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Best Food Bank Charity To Donate To

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Heifer International: Empowering People To Escape Poverty

Food bank struggling to make up meal parcels due to lack of donations

Heifer International was founded in 1944 by farmer Dan West, after returning home from feeding fatigued refugees affected by the Spanish Civil War. He realized that giving food was only a short-term solution, however, the donation of cattle would be able to feed a family for years. Today, the charity provides livestock to starving families around the globe and empowers farmers to change their own fates.

Their impact and transparency ratings: Heifer International holds the Platinum Seal of Transparency from GuideStar, as well as a 3-star rating from Charity Navigator.

Investing in a new breed of success.

Heifer International

What they do: Heifer International works with poverty-stricken communities in 21 countries around the globe. It starts with the donation of livestock or agriculture. This is then followed by a mentorship program to train farmers in how to run successful businesses and connect individuals with high-value markets. Through their ground-breaking Hatching Hope program, Heifer International equips farmers in Mexico, Kenya, and India, with the tools and knowledge they need to grow sustainable chicken farms.

Ways to contribute: You can donate directly to Heifer International through their website. You can also support the charity by purchasing much-needed items from their Gift Catalog, such as goats, chickens, and other sustainable farming tools.

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Best Charities That Fight Hunger In America

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    Tie Donation Amounts To Outcomes

    When fundraising, its essential to show potential donors that your food bank is a good and efficient steward of funds.

    When donors are able to clearly see what their donations will enable, its easier for them to visualize the impact. This, in turn, makes them more likely to give.

    To accomplish this, add a sentence to your fundraising appeal or to your donation form about what the donation amount will buy/provide/supply/enable.

    Five families with food for a week? Is a month worth of food for a family? 100 individual meals?

    Remember, if you dont want to do this in the main body of the text of your fundraising appeal, you can set these up in your donation form.

    Pro tip: Consider highlighting the importance of monetary donations. For example, you could highlight how your food bank buys food items in bulk and receive charity discounts which means their money can go a longer way than if they purchased the food themselves.

    Pro tip: Share how moving food items takes a lot of time, money, and volunteer effort to sort, store, and distribute. Underline how in-kind gifts do not support your important operating costs, educative programming, or efforts to effect policy change.

    Give Money To Your Local Food Bank

    Food Banks in Seattle Taking Donations and What Items They Need Most ...

    Food banks function as giant storehouses for large volumes of food donated or purchased in bulk, which they then distribute among food pantriesthe smaller community operations in charge of actually getting the food into the hands of the people who need it. The largest network is Feeding America, comprising 200 food banks and 60,000 food pantries. There may also be some smaller independent organizations near you, often run by religious organizations or houses of worship.

    Generally speaking, giving financially is the most efficient way to help, because food banks have purchasing power beyond what you or I have, Fitzgerald says. Food banks can stretch a dollar much further because they can secure huge quantities of food at reduced prices, Fitzgerald explains, as well as buy exactly whats needed. Plus, food banks can buy perishable goods that might otherwise go to waste, like farmers surplus produce, in the most efficient mannerso they can provide a greater variety of fresh foods to people andcut back on food waste.

    Monetary food bank donations also make things more efficient logisticallyeliminating the possibility of not having space for a large, unanticipated influx of goods, as well as the time required to sort and inspect donated foodwhich is especially vital right now, given that there may be limited staff and volunteers.

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    Write Or Call Your Congressperson Asking Them To Support Boosting Snap

    The work of the charitable sector cant match the scale of what a strong federal investment in the countrys largest food program, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program , could do, Ellen Teller, director of government affairs for FRAC, tells SELF. For every one meal provided by food banks, SNAP provides nine. Benefits were temporarily increased in 2020, though Biden has already issued executive orders to increase and extend those benefits . But his legislative package, which would further enhance SNAP and other nutrition programs, is yet to be passed by Congress.

    FRAC is pushing for a variety of anti-hunger legislative actions to expand, reform, and protect SNAP and other food programs . Solutions existthe only thing getting in the way is political will, Sutton explains.

    Voice your support for SNAP with a letter to your congressperson. The more you can personalize your message, the more impactful it will be, Teller says. The goal is to put a face to food insecurity among the population your congressperson serves, so Teller always advises sharing a personal story or an anecdote you heard from a neighbor or relative if possible . That really stays with them, she says.

    Take action:All senators and representatives have websites with contact info, findable with a web search. If you dont know who your representatives are, find themhere, along with websites and phone numbers for many members.

    Bread For The World: Have Faith End Hunger

    Bread for the World was founded in 1974 by a group of Christians led by Rev. Art Simon, after he found himself regularly responding to emergencies caused by hunger and poverty in New York. Today, the charity is dedicated to ending world hunger and child malnutrition through its numerous hunger programs.

    Their impact and transparency ratings: According to their financial report, Bread for the World spent 81% of its income on program services and 19% on administration and fundraising. The charity also has a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator.

    Moved by Gods grace in Jesus Christ, we advocate for a world without hunger.

    Bread for the World

    What they do: Bread for the World regularly communicates with Congress to inspire a change in the legislation that addresses hunger in the US and abroad. Alongside their network of churches and like-minded organizations, including the Alliance to End Hunger, Bread for the World educates the public on the world hunger issue and inspires them to make a difference. In addition, the charity runs numerous research projects to come up with practical solutions to world hunger and presents them to US leaders.

    Ways to contribute: You can donate directly to Bread for the World through their website. You can also support the charity by getting involved in their campaigns by sending your own letter to Congress using their Activist tools and resources.

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    Your Donations Make A Difference

    You may not see the direct effects, but your donations make a huge difference to the many people who use or rely on food banks or soup kitchens.

    If you donate at your local supermarket to a Trussell Trust food bank, your donations will form part of a food parcel that provides at-risk families with enough food for at least three days of healthy, balanced meals.

    These parcels change peoples lives. Your act of kindness greatly impacts peoples futures. In addition, if you buy products by a brand that supports a social cause such as us at Integritty Foods who promise to give a soup to a person in need for every soup we sell you can have an even greater effect.

    Start A Virtual Food Drive

    Healthiest foods to donate to food banks
    What not to donate to a food bank

    The number one rule to remember is this: if your donation is perishable, i.e. its something that has a limited shelf life if not refrigerated, food banks wont accept it. But there are other categories of food that you cant donate. We’ve broken it all down into this handy list:

    Where can I donate food near me?

    Now that you’re in the know, take action! If youre ready to make a donation or still have a question about what your local food bank accepts, use our food bank finder to locate the Feeding America food bank in your area. Or, if youve decided a food donation isnt your thing, consider making a monetary donation instead! Food banks can put your dollars to excellent use.

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    Directly To Your Local Food Bank

    Find your nearest food bank by .

    Once youve been shown your local food bank, you can click on the local website for that food bank, showing you the times when theyre open for donations.

    Most importantly, each food bank keeps their site updated regarding which items they have enough of, and which items they are in urgent need of. If youre planning on donating and havent gone out to buy the items yet check your local food banks website first to find out what these urgently needed items are.

    Best Foods For Food Donation

    Danice Tatosian, Director of Community Nutrition at Food Bank For New York City, told TODAY that what foods to donate or avoid donating is a topic that arises frequently.

    Protein and dairy are always a really great option, she explained. Fish, shelf-stable dairy, vegetables and fruit. Fresh is great, but dried fruit and canned vegetables that are low in sodium are good.

    “Another category is culturally significant food. There is such a huge range of communities with specific needs, so kosher, halal and vegan foods are great to get.

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    Best National Food Banks For Donations

    There is a lot going on in the world right now, and there has never been a better time to donate to a food bank or hunger-based charitable organization, national or local. There is so much information floating around regarding how people can help in a times such as these, and while most of these forms of outreach are demonstrating the good in the world, it is important to donate to official, reliable, responsible organizations that have a long running history of meeting their mission and goals. While we certainly dont want to tell you how or where to donate your money, the Honor Society Foundation has done some careful research into the top ranked national, charitable food organizations for you, as a place to start :

    Meals on Wheels America

    Meals on Wheels delivers warm, nutritious meals to homebound senior citizens who can no longer cook for themselves. But it is also an opportunity to offer those who are alone a bit of company, address any safety issues, and even provide holistic care. With almost 1 million volunteers, MOW is active in all 50 states and the U.S. territories.

    Feeding America

    Feed the Children

    Action Against Hunger USA

    Action Against Hunger has been committed to ending world hunger for nearly 40 years spanning almost 50 countries. Continuously exploring how to solve the hunger problem, the organization saves the lives of children and their families through detection, prevention, and treatment, particularly after a disaster strikes.

    Which Items Should You Not Donate To A Food Bank

    How to donate to a food bank

    There are certain items that you shouldnt donate. These include:

    • Delicate items / items with glass packaging: these items can break or spill in transit.
    • Items requiring additional equipment to open: for example cans that can only be opened by a can opener as not everyone has access to this equipment. Donate easy-open cans instead.
    • Alcohol: though you might think youre helping a family unwind on a Friday evening by donating a bottle of wine, most food banks cannot accept alcoholic donations. This includes not just alcoholic drinks, but also any foods or puddings that have alcohol in them, such as Christmas puddings and some mince pies.
    • Baby formula

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    Support The Food Depository

    We use your contribution efficiently: 90 cents of every dollar goes directly to support our programs and services. Charity Navigator consistently recognizes the Greater Chicago Food Depository as a four-star charity, indicating the highest level of financial stability, transparency, and commitment to best practices.

    Ways to Give
    Make Monthly Gifts as a Partner for All Seasons

    Your monthly donation guarantees that our community will benefit from your generosity throughout the year. Its an easy and convenient way to make an ongoing impact. Become a Partner for All Seasons.

    Make a Tribute or Memorial Gift

    Celebrate achievements, milestones, and life with a gift to take hunger off the table. We provide recognition for you and your honoree. Send an ecard to notify those you honor of the valuable contribution you have made in their honor. Make a gift now.

    Give Matching Gifts

    Many employers match charitable donations, making your gift go twice as far. Find your employer.

    Make a Bequest or Planned Gift

    Leave a lasting legacy by joining the Will to End Hunger Society, our planned giving legacy circle. Designate the Greater Chicago Food Depository as a beneficiary of your estate in your will, living trust, life insurance, charitable trust, or retirement plan. Gifts of any amount are welcome. Learn about legacy gifts.

    Give Stock
    Show Your Support with Merchandise
    Participate in Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
    Shop with Our Partners
    Donor Bill of Rights

    Fooddesperate And Dire: Asian American Organizations Address Food Insecurity Amid Pandemic

    Foster told TODAY that in her experience as a smaller pantry, meat and fresh vegetables are highly coveted food items.

    A lot of the donation boxes have canned meat and cooked meat, like meatballs and chicken patties, to serve unhoused families, or folks without kitchens, she explained. But fresh meat and vegetables make people with kitchens very happy.

    For community grassroots food efforts like hers, Foster advised people to give what no one will get anywhere else.

    Pantry items, she said. Salt, sugar, condiments, baking items, spices, herbs, tomato sauce, ketchup, mustard, mayo, Sazón, garlic powder, hot sauce. Every couple of months we did giant pantry giveaways where the community gave us cash, and we just bought all kinds of pantry items. People loved it because they are getting boxes with squash and cooked meatballs, but no cooking oil, no salt. How can you make a dinner your kids will eat without salt?

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    Best Food Items To Donate

    The best items to donate are non-perishables that last a long time.

    These include:

    • Canned goods: soup, tomatoes, beans, canned fruits and vegetables, chickpeas, etc.
    • Long-lasting drinks: UHT milk, fruit juice, as well as tea bags and coffee.
    • Food cupboard items: pasta, rice, cereals, lentils, beans and pulses.
    • Spices: these are great to donate as they last a very long time and add flavour to any meal.

    What Do Food Banks Need At Christmas

    Central Georgia restaurants close, donate food to community food bank

    Festive treats are appreciated as food donations at food banks during the Christmas holidays particularly Christmas pudding, as it often comes with a long-life use by date. The Trussell Trust recommends non-alcoholic puddings.

    Chocolate coins and Christmas dinner non-perishables such as tinned pies, vegetables, condiments, and gravy are all appreciated this time of year. Festive treats for those who can’t afford them at this time of year are welcome.

    Related features:

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    Rise Against Hunger: It Starts With A Meal

    Rise Against Hunger was founded in 1998 by Ray Buchanan after he served as a US Marine during the Vietnam War. Driven by his desire to end world hunger, Ray formed Stop Hunger Now, which was later changed to Rise Against Hunger in 2017. Today, the charity is a growing network dedicated to empowering lives and nourishing communities in the poorest regions.

    Their impact and transparency ratings: Rise Against Hunger holds the Platinum Seal of Transparency from GuideStar. The charity also has a 3-star rating from Charity Navigator

    Hunger doesnt have to exist lets end it together.

    Rise Against Hunger

    What they do: Rise Against Hunger is dedicated to ending world poverty by 2030 through the implementation of sustainable community development projects such as agriculture and other income-generation initiatives. In addition, the charity provides crisis relief by delivering food, medical aid, and other forms of essential assistance to communities in conflict zones or those that have been affected by natural disasters.

    What theyve achieved: Since its launch, Rise Against Hunger has continued to provide life-saving assistance to communities in need across 78 countries. In 2020, the charity assisted an estimated 2.8 million people worldwide. This included the packaging and shipment of over 543,410,686 nutritious meals to vulnerable people through the help of their 84,993 volunteers.

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