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Allison Park Church Food Bank

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St Mary S Food Bank

Food Pantry To Donate Food

Food Pantry Delivery Program

Allison Park Church Helps Local Families In Need During Coronavirus

Food Pantry Delivery Program delivers food and other products once a month at twenty points in around Allison Park, Pennsylvania area. This makes it just a bit easier for some of more remote rural agencies to receive their products. About 70% of members take advantage of the Food Pantry Delivery Program.

Food Pantry In Allison Park Pennsylvania

A number of food banks, soup kitchens for hot meals and free emergency food pantries in Allison Park, Pennsylvania distribute groceries to individuals or families who are in some form of an emergency situation.

There are also meals, free bags of food, personal toiletries and household goods for low to moderate income families from food pantries near you.

Distribution centers can include churches, non-profit organizations, community action agencies, and many other local charities as well as non-profits.

Westmoreland County Food Bank

Increasing:In the first month of the crisis, it served about 5,600 families 700 more families than it normally would. The bank received about $100,000 in additional donations, which has kept them from having to dip into their cash reserves, but Executive Director Jennifer Miller said that wont last.

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This story was fact-checked by Shannon Kavanagh.

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East End Cooperative Ministry

Mixed: They are serving 90 families per day in the pantry, three times as many as before. But the number of meals in their soup kitchen has dropped from about 130 to about 75 per day. Carole Bailey, the president and CEO, thinks the drop could be because some people who were coming for a warm place to hang out cant come inside anymore. But about half of the groups that used to volunteer to cook dinners have canceled, so costs have increased. Bailey noted that cash donations are more useful than food donations.

Mobile Food Pantry Schedule 2022

Kearney, NE

Unlike traditional food pantries where you go to them, mobile pantry trucks come to you. Food banks sometimes have an online mobile food pantry schedule.

Mobile food pantry scheduled to visit a community once a week or once a month. There may be last-minute cancellations or changes so recheck the mobile food pantry schedule before you plan to go.

We have located 0 Mobile Food Pantry locations in Allison Park, Model.Content.StateName which provides a wide array of services. We have partnered so you can also check your eligibility.

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St Vincent De Paul Food Pantry

The St. Vincent de Paul food pantry operates around Allison Park, Pennsylvania much like a grocery store where people in need can choose their own food. It helps to enhance their personal dignity and reduces waste due to unwanted food items.

It also helps them to be proactive in addressing any underlying health issues. This is our model of choice for food pantries in the future.

We have located 0 St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry locations in Allison Park, Pennsylvania which provides a wide array of services. We have partnered so you can also check your eligibility.

What Is The Difference Between A Food Bank And A Food Pantry

Independent community food pantries are self-governing and usually distribute food to their clients on a once-a-month basis. A food bank is the storehouse for millions of pounds of food and other products that go out to the community. A food pantry functions as the arms that reach out to that community directly.

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‘we Want To Make A Difference’: Allison Park Church To Distribute Food Cleaning Supplies Delivered From Convoy Of Hope

HAMPTON TOWNSHIP — Convoy of Hope, a leading disaster relief organization, delivered 32,000 pounds of food and cleaning supplies to Allison Park Church in Hampton Township Thursday morning.

“We reached out to them about a month ago because we knew they were giving out supplies and we said, ‘Hey, we would love to be a regional distribution hub so that we can meet needs of the Pittsburgh region,'” said Kyler Sederwall, program manager at Allison Park Church’s Network of Hope.

Sederwall told KDKA’s Lisa Washington that he’s seen the increase in a need for food as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Our food bank alone, we’ve almost doubled the amount of traffic that we’ve seen. Normally, we serve about 120 families, but we’ve hit close to 200, some of those days,” Sederwall said.

The church’s regular food distribution is held at its main location in Hampton Township, every first and third Tuesday. With the increased need, they’re now expanding to their other five campuses.

“What we wanted to do on those second and fourth Tuesdays, those off Tuesdays, is pass out food to our other locations, and that’s what a lot of this food will be used for.”

Sederwall says being able to help those in need is a feeling that’s almost hard to describe.

“To be able to respond and say, ‘Hey, we’re thinking about you at this time. We love you we just want to be able to put this in your hand so that your family can get through this with a little bit less financial stress.'”


Howamen To Actiongot Its Start

Food Distribution Held In Beaver Co.

In 2016 and 2017, a number of Christian leaders – including Bishop David Zubik and Reid Carpenter – met regularly to pray for unprecedented Christian unity. Their hope was that this unity would prove to have more power for the good of the city of Pittsburgh than “all the coal in the hills and steel in the mills… These leaders became convinced that their prayers should be turned into an act of community service – hence the name Amen to Action!

On the day after Thanksgiving in 2017, the first Amen to Action food-packing event took place at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. Over three thousand men, women and children from area churches of many different traditions met together and packed over a million meals that were distributed by the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank.

The legacy continues to grow. In 2021, Amen to Action once again provided over one million meals to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. This time the food was packed in 10 different churches from various traditions across our city. Each of these extraordinarily generous churches provided their facilities, purchased meals, recruited volunteers, and warmly welcomed volunteers from other churches to join together for a great cause!

Allison Park Church

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Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

Increasing: The number of families served increased more than 16% in March compared to March 2019. Staff expect the need will increase as the banks pantry network has been ordering 30% to 40% more food than typical, and many of the pantries and soup kitchens that stopped serving for health concerns are starting to open again.

Who Can Visit A Drive

Drive-thru pantries are open for anyone who needs help getting food. There are no eligibility criteria. Visitors do not need to provide any identification or income statements.

Only two piece of information is asked

  • You Zipcode, and
  • Number of people in their family.

You dont need to take appointment. Drive-thru pantries are first-come, first served so plan to arrive early.

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Salvation Army Food Pantry

The Salvation Army is dedicated to eliminating food insecurity.

The Salvation Army operates free local food banks around Allison Park, Pennsylvania from almost all of their local social service centers. The charity organization is involved in feeding millions of families each year, with a large percentage of those assisted being children as well as the elderly.

We have located 14 Salvation Army Food Pantry locations in Allison Park, Pennsylvania which provides a wide array of services. We have partnered so you can also check your eligibility.

North Hills Community Outreach

Allison Maloney

Increasing: Their sites at Allison Park and Bellevue/Avalon have been serving about 80 people weekly, up from 40 normally. Its Millvale site served 125 people at its monthly distribution, up from about 50 people. Staff members unable to do some of their other services are helping out with the increased load, communications director Jeff Geissler said. Theyve received additional monetary donations and gift cards and have put increased focus on the senior buddy program by checking in on elderly residents by phone and delivering some meals.

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Helping Hands Food Pantry

Helping Hands is a faith-based 501 food pantry operated around Allison Park, Pennsylvania almost entirely by volunteers.

It provides a 7-day supply of groceries and personal care items free of charge to people in need, regardless of their religious beliefs.

Helping Hands is supported entirely by donations from individuals, service organizations, churches, and businesses in our community.

We have located 0 Helping Hand Food Pantry locations in Allison Park, Pennsylvania which provides a wide array of services. We have partnered so you can also check your eligibility.

‘my Shelves Are About Bare’: Allison Park Church’s Food Bank Providing Hope For Many In Need During The Coronavirus Pandemic

May 5, 2020 / 1:27 PM / CBS Pittsburgh

HAMPTON TOWNSHIP — As the Coronavirus pandemic continues, so does the need for food in our community.

Before 6:30 a.m., cars began lining up to get food from the Network of Hope Food Bank, which is part of Allison Park Church. The distributions didn’t begin until 10 a.m.

“Big need,” Marilyn Spahn, of Shaler Township, said. “My shelves are about bare.”

According to the food bank’s director, Connie Lee, they were helping about 120 families a week before the pandemic. By the end of April, it reached almost 500.

“It’s been a lot scrambling in ordering the food and having the deliveries,” Lee said.

The church went from having just one distribution every other week at their North Hills location to one every week at one of their facilities around the area.

“We knew people needed help, so we decided to give out food at all our campuses,” Lee said.

For seniors like Bonnie Hoffmann, this distribution helps because it’s become challenging for her and other seniors to get food during this crisis.

“Made it even harder because being able to get out into public, being a senior, you don’t want to be around as many people,” she said while waiting for food.

Some cars there picked up for multiple families to try and reduce the amount of traffic and cut down how many people have to come in contact with each other.

“I’m very, very thankful for groups like this,” Hoffmann said.

“I’m praying everyday for them. I’m that thankful,” Spahn said.


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Plant A Tree: How Does It Work

When your purchase is complete, a post will be made on the tribute wall of the deceased signifying the planting of a memorial tree.

An official certificate recognizing your purchase will be included with your email receipt. You can then forward the email to the family or print it and give it to them personally.

After an order is placed, our forestry partners will plant the tree in the area of greatest need , according to the planting schedule for the year.

Due to seasonal conditions, the tree planting takes place during the spring and summer.

Catholic Charities Food Pantry

Drive-thru food pantry in North Park in danger of being shut down

Resources provided by the Catholic Charity organization focus on addressing food, holiday, and immigration needs.

Families of all religions, backgrounds, and cultures can contact Catholic Charity centers for help.

Catholic Charities in Allison Park, Pennsylvania are open to families on a first-come, first-serve basis. The centers operate during normal business hours, and provide walk-ins with groceries, food boxes, and items to prepare a meal.

The food pantries are like grocery stores, allow clients the ability to choose the items they need from the groceries that are available on site.

First-time clients of the food pantry will need to apply, and this is done from a one-page application. An applicant will need to provide basic household member as well as demographic information.

We have located 0 Catholic Charities Food Pantry locations in Allison Park, Pennsylvania which provides a wide array of services. We have partnered so you can also check your eligibility.

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Jubilee Association Inc Soup Kitchen

Mixed: They used to serve about 50 to 70 regulars, three meals per day but now they serve about 100 people two meals per day. In the past, the kitchen typically served adults, according to worker Kathleen Angel. Now we have a number of families with children who pick up a meal for their kids and younger people who wouldve been working, she said. They no longer have help from volunteers. So everybody has five jobs, she said.

Light Of Life Rescue Mission

Increasing: They saw a 43% increase in food donations the first two weeks of April, compared to last year. Theyve had to spend an additional $17,000 on food, including new disposable packaging, according to Kelly Kepner, the missions marketing and communications manager. Theyve also received many new donations.

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How Do Drive

There are lot of volunteers help at Drive-thru food pantries. While not all drive-thru pantries operate in the same way, here�s how most work:

Staff and volunteers direct visitors to the parking area.

Visitors pull up to the pantry in their car and are usually guided into a clearly marked queue. As people move through the pantry, staff will continue to move the cars forward to get everyone through as quickly and safely as possible.


You are required to fill some information for Pantry’s recording keeping.

Food is loaded into the cars.

Pre-packed bags of food, usually full of shelf-stable items like pasta, canned fruit and peanut butter, as well as fresh produce and meats are loaded by volunteers into the trunk of the car.

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