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Is Foodcycle A Soup Kitchen

Lorraine’s Soup Kitchen new executive director to increase food donations

A soup kitchen is a place where free food is served for people who are homeless or who cant afford to feed themselves. There are soup kitchens all over the UK and the world, and every day millions of people worldwide rely on them for food.

Soup kitchens are often run by charities, community centres or church communities, and they rely on donations of food from the public and from food retailers, as well as soup kitchen volunteers to cook and serve the food. Although we cook and serve free food, and rely on our amazing volunteers, FoodCycle is different from a soup kitchen.

FoodCycle is about community dining, we invite people to come inside to sit and enjoy a meal in a safe, welcoming space. Week in, week out we provide delicious meals and great conversation, using surplus food which would otherwise go to waste.

Whilst a soup kitchen often serves just that soup and some bread at FoodCycle we provided a three-course vegetarian meal, and our hosting volunteers make sure every guest, from every walk of life, feels welcome and has the opportunity not just to enjoy a meal and a conversation in good company.

Make Your Tax Deductible Gift Now & Help The Homeless Of South Florida

Food is the most basic human need. Yet, not everyone is fortunate enough to have something to eat whenever theyre hungry.

This is a struggle that a lot of our brothers and sisters have to go through every single day. The uncertainty of where to get the next meal or if they will be able to have one. Some even had to go for days without eating or having roofs over their heads. Its basically a fight to survive.

What most people dont realize is that a lot among us are just one paycheck away from being homeless. In fact, more than half a million people are experiencing homelessness every single night. These people lost everything their homes, their jobs, their cars and even their dignity. Living in the streets, they are exposed to the elements and sometimes become victims of crimes.

Thats why a simple hot meal once or twice a day can go a long way with helping them survive this ordeal. Thats what we are hoping to achieve here in Our Fathers House Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry.

We are dedicated in serving Gods precious poor and homeless by providing hot lunches from Monday through Friday in a secured and Christian environment free from judgement and discriminations. We also provide food pantry items and clothing assistance in emergency situations. Our overall goal is to provide nutrition and give our guests a hand up instead of a handout.

Donation Drop Off: : 00 Am To : 30 Pm*please Note We Do Not Accept Weekend Drop Offs*

We appreciate your generosity, but food safety is our top priority.Please do not leave items outside. Items not received in person will likely be discarded.

Individual Donations

The Laramie Soup Kitchen welcomes your food donations.

We accept canned, non-perishable, fresh, frozen, etc.

There is no need to check expiration dates, we will do all the sorting.

Unfortunately we are unable to take cooked or repackaged items that were prepared in ahome kitchen .This includes homemade desserts and home-canned items.

Donations can be brought to the Soup Kitchen, located in the lower-level of St. Matthew’s Episcopal Cathedral on 3rd Street, between Ivinson Ave. and University St.We are open between 9 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.Items must be received in person or they will likely be discarded.

Check out our Wish List.

Event Donations

We accept leftover food donations from events provided they meet a few requirements.

  • It was prepared in a commercial/licensed kitchen

  • It was NOT on a self serve buffet line

  • It was prepared and stored in accordance with all health and safety standards

*Food donations must be cooled down before deliveringto the Laramie Soup Kitchen. We CANNOT accept food items that are still hot as our equipment cannot handle the cooling of large amounts of hot food.

Event donations are only accepted Monday through Friday unless prior arrangement is made.

Food drives put together by members of the community are always welcome.

Items to Avoid

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You Can Make A Difference

Your donation will be used to provide food to those in need, we are a frugal organization, and we pledge to be good stewards of your donation. 89 cents of every dollar donated is used to support our pantries, meal sites, and heat-n-eat.

Donations can be mailed to PO Box 804 Essex CT 06426. We accept cash or checks. Checks are to made out to The Shoreline Soup Kitchens & Pantries.Planning an event or drive on behalf of SSKP? We appreciate your support and want to help. Please contact us when planning your event so that we can better assist you. Call 860-388-1988 or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. prior to your event/drive. Thank you!

We utilize volunteers to provide our servicesit is how we can provide almost 900,000 meals worth of food every yeartheir commitment makes our mission come alive.

Because we shop at 2 area food banks where food costs 5-12 cents a pound, and receive donations of food, every dollar donated can be leveraged to provide four meals, each meal served on average costs 32 cents.

Your donation makes a difference in the lives of those in needknow that you helped your neighbor in a tangible way. We are in existence because of those who support us, and we thank you for your generosity.

How Many Volunteers Do You Need To Help In The Dining Room

One of the constant struggles of homelessness is finding enough to eat ...

In most cases, volunteer shifts are rotated on a once-a-month or once-every-two-week basis. Please take note that the minimum age requirement for volunteers serving in the Dining Room is 15 years old. Every morning from 7:20 to 8:30 a.m., Monday through Saturday, there are two volunteers who assist out in the Soup Kitchen to provide soup, bread, tea, coffee, fruit, and milo.

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How To Start A Soup Kitchen And Help The Homeless

Starting a soup kitchen is not a walk in the park. It entails sacrifices and commitment. So if youre planning to open your very own soup kitchen, know that youre in for a rough journey ahead.

Dont get me wrong though. Starting and running a soup kitchen is definitely a challenge. But its also one of the most rewarding undertakings one can do. Besides, if we are to look at the numbers, the world needs soup kitchens now more than ever.

According to theUnited Nations, as many as 811 million people around the world faced hunger in 2020 the highest in more than a decade. Of these, about12 to 21 million rely on soup kitchens and food pantries. This underscores how important soup kitchens are, especially for people who have nowhere to go.

If youre really determined to go down this road, heres a quick guide on how to start a soup kitchen.

How Do Soup Kitchens Help The Community

Throughout history and in most cultures, the sharing of food to the less fortunate is a common practice. Society has always felt a moral obligation to help its most vulnerable members.

This is how soup kitchens help the community. They provide a venue for those with resources to share their blessings with people who are in dire need of them.

Not only does it encourage charity, but it also brings the community together. It helps break societal boundaries as rich and poor, young and old gather together to share a meal. More importantly, it teaches young children the importance of empathy.

With more than 38 million people experiencing hunger in the US, about 12 to 21 million people rely on soup kitchens. This puts soup kitchens at the forefront in the fight against hunger and illustrates their importance, especially in low-income communities.

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To Any Parishioner Shepherds Table Needs Your Help

CAN YOU HELP? We will post the information of food donations a week before our next Soup Kitchen on October 1.

CAN YOU HELP? Our teens will be serving pork roast with russet potatoes for lunch at the Soup Kitchen this month. Please donate russet potatoes, pork gravy, dinner rolls, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, olive oil, Italian seasoning packets, fresh fruit, liters of pop, and homemade desserts.

Place your donations in the Narthex Kitchen on Thursday, September 29 and Friday, September 30 from 8 AM to 8:30 PM.


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Bread Of The Month Club

DUMPSTER DIVING for food we donated to our local soup kitchen…

In order to continue our mission of feeding the hungry, Daily Bread needs an income stream that is reliable and sustainable. Month after month many loyal supporters send in checks that kept the bills paid, the pantry stocked, and the oven hot. With the Bread of the Month Club, you make a commitment of whatever is comfortable for you, be it $10, $20, $50 or more per month.

Once you join well send you a profuse thank you, but we wont be sending you monthly reminders or envelopes. For more information contact our treasurer, .

Anne Frank wrote in her diary, How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. Please dont wait. Join Daily Breads Bread of the Month Club today.

NOTE: When donating to honor another, please send the appropriate contact information to Daily Bread Soup Kitchen, PO Box 648, Champaign, IL 61824-0648, so the donation can be privately acknowledged to the donor and honoree.

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Pantry Details And Hours

  • Manna Market 4205 W SR 62 Boonville, IN – 47601
  • Noxen United Methodist Church 3390 SR 29 S Noxen, PA – 18636
  • Belfast Soup Kitchen 1 Belmont Belfast, ME – 04915
  • Metro Catholic Outreach Cedar Rapids 420 6th Street SE Cedar Rapids, IA – 52401

    Metro Catholic Outreach Cedar Rapids

  • Blood And Fire Ministry Of Alaska 7362 W Parks Highway Meadow Lakes, AK – 99654

    Blood And Fire Ministry Of Alaska

  • Rockwood Ministerial Association Food Pantry 223 North Front Ave Rockwood, TN – 37854

    Rockwood Ministerial Association Food Pantry

  • Lord’s Cupboard Jewell – Bethesda Lutheran Church 439 Main Street Jewell, IA – 50130

    Lord’s Cupboard Jewell – Bethesda Lutheran Church

  • Stone Church Community Meals 1012 W. Lexington Ave Independence, MO – 64050

Gifts In Honor Or Memory

Is your gift in honor of an event in a special persons life ? If so, select the check box and we will be happy to let them know of your thoughtful gift in their honor.

If you are making a gift in memory of someone, The Soup Kitchen will contact their spouse/family to let them know that you paid tribute to their loved one by making a gift to The Soup Kitchen in their name.

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What You Can Learn Volunteering At A Soup Kitchen

  • Always Put Your Safety First In order to protect your health and safety when volunteering at a soup kitchen, there are a few measures you need to follow.
  • When it Is Really Needed, Volunteer Your Services The soup kitchen requires a great deal of assistance during the holiday season, especially around Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.
  • It is not appropriate for you to run the kitchen.
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    An Updated Guide To Visiting A Food Pantry: Myths & Facts


    The decision to reach out for assistance with groceries or other expenses can be a difficult one. There are common misconceptions about how the charitable food network works, and a stigma surrounding pantries and soup kitchens, so many of our neighbors do not seek the assistance they need and thats something our Food Bank and network of partners works to change.

    The pandemic has impacted many members of our community, and while were excited and hopeful that things are looking up, we will always continue to be a resource for ANY neighbor who needs a little extra help at ANY time. Because the past year has brought so much change, we hope reviewing some myths and facts surrounding food pantries may help provide clarity, and encourage our neighbors to visit our network of over 900 pantries, soup kitchens, and feeding sites.

    Myth #1: Pantries service hours have been reduced or suspended entirely because of COVID-19.

    Fact: Many pantries have been able to continue serving their communities during the pandemic. Due to additional safety and health precautions taken, many pantries are still able to operate. However, some pantries may have changed the time and dates they are open. We encourage anyone interested in visiting their local pantry to call ahead of time to confirm hours, or ask additional questions about operations and safety precautions.

    Myth #2: Pantries are unable to distribute groceries at this time because they operate indoors.

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    Define The Scope Of Your Mission

    No matter how much you want to provide all of the homeless needs, its just not feasible. This is why you need to define the scope of your mission.

    What area are you serving? Will you just serve hot meals or will you also provide clothing and hygiene items? Let these questions serve as your guide when planning the extent of your services.

    Donate To Local Soup Kitchens

    Besides serving food at local soup kitchens, in-kind donations are also needed. Food banks and soup kitchens are always looking for donations such as:

    • Canned goods, especially carrots, peas, green beans, and beans.
    • Canned fruit, especially sliced apples, peaches, pineapples, and mixed fruit.
    • Coffee creamer, sugar/sweetener, and teabags.
    • Salad dressings, including mayonnaise. Check out Hampton Creeks Just Mayo, who is working to end world hunger.
    • Personal care products for men and women, including shampoo and soap.
    • Napkins, tissues, dish soap, laundry detergent.
    • Clothing such as hats, mittens, and scarves.

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    Find Illinois Soup Kitchens Food Pantries And Food Banks Near You

    We are continually adding to our list of soup kitchens, food pantries and food banks available in America and its US territories. Many people go hungry every day. Without your local soup kitchen, food bank and food pantry people would literally starve. You can help by volunteering at your local soup kitchen, food bank or food pantry. Many local non-profit organizations are desperate for funds and volunteers so please contact them and help if you can.

    • Use the resource directory. We have built the largest of its kind.
    • Give the organization a call before visiting using the phone number we have provided.
    • Have a pen or pencil handy and take notes.
    • Ask for the name of the person you contact and write it down.
    • Most soup kitchens, food pantries and food banks are overwhelmed and need both donations and volunteers, so be patient.
    • If they are unable to help you, ask who else could possibly help you.
    • Please tell them you found out about them through Homelessness In America, a free directory and the largest of its kind.

    Zarephath Christian Church Food Bank

    • Serving Bridgewater, Bound Brook, Manville, Piscataway, Plainfield, Raritan, S Bound Brook, Somerset
    • Open Tuesdays 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm & 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
    • Drive up format. Entrance is at light at RT 206 and Orlando Drive.
  • General Information:
  • New clients are only being accepted from Somerset County excluding the town of Somerset.
  • New Manville clients should go to the Manville Feeding Hands location.
  • Pre-registration required through our phone or website for all new clients starting April 1st.
  • Pre-Covid clients from other locations may continue to utilize Raritan pantry.
  • Donations can be dropped off at Retro Fitness 8am to 9pm daily.
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    Find A Soup Kitchen Near You

    Soup kitchens are always looking for volunteers, but its still important that you call ahead of time. The holidays especially encourage many groups and individuals to volunteer. Do some homework to see which soup kitchen or shelter has the biggest need for volunteers.

    There are many online resources available for people who wish to help the homeless any time of the year. Check out to find a list of soup kitchens near you.

    Feeding America is another great resource for finding local food banks in your area. They secure and distribute more than 3 billion meals throughout the U.S. each year. is a third resource which allows you to search for soup kitchens. Use this to find nonprofit organizations committed to fighting hunger.

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    How Old Do You Have To Be To Volunteer At A Food Bank Uk

    There is no maximum age requirement to volunteer work. If you are under the age of 16 or over a specific age, you may not be covered by the insurance plans of some organizations. If you are under the age of 14, you are not allowed to work for any organization that generates profits, even if you are not paid.

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    Places To Donate Food

    There are food recipient organizations across the country. The following sites offer tools to help donors find nearby food banks, pantries, soup kitchens and shelters that may accept wholesome, excess food.

    • Feeding America is a national network of food banks, individuals, national offices, and corporate and government partners working to combat hunger in the U.S. Use the Find Your Local Food Bank tool to locate food programs by state or zip code.
    • Ample Harvest is a nationwide effort to educate, enable, and encourage gardeners to donate extra produce to local food pantries. Use their Find a Pantry tool to donate food you grow or buy.
    • The Homeless Shelter Directory is a crowdsourced listing for people who want to find and donate food and/or supplies to their local shelter.

    Contact Us:

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