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Brazos Valley Food Bank Donations

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Can One Get Documentation From The Brazos Valley Food Bank That Shows That We Volunteered

From The Ground Up 1213 – Food Bank

Yes, but this is not automatic. Requests can be made for documentation, on Brazos Valley Food Bank letterhead and signed by the Assembly Coordinator, that will state your name, total volunteer hours completed, and dates volunteer activities took place.

Please email our for more information!

The Brazos Valley Food Bank considers volunteers to be those who are helping the Brazos Valley Food Banks mission out of the goodness of their heart, for a student group, for a scholarship, or for a class.

Supporting The Brazos Valley Food Bank With Move For Hunger

We love making a difference in our communities, and one of our favorite ways to give back is through Move For Hunger.

Move For Hunger works with local moving companies to gather nonperishable food for their communities. Its common for people to leave food behind when they move, so Move For Hunger makes it easy for this food to be donated to food banks. Little Guys Movers Bryan/College Station partners with the Brazos Valley Food Bank, packing up and delivering food donations on a regular basis.

In fact, in 2021 the Bryan/College Station location helped donate 297 lbs of food, which provided 248 meals!

If youre interested in contributing, there are two main ways to do it: If youre moving with Little Guys Movers, just let us know! Well pack up all your unwanted food and donate it for you on moving day. If youre not moving but have food you want to donate, call our office and well arrange a time for you to drop off your donation.

We love giving back, and Move For Hunger is a great way for us to use our skills to make our community a better place. We hope youll consider donating during your next move!

Brazos Valley Food Bank In Need Of Food And Monetary Donations

BRYAN, TX Only four more days remain in KRHDs Feed the Need donation drive to benefit the Brazos Valley Food Bank. A total of nearly $6,000 has been raised so far for Feed the Need, which will be distributed to organizations including the Brazos Valley Food Bank, through KRHD and sister station KXXV in Waco.

Though much of Texan society has reopened since the onset of the pandemic, the food bank is still facing a food deficit in the wake of the 2020 global shutdown. The challenges of the ongoing pandemic have made the need for charitable efforts even more crucial, as many local residents are still suffering from food insecurity, affected by a number of ongoing economic factors.

” A lot of moms stopped working during COVID-19 because they needed to take care of their kids, and that was the economical way to take care of the situation, and then teach ,” explained Theresa Mangapora, executive director of the food bank. “I think theres some moms that are still in that mode. Those are just some examples. There are also stories of people who went and maximized their credit cards, blew through their savings just to get through the last 16 months.

Monetary donations can be used to fund programs such as the food banks Together We Grow garden, which teaches employment skills to clients, and acts as a source of fresh produce for distribution.

To make a donation, visit


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Support The Brazos Valley Food Bank By Hosting A Food Drive To Help Fight Hunger In The Brazos Valley

Food drives are a fun and easy way to support the Brazos Valley Food Bank. Individuals, groups and organizations all sizes and ages can host successful food drives that help feed those in need in our community.

The Brazos Valley Food Bank has provided some helpful guidelines below to help make your food drive a success. You will find ideas on how to get started, ideas on how to promote your food drive, a list of FAQs and a list of food most needed by the Brazos Valley Food bank.

After you have explored the food drive guidelines, you are ready to get started! Next please submit the food drive registration form to the Brazos Valley Food Bank.

Get Group Leaders Involved

Giving is Caring

If a food drive is being held at a local place, encourage leadership to show their support by sending email, or letters. Ask companies to match employee donations, such as a $1.00 per pound of donated food. Challenge the boss or club leader to perform an outrageous activity if your goal is met, i.e. kiss a pig.

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Are There Any Special Dress Code Requirements We Need To Know About

Volunteers are required to wear closed-toe and closed heel shoes . Long jeans or pants are preferred shorts are allowed. The work that will be performed is active. You will be on your feet the entire time, moving and lifting. So, dress comfortably. The Volunteer Center is climate controlled. While the atmosphere at the Brazos Valley Food Bank is relaxed, it is important to use good judgement when selecting your attire during the summer months.

What Do Volunteers Do At The Brazos Valley Food Bank

There are many different volunteer opportunities for volunteer groups and families at the Brazos Valley Food Bank. Volunteer groups and families may have the option of sort or box food donations that will go to children, families, and seniors in need. When you volunteer at BVFB, you are giving back to your community and working toward a hunger-free Brazos Valley. Please see the Volunteer Opportunities tab.

Saturday: 8:00 am-12:00 pm

During these hours, your group or family could be working with a mixture of court-appointed , class required, organizational, local business, scout troop, school student volunteers, etc.

If you prefer only volunteering with other groups or families, please send an email to the Assembly Coordinator for accommodations.

All groups must fill out a group application online. All times are subject to change due to seasons or availability.

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When Can I Fulfill My Hours


Tuesday-Friday: 9:00 am-12:00 pm and 12:45 pm-3:45 pm


Monday-Friday: 9:00 am-12:00 pm and 12:45 pm-3:45 pm

During these hours, Court-Appointed Workers could be working with non-court appointed individuals, such as volunteers from local businesses, civic clubs, student groups, etc.

All court-appointed workers must fill out an online application and self-schedule their hours.

The Brazos Valley Food Bank is currently limited to the number of Court-Appointed Workers that be accommodated during these hours. All times are subject to change due to seasons or availability.

Utilize Exciting Competitions And Creative Themes

More demand, fewer donations and language barriers trouble Sacramento-area food banks

Create competitions with lots of categories-largest individual donation or most protein. Competitions against departments, men against women, juniors against seniors, etc.

Think about creating a theme.

Food of the Day drive and have participates bring certain foods for each day of the week. Macaroni Monday, Tuna Tuesday or Peanut Butter week

Food Groups drive and have individuals bring food from each food group, fruits, canned protein, breakfast food, vegetables, and grains.

Can struction food drive. Have teams build a structure out of the cans they donate. Recruit a few judges to pick the best structure and /or the most nutritious structure.

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Introduction To Bvfb Operations And Challenges

BVFB is a non-profit organization in the Bryan-College Station area of Texas. Through its partner organizations, BVFB serves Brazos Valley, which comprises six counties in central Texas: Brazos, Burleson, Grimes, Madison, Robertson, and Washington. Since 1985, BVFB has been working toward its vision of a hunger-free Brazos Valley. In 2017-2018, BVFB distributed 6,858,438 pounds of food, the equivalent of 5,621,670 meals . Although this was an outstanding achievement, the number of delivered meals was insufficient to serve all food-insecure people in Brazos Valley. According to Feeding America, Brazos County alone had 43,590 food-insecure people . If each of them was provided one meal per day, BVFB would have to deliver 15 million meals annually. The gap presented both challenges and opportunities for BVFB to expand its outreach efforts.

Fig. 1

BVFB stores, inspects, and sorts its food while keeping an inventory record. BVFBs demand comes from partner agencies and special programs. Partner agencies are non-profit organizations that run food pantries and on-site feeding programs. They place orders to BVFB regularly. Special programs, including backpack programs, school-based food pantries, and senior outreach programs, need individual meal packages that can be distributed to individuals without any further assembly or packing.

Use Of Expert Knowledge In Models Validation

The evaluation criteria and weights of the MCDM models were selected based on the BVFB domain experts intuitional knowledge. The models implemented different procedures to arrive at their ranking results. The implementations were, naturally, not influenced by human experience or judgment. In the real world, food banks did not routinely apply MCDM models when ranking potential partner agencies. Instead, experiences and intuitions played an important role when BVFB recruited new partner agencies. To check the practicality of our quantitative models, we used experience-based validation.

While the researchers on our team fed performance values to the MCDM models, the BVFB practitioners on the team examined the same performance values and picked their top three out of the 17 alternatives before seeing any results generated from the MCDM models. Then the whole team examined the rankings from the MCDM models and the top choices of the practitioners together. A comparison of the two types of results generated interesting observations, which are presented in Section 4.3.

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The seven drop-off locations were: the Brazos Center in Bryan the Son-Shine Outreach Center in Madisonville the Pridgeon Community Center in Franklin the Hearne Railroad Museum Depot in Hearne St. Marys, Lady of the Lourdes Catholic Church Hall in Caldwell MidSouth Electric Co-op in Navasota and the Washington County Expo in Brenham.

Members of Mumford High Schools Student Council unload over 2,000 donations for the KBTX Food for Families Food Drive at the Brazos Center in Bryan on Wednesday.

Volunteers from the Texas A& M Foundation College of Engineering sorted food items onto pallets and the Mumford High School Student Council dropped off over 2,000 donations. Other large donations came from Walmart and H-E-B.

KBTX news anchor Rusty Surette said his team started at 4:30 a.m. Wednesday to collect donations in person.

This is for us really the kickstart for the holiday season because it is the time where you start to see the entire community come together and give back, he said. We always want to beat what we did last year as the need grows every year. The things we take into consideration are the rise in costs of food, the cost it takes to run the food bank to get the pantries stocked up we are grateful for anything.

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Message From The President

Giving is Caring

posted on August 1, 2022

Dear League Members, Community Partners, Sponsors, and Friends: Welcome to The Junior League of Bryan-College Station, Inc. website! I am honored and humbled to serve as our League President for the 2022-23 year. I am also excited because this year marks 40 years of service in the Bryan-College Station community since our founding in 1982.Read More

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We Believe In A World Without Hunger

  • Where children have the proper nutrition for a healthy start to life.
  • Where families have access to food even when natural disaster strikes or conflict erupts.
  • Where farmers grow enough food to feed themselves and participate in markets.
  • Where nations have the ability to respond in times of crisis.
  • Where Americans work together to alleviate conditions that perpetuate chronic hunger.
  • Where food enables every human being to reach their potential.

At WFP USA we believe that hunger is the worlds most solvable problem.

We are dedicated to ensuring that the United States builds upon its legacy of leadership toward alleviating global hunger.

Through policy leadership, fundraising and strategic outreach, we persuade the American people, business community and government to support the U.N. World Food Programme and join our movement to feed the world.

Holiday Donations To Brazos Valley Food Bank Matched Up To $200000

The Brazos Valley Food Bank is looking to make a greater impact this holiday season through a matching grant challenge.

The FW Bert and Mae Dean Wheeler Foundation is matching donations to the food bank up to $200,000.

Donations will go to provide food to residents through the food banks 34 partner agencies. Money raised through the grant will also go to support food bank operations and programs for underserved and rural populations in the Brazos Valley.

To donate, or to volunteer, visit

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Promote Your Drive Build Awareness And Visibility

Organize a kickoff event to build enthusiasm. Hand out shopping list of items most needed. Hang food drive posters around your school or office. Distribute food drive flyers in employee mail boxes or send them home with students. Include food drive details in your groups newsletters. Take photos throughout your drive of items collected and post them on social media to keep your group informed and motivated. Tag the Brazos Valley Food Bank in your social media post using hashtags like #bvfb, #cannedfooddrive, #FightHungerintheBrazosValley

Make 3x The Impact: Donate To Save Lives

Bay Area Food Bank Struggling to Keep Up With Demand as Donations Decline

The United Nations World Food Programme does whatever it takes to deliver lifesaving food to children and families most in need, wherever they are in the world, by providing meals in schools, distributing staples during emergencies and delivering food vouchers in conflict zones. With a gift today, you will provide the hungriest families across the globe, including those living in Ukraine, Afghanistan, Somalia and other countries, with urgently needed support.

Together, we can help be a lifeline for families in dire need. A gift of any amount makes a big difference $75 can send an emergency box of food to a family of five, which contains enough food for an entire month.

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Thousands In Brazos County Rely On Food Pantries In Need Of Donations

BRYAN, Texas -The Brazos Valley Food Bank helps make sure food pantries can provide for the community. Just in Brazos County, more than 30,000 people were served last year.

There are eight food pantries in the county that team up with the Brazos Valley Food Bank: Brazos Church Pantry, Salvation Army, The Bridge Ministries, Lee Chapel United Methodist Church, First Baptist Church of College Station, Lincoln House of Hope, New Zion Food Pantry, and Brazos Mobile Pantry. There is also a home delivery service in Bryan and College Station for those who qualify for Project GotEM .

Thousands of people come to the food pantry at Lee Chapel United Methodist Church for food, cleaning supplies, and other basic necessities.

Through September, we fed 1,249 households and 3,445 individuals, Carla Parnell, Lee Chapel Food Pantry Coordinator, said.

Parnell says those numbers keep growing with the impacts of the pandemic, rising food and gas prices, and inflation.

People who had never, ever been to a pantry before had to start coming, Parnell said.

She says they will continue to provide for anyone who walks through their doors, but their shelves are bare. They rely on donations and volunteers to continue the work they do.

Without the help from the community, we would not survive, we would not be able to give back to the community, Aishia Bowers, a volunteer at Lee Chapel, said. We have coat drives, we give back to hundreds of people at this point.

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Can The Brazos Valley Food Bank Pick Up My Donation

The Brazos Valley Food Bank encourages you to deliver your collected food donations. Bringing your donations to the Brazos Valley Food Bank warehouse is very helpful and saves us fuel and labor cost.

However, if your drive has collected over 1,500 pounds of food, you may call the Brazos Valley Food Bank and arrange a pick time of your donation.

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Can Volunteer Groups Select The Volunteer Activity That We Want To Perform

While the Brazos Valley Food Bank tries to accommodate all group requests, some activities may already be fully booked. If your preferred activity is booked, we have other great activities that may be available and they still work toward helping feed a Brazos Valley neighbor in need. Check out our Volunteer Opportunities tab to see more options or email the with any questions.

How Will Our Group Know What Impact Our Volunteerism Made On The Brazos Valley Food Bank

Mingle for Meals 2022

All volunteers help the Brazos Valley Food Bank feed individuals, children, families and seniors in need throughout the Brazos Valley. After each group or family volunteer session, a photo will be taken of your group or family with a sign, describing the impact that your collective volunteer hours made. All photos are posted to the Brazos Valley Food Banks Social Media accounts unless requested otherwise.

Please email our or more information!

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Brazos Valley Food Bank Announces $100000 Matching Gift Challenge

The Brazos Valley Food Bank has received a $100,000 matching gift challenge.

Executive Director Theresa Mangapora says every dollar given to the food bank through the end of the year will have twice the impact.

Its exciting to be honest. Its exciting to have such large donations. Also, its a challenge for staff here and a challenge for the community to step up and match it, says Mangapora.

Mangapora says funds raised in giving months like November and December have to sustain them through the spring.

Our focus shifts in January and that is human beings, that is the way it is. So we might not be at the top of mind for people, says Mangapora.

Managpora says this is one of the largest matching gift challenges the Food Bank has ever had. The donor chose to remain anonymous.

to donate by December 31st.

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