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Donate Dog Food To Ukraine

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A Thank You For All The Messages

Displaced dogs form orderly queue after feeding station installed in Ukraine

Dear friends of BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr. Let us start with saying THANK YOU. What an overwhelming amount of messages did we receive over the past few days, from all over the world. This really means a lot to us! Despite the current circumstances, our onsite team as well as the bears are doing well. Although most of the bears are still hibernating, some are awake and active like our Moris. We keep you posted. Please stay safe and take care of yourselves and your families.

We Have Already Delivered 33 Tons Of Dog And Cat Food In Ukraine But Supply Lines Are In Jeopardy We Absolutely Must Stockpile As Much Food And Supplies As Possible Now

  • YES, David! What an update and what fantastic work your team on the ground in Ukraine is doing for the animals . As the Russians continue to advance and the bomb blasts, airstrikes and enemy fire intensify, it is ever more CRUCIAL THAT YOU CONTINUE MOVING IN FOOD AND SUPPLIES for vulnerable, terrified and starving dogs and cats! I am sending the most generous donation I can right now!

Please note: NFA is involved in many projects to protect the welfare of animals. Contributions to NFA support all of our worthy programs and give us the flexibility to respond to emerging needs. Thank you for your support and consideration.

Network for Animals is an IRS-designated 501 charitable organization , donations to which are tax-deductible to the full extent provided by law.

Other Ways To Help Dogs In Ukraine

The best way to help support the Ukrainian people and pets is to support organizations that are actively accepting and distributing donations to front-line workers and those affected by the war. You can also look for nonprofits in your area that are aimed at providing relief. While there are general aid agencies such as the Red Cross sending volunteers overseas, the U.S. Department of State is advising travelers not to travel to Ukraine at this time.

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Blue Cross Ukraine Pet Welfare Fund

Earlier this year, we launched an urgent appeal to fund care and provide food to pets in Ukraine. But, with no end in sight to the war, we still need your support.

In 1912, The Blue Cross Fund was set up to assist animals during the Balkan War. This long history of caring for animals in times of conflict led us to launch an urgent appeal to support those affected by the war in Ukraine.

The money raised by our supporters has helped those fleeing Ukraine, as well as feeding and rescuing animals left behind because their families were not able to take them with them.

But, as winter hits, our partner charities are asking for further supplies, including dog houses and blankets, to ensure that vulnerable pets survive the harsh conditions and dropping temperatures.

Ukrainian Pet Food Company And Its Partners Call For In

Wir helfen dem Tierheim Sirius in der Ukraine. Eine Spendendose steht ...
  • Pet Product News Staff

Hundreds of thousands of pets have been abandoned to the streets of Ukraine as people flee the Russian invasion, while many pet owners escaped with nothing in their hands but their pets, reported Yuriy Tokarski with U-Hearts Foundation, during a press conference held at Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Fla., on Thursday, March 24, to raise awareness and funds to help the pets and people of Ukraine.

Standing on the expos New Products Showcase stage, representatives from Ukrainian pet food company Kormotech, Greater Good Charities, Pets Around the World and U-Hearts FoundationKormotechs nonprofit organizationurged pet product manufacturers, retailers and other businesses in the industry to donate products and money for the Save Pets of Ukraine initiative.

The emergency initiative, implemented by U-Hearts, provides pet food and critical supplies to Ukrainian animal welfare organizations and pet owners devastated by the invasion that started in late February. Phillips Pet Food & Supplies, American Pet Products Association and Matrix Partners are also partnering with Kormotech, Greater Good and U-Hearts on the initiative.

Tokarski stressed the need for in-kind donations that can be distributed quickly and efficiently to areas of need, as well as the need for cash donations.

Noah Norton, COO of Greater Good Charities, echoed the call to action, adding that the need is immense.

This is going to be a very long-term response, Norton said.

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Helping Ukrainian Refugees And Animals At The Ukraine

19 March 2022

IFAWs emergency response team has met with organisations and authorities in Poland working on the frontlines of the crisis. Staff and volunteers we have met are tired, anxious and very emotional about the situation facing Ukraine citizens and animals. There are still so many needs, for people and animals.

In Warsaw, IFAWs team met with Polish veterinary authorities to discuss how they are processing refugees and their pets from Ukraine. There is estimated to be around 80,000 refugees coming into Poland on a daily basis, many are bringing their pets with them. Polish veterinary teams are processing 500 to 600 animals per day, and have vaccinated and microchipped over 12,000 animals since the war began. Some families hide their pets for fear they will be confiscated, so clear communication at the border crossing points is crucial.

Helping Ukrainian refugees and animals in Poland

Emergency grants were recently issued to Feldman Ecopark in Lisne, Kharkiv and XII Months Park in Demydiv, Kyiv for food, vet supplies and operational expenses.

We are very grateful for your ongoing and generous donations that make all this work possible. And we will continue to stand with dedicated and selfless shelter staff in Ukraine, Poland and all countries supporting those most in need.

Helping Animals & Pawrents In Ukraine

Like millions across the world THE PACK have been watching events unfold in Ukraine with horror and heartbreak. Our hearts go out to the people and animals whose homes are being destroyed and whose lives have been turned upside down. Its easy to feel hopeless, but there are things we can do. Our charity partner Underdog International are working around the clock to bring much needed animal supplies to refugee animals and their pawrents. We have donated 200 cans of our vegan dog food to Ukrainian dogs in need, and we know that many of you want to help.

Here are just a few of the ways you can support pawrents and their beloved pups in this unthinkably traumatic time.

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Dear Friends Of Bear Sanctuary Domazhyr

We are deeply concerned about the current war in Ukraine. We empathise with everyone in Ukraine, humans and animals alike, our colleagues, and their families. The health and safety of our colleagues and bears is of the utmost importance to us and we continue to take care of the 29 bears in our sanctuary. Due to the current situation, the BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr will be closed for visitors until further notice. We will give regular updates. Please stay safe and take care of yourselves and your families.

Central Beds Ukraine Appeal Bedfordshire

Analysing Russian media coverage of Russian food donations in Ukraine’s Kherson FRANCE 24

Spearheaded by Katarzyna Southin and Emily Roberts. People in central Bedfordshire villages have been donating much needed items to Ukrainian refugees thanks to their Central Beds Ukraine Appeal. However though physical donations ended on April 1, theyre still making trips with supplies and are now seeking financial donations via their GoFundMe page to help the effort.

We have teamed up with local cadets at Krakow Central Station to provide food, snacks and drinks to families passing through from przemysl Station before we head to the orphanages and support them for the next few days, Emily explained on the page.

We are hiring a minibus and will buy all the essentials from local supermarkets. The more money we receive, the more we can buy for those in need so every penny is vital! Please continue donating to our GoFundMe page and we will ensure all your money is spent in the best possible way.

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Why Support For Education Matters

Getting children back to learning is a critical step in restoring normalcy in their lives after months of war and years of COVID-19 disruptions. Schools and other spaces that enable children to learn ideally together with friends provide both an education and a crucial sense of structure and safety to children. In addition, education can be an entry point for delivering other critical services, including psychosocial support that can help children heal and rebuild their lives, as well as immunization.

The sooner children are able to learn and interact with classmates and teachers in a school environment, the faster they catch up and recover particularly the most vulnerable children. It is essential that every child is reached, their learning gaps are assessed, and that they are given the opportunity to catch up on lost learning.

For some children, this may mean learning in a traditional classroom. For many others, it may mean online learning at home, or in neighborhood clusters. In fact, millions of children in Ukraine and abroad are already using online and distance learning options. But enormous obstacles remain, including capacity and resource constraints, language barriers, and unpredictable movements of children and their families.

Ultimately, providing every child with safe access to education and a sense of security is critical to their ability to learn, thrive, and begin to recover and heal.

Inside Ukraine, UNICEF and partners have:

Free Vaccinations For 20000 Pets

26 September 2022

As part of its multi-year commitment to animals in Ukraine, IFAW started a project in partnership with the Ukrainian Small Animals Veterinary Association to support veterinary services for pet owners in Ukraine. The project aims to vaccinate and chip 20,000 and sterilize 4,000 pets from displaced and resident families at veterinary posts in four key citiesKyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv and Odessa. These services will be provided for free to meet the needs of many pet owners who do not have sufficient means.

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Stray Animal Care Saving Lives In Kyiv Region

With war raging in Ukraine thousands of people and animals are suffering. The Kyiv area was particularly affected during the first stage of the invasion and with the Russian military retreating the full impact of their occupation becomes visible. The entire region in the North of Kyiv is destroyed, many human lives were lost, houses and vital infrastructure like streets and hospitals are destroyed and, vital for dogs and cats, veterinary clinics and shelters are also damaged or semi-abandoned. Many pets are becoming homeless and, the weakest link, many stray and shelter animals are terrified and injured. We thus decided to help here where it is so desperately needed FOUR PAWS has set up a temporary veterinary care project in Belogorodka village, Kyiv Oblast, and is now serving the areas of Bucha, Irpin and surroundings.

Donate A Meal To A Dog In Ukraine

Donate Now

Weve partnered with PawSwap to create a Points For Pups initiative for 2022. This program allows PawSwap app users to donate meals to dogs in need by redeeming their points. Free to download, free to register, every new user gets 25 points. You can redeem these points to feed a dog in need. In response to the Ukraine crisis, PawSwap is also donating a second meal to a Ukraine dog in need for each meal donated by its members in March.

Donating more points is easy too! Just visit any dog-friendly location on the app and collect 25 points. Dont see your favorite dog-friendly location? No problem contact them to suggest the business its free!

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Physical And Emotional Support

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, our therapy dog Busia and her handler Natalia have been providing much-needed physical and emotional support to many families and children. When Natalia is not feeding and caring for animals at the shelter in Vinnytsia , she is providing a place to rest and food to families arriving after a long and exhausting journey. And while Natalia makes sure people recharge their batteries, Busia does her very best to cheer them up with her lovely character.

Donations And Transfers Made

We have raised an incredible $51,689.35 to date . Less Paypal fees of we have a donatable amount $50,922.93.

As of this morning, we have donated $43,573.10 leaving $7,349.86 Thank you so much to our amazing community and supporters.

Donations made to date:

03.02.22 $1,500 USD sent to Planting Peace to assist Aaron, its Founder, who travelled from the US to the Poland/Ukraine border, to house refugees/pets and provide pet food/supplies and set up feeding station at the intake centres.

03.02.22 $1,000 USD sent to Tom of Breaking The Chains Documentaries. A British ex-soldier, he has been a tireless advocate for dogs. Watching the events unfold, he was compelled to help. He has such a unique, and fitting, skillset with not only dogs and rescue, but warfare and combat. He and his trusted colleague Steve are going to Ukraine to bring much needed food, supplies and medicine for the animals, and their humans.

03.03.22 $500 Euro sent to Andrea Cisterninos rescue International Animal Protection League. I was in contact with his friend Anna today who let us know that at the moment no direct support can be sent as the shelter is cut off. But, the shelter is not damaged and the animals are doing as well as can be expected. You can follow Annas updates here.

03.04.22 $1,000 CAD sent to Aaron at Planting Peace to help fund the rental of the pet friendly accommodations for refugees. Read more here.

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Waking Up And Foraging

Despite the current situation, our team on site at BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr and our animals are still doing well under the circumstances. Our wonderful team continues to take care of the 36 bears, especially since half of the Domazhyr bears have woken up from their hibernation now. There are still a few bears resting, and we are wondering when they will show up to start foraging again.Chada is the Himalayan brown bear that came to us from White Rock Bear Shelter last week, and she is already busy foraging in her new surroundings.

Volunteer Cyclists Deliver Food Baskets In Kharkiv

Ukrainian dogs line up and politely wait their turn at feeding station | SBS News

9 June 2022

In Kharkiv, Ukraines second largest city, DEC funds are supporting an innovative project that delivers regular food baskets to peoples homes, thanks to a network of volunteer cyclists.

The idea was born after fuel shortages threatened to impact aid deliveries. One volunteer, desperate to find a way to send food to her friend, put out a message on social media that spread among friends who remained in Kharkiv with their bicycles.

The cycling teams efforts are now a lifeline for 700 housebound people.

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Shelter Damage In Gorlovka

27 February 2022

We are devastated to share that our partner shelter in Ukraine sustained damage and, unfortunately, one dog was killed after a shell hit the facility. Staff remain in place and have continued to care for their dogs. We are working with the team to assess damage and help as much as we can. They are in our thoughts and we will keep you updated.

We are standing by to deploy our trained responders to assist local partners with the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Our goal would be to help where we are needed most and to keep families together as they flee Ukraine in search of safety. In the coming weeks and months, families, including their pets, fleeing Ukraine will need each other more than ever. IFAW has no intention to enter Ukraine, but will work with our local partners in countries that surround Ukraine. We, and our partners, are so thankful for all your support and will continue to share updates during this crisis.

Supporting Dogsnhomes Pet Food Charity Ukraine Appeal

We are continuing to support the crisis in Ukraine, most recently we have donated to the wonderful DogsnHomes Pet Food Charity Appeal. DogsnHomes is a Fleet based charity that rescues unwanted dogs from Portugal and across the UK, then matches them with forever loving homes.

Their fantastic transport team are taking pallets of donated pet supplies across to Poland, to be distributed to those animals in need in Ukraine.

Our ethos is to never waste anything, and we always strive to make sure our food and products get to the pets that need them the most. Each of our stores donates any imperfect stock to local charities, so the Pet Food Charity Appeal seemed the perfect place to send much-needed pet supplies.

We packed up five pallets of this imperfect stock from our warehouse in Handcross, West Sussex, including dog and cat food, bowls and toys. This equates to over 4 tonnes or 3,628 kilos!

The wonderful Gary is delivering these pallets tomorrow to the shelters in Poland to be taken to Ukraine. We hope our donations can go some way to help those hungry dogs and cats, and we will continue to donate pet food to the crisis where we can.

Please head over to their website here to help with the Pet Food Charity Appeal, even the smallest donation can help.

If youre able to donate to the Ukraine Crisis Appeal, please do so by post or phone . Visit their website for more details here.

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Upaw Keeps Delivering Tonnes Of Food To Animal Shelters In Ukraine

FOUR PAWS together with International Registration System – Animal ID and Dogs Trust Worldwide launched Ukrainian Pet Association Worldwide which works as a platform to register and fill in information regarding their most needed requirements. So far it has processed over 1,000 requests for mostly food, medicine and other supplies.

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