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Can You Donate Dog Food

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Household Items And Pet Supplies

Begging the food and feeding to mama and puppies
  • Cat and/or dog beds
  • Kids toys and/or stuffed animals many are made with pieces not safe for animals
  • Fresh grown catnip not all cat tummies can handle it
  • Tennis balls they get stuck in kennel drains
  • Bed pillows, cushions, mattress covers, toppers, foam padding
  • Old t-shirts and/or fabric scraps
  • Any materials with beads and/or tassels

Where To Donate Opened Dog Food

We have about half of a bag of dog food that our guy somehow grew an intolerance to. Are there any shelters that will accept it? Im also looking to offload the dog food bin.

For even more excitement, put the bag on the sidewalk. Then post on Nextdoor that you did so.

I would hope no organization would accept that from someone they dont know, for animals sake. Just trash it or give to a homeless guy or girl with a dog

No way. Give it to a homeless guy/gal with dogs. Lots of encampments around.

I work at a shelter in the city. We cant use opened food and will compost it if someone does donate. I would try to give it to a friend or neighbor.

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Where To Donate Dog Food

According to the ASPCA, roughly 8 million animals are processed into shelters each year. This gives animal handlers tons of work to do and thus the donations made freely given to them make the processes 100x easier.

There are many local pet treat pantries and non-profit organizations that are willing to accept your donations and a simple google search like Dog Donation Near me should help in finding one where you can make an impact in the lives of many dogs through your compassionate donations.

However, when it comes to donating to organizations that are for the animal cause, other items are great to donate as well other than pet food.

Used pet accessories for instance are an acceptable donation to shelters, especially if they have minimal wear. An old dog bed that your dog might have overgrown and no longer needs might be a great donation as well.

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Can I Donate Dog Food To Shelters

If you are raising a dog, you probably wish to know how to select dog food. Everything you will need is a good and reliable source of information resources. This information will give you the basics of what foods to feed your pet and the aspects that you should think about. As you study the a variety of food types, you will realize that several factors will have an effect on your selection of food. Here, I will give you some basic suggestions on the best way to pick the best dog food.

The most significant thing you need to look for in dog food is the ingredient list. The same as humans, dogs also need various nutrients. Smaller dog breeds, such as Chihuahuas, need more energy since their metabolisms are quickly.

Fat helps them lose weight better. And, theyre also able to tolerate higher levels of carbs, particularly if theyre fed by individual owners.

Where To Donate Opened Dog Food Near Me

(Posted 2/18/15) " Hey, guys, can we talk?..."  We are in need of canned ...

If you have opened dog food that your pet wont eat, dont let it go to waste! There are many places that will gladly take your uneaten kibble off your hands. Here are a few options for where to donate open dog food near you:1. Local shelters and rescues often have a need for donated dog food. Call around to see if any in your area could use your donation.

2. Food banks also accept donations of unopened, non-perishable pet food. Check with your local food bank to see if they would be interested in taking your opened dog food off your hands.

3. Veterinarians offices sometimes keep a stock of donated pet food on hand to give to clients in need. Give them a call and inquire about donating your opened dog food.

4. Finally, check with any friends or family who have pets they may be happy to take the extra kibble off your hands!

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Cat Food Donations Near Me

If youre looking to donate cat food to a local shelter or rescue, there are a few options available to you. Many shelters and rescues accept unopened bags or cans of cat food, as well as opened packages that have not been used.

You can check with your local animal shelter or rescue group to see if they are in need of donations. There are also many national organizations that accept cat food donations.

The ASPCA has a list of their preferred brands of cat food, as well as a list of other supplies they commonly need. Another option is PetSmarts Charities Cat Food Drive, which benefits local shelters and rescues across the country.You can check with your local PetSmart store for more information on how to participate.

We Are Seeking Donations:

OC Animal Allies graciously accepts monetary donations to purchase food, as well as in-kind donations such as unopened canned and dry pet food, new blankets, toys, leashes and other essentials. We do not have the storage or distribution capabilities to accept frozen or refrigerated product.

If you do consider donating pet food, OC Animal Allies ask that you donate unopened cans or bags of dog and cat food. Due to concerns of contamination, we are not able to accept open or compromised bags.

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Can Dogs Donate Organs

While most organ transplants arenât possible for our four-legged friends, kidney transplants are fairly common, but finding donors can be difficult.

Both dogs and cats can receive a donated kidney, but the procedure is mostly performed on cats because donors and recipients donât have to be related.

Is Cabbage Good For Dogs

Rescuing a homeless dog – so close to death!

Dr. Jerry Klein, Chief Veterinary Officer for the AKC, advises that cabbage is in the same family as cauliflower and broccoli, so it is safe to feed a dog cabbage, but only in moderation. If you choose to incorporate cabbage into your dogs diet, there may even be some health benefits.

Dr. Klein explains that cabbage is a low-calorie and high-fiber food that is high in vitamins C and K, magnesium, and beta-carotene. An antioxidant, vitamin C helps to reduce inflammation, protects cells from free radicals, and may even reduce some cognitive impacts of aging.

The fiber in cabbage can support your dogs digestion and prevent or reduce constipation or diarrhea. Magnesium helps your dogs body to maintain muscle and nerve function it can also support your dogs immune system. Beta-carotene promotes eye health and may help reduce the risk of cancer.

Vitamin K assists with blood clotting if your dog has a cut or injury. Cabbage also includes vitamin B6, which supports healthy red blood cells and hormones, as well as the development of protein structures . It also has vitamin B, which helps your dogs brain and other organs to function properly.

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Houston Humane Society Pet Pantry

FREE PET FOOD AVAILABLEHow can you get free pet food?Pet Pantry EventshereNote: some pet pantry events are busier than others, thus we may run out of food before the stated end time.

To print the obligatory Pet Pantry form and fill it out in advance, please click here to download.

Pet Pantry Monthly Assistance ProgramThe Pet Pantry Monthly Assistance Program is for temporary assistance , and is intended to supplement the pet food you serve to your pets. This program does not provide an entire monthâs worth of food. Participation in this program releases the Houston Humane Society from all liability. HHS is not responsible for providing an entire months worth of pet food. HHS reserves the right to refuse assistance to anyone.FAQsHow much pet food will I get?

  • Dry food: Cats will receive 4lb bag, and Dogs will receive 10lb bag. Exact quantities fluctuate depending on our supply and the weight of your pet.
  • Wet food: May be provided upon request depending on availability. If your pets solely eat wet food, please email in advance to notify us of this diet restriction.
  • Food cannot be guaranteed for more than 3 pets per household.
  • The Pet Pantry program is designed to supplement the food you are able to provide we are unable to become your sole resource of pet food.

Can I request specialty food?

Do you only provide cat & dog food?

How You Can Help

The pet food pantry relies completely on donations, so you can help keep the pantry stocked by donating cat and dog food.

To make a food donation, you can and have your donation shipped directly to the pantry.

You can also drop off your donation at our lifesaving center in the donation bins near the front door. We also accept open bags of pet food that are taped or sealed securely.

Please drop off or mail your pet food donations to: Best Friends Lifesaving Center

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How Long Does Open Dog Food Last

First, lets consider the food you put down for your pet. When you open a can of pet food, ideally you should serve a portion that your dog or cat will finish in one sitting. If your pet does not finish the entire portion of canned food, it is best to pick up any uneaten food within 30 minutes, and even more quickly on warmer days.

Protocol When Picking Up Food From The Pet Food Pantry

Pin on For The Pets
  • Pet Food Pantry pick-up is by appointment only.
  • A one-gallon bag of dog or cat food per pet will be given to participants. Limit one participant per household for up three cats and/or dogs per household. .
  • To ensure the safety of our staff and volunteers, social distancing will be observed and face coverings will be required of participants who will be picking up the pet food.
  • Participants also agree to arrive within the designated one-hour time frame only of their appointment.

Participants must register and obtain an appointment in advance. Walk-ins will be placed at the end of the line and served that day if possible. They will be advised that going forward they must make an appointment or they will not be served.

Participants must live in Los Angeles City and provide name, address, or declare that they are homeless, telephone number and email address to obtain an appointment.

Participants must be the pet owner and provide the name, weight, sex and animal license number for pets when making an appointment. If the pet is unaltered, they will be given a FREE spay/neuter voucher and food and advised that the pet must be altered to continue receiving food.

Only one participant per household for up to three dogs and/or three cats .

Participants agree to arrive within the designated one-hour time frame only.

Participants arriving on foot or by bicycle must wear a face covering and maintain a 6ft. social distance when checking in with staff/volunteers.

Chesterfield Square

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What Can You Donate To A Pet Food Bank

Most pet food banks need a wide range of pet food that can be easily passed on. As well as food, it’s always worth asking to see if the food banks are in need of accessories for animals, too. Some of the things you can drop off include:

  • Food pouches for both dogs, cats and smaller household pets
  • Dried biscuits/food
  • Pet accessories, such as warm beds and blankets during the winter months
  • Pet cleaning supplies, including pet shampoo

Reasons To Choose Royal Canin Dog Food

Choosing one of India’s best dog food brandsmight take time and effort. Many manufacturers appear to give the same advice when choosing a bag or container, making it simpler to choose the cheapest option. But Royal Canin follows a different strategy. You can select your dog’s food based on several variables, for instance, the size, species, or if your dog has any medical concerns that only a veterinarian treats.

Here are a few reasons to choose Royal Canin wet dog food or Royal Canin dry dog food:

Great formula

Royal Canin Dog food comprises carefully crafted formulae to meet the demands of the dog’s particular health. As a result, the amounts of antioxidants, nutrients, fiber, prebiotics, and minerals in the diets vary somewhat. These minor adjustments have a significant impact on your pet’s wellness.

Vet authorized

The most exact pet food company in the world, Royal Canin, appears with a collaboration of top scientific, veterinary, and behavioural specialists. Therefore, dogs of different kinds, sizes, and ages can enjoy eatingRoyal Canin wet dog food.

Higher dietary substance

The preparations go through a drying process to make poultry protein in Royal Canin meals more nutrient-dense.


Royal Canin exclusively uses meat deemed safe for dogs to consume. Furthermore, its components can be available for examination.

Strengthens Immune system

Lengthy growth – medium energy

Provides and meets big breed puppies’ modest energy requirements during their long growth phase.

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I Want To Donate To Charlies

Thank you for thinking of us and wanting to help. We are always in need of donations. Our biggest needs are:

  • Pet food both dry and wet dog, cat, small pet

You can drop off donated goods at the BC SPCA Vancouver Branch.

Cash donations can be made at any BC SPCA Branch just let staff know you would like your donation to go to Charlies pet food bank to help the BC SPCA support people in need with our free vet clinic and follow-up treatments or surgeries.

Can Dogs Eat Cabbage Raw How To Safely Give It To Your Dog

Scared Homeless Dog Rescued

Dogs should only eat cabbage that hasnt been seasoned. The butter and spices that you might like on your cabbage arent good for your dog. Butter and other fatty foods can lead to pancreatitis, while spices like onions and garlic are toxic to dogs. If you want to occasionally give cabbage to your dog, dice it up into small pieces in order to prevent dogs from choking on the fibrous vegetable.

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Is Beef Kidney Or Liver Better For Dogs

There is a lot of debate over which food item is better for dogs- the kidney or liver. While both items are important to dog health, the question of which one is better depends on individual dogs needs.

Some dogs who are particularly susceptible to liver disease may benefit from eating beef kidney instead, while others may not be as vulnerable and can still enjoy pork or lamb as their primary source of protein.

Ultimately, its up to the dogs owners to decide which food they want their pup to eat and how much protein they need.

Is Beef Liver Too Rich For Dogs

Dogs are not the only ones who may be struggling with their weight. Humans can also get energetic from eating too much beef, which can lead to a build-up of fatty liver and other health problems.

Some experts believe that beef liver may be too rich for dogs and some believe that it is okay for them to have a little bit of this liver in their diets.

Ultimately, it is up to the dogs owners to decide whether or not they want their dog to eat beef liver.

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Pet Food Has Also Been Distributed To The Following Community Partners:

During these times of continuous change, we strongly recommend calling ahead before visiting any of the listed locations to ensure availability, hours, and qualifications.

GREEN BAY | Dog food | Hidden Paws Network: Call 920-391-5695 or visit during their operating hours: 1-3pm Mondays, 4-6pm Thursdays, and 12-2pm on the last Saturday of the month.

GREEN BAY | Dog food | Operation Community Cares: Call 920-615-8745 to request a food delivery appointment.

OZAUKEE | Dog & cat food | Saukville Community Food Pantry: Ozaukee County residents can make an appointment online at www.saukvillefoodpantry.org

DOOR COUNTY | Dog food | Feed and Clothe My People of Door County: Door County residents can call 920-743-9053 to secure their food.

RACINE | Dog & cat food | Racine County residents can call 211 for directions on which pantry to visit. Income qualifications do apply.

Our Foster Care Team Always Needs:

Every Purchase Feeds Shelter Dogs!

Two-litre ice cream tubs with lids. We use these to hand out food to our volunteer foster carers, avoiding the need for unsustainable plastic bags.

Baby wipes . These are used to help orphaned kittens go to the toilet. Sometimes carers can go through a pack a day!

Fleece baby blankets. These dry far quicker than towels, so are handy as kitten bedding.

Snugglesafe heat pads. These cost around $30 each and are crucial for keeping orphaned neonatal kittens warm through the night.

Comforting heart beat simulators. These simulate a mothers heartbeat, calming orphaned kittens and helping them to feel safe.

Wombaroo Cat Milk Replacer Formula. This nutritionally balanced milk is used for orphaned kittens or when mums are having trouble producing milk. Its about $10 for a 215g pack we go through about 20kg of the stuff each year!

Toys, toys and more toys! The little four-packs of plastic toys from major stores are perfect, as they can easily be sterilised if need by and keep the baby kitties entertained for hours.

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Give The Food To Friends Or Family

If none of the pet food banks and animal shelters in your area accept donations of available food, you can always give the food to friends and family to bulk up their pet food stores. Dog food is expensive, and even if it isnt their usual brand, many pet parents will mix donated food with their regular food so their pets can eat it.

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