of foods they accept and whether or not they have any restrictions on donated items.

Second, since many people who rely on food banks also have allergies or other dietary restrictions, its best to donate unopened bags or cans of dog food that are free of additives and preservatives.Finally, remember that even though dogs are considered mans best friend, not everyone shares your love for them! So please be considerate when donating dog food and make sure it is something that the food bank is actually able to use.

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How To Package Pet Food For Donation

When you have completed your pet food drive, its time to package the food and get it ready for donation. If you are donating to a food bank, check with them first to see if they have any specific packaging requirements.

Here are some tips for packaging pet food for donation:

Use heavy-duty garbage bags or other sturdy containers to package The food. Make sure The containers are tightly sealed so that The food does not spill out. Label The containers with The type and quantity of food inside. If you are donating wet food, be sure to include a can opener with your donation.

Can You Start Your Own Food Bank For Pets


If you’re struggling to find a local food bank for pets, another alternative is to start your own. It will take time and planning, but it’s not impossible. Spread the word on social media or in your local area, then start collecting donations and see if there are any pet owners in need of supplies.

If you’re not sure how to go about creating your own food bank, it’s always worth speaking to your local council for additional support.

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Shipping Pet Food Donations

There are a variety of organizations that will take your unwanted pet food and put it to good use. If you have dry or canned pet food that is unopened and unexpired, you can donate it to your local shelter or rescue organization. Many of these groups are always in need of pet food to help care for the animals in their care.

To find a shelter or rescue group near you, visit the Humane Society website and enter your zip code. This will give you a list of organizations in your area that you can contact about making a donation.

If you have a large amount of pet food to donate, or if you live in an area where there are no local shelters or rescue groups, you can ship your donations to one of the following national organizations:-Feeding America: Feeding America is a network of food banks across the country that provides food assistance to millions of people each year. To make a donation, visit their website and click on the Donate button. Then select Food from the drop-down menu and enter your donation amount.

-Meals on Wheels: Meals on Wheels is a national organization that delivers meals to homebound seniors. They also have a pet food assistance program that provides pet food to seniors in need. To make a donation, visit their website and click on the Donate Now button. Then select Pet Food from the drop-down menu and enter your donation amount.

Donate A Training Session For A Foster Or Adopted Lucky Dog

Training is an essential part of a successful adoption. By donating a training session for a foster or adopted dog, you help set them up for success in their new forever home, particularly for dogs that need a bit more help getting them ready for adoption!

After adoption, training sessions can be pivotal in keeping a dog with their adopter, especially in those first few months when the dog and human are settling into a new routine!

Please consider making a donation to set a Lucky Dog up for success today. to donate a training session.

Capital One Shopping is also a useful tool to help compare prices on certain items so you can save money! Shop at your favorite stores and see how much money you can save with coupon codes or track prices on items with a watchlist.

Shop our Chewy wish list and send essential food and supplies to help homeless and at-risk Lucky Dogs and Cats in need. to donate today.

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Donate Part Of Your Wedding Or Event Registry

Planning a wedding or throwing a big party? Consider sharing the love with adoptable pets. Instead of a traditional party favor, consider gifting your guests a donation in their honor. Or forgo the china set for the sake of adoptable pets. Give your guests the option to donate to a shelter or rescue group rather than buying you a customary wedding gift. Its a rewarding experience for you, the shelter and your guests and its a great way to remember the meaning of your wedding! Read about two couples who set up donation registries on our blog.

New Virtual Puppy Food Bank Launches To Support ‘no Kill’ Pet Rescues In Texas

Animal shelters in need of pet food, litter donations

A cute and cuddly puppy is on many a kid’s holiday list, but officials are warning consumers to be alert about new puppy scams on the rise.

This month, Texas welcomes a new food bank specifically dedicated to serving pets in need. The Puppy Food Bank is a new 501 nonprofit organization working to provide food supplies to pet rescue organizations committed to being “no kill.”

The San Antonio-based group focuses on helping pet rescue organizations face the massive influx of animals arriving daily at local shelters across Texas. According to their website, the virtual pet food bank works with “pet food distributors to ship pet food directly to shelters, organizations, and approved fosters.”

The video above is from a previous report.

The organization specifically supports “no kill” pet rescues across the state, currently serving groups in Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and Dallas-Fort Worth. The organization’s first local partner, according to a media release, is God’s Dogs Rescue, located in Van Ormy, Texas.

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How To Start A Pet Food Donation Drive

There are a number of ways you can get involved in donating pet food to those in need. One way is to start your own pet food donation drive. This is a great way to get friends, family, and members of your community involved in giving back.

Here are a few tips on how to get started:

1. Choose a pet food bank or rescue group to donate to. Do some research to find an organization that aligns with your values and that you feel good about supporting.

2. Spread the word about your donation drive. Use social media, flyers, and word-of-mouth to let people know about your drive and how they can help.

3. Collect donations of pet food. Ask local businesses if they would be willing to donate items or gift cards that can be used to purchase pet food. You can also hold collection events at schools, churches, or community centers.

4. Deliver the donations to the chosen organization. Be sure to let them know how much food was collected and who organized the drive!

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