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Donate Food To The Poor

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Gather The Food You Plan To Donate

Food for the Poor gives $10,000 donations to local charities

Gather the food items in boxes or bags you will donate. Also, check the foodstuff is still good in condition or not. Make sure to avoid contributing damaged packaging. Food banks accept foods that can be used best before dates. It is better to avoid taking a risk, so pay attention to the expiration date.

Houston Food Bank: Americas Largest Food Bank

Houston Food Bank was founded in 1982 to serve the over one million people who were food insecure. Today, theyre Americas largest food bank and deliver fresh meals to solve the growing food crisis.

Their impact and transparency ratings: Houston Food Bank has a 95% rating on Charity Navigator, including a 100% rating for accountability and transparency. They also have a platinum seal of transparency from GuideStar.

Filling pantries. Filling lives.

Houston Food Bank

What they do: Houston Food Bank has two main goals in their service they seek to tackle short-term food insecurity, as well as bring programs to help with long-term food stability. These programs include nutrition education, job training, health management, and help in securing state-funded assistance.

What theyve achieved: Each year, Houston Food Bank delivers 159 million fresh meals to tackle food insecurity, 8 million of which go to kids. They distribute food to their 1500 community partners to ensure food security is widespread.

Ways to contribute: You can donate directly to Houston Food Bank on their website. They also have a shop where you can buy high-quality shirts, water bottles, and more, the proceeds of which go to Houston Food Bank. You can also sign up for a volunteer shift to give your time instead of money, if you prefer.

Feeding America: Breaking The Cycle Of Hunger In America

In 1979, John van Hengel founded Feeding America a response to the hunger crisis in America. It all began in St. Marys in Arizona with the nations first food bank . Today, Feeding America is a collection of more than 200 food banks that serve food insecure individuals and families across America.

Their impact and transparency ratings: Feeding America has upheld a 4-out-of-4-star rating on Charity Navigator since 2012. They have an overall score of 92% and a 97% score for accountability and transparency. On GuideStar, Feeding America has a gold rating for transparency.

Food today. Food security tomorrow.

Feeding America

What they do: Feeding America has two main goals: to provide healthy and nourishing meals to families struggling with hunger and to help secure ways for these people to get food in the future. Together, these two goals allow them to offer the food support Americans so desperately need, as well as break the cycle of hunger once and for all. In addition, they also fight to stop food waste, as all the food in America would be enough to feed every person, yet tons of food goes to waste each year.

What theyve achieved: Feeding America feeds 40 million people at risk of hunger, including 12 million children by providing 6 billion meals annually. They currently have over 60,000 food pantries in their network, which are part of 200 food banks found across the nation.

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Make A Real Change In Someones Life: Donate Now

When you donate food to charity, you give a better life to someone who has nothing to eat. Your donation can feed the people who struggle to gather their daily piece of bread. No doubt, you are doing a great job carry on without any hesitation. Contact your nearest charitable organization that fights hunger crisis today.

Choose Your Gift Amount

The Concept of Donating Food and Sharing Food To the Poor Stock Image ...

*ANIMAL HUSBANDRY: Food For The Poor has ongoing animal husbandry and apiary programs that support impoverished families and communities. The funds that are raised from animals and bees in this catalog are used to support the aforementioned programs.**HOUSING: Because of the size and need of the average family, for $9,800, we build all houses with two bedrooms and a living area, sanitation and a water component, a cooking area, a sink, furnishings, lighting and structural elements to withstand severe weather conditions. You will receive a Certificate of Appreciation with a photograph of the family in front of their secure and comfortable home.

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Donate Food To The Needy

While many of us are working from home, catching up on the latest shows, spending quality time with our family, at the comfort of our homes during this lockdown, many people arent as fortunate. There are people out there who dont have a roof above their heads and cant afford freshly cooked meals even once a day their earnings have taken a massive drop and this lockdown has ended up being a very stressful time for them. But heres where you and I can make a difference and bring a smile to their faces during this trying time. Here are NGOs that provide meals and medicines to the needy during this lockdown period. You can lend a helping hand by contributing to their cause in the form of donations of volunteer work. A little help goes a long way.

We at poor house foundation are on a mission to raise money to feed the needy children as much as possible and in this, we need your support. please donate to us so we can increase the capacity and feed more in need.

Whom Can You Contact


‘Annapurna’ Initiative of Share Your Warmth NGO

Over 3,000 meals are served for free daily to the needy. Each meal costs Rs 35 for which cash donations are solicited. Meal consists of rice/chapati and daal, or khichdi and sabzi

551, Harsidhnagar, Opp.Akashneem Bungalow, Bodakdev Thaltej, Ahmedabad 380054

78740 00087


Roti Bank by Haroon Mukati Islamic Centre

Anyone who wishes to join Roti Bank is allotted a code number. Each member is requested to ‘deposit’ at the Roti Bank freshly cooked two rotis and a plate of veg or non-veg food that they prepare for family at home daily. Over 500 poor, aged or unemployed people come to the Roti Bank and ‘withdraw’ rotis and a veg or a non-veg dish.

Jinsi Baijipura Road, Aurangabad 431001, Maharashtra

Yusuf Mukati


Aashayein Foundation

Breakfast is served every Sunday at orphanages, blind schools, old age homes, leprosy centers and slums. Beneficiaries include underprivileged children, senior citizens, construction workers etc.

No 1, Chinnaswamy Mudaliar Road, Taskar Town, Shivajinagar, Bangalore 560051

Cheran: 88613 82382


Jagdish Lal Ahuja

Serves free food to patients and their attendants outside PGIMER and GMCH daily. Has been feeding over 2,000 persons daily from the past 15 years. Also provides financial assistance, blankets and clothes.

Outside Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Reseach – PGIMER and Govt Medical College & Hospital – GMCH


Food Bank – Chennai



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Best Charities That Fight Hunger In America

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  • Holiday Gift: Amerijet Donates $10000 To Fftp To Help Impoverished Families

    Donating $5,000 worth of FOOD Packages to the Poor People of PAKISTAN

    COCONUT CREEK, Fla. Amerijet International Airlines made a $10,000 contribution to Food For The Poor on Monday, Dec. 5, paying tribute to its customers and extending a hand to impoverished families during the holidays.

    Amerijet CEO Tim Strauss presented a check to Ed Raine, President/CEO of FFTP, at the companys Miami headquarters.

    We are tremendously grateful to Amerijet for this contribution its a beautiful thing youre doing, and we will do everything we can to earn your trust, Raine said. For more than 40 years, Food For The Poor has worked tirelessly to serve impoverished families in the Caribbean and Latin America. With this gift, we will be able to brighten the holidays for many families who face a daily struggle simply to survive.

    With almost 50 years of experience in the air cargo industry, Amerijet operates its own dedicated fleet of freighters from its primary hub at the Miami International Airport to destinations throughout the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, South America and Europe.

    The company made the unrestricted gift in lieu of purchasing Christmas gifts for its customers.

    Amerijet made a similar gift to FFTP in 2016 to build a home for a destitute family in Haiti and to help the country recover from Hurricane Matthew, which ravaged the countrys southern peninsula on Oct. 4, 2016.

    About Amerijet International Airlines

    About Food For The Poor

    Ernestine Williams

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    How Food For The Poor Is Fighting Poverty: International Day For The Eradication Of Poverty

    Over the last month, Food For The Poor has taken great pride in acknowledging National Hispanic Heritage Month with articles about developments in the Hispanic countries where the charity works and with social media posts featuring FFTP team members of Hispanic descent and their passion for service.

    How Does It Work

    ISKCON has been feeding people, already for a long time, but in limited though large numbers. But during this Lockdown period, we have expanded our capacity to feed 5 lakh people per day and are planning to expand it further to feed 10 lakh on a daily basis, to counteract any unforeseen situation in the future.

    ISKCON Delhi has already made an exceptional contribution to supporting society in this unprecedented period of disarray and chaos created by the pandemic. We have already served 2.5 crore meals during this lockdown, and are still continuing.

    So anytime you donate money for feeding the poor that number goes up and please understand it is not just a static, it represents a meal that helped a person like us: to not be hungry, to not feel Neglected, to not lose hope, and to not give up Faith.

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    Story Of Uday Foundation

    Disturbed by sons illness, Rahul Verma started Uday foundation in 2007

    Rahul and Tulika Verma were hit with unfortunate news in 2006 their son, Arjunuday, had been born with congenital defects and would probably require expensive medical treatment for his entire life. They could picture themselves spending most of their time in hospitals, either for consultations or surgeries.

    A feeling of compassion for people suffering the same fate engulfed the couple, and they realised just how important it is for both parents and children, irrespective of background, to have access to quality healthcare.

    Looking at the depression all around them, they decided to do something to honour their son, and that was how the Uday Foundation, for the healthcare of the disadvantaged sections of society, especially children, came about.Learn More

    Donate To Matw Project Franais

    Donating Food from the Concern of Human Friends To the Poor Stock Photo ...

    MATW Project has gone from strength to strength, now working in Lebanon, Bangladesh, and Yemen and supporting Syrian refugees too. MATW Project Francais is growing and delivering with impact now.

    The MATW was founded by a committed team of volunteers who wanted to bring clean water and sanitation to the people of Lebanon. With your help, we have been able to provide over 2 million people with access to clean water since our inception in 2011!

    MATW International is also working closely with many other charities including UNICEF and Save the Children so that we can continue providing safe water for everyone in need around the world. We are also growing in France and delivering with impact!

    The Muslim around the world charity MATW project was started in order to help people who are suffering from poverty and hunger. The project is run by Islamic Relief and it works with local communities to provide food, shelter, medical care, clean water, education, and other forms of support.

    The MATW project has been running for over 10 years now and has helped millions of people across the world. They are currently working on their goal of helping 1 billion people globally by 2030.

    Now the MATW project Francais aims to collect donations from Europe to increase access to food, water, and sanitation improve livelihoods increase access to healthcare promote gender equality reduce child mortality eliminate extreme poverty protect the environment, and empower women.

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    No Kid Hungry: Leading The Fight Against Childhood Hunger

    In 2010, No Kid Hungry was launched by the international charity Share Our Strength to completely eradicate childhood hunger in America. They seek to do this through their grants and advocacy programs. While Share Our Strength is an international charity, they founded No Kid Hungry to have a more local focus in the United States.

    Their impact and transparency ratings: No Kid Hungry has an 84% rating on Charity Navigator, including a 97% for accountability and transparency. In addition, they received the Good Housekeeping Humanitarian Seal.

    No child should go hungry.

    No Kid Hungry

    What they do: No Kid Hungry, as the name suggests, believes that every kid throughout America deserves the nutritious food they need to grow. They primarily focus on ending childhood hunger, which they do by providing grants to schools and other partner organizations. They also perform a lot of advocacy work to ensure government officials support policies that will protect their mission.

    What theyve achieved: No Kid Hungry sent $74 million to schools in March and April of 2020 alone, which is the largest private donation ever towards school meal programs. Their advocacy also increased the SNAP program by 15% to give about $25 per month to working families and waived restrictions on schools in how they can feed kids.

    City Harvest: Ending Hunger In New York City

    Founded in 1982, City Harvest began as a group of New Yorkers who were discontent with all the food going to waste rather than going to those who needed it. Partnering with retailers, restaurants, vehicle owners, and anyone else willing to help, they started a successful hotline. The food went directly to local soup kitchens and food pantries. Today, they serve over a million people and save many thousands of pounds of food from going to waste each year.

    Their impact and transparency ratings: City Harvest has a 92% rating on Charity Navigator and has their highest star rating of 4 stars. They also received a platinum seal from GuideStar in 2019 for transparency.

    Rescuing food for NYC.

    City Harvest

    What they do: City Harvest works to end hunger in New York City. They do this by distributing food to their partner organizations that would otherwise go to waste, bringing nutritious meals to thousands. They deliver food throughout New York, all for free. They also seek to educate and provide opportunities for the communities they serve to ensure long-lasting food security rather than just meeting immediate needs.

    What theyve achieved: As New York Citys largest food rescue organization, theyve saved 950 million pounds of food from going to waste to date. For each additional year, they plan to add to that total by rescuing at least 150 million pounds of food for their partner organizations, which will feed around 1.5 million New Yorkers.

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    In Our Abundance We Are Called To Give Back

    Not long before our world was consumed by news of the coronavirus, 16-year-old Natalie Anderson traveled to Guatemala with Food For The Poors Radio Media team. The best experiences in my life often come as surprises, out of thin air, and my journey to Guatemala alongside Food For The Poor was no different. The opportunity

    Good Things Come In Trees Tree

    Ramin Yektaparast donates food to the poor People in Iran

    Across the island of Jamaica, areas once covered with shade trees and lush fruit trees are shockingly barren. Deforestation can ravage communities over time when people living in poverty and lacking other resources cut down trees in their desperate search for wood to cook with and build shelter. After years of tree felling, with no

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    How Specific Is The Organization About How It Spent Its Funds

    Food for the Poor Reports:

    The $20,744,144 Food For The Poor raised for Haiti emergency earthquake relief had been spent entirely on those efforts by the end of September. The funds were used for purchasing food and other critical items that were not donated, as well as for shipping containers of relief to the country. Some of the relief money went toward building emergency sanitation facilities as well as providing clean water sources.5

    Food for the Poor also reports numbers of people reached with its activities, and other examples of outputs.6

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